220 Adorable Boy Names That Start with “RO”

Choosing the perfect name for your little boy can be an exciting yet daunting task. If you’re on the hunt for a name that starts with “Ro,” you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional or unique name, there are plenty of options to consider.

From the classic “Robert” to the trendy “Ronan,” boy names that start with “Ro” offer a wide range of choices to suit every taste.

In this article, we will explore a diverse collection of boy names that begin with “Ro.” We’ll delve into the meanings and origins of each name, as well as their popularity and cultural significance.

Whether you’re drawn to strong and powerful names like “Roman” or prefer something more gentle and serene like “Rory,” there’s a “Ro” name out there for every type of boy.

So, get ready to be inspired and find the perfect name for your little one as we journey through the world of boy names that start with “Ro.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “RO”

Robert – “Bright fame” (English)

Rodrigo – “Famous ruler” (Spanish)

Ronan – “Little seal” (English)

Román – “Roman” (Spanish)

Roscoe – “Deer forest” (English)

Rogelio – “Famous warrior” (Spanish)

Rowan – “Little redhead” (English)

Rocio – “Dew” (Spanish)

Roswell – “Well of the roses” (English)

Roldán – “Famous throughout the land” (Spanish)

Roman – “Of Rome” (English)

Roque – “Rock” (Spanish)

Roland – “Famous land” (English)

Romulo – “Founder of Rome” (Spanish)

Rory – “Red king” (English)

Rosendo – “Fame and glory” (Spanish)

Ross – “Headland, peninsula” (English)

Roberto – “Bright fame” (Spanish)

Robin – “Bright fame” (English)

Roquefort – “Fortress rock” (Spanish)

Rocky – “Full of rocks” (English)

Rodolfo – “Famous wolf” (Spanish)

Ronin – “Samurai without a master” (English)

Rosario – “Rosary” (Spanish)

Royce – “Son of the king” (English)

Romulo – “Strong in battle” (Greek)

Rochus – “Rest” (Greek)

Rodrigo – “Famous ruler” (Greek)

Rodion – “Rose” (Greek)

Roderick – “Famous power” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "RO"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “RO”

Rowley – “Rough meadow” (English)

Romanos – “Man of Rome” (Greek)

Roan – “Little redhead” (English)

Roldano – “Famous in battle” (Spanish)

Roshton – “Town of roses” (English)

Románico – “Romantic” (Spanish)

Rook – “Chess piece” (English)

Rosalio – “Rose garden” (Spanish)

Royston – “Town of the roe deer” (English)

Rodas – “Rose” (Greek)

Roderigo – “Famous ruler” (Spanish)

Royal – “Regal, kingly” (English)

Roniel – “Song of joy” (Spanish)

Roystan – “Stone of the roe deer” (English)

Rodrigo – “Renowned ruler” (Spanish)

Roshan – “Bright, light” (English)

Rocio – “Morning dew” (Spanish)

Rowin – “Little red-haired one” (English)

Rosello – “Little rose” (Spanish)

Rockwell – “Rock spring” (English)

Romulo – “Man of Rome” (Spanish)

Rowe – “Red-haired” (English)

Roquillo – “Little rock” (Spanish)

Rohen – “Red-haired warrior” (English)

Roldán – “Renowned in the land” (Spanish)

Ronin – “Wanderer” (English)

Romelio – “Follower of Rome” (Spanish)

Robins – “Bright fame” (English)

Rosendo – “Fame and glory” (Spanish)

Roxas – “Rose” (Greek)

Unique “RO” Names for Boys

Robion – “Bright one” (English)

Roysten – “Royal stone” (English)

Rocío – “Dewdrop” (Spanish)

Romel – “Belonging to Rome” (English)

Rodiano – “Famous in battle” (Spanish)

Ronith – “Song of joy” (English)

Romaine – “Citizen of Rome” (English)

Rojas – “Red-haired” (Spanish)

Rotheus – “Flowery” (Greek)

Roderan – “Famous ruler” (English)

