Top 50 Business ideas for Men with High ROI

Are you looking for small business ideas that can generate you huge profits? Great! You’ve chosen the path to become an entrepreneur. If you’re organized and self-motivated, definitely starting a small business is something you can do.

Without any doubt, this path is a way riskier than a job, as it requires more sacrifices. However, any individual with a passion and strong dedication can pass across it and eventually, become fully self-employed.

Here are the profit guaranteed small business ideas that men can engage in. Do note that the list has been divided into five categories, namely:

The Most Profitable Small Business Ideas for Men

These are the best business ideas for men that make money:

1. Restaurant Business

Many people eat out at least once a week, due to which the restaurant industry thrives. If you enjoy cooking and want to start a small business then you may be ready to open a restaurant. It may have a lot of work but it’s worth it.

Starting a restaurant can be difficult, but if you have the followings traits then it won’t be big deal.

  • Good managing and planning skills
  • You don’t mind long hours of work.
  • You’re a self-motivated person.
  • You know that success comes with patience and perseverance.
  • You’re a hospitable kind of person.

However, if don’t have these traits then you may find restaurant business boring, which ultimately can lead you to failure.

2. Open a Bar

Opening a bar is one of the most profitable small business ideas for men. It is about fun, laughter, celebrations, and friends. Owning a bar will mean long hours of work and attention all the time.

Before you dive into opening a bar, ask yourself if you’re a type of person who wants to start or own a bar. I’m not saying that you’re supposed to run it yourself, but probably it will need your time especially in the beginning when you’re hiring a good team and trustworthy managers.

A bar can be made successful within the first six months, and then you’ll be able to recover the initial investment within the next three years.

This isn’t easy as it feels like. The competition is tough and the statistics for bars aren’t in favor of the startup. The two main reasons why the bar businesses fail is lack of enough capital and not knowing about the business very well. However, if you have a clear vision, you can learn about this business, and hence can reward yourself in the form of a successful bar.

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3. Toy Store

You can start a toy store business that in general can offer a wide variety of toys. This business will require good startup capital for the products. It can also be operated without a physical location i.e. in the form of an online store.

Toy store can be the right business for those who already know about the toys or related products. It mainly involves the tactic of understanding the choice of children and what their parents want.

The growth potential of this business is reasonable. According to the research, the toy sales had increased by 7% in two years from 2014-2016. It was also mentioned in the same research that the overall toy industry is $25 billion dollar industry, and thus, it is a healthy industry to get started in.

4. Bakery Business

The bakery Business idea is among the most profitable small business ideas. It typically operates in commercial places. Retail bakeries sell their baked goods directly to the customers, which they prepare in the house. They often offer small seating space for their customers.

Good baking is an art. It may take time to learn if you haven’t already. The competition is high, and the people mostly recommended to start a bakery are those who love baking, and can agree to work odd hours, for example early in the morning.

The best-selling bakeries may not have the products with great taste, but they make everything look appealing that customers cannot resist buying.

Retail Bakery industry earns $3 billion dollars annually, while the small commercial bakery industry is about $7.5 Billion dollar industry. The chances of success for those business owners are always more who consistently offer quality products and standard services to their customers.

5. Skin Care products Business

Starting your own skin care product business can be a fantastic venture for men. Before you think of diving into it, you should research the skin care product industry. The better option would be visiting a few local cosmetics center near you.

Nowadays the more emphasis is on natural products, therefore keeping natural products too would definitely be a wise decision. In order to minimize the startup capital, you can start from with the basic skin care products, and gradually expand with the time.

Basic skin care products startup would cost you up to $10,000, it can be operated as other part-time small businesses.

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6. School Business

What to do when you’re a teacher and have an entrepreneurial spirit? And you want better for students and yourself. Open a private school.

Starting a school is a challenging task. When a group of teachers decides to open a school, they need to ensure that their decision is based on a reasonable understanding of the cost and strategies.

Opening a school needs huge capital investment, but partnerships can help solve the problem. Cutting it short, with proper planning, a group of founders can start a private school of their dreams and manage it effectively.

