220 Adorable Boy Names That Start with “MO”

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy can be a daunting task, but starting with a specific letter can narrow down the options and make the decision easier.

If you’re drawn to names that start with “Mo,” you’re in luck. There are plenty of strong, unique, and timeless options to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional moniker or a more modern and trendy name, the “Mo” sound can offer a variety of choices to suit your preferences.

With the versatility and charm of names that start with “Mo,” you’re bound to find a name that will stand the test of time and leave a lasting impression. 

In this article, we will explore a diverse range of boy names that start with “Mo,” providing you with inspiration and ideas as you embark on the exciting journey of selecting the perfect name for your little bundle of joy.

So, get ready to discover some amazing “Mo” names that are sure to make a lasting impression. 

Popular Boy Names That Start with “MO”

Monroe – “From the River’s Mouth” (English)

Monty – “Mountain” (English)

Morgan – “Sea Circle” (English)

Moses – “Drawn Out of the Water” (Hebrew/English)

Morris – “Dark Skinned” (English)

Modesto – “Modest, Humble” (Spanish)

Moises – “Drawn Out of the Water” (Spanish)

Mohamed – “Praiseworthy” (Arabic/English)

Morgan – “Sea Chief” (Welsh/English)

Mortimer – “Dead Sea” (English)

Moises – “Drawn Out of the Water” (Spanish)

Morrison – “Son of Morris” (English)

Mose – “Drawn Out of the Water” (Hebrew/English)

Moisés – “Drawn Out of the Water” (Spanish)

Morrissey – “Son of Maurice” (English)

Moisés – “Drawn Out” (Greek/Spanish)

Morpheus – “God of Dreams” (Greek)

Morton – “From the Town Near the Moor” (English)

Morris – “Son of Maurice” (English)

Modesto – “Modest, Humble” (Spanish)

Morris – “Son of Morris” (English)

Moisés – “Drawn Out of the Water” (Spanish)

Moira – “Fate, Destiny” (Greek)

Molina – “Mill” (Spanish)

Montgomery – “From the Wealthy Man’s Mountain” (English)

Moe – “Bitter” (English)

Modesto – “Modest, Humble” (Spanish)

Mordecai – “Warrior” (Hebrew/English)

Moises – “Drawn Out of the Water” (Spanish)

Moritz – “Dark Skinned” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "MO"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “MO”

Moverick – “Independent, Nonconformist” (English)

Moctezuma – “Angry Lord” (Nahuatl/Spanish)

Moriel – “God is My Teacher” (Hebrew/English)

Moroni – “Good Fortune” (Polynesian/English)

Molimo – “To Praise” (African/English)

Modigliani – “God is With Me” (Italian/English)

Moctar – “Chosen One” (Arabic/Spanish)

Montel – “Mountain” (English)

Monroe – “River’s Mouth” (Scottish/English)

Mochán – “Charismatic” (Irish/Spanish)

Moisei – “Drawn Out” (Russian/English)

Morales – “Mulberry Trees” (Spanish)

Moreau – “Moorish” (French/English)

Mogens – “Great” (Danish/English)

Moishe – “Drawn Out of the Water” (Yiddish/English)

Morrissey – “Son of Morris” (Irish/English)

Montserrat – “Serrated Mountain” (Catalan/Spanish)

Montrel – “Mountain” (French/English)

Morpheus – “God of Dreams” (Greek)

Moreno – “Brown, Dark” (Spanish)

Morwin – “Friend of the Sea” (Welsh/English)

Morato – “Dark-Haired” (Catalan/Spanish)

Morven – “Sea Maiden” (Scottish/English)

Moshe – “Drawn Out of the Water” (Hebrew/English)

Mowgli – “Frog” (Jungle Book/English)

Mounir – “Radiant, Luminous” (Arabic/Spanish)

Moussa – “Drawn Out of the Water” (Arabic/French)

Moxon – “Son of Moccas” (English)

Movses – “Moses” (Armenian/Greek)

Mózes – “Drawn Out” (Hungarian/Greek)

Unique “MO” Names for Boys

Morveno – “Green Hills” (English)

Modrian – “Artistic, Creative” (Dutch/English)

Montaro – “Big Mountain” (Japanese/English)

Mochánico – “Inventive” (Spanish)

Mosimo – “Inspired by Beauty” (Esperanto/English)

Monvel – “Model” (French/English)

Morselino – “Little Bite” (Italian/English)

