220 Charming Boy Names That Start with “DAL”

Choosing a name for your baby boy is an exciting process, and if you’re looking for a unique and charming name that starts with “Dal,” you’ve come to the right place.

From traditional to modern, there are several options to consider when it comes to boy names that start with “Dal.”

Whether you’re drawn to classic names or prefer something more contemporary, “Dal” names have a certain timeless appeal that can suit a variety of personalities.

From Dalvin to Dallas to Dalton, these names all have their own distinctive charm and character, making them great choices for your little one.

In this article, we’ll explore a variety of “Dal” names, from their meanings and origins to their popularity and potential nicknames.

Whether you’re seeking inspiration or just curious about the wide array of boy names that start with “Dal,” we’ve got you covered.

So, sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the wonderful world of “Dal” names for boys.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “DAL”

Dallas – “Meadow dwelling” (English)

Dalton – “Settlement in the valley” (English)

Dale – “Valley” (English)

Dallin – “From the valley” (English)

Dalmacio – “Calm, tranquil” (Spanish)

Dalmatios – “Calm, composed” (Greek)

Dalston – “Town in the valley” (English)

Dallan – “From the valley” (English)

Dalmiro – “Famous and calm” (Spanish)

Dalios – “To endure, to last” (Greek)

Dallon – “From the valley town” (English)

Dalmatius – “Calm, serene” (Latin/Greek)

Dalmiro – “Peaceful” (Spanish)

Dalbert – “Bright valley” (English)

Dalmatios – “Calm, composed” (Greek)

Dallian – “From the valley” (English)

Dalin – “Small valley” (English)

Dalis – “Dweller in the valley” (English)

Dalmiro – “Serene” (Spanish)

Daley – “Meadow or assembly” (Irish/English)

Dalian – “From the valley” (English)

Dalmatius – “Calm, serene” (Latin/Greek)

Dallin – “Valley” (English)

Dalvinder – “King of the valley” (English)

Dalmar – “Meadow near the lake” (English)

Dalmatios – “Calm, composed” (Greek)

Dalon – “From the valley town” (English)

Dalmiro – “Peaceful” (Spanish)

Dallas – “Meadow dwelling” (Scottish)

Dalian – “Of the sea” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "DAL"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “DAL”

Dallan – “Valley; Chief” (Spanish)

Daltrey – “From the valley farm” (English)

Dalen – “Of the valley” (English)

Dallas – “Skilled” (Spanish)

Dalton – “The settlement in the valley” (English)

Dalmiro – “Devotee of Mary” (Spanish)

Dalios – “To endure, to last” (Greek)

Dalian – “Of the sea” (Greek)

Dalbert – “Noble and bright” (English)

Dalius – “Daring; Courageous” (Greek)

Dalston – “From the valley town” (English)

Dalphin – “Dolphin” (Greek)

Dalvin – “Valiant friend” (English)

Dalmatius – “From Dalmatia” (Greek)

Dallin – “Valley; Proud” (English)

Daltan – “From the valley town” (English)

Dalvinder – “King of the valley” (English)

Dalmazio – “Peaceful” (Spanish)

Dali – “Drawn out of the water” (Spanish)

Daliano – “Of the sea” (Spanish)

Dallis – “From the valley” (English)

Dalmatian – “Of Dalmatia” (Spanish)

Daltor – “Ruler of the valley” (English)

Dalmis – “Soothing” (Greek)

Dalrico – “Rich in the valley” (Spanish)

Dallion – “Valley dweller” (English)

Dalven – “Valley stream” (English)

Dalmacio – “Peaceful” (Spanish)

Dallak – “Always happy” (Greek)

Dalmino – “Sweet” (Spanish)

Unique “DAL” Names for Boys

Dalden – “Valley hill” (English)

Dalmont – “Mountain in the valley” (English)

Dalvyn – “Valley friend” (English)

Dalaric – “Ruler of the valley” (English)

Dalianthos – “Flower of the sea” (Greek)

Dalhart – “Strong leader of the valley” (English)

Dalloros – “Gift of the valley” (Greek)

Dalvino – “Brave protector of the valley” (Spanish)

Dalmonti – “Spirit of the mountain valley” (English)

Dallionis – “Son of the valley” (Greek)

