220 Delightful Boy Names That Start with “PAN”

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy can be a daunting task, but if you’re looking for a name that starts with “PAN,” you’ve come to the right place.

Boy names that start with “PAN” are unique and have a strong, powerful sound to them. From Panos to Pankaj, there are plenty of options to choose from in this category.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional name or something more modern, there are plenty of “PAN” names to fit your preferences.

Each name has its own unique meaning and origin, making it all the more special for your little one.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular and unique boy names that start with “PAN.”

Whether you’re interested in Greek, Indian, or other cultural influences, there’s sure to be a “PAN” name that resonates with you and your family.

So, if you’re on the hunt for the perfect name for your baby boy, read on to discover some amazing options.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “PAN”

Pankratios – “all-powerful” (Greek)

Panagiotis – “all-holy” (Greek)

Pantaleon – “all-compassionate” (Greek)

Panteleimon – “all-merciful” (Greek)

Panos – “rock” (Greek)

Panayiotis – “all-holy” (Greek)

Pandora – “all-gifted” (Greek)

Panagis – “holy” (Greek)

Panos – “all” (Greek)

Panagiotis – “all-sacred” (Greek)

Paolo – “small” (Italian)

Pablo – “small” (Spanish)

Pancho – “free man” (Spanish)

Pani – “crown” (Greek)

Pantelis – “all-sun” (Greek)

Panikos – “all-caring” (Greek)

Panthelis – “all-blossoming” (Greek)

Panourgias – “all-wise” (Greek)

Panteley – “all-complete” (Greek)

Panagis – “all-holy” (Greek)

Panagiotis – “all-sacred” (Greek)

Panthelis – “all-blossoming” (Greek)

Pantoleon – “all-lion” (Greek)

Panourgias – “all-wise” (Greek)

Pantelis – “all-sun” (Greek)

Panikos – “all-caring” (Greek)

Pankratios – “all-powerful” (Greek)

Panourgias – “all-wise” (Greek)

Pantheon – “all-gods” (Greek)

Panos – “all” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "PAN"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “PAN”

Panther – “wild cat” (English)

Pander – “to indulge or gratify” (English)

Pantheon – “a temple dedicated to all the gods” (English)

Pankratos – “all-powerful” (Greek)

Panexis – “all-inclusive” (Greek)

Pantheon – “all the gods” (Greek)

Panta – “everything” (Greek)

Panaras – “all-arisen” (Greek)

Pantheon – “all the gods” (Greek)

Panthiras – “panther” (Greek)

Pantheras – “panther” (Greek)

Panselinos – “full moon” (Greek)

Panteon – “all the gods” (Spanish)

Panticipar – “all-participating” (Greek)

Pandereta – “tambourine” (Spanish)

Panormo – “all-port” (Greek)

Panhelios – “all-sun” (Greek)

Panza – “belly” (Spanish)

Panfagos – “all-eater” (Greek)

Pangloss – “all-tongue” (Greek)

Pangermano – “all-German” (Spanish)

Panikos – “all-caring” (Greek)

Panzas – “big bellies” (Spanish)

Panselinos – “full moon” (Greek)

Pantaleón – “all-lion” (Spanish)

Pantoja – “holy bread” (Spanish)

Pantor – “all-gift” (Greek)

Pantopolemos – “all-warrior” (Greek)

Pantos – “all” (Greek)

Panzer – “armor” (German, used in English)

Unique “PAN” Names for Boys

Panarion – “all-remedy” (Greek)

Paniscos – “all-shadow” (Greek)

Panthymos – “all-passion” (Greek)

Panselmos – “all-song” (Greek)

Pantaros – “all-bold” (Greek)

Pandio – “all-divine” (Greek)

Panrion – “all-song” (Greek)

Pantelios – “all-hope” (Greek)

Panaris – “all-riser” (Greek)

Panaris – “all-ariel” (English)

Panchios – “all-snow” (Greek)

Panhelm – “all-helmet” (English)

Pansol – “all-sun” (Spanish)

Pankreas – “all-flesh” (Greek)

Panthéos – “all-godly” (Greek)

Panson – “all-son” (English)

Panteios – “all-honored” (Greek)

Panell – “all-elf” (English)

Panion – “all-ion” (Greek)

Pankration – “all-strength” (Greek)

Panomer – “all-part” (Greek)

Panthian – “all-divine” (Greek)

Pantelian – “all-light” (Greek)

Panzar – “all-war” (English)

Pansin – “all-sign” (English)

Panzares – “all-arise” (Spanish)

Pantaro – “all-throne” (Greek)

Pansus – “all-sweet” (English)

Pantolos – “all-wandering” (Greek)

Panzio – “all-life” (Spanish)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “PAN”

Pankrator – “all-ruler” (Greek)

Panagoras – “all-gifted” (Greek)

Panthelis – “all-sweet” (Greek)

Pandias – “all-god” (Greek)

Panteon – “all-god” (Spanish)

Panathan – “all-eternal” (Greek)

Panzerios – “all-hero” (Greek)

Pantexis – “all-builder” (Greek)

Pantheon – “all-divine” (English)

Panaros – “all-courage” (Greek)

Pansophos – “all-wise” (Greek)

Pantheon – “all-theos” (Greek)

Panteón – “all-deity” (Spanish)

Panhart – “all-brave” (English)

Panscion – “all-thought” (English)

