220 Best Boy Names That Start with “SUN”

Are you looking for a cute and unique name for your little boy? Look no further than the wonderful world of names that start with “Sun.”

These names exude warmth, light, and positivity, making them the perfect choice for your bundle of joy.

Names that start with “Sun” come from various cultures and backgrounds, and each one carries its own special meaning and charm.

Whether you are drawn to a traditional name or something more modern and trendsetting, there is surely a “Sun” name that will capture your heart.

In this article, we will explore a collection of boy names that start with “Sun” and delve into their origins and significance.

From classic favorites like Sullivan and Sunny to lesser-known gems like Surya and Sunniva, there is a diverse range of options to choose from.

So, if you’re in search of a meaningful and radiant name for your little one, read on to discover a world of sunshine-inspired names.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “SUN”

Sunil – “Dark blue” (English)

Suncel – “Sun” (English)

Surya – “Sun god” (Spanish)

Sunniva – “Gift of the sun” (Old English)

Sundar – “Beautiful” (Spanish)

Sunkanmi – “My wealth has filled me with joy” (Spanish)

Sunny – “Bright, cheerful” (English)

Sunjay – “Conqueror of the truth” (Spanish)

Sunil – “Dark blue” (Spanish)

Suntje – “Little sun” (Hebrew)

Sunthar – “Goodness” (Hebrew)

Sunchit – “One who is praised by everyone” (Spanish)

Sunnifu – “Sun gift” (Hebrew)

Sunil – “Very dark, blue” (Spanish)

Sunti – “Gift of the sun” (Hebrew)

Sunandan – “Pleasing” (Spanish)

Sunn – “Sun” (Hebrew)

Sunbeam – “Ray of sunlight” (English)

Sundararajan – “Beautiful king” (Hebrew)

Suneel – “Blue, sapphire” (Spanish)

Sunchu – “To love” (Spanish)

Sunil – “Dark blue” (Spanish)

Sundown – “Time of sunset” (English)

Sunish – “Lord of the sun” (Hebrew)

Sunkari – “Golden rays of the sun” (Hebrew)

Sunvalley – “Sunlight-filled valley” (English)

Sunand – “Joyful” (Hebrew)

Sunthararajan – “Beautiful king” (Spanish)

Sunil – “Dark blue” (Spanish)

Suncar – “Dear one” (English)

Boy Names That Start with "SUN"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “SUN”

Sunstone – “Inspired by the gemstone” (English)

Suncor – “Heart of the sun” (English)

Sunario – “Sunrise” (Spanish)

Sunelio – “Sun” (Spanish)

Sundrop – “Radiant light” (English)

Sunthor – “Thor of the sun” (English)

Sunchaser – “One who pursues the sun” (English)

Sunario – “Sunrise” (Greek)

Sunlander – “Inhabitant of the sunny land” (English)

Sunstorm – “A powerful sun event” (English)

Sunicio – “Sun” (Spanish)

Suncove – “Sheltered by the sun” (English)

Sunax – “Bright companion” (Greek)

Sunkissed – “Touched by the sun” (English)

Sunario – “Sunrise” (English)

Sunchild – “Child of the sun” (English)

Sunaro – “Sunrise” (Spanish)

Sunfire – “Fiery like the sun” (English)

Sundo – “Gift of the sun” (Spanish)

Suncast – “Casting light like the sun” (English)

Sunestro – “Sunset” (Greek)

Sunspark – “Spark of the sun” (English)

Sunfaro – “Farmer of the sun” (Spanish)

Sunthos – “Guardian of the sun” (Greek)

Sunvale – “Valley of the sun” (English)

Suncio – “Sun” (Spanish)

Sunaro – “Sunrise” (Greek)

Sunko – “Sun” (Spanish)

Sunaxis – “Axis of the sun” (English)

Sunario – “Sunrise” (English)

Unique “SUN” Names for Boys

Sunthorn – “Royal sun” (Spanish)

Sunbreaker – “One who breaks through the dawn” (English)

Sunicus – “Belonging to the sun” (Spanish)

Sunling – “Little sun” (English)

Sundust – “Dust of the sun” (English)

Sunbrise – “Sunrise” (English)

Sunridge – “Ridge of the sun” (English)

Sunesco – “Radiant” (Spanish)

Sunquest – “Seeker of the sun” (English)

Sunaro – “Sunrise” (Spanish)

Sunknight – “Knight of the sun” (English)