Dalorian – “Of the valley and the sun” (English)

Daltario – “Valley traveler” (Spanish)

Dalentino – “Bold defender of the valley” (Spanish)

Dalvenus – “Heavenly valley” (Greek)

Dalmirox – “Valley of peace” (English)

Dalaros – “Rose of the valley” (Greek)

Dalrian – “Radiant valley” (English)

Dallaros – “Gift of the valley” (Greek)

Dalmaris – “Of the shining valley” (English)

Dalionis – “Son of the radiant valley” (Greek)

Dalmontez – “Mountainous valley” (Spanish)

Dallavos – “Guardian of the valley” (Greek)

Dalantos – “Brave one of the valley” (Spanish)

Daliroth – “Valley of strength” (English)

Dalmoros – “Valley of dreams” (Spanish)

Dallithos – “Son of the valley” (Greek)

Dalionix – “King of the radiant valley” (Greek)

Dalmoros – “Gift from the valley” (Spanish)

Dalathon – “Strong and enduring” (English)

Dalloros – “Valley of roses” (Spanish)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “DAL”

Dallanor – “Noble one from the valley” (English)

Dalvenius – “Eternal valley” (Latin)

Dalwin – “Beloved friend from the valley” (English)

Dalmirius – “Wise and peaceful” (Greek)

Daltoros – “Timeless ruler of the valley” (Greek)

Dalianthos – “Ever-blooming flower of the sea” (Greek)

Dallorian – “Eternal sun in the valley” (English)

Dalcorian – “Timeless heart” (English)

Dalmontis – “Enduring mountain” (Greek)

Dalmoros – “Time-honored gift” (Greek)

Dalencio – “Eternal defender” (Spanish)

Dalvinoth – “Forever brave protector of the valley” (Spanish)

Dallianos – “Eternal son of the valley” (Greek)

Dalvian – “Everlasting friend” (English)

Dallorius – “Timeless gift of the valley” (Latin)

Dalanis – “Ancient valley dweller” (Greek)

Daltorian – “Enduring sun in the valley” (English)

Dalmiroth – “Eternal strength of the valley” (English)

Dalphios – “Forever beloved” (Greek)

Dallorin – “Timeless guardian of the valley” (English)

Dalmontio – “Eternal mountain” (Spanish)

Dallorix – “Enduring king of the valley” (Greek)

Dalianis – “Everlasting son of the sea” (Greek)

Dalvander – “Timeless ruler of the valley” (English)

Dalencius – “Eternal defender” (Latin)

Dalmatianos – “Ancient from Dalmatia” (Greek)

Dalorianos – “Eternal sun” (Greek)

Dalvianthos – “Timeless flower of the valley” (Greek)

Dalomar – “Everlasting fame” (English)

Dalloros – “Timeless rose of the valley” (Spanish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “DAL”

Daliano – “Gift of the sea” (Italian)

Dalziel – “From the small field” (Scottish)

Dalhar – “Brave warrior” (Mongolian)

Daltanu – “Mountain spirit” (Native American)

Dalír – “Time, age” (Old Norse)

Dalví – “Moonlight” (Icelandic)

Dalamar – “Starlight” (Elvish – Fictional origin)

Dalmát – “Dalmatian” (Hungarian)

Dalsan – “Mountain breeze” (Turkish)

Dalmazio – “Peaceful” (Italian)

Dalibor – “Distant battle” (Slavic)

Dallanir – “Wanderer” (Persian)

Dalitso – “Blessing” (Chichewa)

Dalmys – “Ruler of the valley” (Old English)

Dalsir – “Morning breeze” (Persian)

Dalomir – “Brave and peaceful” (Slavic)

Dalharin – “Son of the brave one” (Mongolian)

Dalziel – “King’s field” (Scottish)

Dalsorin – “Golden voice” (Turkish)

Dalasi – “Hope” (Mandinka)

Daliboros – “Peaceful warrior” (Slavic)

Dalian – “Precious one” (Chinese)

Dalario – “Courageous” (Spanish)

Dalvard – “Protector of the valley” (Old English)

Dalsamir – “Eternal peace” (Arabic)

Dalkar – “Wise ruler” (Kazakh)

Dalanzo – “Bold and graceful” (Italian)

