220 Cute Boy Names That Start with “SH”

If you’re considering names that start with “SH,” you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional or modern name, the “SH” sound can add a sense of strength and uniqueness to your son’s name.

In many cultures, names beginning with “SH” are associated with qualities such as charisma, charm, and wit.

From classic names like “Shawn” and “Shane” to more unique and uncommon options like “Shiloh” and “Sheldon,” there are plenty of choices to explore.

Each name has its own distinct meaning and origin, giving you the opportunity to find a name that truly resonates with your values and desires for your son.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at a variety of boy names that start with “SH,” providing you with inspiration and insights to help you make the perfect choice for your little one.

Whether you’re drawn to timeless names or prefer something more unconventional, there’s sure to be a “SH” name that captures your imagination.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “SH”

Shane – “Derived from Sean, meaning ‘God is gracious'” (English)

Shawn – “Variant of John, meaning ‘God is gracious'” (English)

Shiloh – “Peaceful” (Hebrew)

Shae – “Hawk-like” (Gaelic)

Sheldon – “Steep valley” (English)

Shiloh – “Peace” (Hebrew)

Shepherd – “Guardian of sheep” (English)

Shimon – “God has heard” (Hebrew)

Sheridan – “Wild” (Gaelic)

Shai – “Gift” (Hebrew)

Shane – “God is gracious” (Irish)

Sholto – “Sowing” (Scottish)

Shaya – “Gift of God” (Hebrew)

Shem – “Name” (Hebrew)

Silas – “Man of the forest” (Latin)

Sherwin – “Swift runner” (English)

Shaul – “Asked for” (Hebrew)

Sheppard – “Sheep herder” (English)

Shlomo – “Peaceful” (Hebrew)

Sheridan – “Bright and beautiful” (Irish)

Shai – “Courageous” (Hebrew)

Shadrach – “Command of Aku” (Babylonian)

Shay – “Hawk-like” (Irish)

Shorty – “Small in stature” (English)

Shimon – “One who hears” (Hebrew)

Sherlock – “Fair-haired” (Gaelic)

Shai – “Desired” (Hebrew)

Shin – “Belief” (Japanese)

Shtiris – “Savior” (Greek)

Shavros – “Cross” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "SH"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “SH”

Shayden – “God is gracious” (Irish)

Shiloh – “Messenger of peace” (Hebrew)

Shrey – “Credit of praise” (Sanskrit)

Shamar – “Guardian” (Hebrew)

Sheeran – “Bright” (Irish)

Shaefer – “Sheep shearer” (German)

Shreyas – “Superior” (Sanskrit)

Shilas – “Mountain man” (Greek)

Shyon – “Gift of life” (Modern)

Sheldrick – “Protected ruler” (English)

Shiro – “Fourth son” (Japanese)

Shadwell – “From the shady well” (English)

Sherif – “Noble” (Arabic)

Shreyan – “Famous” (Sanskrit)

Sholom – “Peaceful” (Hebrew)

Shalabh – “Hope” (Hindi)

Shade – “Singer” (African)

Shivan – “Lord Shiva” (Sanskrit)

Shemarion – “Song of joy” (Modern)

Shuaib – “Prophet” (Arabic)

Shepherdson – “Son of the shepherd” (English)

Shivaan – “Unknown” (Modern)

Shreyansh – “Part of God” (Sanskrit)

Shafiq – “Compassionate” (Arabic)

Sharpe – “Clever” (English)

Shiven – “Lord Shiva” (Sanskrit)

Shazil – “Royalty” (Arabic)

Shuji – “Expressive second son” (Japanese)

Shanzay – “Rose” (Persian)

Sherzodbek – “Lion prince” (Uzbek)

Unique “SH” Names for Boys

Shirov – “White” (Slavic)

Sholtox – “Swift” (Scottish)

Shyne – “Brightness” (English)

Shazran – “Royal” (Arabic)

Shalvik – “Courageous” (Sanskrit)

Sharn – “River” (Aboriginal)

Shresth – “Best” (Sanskrit)

Sholomir – “Peaceful ruler” (Hebrew)