Molander – “Mill Worker” (Swedish/English)

Moctarino – “Star of Chosen Ones” (Arabic/Spanish)

Morvito – “Little Dark One” (Spanish)

Mossander – “Mossy Meadow” (Swedish/English)

Morocean – “From the Ocean” (English)

Morgenstern – “Morning Star” (German/English)

Morvino – “Wine Dark” (Italian/English)

Moussini – “Silky” (French/English)

Moxico – “River God” (African/English)

Montero – “Huntsman” (Spanish)

Moondust – “Celestial” (English)

Moctezumito – “Little Angry Lord” (Nahuatl/Spanish)

Moselon – “Gift of the Muse” (English)

Mofaris – “Brave” (Arabic/English)

Mysen – “Son of Miso” (Korean/English)

Montalvo – “Green Mountain” (Spanish)

Morxander – “Dark Protector” (English)

Moneo – “I Advise, Warn” (Latin/English)

Morwello – “Dark Stranger” (Italian/English)

Mosaic – “Artistic Arrangement” (English)

Mosíaho – “Savior” (Hopi/English)

Movario – “Rover, Traveler” (Latin/English)

Morpheon – “Dreamer” (English/Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “MO”

Montgomery – “From the Wealthy Man’s Mountain” (English)

Molinaro – “Miller” (Italian/English)

Moisio – “Moses-Like” (Finnish/English)

Moreno – “Dark-Haired” (Spanish)

Morley – “Moor Clearing” (English)

Montego – “Mountainous” (Spanish)

Moritzo – “Dark Skinned” (German/English)

Montclair – “Clear Mountain” (French/English)

Moody – “Courageous, Spirited” (English)

Morando – “Wine-Colored” (Italian/Spanish)

Mosesito – “Little Moses” (Spanish)

Morley – “Meadow on the Moor” (English)

Montrose – “Rose Mountain” (Scottish/English)

Morphin – “Shapely, Well-Proportioned” (Greek)

Montalbán – “White Mountain” (Spanish)

Morton – “Town Near the Moor” (English)

Moriano – “Dark-Haired One” (Spanish)

Monarch – “Sovereign Ruler” (English)

Molinos – “Windmills” (Spanish)

Moondancer – “Graceful in the Moonlight” (English)

Morelos – “Moorish” (Spanish)

Moroni – “Hopeful” (Spanish)

Monroe – “Mouth of the Roe River” (Scottish/English)

Morpheo – “Shape, Form” (Greek)

Moodyson – “Son of Moody” (English)

Moulton – “Mill Town” (English)

Morven – “Mariner” (Scottish/English)

Molossos – “Fierce, Savage” (Greek)

Montalvo – “Old Mountain” (Spanish)

Moseph – “God Increases” (English)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “MO”

Mokhtar – “Chosen” (Arabic)

Morio – “Forest Man” (Japanese)

Mojmir – “Peaceful, Famous” (Slavic)

Mozesz – “Drawn Out” (Polish)

Mokgadi – “Mother of the Heavens” (Tswana)

Morvan – “Sea Hill” (Breton)

Moctezuma – “Descending Sun” (Nahuatl)

Morfeo – “Morpheus, God of Dreams” (Italian)

Mohinder – “The King of the World” (Sikh)

Mois – “Moses” (Romanian)

Modou – “The Pious One” (Wolof)

Moshoeshoe – “At the Source of the Caledon” (Sotho)

Monta – “Mountain” (Japanese)

Moondust – “Celestial Particles” (Uncommon)

Moisei – “Drawn Out” (Russian)

Mosaab – “Lucky” (Arabic)

Mosiah – “Savior” (Biblical)

Modibo – “The Little Master” (Mandingo)

Moosa – “Drawn Out” (Arabic)

Mong – “Eternal” (Mongolian)

Mombert – “Man of Might” (Germanic)

Modjtaba – “Chosen” (Persian)

Mokan – “Patience” (Turkish)

Moosaa – “Prophet Moses” (Arabic)

Mojmir – “Peaceful, Famous” (Czech)

Morven – “Sea Maiden” (Scottish)

Mozes – “Saved from the Water” (Dutch)

Mordecai – “Warrior” (Hebrew)

Morne – “Mountain” (Afrikaans)

Moswen – “White Buffalo” (Native American)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “MO”

Morgan – “Sea Circle” (English)

Monroe – “From the River’s Mouth” (English)

Moth – (English)