Dalvik – “Valley bay” (Icelandic)

Dalmir – “Gold and peace” (Albanian)

Dalrae – “Moonbeam” (Korean)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “DAL”

Dali – “Drawn out of the water” (Spanish)

Dallin – “From the valley” (English)

Dalyn – “Of the valley” (English)

Dalia – “Branch” (Greek)

Dalon – “Hollow, valley” (English)

Dalian – “Gentle” (Greek)

Dalmis – “Soothing” (Greek)

Dallas – “Skilled” (Scottish)

Dallan – “Hollow” (English)

Dala – “Fruitful branch” (Greek)

Dalen – “Little valley” (English)

Daliah – “Branch, bough” (Greek)

Dalton – “Settlement in the valley” (English)

Dallie – “Small valley” (English)

Dalis – “From the valley” (English)

Daliax – “Peaceful” (Spanish)

Dalan – “From the valley” (English)

Dalor – “Beloved” (Greek)

Dalit – “Drawn from the water” (Hebrew)

Dalva – “Moon” (Portuguese)

Dalo – “Branch” (Greek)

Dalaith – “Gift” (Welsh)

Dalius – “To endure, to last” (Greek)

Dalys – “Dweller in the valley” (English)

Daliro – “He who brings peace” (Spanish)

Dalien – “Son of the valley” (English)

Dalux – “Bright, shining” (Latin)

Dalorin – “Valley dweller” (English)

Dalphin – “Dolphin” (Greek)

Dalaire – “From the valley” (French)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “DAL”

Dalmatius – “Devoted to God” (Latin/Greek)

Dalziel – “From the king’s field” (Spanish)

Daltan – “From the religious town” (English)

Dalmon – “Religious protector” (English)

Dalvin – “Servant of the Holy One” (English)

Dalontius – “Consecrated to God” (Latin)

Dalmacio – “Devoted to peace” (Spanish)

Dalpheus – “Worshiper of the gods” (Greek)

Dallor – “Servant of the Lord” (English)

Dalarno – “Divine light” (Spanish)

Dalinos – “God’s grace” (Greek)

Dalhart – “Strong in faith” (English)

Dalius – “Devoted to God” (Greek)

Dalvano – “God’s gift” (Spanish)

Dalianthos – “Blossom of God” (Greek)

Dalsir – “In service to God” (Persian)

Daltian – “Devotee of the divine” (English)

Dalmiro – “Servant of peace” (Spanish)

Dalsan – “Devoted one” (Spanish)

Dalario – “Faithful one” (Spanish)

Dalmatios – “Devoted to calmness” (Greek)

Dalzor – “Worshiper of the Lord” (English)

Dalianos – “God’s child” (Greek)

Dalvianthos – “Divine flower” (Greek)

Dalion – “Belonging to God” (Greek)

Dallian – “Believer in God” (English)

Dalmaris – “Devoted to the sea” (English)

Dalvios – “God’s blessing” (Greek)

Dalzent – “Holy essence” (English)

Dalloros – “Rose of God” (Spanish)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “DAL”

Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso)

Spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism, advocate for non-violence, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, and exiled political leader of Tibet.

Dale Carnegie

Renowned self-help author and lecturer, best known for his book “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” a classic in personal development.

Dalí, Salvador

Spanish surrealist artist known for his eccentric and imaginative works, including “The Persistence of Memory.”

Dalton Trumbo

American screenwriter and novelist, one of the Hollywood Ten, blacklisted during McCarthyism, and later won two Academy Awards under pseudonyms.

Dale Earnhardt

Legendary American NASCAR driver, seven-time Winston Cup champion, and iconic figure in the world of auto racing.

Dalton McGuinty

Canadian politician who served as the 24th Premier of Ontario, known for his leadership in education and environmental policies.

Dale Steyn

South African cricketer, widely regarded as one of the greatest fast bowlers in the history of the game.

Dalvin Cook

American football running back, playing for the Minnesota Vikings in the NFL, known for his speed, agility, and powerful running style.

Dale Murphy

Former American professional baseball player, two-time National League MVP, and seven-time All-Star during his career.

Dalton Pompey

Canadian professional baseball outfielder, known for representing Canada in international competitions and playing in Major League Baseball.

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