Romilo – “Loving Rome” (Spanish)

Roxtan – “Rocky hill” (English)

Rosmundo – “Protector of the rose” (Spanish)

Rowinix – “Red-haired warrior” (English)

Roldorio – “Golden fame” (Spanish)

Roellis – “Famous elf” (English)

Robelio – “Bright fame” (Spanish)

Rosydon – “Rose hill” (English)

Rondaro – “Daring ruler” (Spanish)

Rocean – “Adventurous” (English)

Rosanios – “Of the rose” (Greek)

Rotheo – “Gift of the gods” (Greek)

Rowano – “Red-haired warrior” (English)

Rosanto – “Full of roses” (Spanish)

Rolen – “Famous in the land” (English)

Roé – “Kingly” (Spanish)

Romaros – “Romantic rose” (Greek)

Roskell – “Bold rooster” (English)

Rodiano – “Famous in battle” (Greek)

Rounan – “Little red-haired one” (English)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “RO”

Roosevelt – “Field of roses” (English)

Roqueforto – “Strong fortress” (Spanish)

Ronaldino – “Mighty ruler” (English)

Romanus – “Of Rome” (Latin/Greek)

Roswellian – “Well of the roses” (English)

Rodrigo – “Famous power” (Spanish)

Rosven – “Graceful and strong” (English)

Rosario – “Crown of roses” (Spanish)

Roderic – “Famous ruler” (English)

Romano – “Roman” (Italian/Spanish)

Rolandos – “Famous land” (Greek)

Roystano – “Royal one” (English)

Rosandeo – “Golden rose” (Spanish)

Rosmarinus – “Dew of the sea” (Latin/Greek)

Rockland – “Land of rocks” (English)

Rojeliano – “Famous warrior” (Spanish)

Roystead – “Royal place” (English)

Rosonius – “Full of roses” (Greek)

Robinson – “Son of Robert” (English)

Ronceros – “Thorny bushes” (Spanish)

Rosenthal – “Rose valley” (German/English)

Roderico – “Rich in fame” (Spanish)

Roystead – “Royal homestead” (English)

Romilos – “Strong in battle” (Greek)

Rosvelio – “Belonging to the rose” (Spanish)

Ronimus – “Wise counselor” (English)

Rosoros – “Rose” (Greek)

Rotheric – “Famous ruler” (German/English)

Rodolfino – “Famous wolf” (Italian/Spanish)

Rosencio – “Rose-like” (Spanish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “RO”

Roshan – “Bright, light” (Persian)

Romain – “From Rome” (French)

Rostam – “Hero, strong, brave” (Persian)

Rocío – “Dewdrop” (Spanish)

Rokuro – “Sixth son” (Japanese)

Roszko – “Little rose” (Polish)

Romário – “Romarius, Roman” (Portuguese)

Rojel – “Famous warrior” (Armenian)

Rohan – “Ascending” (Sanskrit)

Rómulo – “Founder of Rome” (Spanish/Italian)

Roald – “Famous ruler” (Norwegian)

Rogério – “Famous spear” (Portuguese)

Roshad – “Bright, shining” (Arabic)

Romolo – “Man of Rome” (Italian)

Roone – “Red-haired” (Irish)

Rostislav – “Glorious fame” (Slavic)

Rolf – “Famous wolf” (German)

Rozen – “Rose” (Dutch)

Rohullah – “Spiritual leader” (Persian)

Románico – “Romantic” (Spanish)

Roshandel – “Bringer of light” (Persian)

Rodian – “Famous land” (Russian)

Roque – “Rock” (Portuguese)

Romith – “Belonging to Rome” (Sanskrit)

Rouben – “Behold, a son” (Armenian)

Roi – “King” (French)

Romyo – “Roman” (Georgian)

Rodrik – “Famous ruler” (Norse)

Roshard – “Famous guardian” (Persian)

Roosvelt – “Field of roses” (Dutch/English)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “RO”

Rory – “Red king” (English)

Rocio – “Morning dew” (Spanish)

Rowan – “Little redhead” (English)

