220 Charming Boy Names That Start with “BER”

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy can be a momentous and exciting decision. If you’re looking for a name that starts with “Ber,” you’re in luck!

There are many strong and timeless boy names that fit this criteria and are sure to make a lasting impression.

From traditional classics to unique and modern options, there is a “Ber” name out there for every parent’s taste and style.

Whether you’re drawn to names with German, English, or Scandinavian origins, the options are plentiful.

From the popular and timeless “Bernard” to the more modern and trendy “Berkley,” there are many “Ber” names to choose from.

Each name has its own unique charm and significance, making the decision of choosing the perfect one all the more exciting.

In this article, we will explore a diverse range of boy names that start with “Ber” and delve into their meanings and cultural significance.

So, whether you’re looking for a traditional, strong name or something a little more unique, you’re sure to find some inspiration here.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “BER”

Bertram – “Bright raven” (English)

Bernard – “Brave bear” (English)

Berkley – “From the birch tree meadow” (English)

Berardo – “Brave as a bear” (Spanish)

Berilo – “Beryl, a precious green gemstone” (Spanish)

Bertrand – “Bright, illustrious raven” (French/English)

Bernal – “Strength of a bear” (Spanish)

Bernardo – “Brave as a bear” (Spanish)

Bernardino – “Bold as a bear” (Spanish)

Berilo – “Beryl, a precious green gemstone” (Spanish)

Berk – “Solid and firm” (English)

Berthold – “Bright ruler” (Germanic/English)

Berardo – “Brave, hardy” (Spanish)

Berilo – “Beryl, a precious green gemstone” (Spanish)

Bertrand – “Bright, illustrious raven” (Spanish)

Béranger – “Bear spear” (Spanish)

Bertholdo – “Bright ruler” (Spanish)

Bernat – “Strong as a bear” (Spanish)

Bernardo – “Brave as a bear” (Spanish)

Berilo – “Beryl, a precious green gemstone” (Spanish)

Bertram – “Bright raven” (Spanish)

Bertrand – “Bright, illustrious raven” (Spanish)

Bernabe – “Son of the prophet” (Spanish)

Berilo – “Beryl, a precious green gemstone” (Greek)

Bernardo – “Brave as a bear” (Greek)

Beroe – “Daughter of Aphrodite” (Greek)

Berytus – “City of wells” (Greek)

Berenike – “Bringer of victory” (Greek)

Berthold – “Bright ruler” (Greek)

Bernice – “Bringer of victory” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "BER"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “BER”

Berkley – “Birch tree meadow” (English)

Berwin – “Blessed friend” (English)

Berlin – “Bear lake” (English)

Berto – “Bright, famous” (Spanish)

Berilo – “Beryl, a precious green gemstone” (Spanish)

Bernardin – “Brave bear” (Spanish)

Berkut – “Golden eagle” (Greek)

Berryman – “Berry gatherer” (English)

Bernaldo – “Brave bear” (Spanish)

Beric – “Grain farm” (English)

Bertin – “Bright, famous” (Spanish)

Bergan – “Mountain dweller” (English)

Beryx – “Sea bass” (Greek)

Berthoud – “Bright, bold” (Spanish)

Beresford – “Ford near a birch tree” (English)

Bernardino – “Brave bear” (Spanish)

Berytos – “City of wells” (Greek)

Berwald – “Bright ruler of the forest” (English)

Bertol – “Bright, famous” (Spanish)

Berliner – “From Berlin” (Spanish)

Berrin – “Bear-like” (English)

Beros – “Weighty, heavy” (Greek)

Berengar – “Bear spear” (Spanish)

Berti – “Bright, famous” (Spanish)

Berold – “Bright ruler” (English)

Bertolino – “Little bright one” (Spanish)

Beron – “To bear” (Greek)

Bernald – “Brave bear” (English)

Bertrandino – “Bright, illustrious raven” (Spanish)

Bernon – “Bold as a bear” (Spanish)

Unique “BER” Names for Boys

Bericco – “Bright and bold” (Greek)

Bertham – “From the bright city” (English)

Beroan – “Bear-like” (English)

Bertrandus – “Brave raven” (Greek)

Berelios – “Shining like the sun” (Greek)

Bernique – “Bringer of victory” (French)