Shamaro – “Divine protection” (African)

Sholai – “Bear” (Native American)

Shintaro – “Fourth son” (Japanese)

Shaelen – “Noble” (Irish)

Shadix – “Valley dweller” (English)

Shray – “Credit” (Sanskrit)

Shendel – “Graceful” (Yiddish)

Shonar – “Golden” (Hindi)

Sharnov – “New beginning” (Russian)

Sholhan – “Sunlight” (Albanian)

Shua – “Hope” (Chinese)

Shekhin – “Divine presence” (Hebrew)

Shyamal – “Dark complexioned” (Sanskrit)

Shunwei – “Smooth and graceful” (Chinese)

Shadrian – “Adventurous” (Modern)

Shivalik – “Abode of Shiva” (Sanskrit)

Shylock – “He who is merciful” (English)

Shiloah – “Sent” (Hebrew)

Shenzar – “Treasurer” (Persian)

Shindra – “Bright like the moon” (Sanskrit)

Shylar – “Scholar” (Modern)

Shintan – “True heart” (Japanese)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “SH”

Sherlock – “Fair-haired” (English)

Sheffield – “Sheep field” (English)

Sholom – “Peaceful” (Yiddish)

Sherrard – “Beloved and courageous” (English)

Shamir – “Precious stone” (Hebrew)

Shubham – “Auspicious” (Sanskrit)

Sholomith – “Peaceful” (Hebrew)

Shepard – “Sheep herder” (English)

Sheridan – “Bright” (Irish)

Shayaan – “Worthy” (Persian)

Sherwin – “Swift runner” (English)

Shemuel – “Heard by God” (Hebrew)

Shimon – “Listener” (Hebrew)

Shuhei – “Luxuriant, abundant” (Japanese)

Shlomi – “My peace” (Hebrew)

Shadwell – “From the shady well” (English)

Shelton – “Town on a ledge” (English)

Shalev – “Calm, peaceful” (Hebrew)

Shilajit – “Conqueror of mountains” (Sanskrit)

Shyam – “Dark, blue” (Sanskrit)

Shayne – “God is gracious” (Irish)

Shashank – “Moon” (Sanskrit)

Shadrach – “Command of Aku” (Babylonian)

Shelden – “From the steep valley” (English)

Shapur – “Son of the king” (Persian)

Shlomo – “Peaceful” (Hebrew)

Shubhankar – “Auspicious” (Sanskrit)

Shilo – “His gift” (Hebrew)

Shahnawaz – “Royal grace” (Persian)

Shrestha – “Best” (Nepali)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “SH”

Shabab – “Youth” (Arabic)

Shyamal – “Dark complexioned” (Sanskrit)

Shunsuke – “Spring” (Japanese)

Shehzad – “Prince” (Persian)

Shahrzad – “City-born” (Persian)

Shaurya – “Bravery” (Sanskrit)

Sholto – “Sower” (Scottish)

Shomari – “Forceful” (African)

Shahin – “Falcon” (Persian)

Shafiq – “Compassionate” (Arabic)

Shylo – “God is gracious” (Modern)

Shunichi – “Obedient first son” (Japanese)

Shakir – “Thankful” (Arabic)

Shubh – “Auspicious” (Sanskrit)

Shalva – “Peace” (Georgian)

Shogun – “Supreme military commander” (Japanese)

Shibu – “Splendid” (Japanese)

Shaquille – “Handsome” (Arabic)

Shlomit – “Peaceful” (Hebrew)

Shamuelo – “Heard by God” (Georgian)

Sherzodbek – “Lion prince” (Uzbek)

Shahrivar – “The month of Virgo” (Persian)

Shimon – “Listener” (Hebrew)

Shukri – “Thankful” (Arabic)

Shaul – “Asked for” (Hebrew)

Shihab – “Meteor” (Arabic)

Shantam – “Peaceful” (Sanskrit)

Shaya – “Gift of God” (Hebrew)

Shourya – “Bravery” (Sanskrit)

Shaan – “Prestige” (Hindi)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “SH”

Shea – “Hawk-like” (Irish)