Roque – “Rock” (Spanish)

Robin – “Bright fame” (English)

Rosario – “Rosary” (Spanish)

Rochelle – “Little rock” (English/French)

Rosendo – “Fame and glory” (Spanish)

Romilly – “Roman town” (English)

Rocio – “Dew” (Spanish)

Ronin – “Wanderer” (English)

Rojo – “Red” (Spanish)

Roslyn – “Pretty rose” (English)

Rosal – “Rose” (Spanish)

Roscoe – “Deer forest” (English)

Rosibel – “Beautiful rose” (Spanish)

Roslin – “Little rose” (English)

Roman – “Of Rome” (English/Spanish)

Rosmund – “Famous protector” (German)

Romina – “Roman” (Spanish/Italian)

Rook – “Chess piece” (English)

Rosamond – “Horse protector” (English)

Rocio – “Dewdrop” (Spanish)

Rowyn – “Little red-haired one” (English)

Rocha – “Rock” (Spanish/Portuguese)

Rosario – “Rosary” (Italian/Spanish)

Ronel – “Song of joy” (English)

Rocío – “Morning dew” (Spanish)

Ronin – “Samurai without a master” (Japanese)

Rosan – “Rose” (Greek)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “RO”

Rosario – “Rosary” (Spanish)

Rosin – “Fragrance of myrrh” (English)

Rojoel – “God is my shepherd” (Spanish)

Rosulio – “Devoted to the rose” (Spanish)

Roch – “Rest” (English)

Roswell – “Well of roses” (English)

Roshad – “Guided by light” (English)

Román – “Christian” (Spanish)

Rolen – “Follower of Christ” (English)

Rosmand – “Famous defender of the faith” (English)

Roquentin – “Judgment of God” (English)

Rostam – “Heroic champion” (English)

Rosanios – “Of the rose” (Greek)

Roquillo – “Little rock of faith” (Spanish)

Romaros – “Dew of the sea” (Greek)

Rosindo – “Follower of the faith” (Spanish)

Rodian – “Worshipper of the earth” (Greek)

Royston – “Town of the cross” (English)

Rosmund – “Protector of the faith” (English)

Rocío – “Morning dew” (Spanish)

Ronin – “Devotee” (English)

Rogelio – “Devoted to the Lord” (Spanish)

Rossano – “Redeemed” (English)

Rohan – “Ascending, to rise” (English)

Romulo – “Founder of Rome” (Spanish)

Rouben – “Behold, a son” (English)

Roswellian – “Well of the roses” (English)

Roushan – “Light” (English)

Rodolfino – “Famous wolf of faith” (Italian/Spanish)

Romanius – “Belonging to Christ” (Latin)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “RO”

Rocky Marciano

Legendary American boxer, undefeated heavyweight champion, known for his powerful punches and relentless fighting style.

Roger Federer

Swiss tennis maestro, considered one of the greatest players of all time, known for his graceful playing style and sportsmanship.

Roald Dahl

Renowned British author, known for his imaginative and whimsical children’s books, including “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “Matilda.”

Roberto Clemente

Puerto Rican baseball icon, Hall of Fame outfielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates, known for his powerful hitting and humanitarian efforts.

Rowan Atkinson

British comedian and actor, famous for his iconic character Mr. Bean and roles in comedy series like “Blackadder.”

Robert Frost

American poet, four-time Pulitzer Prize winner, celebrated for his profound and lyrical exploration of rural life and nature.

Robin Williams

Versatile American actor and comedian, known for his brilliant improvisational skills, starred in classics like “Dead Poets Society” and “Good Will Hunting.”

Ron Howard

Accomplished American filmmaker and actor, successful director of films like “A Beautiful Mind” and “Apollo 13.”

Roman Polanski

Controversial Polish-French film director, known for his acclaimed works such as “Rosemary’s Baby” and “Chinatown.”

Rodney Mullen

American skateboarder and inventor, credited as the pioneer of modern street skateboarding, developed many foundational tricks and techniques.

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