7. Bookshop and Stationery Business

Bookshop or stationery business is another profitable small business idea that men can start. It can be operated online too. You’ll need to spend more of your time on printing, delivering, and designing. In addition to this, you will have to order more supplies, and market your online store.

The stationary store is easy to start, as it doesn’t require any training or skills. The business has great growth potential. If you could manage well, it can make you a millionaire soon.

There are a lot of factors that decide if you’ll be successful in the business or not. However, online and social media availability are necessary and can help you get a reasonable customers base.

8. Event Planning

Event planning is about helping the clients organize their events of different types and sizes. These events may be:

  • Wedding and engagement
  • Social gathering
  • Birthday parties/picnic parties.
  • Promotion celebrations.
  • Inaugurating events.

This business idea is for those who keep an eye on details, apply creativity, and have the ability to converse with the public. In order to be a successful event planner, you’ll need to constantly work to stick out your business name in the public mind.

Event planners receive the service fee for planning and operating events. This services fee is paid by the client. The profit margin is good, and the industry is steadily growing. Therefore, you can start event planning if you think you possess the required organizational and communication skills.

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9. Dance School

The popularity of dance in this age has evoked interest in the people of all ages to take dance classes. When you’re starting, you’ll have to decide what age you’ll be giving classes and what type of school you want to have?

You might be aware of the steps you’ll have to take to start a dance school. If not, you better be an apprentice first. This will help you know how to run a dance studio and make it successful.

If you want to start a dance school, you must be passionate about dancing and teaching it to other people. Dance school requires:

  • You to have organizational skills
  • You to be a highly disciplined person.
  • Taking care of the administrative aspects of the business.

10. Catering Services

The catering business is one of the best small business ideas for men. As people love dining and entertaining, the market is high for caterers and is continuously growing. In fact, in recent years, the overall foodservice industry has shown tremendous growth, while earning $32 billion in 2015 alone.

If you are a creative, patient, and organized person, then you may love the catering business. This business allows you to travel and enjoy the different kinds of function every single time.

From far away, running a catering business sounds quite simple; cook food and deliver it. But practically, it is not that simple as it sounds. You would interact with the clients, their staff, and the guest, and hence, you will always need to maintain professionalism. You’ll have to cook in different places, which means adaptability is what you’d need the most, the organizational skills included.

Home Based Small business ideas for Men

11. Freelance Content Writing

Becoming a freelance content writer is one of the best home based small business ideas for men that make money right away. If you’re not earning enough from a job or overwhelmed financially, you can act now.

You don’t need to start your own website, instead, join the already established freelance writing sites. For example, Upwork that allows you to bid on jobs and you may get contracts once the clients see your past work and the cover letter.

Apart from the Upwork, you can find hundreds of people on Facebook who would want you to write blog posts for them. If you’ve some experience in this field, you probably going to win many writing jobs.

12. Translating Business

Translating business agencies provide translation from one language to another while keeping the confidentiality of their clients. They ensure that the spelling and grammar are correct and the context is not changed from the original form.

If you know more than one language, and you desire to contribute to achieving a better understanding between people of different countries and different cultures, then translating business can be a good fit for you.

These businesses charge translating fee and consider the length and complexity of the document while charging. With the increase in the globalization, the business has started flourishing in recent years and is expected to increase faster than before in the years to come.

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13. Data Entry Business

Date entry business is a small home based business idea, however, it can be started as a part-time business too. Many big websites offer data entry jobs, which you get in easily. This business might need managerial skills as sometimes you’ll need to analyze and organize the data also.

Date entry business won’t need any investment at all, as you’re to apply for the job, and just charge for the data entry service. There are hundreds of businesses that need data entry persons to decrease the workload.  An example of an international data entry company is ARDEM Incorporated.

14. Web Designer

Web designing requires designing skills. If you’ve heard stories about the web designing from the designers, you’ll think of it like if it is a very interesting and easy job. However, when you come to do it, you’ll learn that sincere effort is required to start and run a web designing business successfully.

If you’re an experienced web designer then there is no doubt that you can turn your skills into a huge money. Make sure you identify the skills you are good at and hire some staff for the work you are not perfect at. This will give your business a boost soon, as you’re avoiding the wastage of time on things you do not know well.