Moondust – “Celestial Particles” (Uncommon)

Moon – (English)

Montague – “Pointed Mountain” (English)

Monet – “To Listen” (French/English)

Morocco – “Kingdom of the West” (Spanish)

Moss – (English)

Monarch – “Sovereign Ruler” (English)

Mosaic – “Artistic Arrangement” (English)

Moreno – “Brown, Dark” (Spanish)

Mossy – (English)

Montaña – “Mountain” (Spanish)

Morgen – “Morning” (Welsh/English)

Moise – “Drawn Out of the Water” (French/English)

Mose – “Drawn Out of the Water” (Hebrew/English)

Moxie – (English)

Modesto – “Modest, Humble” (Spanish)

Morpheus – “God of Dreams” (Greek)

Moro – “Dark-Haired” (Spanish)

Morien – “Dark-Skinned” (English)

Mothra – (English)

Moselle – “Little Moses” (French/English)

Morty – “Dead Sea” (English)

Morvan – “Sea Hill” (Breton)

Mothball – (English)

Morocean – “From the Ocean” (English)

Mox – (English)

Modigliani – “God is With Me” (Italian/English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “MO”

Mordechai – “Warrior for the Lord” (Hebrew)

Moisés – “Drawn Out of the Water” (Spanish)

Moses – “Drawn Out of the Water” (Hebrew/English)

Mohamed – “Praiseworthy” (Arabic/English)

Moritz – “Dark Skinned” (Greek/German)

Morpheus – “God of Dreams” (Greek)

Montano – “Mountain Dweller” (Spanish)

Moravian – “From the Land of Moravia” (English)

Montserrate – “Serrated Mountain” (Spanish)

Mosi – “First Born” (Swahili)

Morio – “Forest Man” (Japanese)

Mois – “Moses” (Romanian)

Moisio – “Moses-Like” (Finnish)

Montanus – “Mountainous” (Latin)

Moroni – “Hopeful” (Spanish)

Modesto – “Modest, Humble” (Spanish)

Moab – “From Father” (Biblical)

Moravian – “From the Land of Moravia” (English)

Moro – “Dark-Haired” (Spanish)

Moez – “Bringer of Glory” (Arabic)

Moctezuma – “Descending Sun” (Nahuatl/Spanish)

Mordecai – “Warrior” (Hebrew/English)

Moebius – “God’s Gift” (Latin)

Montero – “Huntsman” (Spanish)

Moayad – “Supported, Encouraged” (Arabic)

Moab – “From Father” (Biblical)

Moones – “Mindful, Conscious” (Persian)

Monserrato – “Serrated Mountain” (Spanish)

Moein – “One Who Is Referred To” (Persian)

Monjo – “Pious” (Catalan/Spanish)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “MO”

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Renowned Indian leader, Mahatma Gandhi, led the nonviolent civil disobedience movement against British rule, promoting peace and equality.

Mozart (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

A prolific and influential composer of the Classical era, Mozart’s musical genius produced timeless works such as “The Magic Flute” and “Don Giovanni.”

Mo Farah

British long-distance runner, Sir Mohamed “Mo” Farah, achieved multiple Olympic gold medals and is known for his exceptional skills in both the 5,000m and 10,000m races.

Morgan Freeman

Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman is celebrated for his powerful performances in films like “The Shawshank Redemption” and “Driving Miss Daisy.”

Montesquieu (Charles-Louis de Secondat)

French political philosopher Montesquieu’s influential work, “The Spirit of the Laws,” laid the foundation for the separation of powers in government.

Montgomery Clift

Esteemed American actor Montgomery Clift starred in classic films like “A Place in the Sun” and “From Here to Eternity,” earning acclaim for his method acting.

Mo Yan (Guan Moye)

Renowned Chinese author Mo Yan won the Nobel Prize in Literature for his works, including “Red Sorghum” and “Big Breasts and Wide Hips.”

Moe Howard (Moses Harry Horwitz)

Founding member of The Three Stooges comedy team, Moe Howard’s slapstick humor and distinctive haircut made him an iconic figure in the entertainment industry.

Mo Salah (Mohamed Salah)

Egyptian football star Mo Salah is known for his exceptional skills as a forward, playing a key role for Liverpool in the English Premier League.

Mos Def (Yasiin Bey)

An influential hip-hop artist and actor, Mos Def has made a significant impact with albums like “Black on Both Sides” and performances in films like “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”

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