Berilois – “Precious like beryl” (Greek)

Berys – “Bear-like strength” (Greek)

Berestan – “Brave stone” (English)

Bernward – “Brave guardian” (Greek)

Berhild – “Bright battle” (English)

Berzelios – “Golden like beryl” (Greek)

Bererico – “Ruler of bright fame” (Greek)

Berciliano – “Shining like the sea” (Spanish)

Berym – “Bear strength” (English)

Bertharius – “Bright warrior” (Greek)

Bernulf – “Brave wolf” (Greek)

Berosius – “Strength from the bear” (Greek)

Bervin – “Bright friend” (English)

Berthul – “Bright and powerful” (English)

Beraldo – “Noble and brave” (Greek)

Bertandor – “Bold as a raven” (Greek)

Beryndor – “Strong like a bear” (English)

Berrinard – “Brave and strong bear” (Greek)

Bertrico – “Ruler of bright fame” (Spanish)

Bertoman – “Bright and wise” (English)

Berthilo – “Famous and bright” (Greek)

Berronius – “Strong as a bear” (Greek)

Bertig – “Bright ruler” (Greek)

Berylion – “Precious like beryl” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “BER”

Berin – “Brave and victorious” (English)

Bertholdus – “Bright ruler” (Spanish)

Berilo – “Beryl, a precious gemstone” (Spanish)

Bernwald – “Brave ruler” (Spanish)

Bertramino – “Brave traveler” (Spanish)

Beryxius – “Skillful like a sea bass” (Greek)

Berton – “From the bright town” (English)

Berzelius – “Golden like beryl” (Greek)

Beremundo – “Worldly and wise” (Spanish)

Berico – “Victorious ruler” (Spanish)

Berrington – “From the town of barley” (English)

Beros – “Strong like a bear” (Greek)

Bertholdo – “Bright ruler” (Spanish)

Berrico – “Skilled and brave” (Spanish)

Beryman – “Bearer of strength” (English)

Bernis – “Victorious bear” (Spanish)

Berzarios – “Golden boy” (Greek)

Berfield – “Field of strength” (English)

Bertramo – “Famous and bright” (Spanish)

Bertilian – “Youthful and bright” (English)

Bertho – “Bright” (English)

Beryk – “Strong as a bear” (Greek)

Berengario – “Spear of a bear” (Spanish)

Berico – “Brave ruler” (Spanish)

Bervinio – “Friend of strength” (Spanish)

Bertranno – “Bright traveler” (Spanish)

Berith – “Covenant, alliance” (English)

Bernio – “Brave bear” (Spanish)

Berosius – “Strong like a bear” (Greek)

Berwyn – “Fair-haired man” (English)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “BER”

Berat – “White” (Albanian)

Berenger – “Bear spear” (French)

Berilo – “Beryl, a precious gemstone” (Portuguese)

Berwynn – “White head” (Welsh)

Beris – “Peaceful” (Albanian)

Berkut – “Golden eagle” (Turkish)

Bertrando – “Bright raven” (Italian)

Berylakos – “Green gemstone” (Greek)

Berne – “Bear” (French)

Bertolet – “Bright ruler” (Russian)

Berzo – “Birch tree” (Italian)

Berilo – “Beryl, a precious gemstone” (Romanian)

Bernhild – “Bear battle” (German)

Bero – “Strong” (Italian)

Beryc – “Unknown” (Russian)

Bernardin – “Brave bear” (French)

Berkov – “Son of the birch tree” (Russian)

Berbeto – “Bright traveler” (Portuguese)

Beroe – “Daughter of Aphrodite” (Greek)

Bérénice – “Bringer of victory” (French)

Berkh – “Stronghold” (Russian)

Berzo – “Birch tree” (Portuguese)

Berthaud – “Bright ruler” (French)

Berit – “Glorious” (Norwegian)

Berzas – “Unknown” (Lithuanian)

Berth – “Bright” (German)

Beroem – “Famous” (Dutch)

Berro – “Wild herb” (Spanish)

Bertou – “Bright” (Breton)

Beryx – “Sea bass” (Greek)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “BER”

Berkeley – “From the birch tree meadow” (English)

Bern – “Bear” (Spanish)

Beren – “Brave” (Spanish)

