220 Cute Boy Names That Start with “RA”

When it comes to choosing a name for your baby boy, the options are endless.

From classic and timeless names to more unique and modern ones, there is a plethora of choices to consider.

If you’re attracted to names that start with “RA,” you’re in luck because there are plenty of strong and handsome options to explore.

From traditional names like Raymond and Ralph to more contemporary choices like Rafael and Ravi, there’s something for every taste and style.

Whether you’re looking for a name with historical significance or one that simply sounds appealing, boy names that start with “RA” offer a diverse range of options.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most popular and unique boy names that start with “RA,” delving into their meanings, origins, and cultural significance.

Whether you’re expecting a little bundle of joy or simply love the art of baby naming, you’re sure to find some inspiration among these handsome “RA” names.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “RA”

Rafael – “God has healed” (Spanish)

Raymond – “Wise protector” (English)

Raul – “Wolf counsel” (Spanish)

Raphael – “God has healed” (English)

Ramiro – “Famous counsel” (Spanish)

Ravi – “Sun” (Sanskrit)

Ramon – “Wise protector” (Spanish)

Raoul – “Wolf counsel” (French)

Raulo – “Strong council” (Greek)

Ramsey – “Wild garlic island” (English)

Raimundo – “Protector of the land” (Spanish)

Rafferty – “Prosperous” (Irish)

Radley – “Red meadow” (English)

Raulito – “Little wolf” (Spanish)

Ramzi – “Symbolic” (Arabic)

Rand – “Shield-wolf” (English)

Raed – “Leader” (Arabic)

Rashid – “Righteous” (Arabic)

Raimund – “Protector of the land” (German)

Raquel – “Ewe, female sheep” (Spanish)

Rasheed – “Wise, mature” (Arabic)

Rainer – “Strong counselor” (German)

Radames – “Ra (Sun God) loves me” (Greek/Egyptian)

Ram – “God-like” (Sanskrit)

Ramoncito – “Little wise protector” (Spanish)

Ransom – “Redeemed” (English)

Raulo – “Strong advice” (Spanish)

Ratimir – “Peaceful advice” (Slavic)

Rastus – “Loving” (English)

Rafiq – “Companion” (Arabic)

Boy Names That Start with "RA"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “RA”

Radley – “Red meadow” (English)

Raúlito – “Little wolf” (Spanish)

Raffi – “Gentle king” (English)

Ramírez – “Son of Ramiro” (Spanish)

Rian – “Little king” (English)

Raulán – “Strong and noble” (Spanish)

Rajan – “King” (Sanskrit)

Radimir – “Peaceful council” (Slavic)

Ravel – “God is my healer” (English)

Raimundito – “Little protector of the land” (Spanish)

Rhapsody – “Epic poem” (English)

Rafita – “Little Rafael” (Spanish)

Rayden – “Son of a wise ruler” (English)

Raimoncín – “Little wise protector” (Spanish)

Raghnar – “Wise warrior” (English)

Raúlito – “Little Raúl” (Spanish)

Riston – “From the village on the hill” (English)

Raimundo – “Wise protector of the land” (Spanish)

Riker – “Ruler” (English)

Rafaelito – “Little Rafael” (Spanish)

Radwan – “Delight” (Arabic)

Raziel – “Secret of God” (Hebrew)

Ragnar – “Warrior” (Norse)

Rajiv – “Striped” (Sanskrit)

Raeden – “Adventurous” (English)

Raúlín – “Little Raúl” (Spanish)

Rixon – “Son of Richard” (English)

Ramundo – “Wise protector” (Spanish)

Rakan – “Noble” (Arabic)

Rhea – “Flowing stream” (Greek)

Unique “RA” Names for Boys

Radnor – “Adventurous one” (English)

Rajanis – “Night king” (Sanskrit)

Ramis – “One who brings joy” (Arabic)

Raviel – “God’s messenger” (Hebrew)

Raffan – “Joyful companion” (English)

Ramundo – “Wise guardian” (Spanish)

Ragnaros – “Mighty warrior” (Norse)