15. YouTube channel Business

YouTube channel business is among the most profitable online businesses. It just takes a few minutes to establish a YouTube channel. However, you must have a plan before getting into the business. It will require you to buy a good camera and other accessories to make awesome videos.

Think of a specific niche you want your videos about. Make sure you choose a niche you know very well. Once you’re done uploading the initial content, you’ll need to optimize to increase your audience size.

YouTube is the biggest video website, overall at the top after google. Most people love to see videos, instead of reading written articles. Due to which the YouTube traffic increases annually, and it is estimated that by 2021, 81% of the total internet traffic will be from YouTube videos.

16. E-Book Store

Ebook store needs a good place in small business ideas list, as the tablet and ebook readers have transformed the bookselling. $484 Million ebooks are sold every year, which result in $3.1 billion dollar revenue, alone in the United States.

The statistic shows that ebook businesses have a huge market, and hence it emerged as a profitable small business idea for men with low startup cost. People who enjoy writing are well suited to this business.

The ebook businesses earn money by selling the copies of the ebooks. These are sold on the platform like Amazon, eBay, and a few other popular online stores.

17. Pet Sitter

Pet sitter takes care of animals. If you’re an animal lover, pet sitting business idea can just be a fit for you. This business idea is also a good fit for those who prefer to work alone. However, you’ll need above average physical fitness to start a pet sitting business.

The main things you will be supposed to take care of are:

  • Feeding, exercising and socializing.
  • Ensuring health and safety.
  • Administering prescribed medicines.
  • Pet bathing

Good communication skills can help you to build a successful pet sitting business. This is because you’ll have to negotiate with clients during contracts and advertise to get more clients.

18. Professional Blogger

Blogging is a small profitable online business idea. Starting a blog is really easy, but making it successful requires real hard work and patience. You’ll be supposed to invest some money while starting, and it may take up to a year or even more to start earning.

The important decision after you decide to blog is to choose a blogging platform. WordPress platform is easy to use as it won’t require any technical skills, and it is the most used blogging platform worldwide. While on the other hand, non-WordPress platforms require web designing skills.

Choose a niche for your blog which you already have knowledge about. This way you will turn your knowledge into blog posts and convey it to your audience.

19. Yoga Instructor

Have you ever thought of starting your own yoga instructing classes? If not, think of it now, it is among the continuously growing small business ideas. According to the New York Times, this business industry is $5.7 billion dollar industry.

Many people noticed the trendiness of yoga business and started online yoga courses. They help people learn yoga and master the main techniques including exercising, meditating, and breathing.

Yoga instructing need passion and dedication. If you add hard work too, you will many chances of getting more students, and therefore making your yoga instructing business successful.

20. T-shirt Designing business

Men and women both wear t-shirts and actually are popular. Therefore, designing and selling t-shirts online has become a profitable small business idea for men. The best thing about the t-shirt designing is that it can be started online without spending much.

However, the competition is stiff. In addition, there are other hurdles and obstacles that you may face especially at the beginning of your business. In order to break through, you’ll have to design standard t-shirts that are loved.

Low Investment Business Ideas for Men

21. Barbers Shop

Barbers provide grooming services like haircuts and shaves. If you know the work and understand how to deal with the customer asking for different services, it can be a profitable business opportunity for you. This profession is highly social. Not only, you will need conversing skills but also listening skills.

Barbershop is considered one of the oldest small business ideas for men. The business flourishes when your business name sticks out in the target area. Younger boys and males always appreciate the quality haircut. If you make them happy once, they will become long-lasting clients.

22. Salon Business

Many beauty professional dream of their own salon business. If you know the styling skills and have a startup capital then you’re almost there. However, you must know that the salon business is a competitive industry.

According to a report by Professional Beauty Association, there were 974,000 salons across the U.S. The report also says that these salons generate $40 Billion annually and that the analysts expect growth at least for next five years.

These number should not distract you if you’re a hardworking and responsible person.

23. Nail Studio

Nail studios provide services like manicures, pedicures, and other nail treatment to their clients. Many people are there who wants their nails look beautiful, so much so that you’ll be clients on a regular, weekly and monthly basis.