Beryl – “Precious green gemstone” (Greek)

Bernice – “Bringer of victory” (Greek)

Berio – “Peaceful” (Spanish)

Berilo – “Beryl, a precious gemstone” (Spanish)

Berwin – “Bright friend” (English)

Berlin – “Bear lake” (Spanish)

Bertrand – “Bright raven” (Spanish)

Berry – “Small fruit” (English)

Berthie – “Bright, shining one” (English)

Berylis – “Precious green gemstone” (Greek)

Beril – “Crystal-clear” (Spanish)

Bernis – “Bear-like” (Spanish)

Berrington – “Town of barley” (English)

Bernon – “Bold as a bear” (Spanish)

Berend – “Brave bear” (Spanish)

Beroe – “Daughter of Aphrodite” (Greek)

Berzell – “Bear strength” (English)

Beriza – “Unknown” (Spanish)

Berdine – “Bright, clean” (Spanish)

Bertram – “Bright raven” (English)

Beroni – “Unknown” (Greek)

Bertie – “Bright, famous” (English)

Berzo – “Birch tree” (Spanish)

Berkel – “From the birch tree” (Spanish)

Beryk – “Strength of a bear” (Spanish)

Bero – “Strong” (Spanish)

Berza – “Green leafy vegetable” (Spanish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “BER”

Bernardin – “Brave bear” (Hebrew)

Berachiah – “Blessed by the Lord” (Hebrew)

Bertholdo – “Bright ruler” (Hebrew)

Berilo – “Beryl, a precious gemstone” (Hebrew)

Beresford – “Ford near a birch tree” (English)

Berothai – “My wells” (Hebrew)

Berend – “Bear brave” (Hebrew)

Bertrando – “Bright raven” (Hebrew)

Berengar – “Bear spear” (Hebrew)

Bernabe – “Son of the prophet” (Spanish)

Bernardo – “Brave as a bear” (Spanish)

Berrin – “Bear-like” (Hebrew)

Berto – “Bright, famous” (Spanish)

Berzeliel – “God’s lightning” (Hebrew)

Beryx – “In the presence of God” (Greek)

Berthier – “Bright army” (Hebrew)

Bertin – “Bright, famous” (Hebrew)

Bertold – “Brave ruler” (German)

Bertran – “Bright raven” (Hebrew)

Bertwin – “Blessed friend” (German)

Berzeli – “God’s gift” (Hebrew)

Bernulf – “Bear wolf” (Hebrew)

Bertoletto – “Bright little ruler” (Hebrew)

Berzos – “God’s strength” (Greek)

Bertharius – “Bright warrior” (Latin)

Berthoald – “Noble strength” (Hebrew)

Beryndor – “God’s strength” (English)

Berns – “Bear-like” (German)

Berzilius – “God’s protection” (Latin)

Berwald – “Bright ruler of the forest” (English)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “BER”

Bernie Sanders

American politician and U.S. Senator known for his progressive views and two presidential campaigns. Advocate for social justice and healthcare reform.

Bernard Shaw

Irish playwright and critic, awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. His works include “Pygmalion,” a play later adapted into the musical “My Fair Lady.”

Bertolt Brecht

German playwright and poet, influential in the 20th-century theater. Known for his epic theater style and works like “The Threepenny Opera.”

Bertrand Russell

British philosopher, logician, and social critic. Nobel laureate in Literature, he made significant contributions to analytical philosophy.

Bernhard Riemann

German mathematician known for his groundbreaking contributions to differential geometry and number theory. The Riemann hypothesis remains unsolved.

Bernie Mac

American stand-up comedian and actor. Starred in “The Bernie Mac Show” and featured in films like “Ocean’s Eleven.”

Bernie Ecclestone

British businessman and former Formula One chief executive. Instrumental in transforming F1 into a global billion-dollar business.

Bertrand Piccard

Swiss psychiatrist and balloonist, known for completing the first non-stop balloon flight around the world. Co-piloted the solar-powered plane Solar Impulse.

Beryl Markham

British-born Kenyan aviator, adventurer, and author. The first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic from east to west.

Bertie Ahern

Former Prime Minister of Ireland who played a crucial role in the Northern Ireland peace process. Known for his diplomatic efforts and economic policies.

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