Raelio – “Divine light” (English)

Raimonel – “Brave protector” (Spanish)

Rafique – “Companionate friend” (Arabic)

Raevon – “Visionary” (English)

Ralden – “Wise ruler” (English)

Razon – “Reason, wisdom” (Spanish)

Raydian – “Enthusiastic” (Welsh)

Ralios – “Majestic one” (Greek)

Rambert – “Bright raven” (English)

Randolf – “Shield-wolf” (English)

Ralique – “Unique leader” (English)

Ravius – “Radiant one” (Latin)

Raelin – “Brave little lamb” (English)

Rafanuel – “Healing angel of God” (Hebrew)

Rallios – “Courageous lion” (English)

Ramior – “Famous advisor” (Spanish)

Rasand – “Moonlight” (English)

Ramuto – “Wise counselor” (Italian)

Raxon – “Son of rocks” (English)

Rafalito – “Little healer” (Spanish)

Radan – “Rider” (English)

Raelis – “Enlightened one” (English)

Raoan – “Red-haired” (English)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “RA”

Randolph – “Shield-wolf” (English)

Ramón – “Wise protector” (Spanish)

Reginald – “Counsel power” (English)

Raulino – “Little wise wolf” (Spanish)

Ramsey – “Wild garlic island” (English)

Rómulo – “Founder of Rome” (Spanish)

Raphaelis – “God has healed” (Greek)

Raylan – “Counselor” (English)

Ricardo – “Powerful ruler” (Spanish)

Regis – “Kingly” (Latin)

Rainero – “Judicious army” (Italian)

Raúlín – “Little Raúl” (Spanish)

Remington – “Place on a riverbank” (English)

Ramírez – “Son of Ramiro” (Spanish)

Rexford – “King’s ford” (English)

Raimond – “Wise protector” (German)

Rocío – “Dewdrop” (Spanish)

Radford – “Red ford” (English)

Renato – “Reborn” (Italian)

Raúlito – “Little Raúl” (Spanish)

Royston – “King’s town” (English)

René – “Born again” (Spanish)

Raynor – “Warrior judgment” (English)

Roldán – “Famous land” (Spanish)

Remus – “Oar” (Latin)

Rayburn – “Raven brook” (English)

Renaldo – “Ruler’s advisor” (Spanish)

Raedmund – “Counsel of peace” (English)

Renos – “Born of water” (Greek)

Rafaelito – “Little Rafael” (Spanish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “RA”

Raahi – “Traveler” (Hindi)

Raimo – “Advice, protection” (Finnish)

Raivis – “Thunder” (Latvian)

Raahi – “One who shows the path” (Sanskrit)

Ramil – “Friend of the night” (Tatar)

Raziq – “Provider” (Arabic)

Raivat – “Horse-like” (Sanskrit)

Roshan – “Bright, shining” (Persian)

Rasul – “Messenger” (Arabic)

Raman – “Peaceful” (Russian)

Ranulfo – “Wolf counsel” (Portuguese)

Rajko – “Little king” (Serbian)

Radek – “Happy ruler” (Czech)

Rajiv – “Stripped” (Sanskrit)

Rashad – “Righteous” (Arabic)

Ramzan – “Month of fasting” (Arabic)

Rafi – “Noble” (Hebrew)

Radimir – “Peaceful and famous” (Slavic)

Raoul – “Wolf counsel” (French)

Ransu – “Wild bear” (Finnish)

Rakan – “Noble” (Arabic)

Raahi – “Fragrance” (Persian)

Rajnish – “Lord of the night” (Sanskrit)

Rahim – “Compassionate” (Arabic)

Rui – “Loyalty” (Japanese)

Rajab – “Respect” (Arabic)

Rauno – “Counsel of the gods” (Finnish)

Radoslav – “Glad glory” (Slavic)

Riaan – “Little king” (Afrikaans)

Rauiri – “Red king” (Maori)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “RA”

Rae – “Grace” (English)

Rain – “Abundant blessings” (English)

Raven – “Dark-haired” (English)

Raiz – “Root” (Spanish)