Sunthos – “Harmony of the sun” (Greek)

Sunvigor – “Vigor of the sun” (English)

Sunara – “First rays of the sun” (Sanskrit)

Sunlume – “Luminous like the sun” (English)

Suntide – “Tide of the sun” (English)

Sunclave – “Enclave of the sun” (English)

Sunovar – “Vision of the sun” (English)

Sunkiss – “Warm touch of the sun” (English)

Sunari – “Illuminated one” (Greek)

Sunthral – “Ruler of the sun” (English)

Sunstreak – “Streak of sunlight” (English)

Sunara – “Bringer of light” (Sanskrit)

Sunholt – “Wood of the sun” (English)

Sunora – “Golden sun” (Spanish)

Sunmaze – “Maze of sunlight” (English)

Sunaris – “Born of the sun” (Greek)

Sunvoyage – “Voyage of the sun” (English)

Sunova – “New sun” (English)

Sunario – “Sunrise” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “SUN”

Sunfield – “Field of the sun” (English)

Sunheart – “Heart filled with sunlight” (English)

Suntan – “Golden-brown complexion” (English)

Suncastle – “Castle of the sun” (English)

Sunstone – “Radiant gemstone” (English)

Sunspire – “Tall pillar of sunlight” (English)

Sunshade – “Shade from the sun” (English)

Sunridge – “Ridge under the sun” (English)

Sunbeam – “Ray of sunshine” (English)

Sunbloom – “Blossom of the sun” (English)

Sunvista – “View of the sun” (English)

Sundale – “Valley of the sun” (English)

Sunknight – “Knight of the sun” (English)

Sunstream – “Flowing like sunlight” (English)

Suncrown – “Crown of the sun” (English)

Sunwold – “World of the sun” (English)

Sunharbor – “Harbor of the sun” (English)

Sunshore – “Shore touched by the sun” (English)

Sunwhisper – “Whisper of the sun” (English)

Sundial – “Timekeeping device using the sun” (English)

Sunvessel – “Vessel carrying the sun” (English)

Sunspell – “Spell of sunlight” (English)

Sunchime – “Melody of the sun” (English)

Sunshade – “Shade from the sun” (Spanish)

Suncoro – “Heart of the sun” (Spanish)

Sunara – “Gift of the sun” (Spanish)

Sunlight – “Illumination by the sun” (Spanish)

Suncrown – “Crown of the sun” (Spanish)

Sunbound – “Bound by the sun” (English)

Sunell – “Light of the sun” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “SUN”

Sunilas – “Dark blue” (Lithuanian)

Sunket – “Shining like the sun” (Kazakh)

Suryono – “Bringer of sunlight” (Indonesian)

Sunčo – “Little sun” (Serbian)

Sunal – “Sun-like” (Turkish)

Sundararaj – “King of beauty” (Tamil)

Sunpei – “Sunshine blessing” (Japanese)

Sunkai – “Open sky, like the sun” (Mongolian)

Sunkan – “Joy of the sun” (Thai)

Sunay – “Sunbeam” (Turkish)

Sunarto – “Dedicated to the sun” (Javanese)

Sunwoo – “Graceful as the sun” (Korean)

Sunilani – “Adorning the sun” (Hawaiian)

Sunček – “Little sun” (Slovenian)

Sunishka – “Glow of the sun” (Russian)

Sunkir – “Radiant like the sun” (Kazakh)

Sunad – “One who is born with the sun” (Arabic)

Sunthorn – “Crowned by the sun” (Thai)

Sunvali – “Loved by the sun” (Sanskrit)

Sunao – “Obedient, submissive” (Japanese)

Suneil – “Sunbeam” (Bengali)

Sunesh – “Lord of the sun” (Sanskrit)

Sunardi – “Born of the sun” (Indonesian)

Sunjai – “Triumphant like the sun” (Sanskrit)

Sunar – “Golden” (Turkish)

Sundowne – “Evening sun” (Middle English)

Sunra – “Sunbeam” (Yoruba)

Sunoto – “Rays of the sun” (Javanese)

Sunvard – “Protector of the sun” (Old Norse)

Sunilas – “Dark blue” (Lithuanian)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “SUN”

Sunley – “Meadow of the sun” (English)

Sunari – “Born of the sun” (Greek)

Sunjae – “Respected as the sun” (Korean)

Sunara – “Gift of the sun” (Spanish)

