220 Cute Boy Names That Start with “MU”

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy can be a challenging task, especially when there are so many options to consider.

If you’re looking for a unique and uncommon name for your little one, why not consider boy names that start with “MU”?

From traditional to modern, there are plenty of options to choose from in this category.

Whether you’re drawn to the charm of a classic moniker or prefer a more contemporary choice, there’s a boy name that starts with “MU” that is perfect for your son.

To help you in your search, we’ve compiled a comprehensive boy names list that starts with “MU” for you to consider.

So, if you’re in need of some inspiration, keep reading for some unique and distinctive boy names that just might be the perfect fit for your little one.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “MU”

Murray – “Seafarer” (English)

Muir – “Sea” (Scottish, English)

Murphy – “Sea warrior” (Irish, Gaelic)

Munroe – “Mouth of the Roe river” (Irish)

Myles – “Soldier” (English)

Musa – “Son of Moses” (Spanish)

Mundo – “World” (Spanish)

Munoz – “Son of Munio” (Spanish)

Murillo – “Little wall” (Spanish)

Munro – “From the river Roe” (Scottish)

Mungo – “Lovable” (Scottish)

Murat – “Wish, desire” (Greek)

Musa – “Muse” (Greek)

Mustafa – “Chosen, selected” (Greek)

Myles – “Soldier” (Greek)

Murray – “Seafarer” (Greek)

Murdoch – “Sea warrior” (Scottish, English)

Munroe – “Mouth of the Roe river” (Scottish)

Mundo – “World” (Greek)

Murillo – “Little wall” (Greek)

Musa – “Son of Moses” (Greek)

Munoz – “Son of Munio” (Greek)

Munro – “From the river Roe” (English)

Mungo – “Lovable” (English)

Murat – “Wish, desire” (Spanish)

Myles – “Soldier” (Spanish)

Mustafa – “Chosen, selected” (Spanish)

Murray – “Seafarer” (Spanish)

Murdoch – “Sea warrior” (Spanish)

Munroe – “Mouth of the Roe river” (Spanish)

Boy Names That Start with "MU"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “MU”

Murphy – “sea protector” (English)

Munro – “from the mouth of the river Roe” (Spanish)

Mustafa – “chosen one” (Spanish)

Munir – “bright, luminous” (Spanish)

Munizio – “graceful warrior” (Spanish)

Myles – “merciful” (English)

Musa – “inspiration” (Greek)

Murrow – “sea companion” (English)

Murrin – “sea defender” (Spanish)

Muel – “gift of God” (Spanish)

Muto – “silent one” (Spanish)

Murad – “desired” (Spanish)

Murillo – “small wall” (Spanish)

Munif – “exalted” (Spanish)

Munoz – “son of Munio” (Spanish)

Munson – “son of the moon” (English)

Muneto – “humble” (Spanish)

Murcielago – “bat” (Spanish)

Murty – “steadfast” (English)

Murad – “aspiring” (Spanish)

Muscato – “sweet, aromatic” (Spanish)

Muthu – “pearl” (Greek)

Murwan – “charismatic” (Spanish)

Muir – “moor, sea” (Spanish)

Murrey – “mariner” (English)

Muny – “helper” (English)

Munio – “advisor” (Spanish)

Muirfinn – “fair-haired sea warrior” (Spanish)

Murat – “steadfast” (Spanish)

Muyron – “sweet oil” (Greek)

Unique “MU” Names for Boys

Munford – “river crossing of the protector” (English)

Munoz – “mountainous” (Spanish)

Mustache – “moustache” (English)

Muro – “wall” (Spanish)

Munio – “wise one” (Spanish)

Muthusamy – “kind and handsome” (Greek)

Musial – “musical” (English)

Muniz – “noble” (Spanish)

Mukul – “blossom” (Greek)

Murcia – “belonging to Murcia” (Spanish)

Muto – “mute, silent” (Spanish)

Mureno – “dark-skinned” (Spanish)