Shiloh – “Peaceful” (Hebrew)

Shelby – “Estate on a ledge” (English)

Shai – “Gift” (Hebrew)

Sheron – “Plain” (English)

Shine – “Brightness” (English)

Shayan – “Worthy” (Persian)

Shura – “Defender” (Russian)

Shadi – “Singer” (Arabic)

Shadiyah – “Singer” (Arabic)

Sharpe – “Clever” (English)

Shani – “Marvelous” (Hebrew)

Shalimar – “Abode of love” (Sanskrit)

Shura – “Bear” (Slavic)

Shola – “Fire” (Yoruba)

Shaiel – “Gift of God” (Hebrew)

Shale – “He who is at peace” (English)

Shola – “Spark of light” (African)

Shasta – “Serpentine rock” (Native American)

Sharif – “Noble” (Arabic)

Shaylen – “Distinguished” (Modern)

Shelly – “Clearing on a bank” (English)

Shiva – “Auspicious one” (Sanskrit)

Shore – “Seashore” (English)

Shour – “Radiance” (Sanskrit)

Shyloh – “Serenity” (Hebrew)

Shura – “Sun” (Japanese)

Shai – “Courageous” (Hebrew)

Shern – “Auspicious” (Chinese)

Shon – “God is gracious” (Irish)

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Religious Names for Boys Starting with “SH”

Shamayim – “Heaven” (Hebrew)

Shubhranshu – “Moonlight” (Sanskrit)

Shalom – “Peace” (Hebrew)

Shadrach – “Command of Aku” (Babylonian)

Sharbel – “Portion of God” (Aramaic)

Shahbaz – “Royal falcon” (Persian)

Shaheen – “Royal” (Persian)

Shachar – “Dawn” (Hebrew)

Shemaryahu – “Guarded by God” (Hebrew)

Shivaansh – “Part of Lord Shiva” (Sanskrit)

Shivendra – “Lord Shiva” (Sanskrit)

Shihab – “Flame, meteor” (Arabic)

Shacharit – “Morning prayer” (Hebrew)

Shubhayu – “Auspicious” (Sanskrit)

Shuayb – “Prophet” (Arabic)

Sherif – “Noble” (Arabic)

Shai – “Divine gift” (Hebrew)

Shulamit – “Peaceful” (Hebrew)

Shams – “Sun” (Arabic)

Sharifuddin – “Noble faith” (Arabic)

Shishir – “Winter” (Sanskrit)

Shachar – “Morning” (Hebrew)

Shrihan – “Glory of God” (Sanskrit)

Shyam – “Dark complexioned” (Sanskrit)

Shachai – “The Almighty” (Hebrew)

Shaan – “Prestige” (Hindi)

Shaul – “Asked for” (Hebrew)

Shantam – “Peaceful” (Sanskrit)

Shimon – “Listener” (Hebrew)

Shaurya – “Bravery” (Sanskrit)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “SH”

Stephen Hawking

Brilliant theoretical physicist and cosmologist, known for his work on black holes and author of the best-selling book “A Brief History of Time.”

Steve Jobs

Co-founder of Apple Inc., visionary entrepreneur, and pioneer of personal computing and consumer electronics.

Samuel L. Jackson

Iconic actor with an impressive filmography, recognized for his roles in blockbuster movies and his distinctive voice.

Sigmund Freud

Renowned Austrian neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis, profoundly influencing the field of psychology.

Shah Rukh Khan

Bollywood megastar, often referred to as the “King of Bollywood,” known for his versatile acting and global fan following.

Sean Connery

Legendary Scottish actor, best known for his portrayal of James Bond and numerous other acclaimed roles.

Salman Khan

Iconic Bollywood actor, film producer, and philanthropist, one of the most influential figures in the Indian film industry.

Sir Isaac Newton

English mathematician, physicist, and astronomer, famous for formulating the laws of motion and universal gravitation.

Sacha Baron Cohen

Comedic actor and satirist, known for creating memorable characters like Borat and Ali G, pushing boundaries in satire.

Shigeru Miyamoto

Japanese video game designer and producer, creator of iconic game franchises such as Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda.

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