Raine – “Queen” (English)

Raíz – “Origin, root” (Spanish)

Ray – “Beam of light” (English)

Raú – “Sunlight” (Spanish)

Raye – “Regal” (English)

Rafa – “Healer” (Spanish)

Raylin – “Graceful lamb” (English)

Ram – “Peaceful” (Spanish)

Radi – “Joyful” (Greek)

Ramos – “Branches” (Spanish)

Rafael – “God has healed” (Spanish)

Ramy – “Loving” (English)

Raizel – “Rose” (Spanish)

Rani – “Queen” (Sanskrit)

Rallo – “Brave” (Spanish)

Raíz – “Root” (Spanish)

Rasha – “Young gazelle” (Arabic)

Raymon – “Wise protector” (English)

Raí – “Laughter” (Spanish)

Regal – “Royal” (English)

Raúl – “Wolf counsel” (Spanish)

Reme – “Oar” (Greek)

Raya – “Queen” (Spanish)

Rén – “Lotus” (Chinese)

Rhys – “Enthusiastic” (Welsh)

Roan – “Red-haired” (English)

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Religious Names for Boys Starting with “RA”

Raphael – “God has healed” (Hebrew)

Raúl – “Wise counsel” (Spanish)

Ramiro – “Famous counsel” (Spanish)

Ransom – “Redeemed by God” (English)

Ravindra – “Lord of the sun” (Sanskrit)

Raymondo – “Wise protector” (Spanish)

Raahil – “Traveler on the path of God” (Arabic)

Raulito – “Little wise counsel” (Spanish)

Rajan – “King” (Sanskrit)

Ramón – “Wise protector” (Spanish)

Rashad – “Righteous” (Arabic)

Ramael – “Thunder of God” (Hebrew)

Rauliano – “Devoted to God” (Spanish)

Raghavendra – “Lord Rama” (Sanskrit)

Ramundo – “Wise protector” (Spanish)

Raheel – “One who shows the way” (Arabic)

Ram – “God-like” (Sanskrit)

Raúlín – “Little wolf of God” (Spanish)

Rajesh – “King of kings” (Sanskrit)

Ramzes – “Son of Ra (Sun God)” (Egyptian)

Rauliano – “God’s counsel” (Spanish)

Rayan – “Gates of heaven” (Arabic)

Rama – “Pleasing” (Sanskrit)

Raziel – “Secret of God” (Hebrew)

Ramundo – “Wise counselor of God” (Spanish)

Radley – “Red meadow of God” (English)

Ravid – “Wanderer for God” (Hebrew)

Raouf – “Compassionate” (Arabic)

Ramael – “Protected by God” (Hebrew)

Raulito – “Little lamb of God” (Spanish)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “RA”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

American essayist, lecturer, and poet, known for his influential works on individualism, transcendentalism, and nature.

Ravi Shankar

Renowned Indian sitar virtuoso and composer, popularizing Indian classical music worldwide through collaborations with Western musicians.

Raul Castro

Cuban politician who served as the President of the Council of State and President of the Council of Ministers, succeeding his brother Fidel Castro.

Richard Adams

English author best known for his novel “Watership Down,” a classic tale about a group of rabbits seeking a new home.

Ray Bradbury

Prolific American author of science fiction and fantasy, famous for works like “Fahrenheit 451” and “The Martian Chronicles.”

Rafael Nadal

Spanish professional tennis player, widely regarded as one of the greatest, with numerous Grand Slam titles and Olympic gold medals.

Robert A. Heinlein

Influential American science fiction writer, known for works such as “Stranger in a Strange Land” and “Starship Troopers.”

Raj Kapoor

Legendary Indian actor and filmmaker, considered a pioneer in the Hindi film industry, with classics like “Awara” and “Shree 420.”

Randy Pausch

American professor and author of “The Last Lecture,” known for his inspiring and motivational talks on achieving childhood dreams.

Raul Julia

Puerto Rican actor acclaimed for his versatile performances in films like “Kiss of the Spider Woman” and “The Addams Family.”

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