Munzen – “coin maker” (English)

Murin – “gentle” (Greek)

Mufasa – “king” (English)

Murio – “died” (Spanish)

Mulcahy – “devotee of Saint Cadog” (English)

Murcelo – “young warrior” (Spanish)

Murinello – “little wall” (Spanish)

Murchadh – “sea warrior” (Spanish)

Mukar – “sunlight” (Greek)

Munivel – “charming” (Spanish)

Muscadet – “grape variety” (English)

Muridi – “desire” (Greek)

Murtagh – “descendant of the sea warrior” (Irish)

Murtaza – “chosen” (Spanish)

Mukan – “fighter” (Greek)

Mufid – “useful, profitable” (Spanish)

Muravio – “mariner” (Spanish)

Muvayin – “loud, clear” (Spanish)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “MU”

Murrow – “mariner” (English)

Muniz – “noble” (Spanish)

Murdock – “sea fortress” (Spanish)

Murillo – “ripe, mature” (Spanish)

Muriel – “bright sea” (Spanish)

Musa – “inspiring” (Greek)

Murphy – “descendant of sea warrior” (Spanish)

Munro – “mouth of the river Roe” (Spanish)

Myles – “soldier” (English)

Murat – “wish, desire” (Spanish)

Munro – “from the mouth of the river Roe” (Spanish)

Munster – “southern place” (English)

Murcia – “dweller in Murcia” (Spanish)

Murchadh – “sea warrior” (Spanish)

Mungo – “dear friend” (Spanish)

Munir – “bright, shining” (Spanish)

Murfy – “sea warrior” (Spanish)

Munro – “mouth of the Roe River” (Spanish)

Mustaine – “dark, musty place” (English)

Murfee – “sea servant” (Spanish)

Munro – “from the mouth of the river Roe” (Spanish)

Muro – “wall” (Spanish)

Murro – “moor, heath” (English)

Mullan – “mill worker” (Spanish)

Murtaugh – “lord of the sea” (Spanish)

Mustapha – “chosen, selected” (Spanish)

Mueca – “grimace, gesture” (Spanish)

Mulberry – “sweet berry” (English)

Murcelo – “dark-skinned” (Spanish)

Musial – “musical” (English)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “MU”

Muad – “protected” (Arabic)

Mubarak – “blessed” (Arabic)

Mukesh – “ruler of the empire” (Sanskrit)

Munir – “illuminating” (Arabic)

Murad – “desired” (Arabic)

Muammer – “lively, brisk” (Turkish)

Murtaza – “chosen” (Arabic)

Mubin – “clear, evident” (Arabic)

Muneer – “shining” (Arabic)

Mustapha – “chosen, selected” (Arabic)

Murilo – “small wall” (Portuguese)

Mudiwa – “beloved” (Shona)

Muhsin – “beneficent” (Arabic)

Murasaki – “purple” (Japanese)

Mukai – “flower ocean” (Japanese)

Murugan – “god of war” (Tamil)

Munashe – “God is with us” (Shona)

Munir – “enlightened” (Turkish)

Murilo – “mature, ripe” (Portuguese)

Murdoc – “mariner” (Scottish)

Mubanga – “rainbow” (Bemba)

Mubarak – “blessed” (Swahili)

Mumin – “believer” (Arabic)

Muhannad – “sword” (Arabic)

Muthu – “pearl” (Tamil)

Mukund – “liberator” (Sanskrit)

Muzaffar – “victorious” (Arabic)

Muluku – “leader” (Lingala)

Munachim – “God is with me” (Igbo)

Musaed – “helper” (Arabic)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “MU”

Murrow – “mariner” (English)

Murcielago – “bat” (Spanish)

Muriel – “bright sea” (Scottish)

Mully – “gentle sea breeze” (English)

Murto – “advice, counsel” (Greek)

Mura – “bitter” (Spanish)

Murlyn – “friendly sea” (English)