Sunven – “Bringer of the sun” (English)

Sunkit – “Little sun” (English)

Sunito – “Sunlight” (Spanish)

Sunilo – “Dark blue” (Greek)

Sunara – “First rays of the sun” (Sanskrit)

Suncourt – “Court of the sun” (English)

Sunkiss – “Warm touch of the sun” (English)

Sunzel – “Ray of sunlight” (English)

Suncleo – “Clear like the sun” (Spanish)

Sundale – “Valley of the sun” (English)

Sunaris – “Born of the sun” (Greek)

Sunnell – “Bright one” (English)

Sunora – “Golden sun” (Spanish)

Sunrio – “River of the sun” (Spanish)

Sunlyn – “Sunshine” (English)

Sunthal – “Radiance of the sun” (Greek)

Sunval – “Strength of the sun” (English)

Sunara – “Bringer of light” (Sanskrit)

Suncaro – “Dear one” (Spanish)

Sundrop – “Radiant light” (English)

Sunora – “Golden sun” (Spanish)

Sunkai – “Open sky, like the sun” (Mongolian)

Suntime – “Time of the sun” (English)

Sunara – “First rays of the sun” (Sanskrit)

Sunara – “Gift of the sun” (Spanish)

Sunya – “Eternal, endless” (Sanskrit)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “SUN”

Suniel – “Devotee of the sun” (English)

Sunez – “Gift of the sun” (Spanish)

Sunagios – “Sacred sun” (Greek)

Sunman – “Devout man of the sun” (English)

Suncarlo – “Beloved of the sun” (Spanish)

Suneidos – “Pious sun” (Greek)

Sunrez – “Resolute follower of the sun” (Spanish)

Sunkristo – “Christ-like sun” (Spanish)

Sunelios – “Sun god” (Greek)

Sunvid – “Knowledgeable about the sun” (English)

Sunpiero – “Devoted to the sun” (Spanish)

Sunevangelos – “Messenger of the sun” (Greek)

Suncipriano – “Sun-like devotion” (Spanish)

Sunathan – “Devoted one” (English)

Sunbeato – “Blessed by the sun” (Spanish)

Sunthanasios – “Eternal devotion to the sun” (Greek)

Sunhart – “Dedicated heart to the sun” (English)

Suncruzado – “Cross of the sun” (Spanish)

Sunaryan – “Dedicated to the sun god” (English)

Suneusebios – “Pious and devout sun” (Greek)

Sunelo – “Faithful to the sun” (Spanish)

Sunthronos – “Throne of the sun” (Greek)

Sunbenedicto – “Blessed by the sun” (Spanish)

Sunisidoros – “Gift of the sun god” (Greek)

Sundharmo – “Righteous path of the sun” (English)

Suncristobal – “Christ-bearing sun” (Spanish)

Sunpistis – “Faithful to the sun” (Greek)

Sunprospero – “Prosperous by the sun” (Spanish)

Sunekleitos – “Renowned sun” (Greek)

Suneucharis – “Graced by the sun” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “SUN”

Sun Yat-sen

Chinese revolutionary and founding father of the Republic of China, played a key role in the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty, and established the Nationalist Party.

Sundar Pichai

Indian-American business executive, currently the CEO of Alphabet Inc. and its subsidiary Google, known for his leadership in the technology industry.

Sun Tzu

Ancient Chinese military strategist and philosopher, author of “The Art of War,” a classic treatise on strategy, tactics, and warfare.

Sun Ra

American jazz composer, bandleader, and pianist, known for his innovative and eclectic approach to music, often incorporating cosmic and philosophical themes.

Sunil Gavaskar

Former Indian cricketer and one of the greatest opening batsmen in the history of cricket, known for his records and contributions to Indian cricket.

Suneo Honekawa

Fictional character in the Japanese manga series “Doraemon,” known for his intelligence, but also for being mischievous and often getting into trouble.

Sun Myung Moon

Korean religious leader, founder of the Unification Church, and a controversial figure known for his messianic claims and religious teachings.

Sunny Deol

Indian film actor, director, and producer in the Hindi film industry, known for his powerful performances in action-packed roles.

Sunil Shetty

Indian film actor and producer, active in Bollywood, known for his versatility in acting and contributions to the Indian film industry.

Sung Kang

American actor of Korean descent, best known for his role as Han in “The Fast and the Furious” film franchise, and for his work in various television and film projects.

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