This business is right for the people who appreciate fashion and beauty industry. Most of the clients are women, however, nail salons also serve men. Such business can be opened in a small single location, or spread across different places.

24. Tailoring business

Tailoring business is among the best small business ideas for men with low investment and a high profit. Tailors make clothes and alter them. They also use embroidery and other decorative arts to make customized fashionable clothes.

This business requires sewing skills. This means that if you have already been in the business, it can be good for you, otherwise, it is not. However, if you like the idea, you can learn the skill of sewing clothes. This can be done by joining a tailoring business, and it would cost you about six months to learn, or sometimes even more.

This business has excellent growth potential, and of course, it will continue to grow in the future.

25. Fruit and Vegetable Store

Keeping fruits and vegetable in a single store can earn you huge money. However, the startup investment can be a little high than other small business ideas listed. But, still, no worries, as you’ll earn back soon what you invest.

The work in keeping a fruit and vegetable store is reasonable. Bringing fresh fruit and vegetable will be required on a daily basis. You will perform better in the business if you know how to display and manage the fruit and vegetable, giving them a presentable outlook.

26. Handbags Making Business

Bag making is another low investment small business idea that can be started on investing about $2000-10,000 initially. It produces good monthly profits. You can beat your competitors by unique designs and use of the uncommon material of the handbags.

Depending on your vision you can expand your business by building joint ventures with other established handbag businesses, or can start wholesaling your bags on 50, 50% revenue agreement. This business doesn’t have any online operation, however, it can be managed part-time.

27. Smoothie making Business

Smoothie bars businesses are usually found near health and fitness clubs, and busy shopping centers. They sell juices and foods bowls and blended fruit juices and make inventive combinations of ingredient that appeals to people and also doesn’t have adverse effects on their health.

Smoothie bars sell blended fruit drinks, health food bowls, and juices to patrons. They’re typically found in busy shopping centers or fitness clubs as a way to introduce fresh options to a fast-food laden culture. Smoothie bars rely on premium ingredients and inventive combinations to appeal to people who don’t want to sacrifice taste for health.

28. Brick and Mortar Store

The first thing while opening a brick and mortar business is deciding about the product and service you’ll provide. If you already have an idea about the business, you’ll be able to make it successful, a way easier than an inexperienced person. But that doesn’t mean that only experienced people can get into this business.

If you get ideas from the entrepreneurs who already have established their business well, you can perform better too. You’ll learn what you should and what not to. The overall idea of the business is what you get, including the choice of the products and services.

29. Cooking Training Business

Starting cooking training isn’t only a business idea for women, men cook awesome foods too. If you love cooking food, you should consider starting your own cooking classes now. The business can be started with a low investment and can be operated as a part-time business.

The business classes can be conducted at night or during non-business hours. The best thing about cooking training classes is that home-based location is a good fit for it.

30. Poultry Business

Poultry Business is one of the easy to enter and profitable small business ideas for men. It is a general point of view and not just a personal statement. To a greater extent, the general opinion is true. However, it depends on interest too. If you’re not interested in the business, you cannot think of starting it.

The business needs small investment, and promise to return it soon. The main factor that decides the future of the poultry business is the location. If the location is good with more customers, and less competition, then it is fairly easy to be successful in the business.

Part-time Small Business ideas for Men

31. Cleaning Business

The cleaning business is one of the business industries that has developed very much in recent years. This is because, with the advancement in life, people do not find time to do their cleaning work themselves. Of course, someone has to do it. Many people hire maids to do housekeeping. However, commercial cleaning is a good business idea for men.

Hospitals, schools, colleges, real estates, and the big apartment also needs cleaning services. They most often give contracts to commercial cleaning businesses. Therefore, if you start a cleaning business, you can earn big profits. Moreover, the business has flexible time hours and can be started as a part-time business.

32. Rental Business

The startup cost will depend upon the type of equipment you’re thinking to rent. You can get the equipment in good condition in secondhand. This will decrease the initial startup cost.