Muxa – “sweet” (Greek)

Muniz – “noble” (Spanish)

Muden – “clear water” (English)

Murio – “died” (Spanish)

Munroe – “river with a red-brown tint” (Scottish)

Munet – “respected one” (Greek)

Murley – “sea meadow” (English)

Murco – “dark complexion” (Spanish)

Mureo – “moor, heath” (English)

Mukka – “softness” (Greek)

Munthir – “one who brings happiness” (Arabic)

Murchie – “seafarer” (Scottish)

Muna – “wishing” (Arabic)

Munjo – “small mountain” (Spanish)

Muraq – “sparkling” (Arabic)

Muray – “lord” (Scottish)

Munzen – “coin maker” (English)

Murti – “image, idol” (Sanskrit)

Murciano – “from Murcia” (Spanish)

Mulya – “valuable” (Sanskrit)

Mulla – “soft” (Greek)

Mufin – “soft-spoken” (English)

Muren – “of the sea” (English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “MU”

Mukarram – “honored” (Arabic)

Murshid – “spiritual guide” (Arabic)

Muadh – “protected” (Arabic)

Mukhtar – “chosen” (Arabic)

Murid – “devotee, seeker” (Arabic)

Munir – “enlightened” (Arabic)

Mubarak – “blessed” (Arabic)

Murtada – “chosen, favored” (Arabic)

Muhib – “lover, admirer” (Arabic)

Mufeed – “useful, beneficial” (Arabic)

Mukhlis – “sincere, devoted” (Arabic)

Mubin – “clear, evident” (Arabic)

Musa – “prophet Moses” (Hebrew)

Muhannad – “sword of the faith” (Arabic)

Murshida – “female spiritual guide” (Arabic)

Munther – “to wish for, to desire” (Arabic)

Muthanna – “double, twin” (Arabic)

Murshidi – “follower of a spiritual guide” (Arabic)

Mumin – “believer” (Arabic)

Mushtaq – “longing, yearning” (Arabic)

Murshidun – “spiritual leaders” (Arabic)

Munir – “light, radiance” (Arabic)

Mustafa – “chosen, selected” (Arabic)

Mukti – “liberation” (Sanskrit)

Murti – “manifestation of God” (Sanskrit)

Murali – “flute, divine instrument” (Sanskrit)

Muthu – “pearl” (Tamil)

Muballigh – “preacher, messenger” (Arabic)

Mudassir – “clothed in garments” (Arabic)

Mukunda – “bestower of liberation” (Sanskrit)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “MU”

Muhammad Ali

Renowned American boxer and cultural icon, known for his charisma, boxing prowess, and activism; three-time world heavyweight champion.

Muzart, Wolfgang Amadeus

Austrian composer and musical prodigy of the Classical era, composed timeless masterpieces like “The Magic Flute” and “Don Giovanni.”

Mukhail Gorbachev

Former Soviet leader, played a pivotal role in ending the Cold War, introduced political and economic reforms, and received the Nobel Peace Prize.

Muammar Gaddafi

Libyan revolutionary and politician, ruled Libya for over four decades, controversial figure with a complex political legacy.

Mukhail Baryshnikov

Russian-American ballet dancer and choreographer, considered one of the greatest dancers of the 20th century, defected from the Soviet Union.

Muhammad Yunus

Bangladeshi social entrepreneur and economist, founder of Grameen Bank, pioneer of microcredit, and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Mules Davis

Influential American jazz trumpeter and composer, played a key role in the development of various jazz styles, including cool jazz and fusion.

Muhtar Kent

Turkish-American businessman, former CEO of The Coca-Cola Company, led the company through global expansion and sustainability initiatives.

Muhammad Iqbal

Philosopher, poet, and politician from British India, considered the spiritual father of Pakistan, advocated for an independent Muslim state.

Murray Rothbard

American economist and political theorist, influential figure in the Austrian School of Economics, known for his libertarian views and writings on individual freedom.

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