Some of the profitable rentals include vehicles, musical instruments, office furniture, construction equipment, small watercraft, and camping equipment. There are other rental business ideas that offer even huge profits. However, every idea has a different startup cost, and some will require time and hard work too.

The business offers a good percentage of profits, and return what invested soon. It will flourish even more if you’re a well-known person in your target area.

33. Photography business

If you’re a photographer, why don’t you start a photography business? There a few people who have their own cameras. It is so because it costs good money. People still have to make memories and enjoy, right? This is where you can help them and yourself too.

The business allows you to work when you want. People will call you for photography on a special occasion, festivals, or other gatherings. In addition, you will earn money while still enjoying amusement parks, historical places, and museums.

34. Uber driver

Can you drive a vehicle? If yes, you can start driving around your locality by becoming an Uber driver. The process is simple, just check out if you meet the Uber’s requirements. Sign up online and start driving today.

While driving with the Uber, you will have to complete the given drives in a week. If you do complete, you will start earning bonuses on every ride then, until your next week starts. The Uber has a feedback system. The more reputation you get the better it is for you.

35. Tour Guide

Becoming a tour guide is a good small business idea for those men who live in a tourist area, and know that area very well. The business earns good money but needs a better promotion too. The key to a successful tour guide business is promoting your business all the time.

In order to get referrals, build good relationships with the people you guide. Give them good suggestions about other places they should visit and hotels they might like. The overall idea is that you’re to take care of the clients like they are your friends, and you’ve to think very good for them.

36. Tutor

Home tutoring is about giving individual lessons to students of all ages. You may be tutoring the students who are studying in school, studying for college entrance exams, or struggling to learn certain skills. The business is the best fit the teachers, or former teachers.

This business needs hardworking teachers. If you’re thinking to start tutoring, then you should interact with more and more people. Also, you can reach the local schools and ask them to refer you to the students who might need tuitions. This will help you get many students in a few months.

37. Laundry Service

A laundry business is relatively easy to start. It doesn’t require any previous work experience. The location of a laundry service determines how hard it will be to make it successful. Places near colleges, residential apartments, and busy offices are the best to target.

Try to avoid the competitive area. If you get into one, you will need to offer better services than your competitor. You’ll have to think of new ideas that may help you beat your competitor. I recommend buying an existing laundry service. This not only will save time and money, but also will have an advantage of keeping the old clients.

38. Pool Cleaner

Pool cleaning business is among the profitable part-time small business ideas for men. People love swimming, that’s why many of them keep the swimming pool in their houses. However, the ideal clients for the pool cleaning service owners are the organization with commercial pools, for example, park, hotels, fitness clubs, etc.

IBIS world states that the pool cleaning industry is a $3 billion industry. No single company can do all the pool cleaning, hence there is always an opportunity for new business owners.

Few public pools may need frequent cleaning, but more often the services are offered on a weekly or monthly basis. The services can be handled single-handedly, and many pool cleaning owners prefer not to hire employees. However, one can think of a big pool cleaning company.

39. Transport Business

The transport industry has rooms for many new businesses, and it is continuously growing. It is extremely important that we grow this industry, as we are dependent on it all the time. There are many types of transport one can think of. For example, starting a medical transportation service, thinking of taxi service, senior transport service, school bus, etc.

If you’re thinking to start a transportation business, you must know that it needs a lot of hard work and determination. But there is good news that some transport businesses may not even require you to build a client base. Moreover, the business promise to give you money right away.

40. Window Cleaning Business

Window cleaning business startup cost is less than $700. It offers flexible working hours that can be done on weekends. Moreover, you can easily handle the window cleaning easily while keeping a job. However, if you do it full time, you can build your own enterprise.

If you decide to start a window cleaning business, you must learn the basics first. But no need to worry at all. That is easy and can be learned in a few hours. The business is profitable. According to a window cleaning owner, the business can earn you more than $8,000 monthly if you could establish it well.

Lucrative Service Based Small Business ideas for Men

41. Courier service business

Starting a courier business in small scale is quite simple, which can be further upgraded over time. For example, if you start with a single car, later, in order to grow your business you add a few more cars. Instead of thinking of a separate office, turn one of your house rooms into a temporary office. This will decrease the initial investment.

Once you get into the business, you’ll have to decide if you want to focus on residential or business clients. Also, you’ll have to choose the types of packages you’ll be carrying. For example, gifts, money orders and checks, or other goods, etc. Try to limit the weight of the items at the beginning of the business.

42. Call Center Business

The call center is one of the best small business ideas for men, especially in the Philippines, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. The best thing about the call center is that you do not meet the people in person whom you call and therefore, the location isn’t important. Instead, adequate space is more important.

Avoid busy places as such environments may be noisy, and your employees may not feel comfortable there.

43. Lawn Care Services

A lawn care business offers grass cutting, maintenance, debris removal, and weed control. It may offer its services to both residential and commercial customers. Most of the time, the services are on a regular or weekly basis, but they may be bi-weekly or monthly too. The business requires a physically fit person, as the weather conditions can be different depending on the seasons.

Long-term customers allow you to plan your budget in advance, for example, local businesses will pay your more and are likely to get regular servicing. Make sure you choose a less competitive place for your business. Try to buy advanced types of equipment and hire more employees once your business starts paying you off.

44. Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet cleaning is a challenging task and a competitive business. You’ll need good marketing and quality equipment to stick out your business. Not only this, the work hours can be long too, especially when you’re new to the business. However, many people have got into the business and have established them quite soon with their management power.

As the business is profitable, many people think of getting into it. If you’re thinking to start a carpet cleaning business too, make sure you’re trained, and you buy the right equipment and accessories.

45. Become a Plumber

A plumber work is to repair the pipes that carry water or gas, install bathtubs, water heaters, and toilet and repair them as well. A person who can work comfortably, both outdoor and indoor and is physically good is the best fit for the plumbing.

A plumber learns the skill by becoming an apprentice first. It may take a few years to become a skilled plumber. If you’re thinking about the plumbing business, you must research the industry first. This will increase your knowledge about this business, and hence, you’ll avoid the most common mistake.

46. House Painting Business

According to SmallBizTrends, the house painting business is a $37 billion industry. While still, the cost of starting a house painting business is less, sometimes about $600. The painting job is quite easy and can be learned easily. However, the best fit for this business is only those who can do great physical work.

The house painting businesses charge their clients according to the estimated time the job may take, the difficulty of the work, the amount of equipment and supplies be used, and the level of expertise needed to complete the task.

47. Pressure Washing Business

Did you pressure washed before? Do you like it? Well if so, I’ll tell you that pressure washing is among the most profitable small business ideas for men. You don’t require huge money to start pressure washing business. It is not hard to learn. Moreover, you will not chain yourself to a desk.

However, what matters the most is the interest. If you have never been in this business, then you should practice it. It will let you know if you can keep doing this for long or not. You’ll also learn the pressure washing like a pro.

48. Handyman Business

A handyman business offers a variety of services, including maintenance and repairs. The business needs people who have knowledge and skills about household items, so that they may repair or replace when needed. It allows you to go out and buy the items when you need, therefore you can think of this time as a time for marketing your business.

Some companies may also get your services. But you’ll ensure that you’re a hardworking and skilled handyman. The charges of the services depend upon what you do and how much time does it take. You will be paid after you’re done with the work.

49. Mobile Mechanic

The mobile repairing industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, which is easy to set up. This business is perfect for beginners. Don’t worry if you do not know the repairing already. It will take just a month to learn it well. But you must be satisfied with the work that you’re going to start because self-satisfaction is important to make a business successful.

Though the profit in repairing mobiles is good, the problem is that you can work on one mobile at a time. This may take time, especially at the beginning of your mobile repairing business. However, this isn’t a big disadvantage, as you’ll become fast like a pro soon.

50. Mobile Car Wash

Everybody has cars now. But they do not get enough time to make them look beautiful. They, therefore, mostly use the services of mobile car washers. Due to the increase in mechanicalization in life, the carwash industry has literally shown a tremendous increase.

If you want to earn good money with low investment, then you can think of starting a mobile car wash business. You’ll need to know the basics of washing and you must have the good physical stamina to do work all day.


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