Panpolis – “all-city” (Greek)

Pancharis – “all-grace” (Greek)

Panellis – “all-sun” (Greek)

Pandelis – “all-lion” (Greek)

Pankos – “all-cost” (Greek)

Pansios – “all-savior” (Greek)

Panesio – “all-healer” (Greek)

Panelios – “all-bright” (Greek)

Pandon – “all-gift” (English)

Pankalos – “all-beautiful” (Greek)

Pannos – “all-victorious” (Greek)

Pangelos – “all-angel” (Greek)

Panader – “all-harvest” (Spanish)

Panselos – “all-light” (Greek)

Panario – “all-gift” (Spanish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “PAN”

Panjit – “knowledgeable” (Thai)

Panasir – “healer” (Persian)

Pankaj – “lotus” (Sanskrit/Indian)

Pantelei – “all-lion” (Russian)

Pantaleón – “all-lion” (Spanish)

Panneer – “golden” (Tamil/Indian)

Panosz – “all-gift” (Polish)

Panuwat – “growing well” (Thai)

Panya – “knowledge” (Swahili)

Pansu – “night” (Japanese)

Panagiotakis – “little all-holy” (Greek)

Panagiotis – “all-holy” (Greek)

Pankratiy – “all-powerful” (Russian)

Panait – “all-blessed” (Romanian)

Panayot – “all-holy” (Bulgarian)

Pankraz – “all-emperor” (German)

Panu – “honey” (Finnish)

Panji – “banner” (Indonesian)

Pantelimon – “all-merciful” (Romanian)

Pantelej – “all-sun” (Serbian)

Pantxike – “little panther” (Basque)

Panwad – “sweet” (Thai)

Panzir – “paradise” (Persian)

Panosch – “little Pan” (German)

Panteley – “all-lion” (Russian)

Panuš – “sir” (Czech)

Panayiotakis – “little all-holy” (Greek)

Panuvat – “growing well” (Thai)

Panyin – “gift from God” (Akan)

Panaitios – “all-divine” (Greek)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “PAN”

Pander – “to provide” (English)

Panith – “universal” (Spanish)

Panik – “all-embracing” (English)

Panora – “alluring” (English)

Pann – “wise” (Spanish)

Pankit – “universe” (Spanish)

Panette – “small panther” (Spanish)

Pansel – “all-sun” (Greek)

Panshu – “all-encompassing” (Spanish)

Panique – “panic” (Spanish)

Panella – “bread” (Spanish)

Pankh – “wings” (Spanish)

Panay – “free man” (Greek)

Pansy – “flower” (English)

Panzo – “alluring” (Spanish)

Pann – “wisdom” (Spanish)

Panitha – “universal” (Spanish)

Panshul – “universe” (Spanish)

Paniza – “holy” (Spanish)

Pansey – “thought” (English)

Pantom – “all-tone” (Greek)

Pansila – “virtuous conduct” (Spanish)

Panadea – “all-goddess” (Greek)

Pant – “universe” (Spanish)

Panthi – “universal” (Spanish)

Pansha – “alluring” (Spanish)

Panthea – “all-goddess” (Greek)

Panfil – “friend to all” (Greek)

Pantu – “universal” (Spanish)

Pansal – “all-sun” (Spanish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “PAN”

Pantaleon – “all-compassionate” (Greek)

Panayotis – “all-holy” (Greek)

Panagios – “all-holy” (Greek)

Pantheon – “all the gods” (Greek)

Pankratios – “all-powerful” (Greek)

Pantaleimon – “all-merciful” (Greek)

Panourgias – “all-wise” (Greek)

Panuel – “face of God” (Hebrew)

Panfilo – “friend of all” (Greek)

Panteleimon – “all-merciful” (Greek)

Panagiotis – “all-sacred” (Greek)

Pandita – “wise” (Sanskrit/Indian)

Panthelis – “all-sweet” (Greek)

Panagiotakis – “little all-holy” (Greek)

Panthymos – “all-passion” (Greek)

Panayiotakis – “little all-holy” (Greek)

Pansol – “all-sun” (Spanish)

Panaitios – “all-divine” (Greek)

Panthian – “all-divine” (Greek)

Panpilio – “all-pilgrim” (Spanish)

Panarion – “all-remedy” (Greek)

Pantexis – “all-builder” (Greek)

Pantoleon – “all-lion” (Greek)

Panagoras – “all-gifted” (Greek)

Pansophos – “all-wise” (Greek)

Panteley – “all-complete” (Greek)

Panaretos – “all-virtuous” (Greek)

Panta – “everything” (Greek)

Pantuso – “all-safe” (Spanish)

Panovios – “all-life” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “PAN”

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

First Prime Minister of India, key figure in the Indian independence movement, and architect of modern India’s political and economic structure.

Pablo Picasso

Renowned Spanish painter and sculptor, co-founder of the Cubist movement, and one of the most influential artists of the 20th century.

Pancho Villa (Doroteo Arango)

Mexican revolutionary leader who played a key role in the Mexican Revolution, advocating for agrarian rights and land reforms.

Panagiotis Giannakis

Greek basketball player and coach, led the Greek national team to a surprising victory in the 1987 EuroBasket and later coached the Chinese national team.

Pankaj Advani

Indian professional billiards and snooker player, considered one of the greatest players in the history of cue sports.

Pan Jinlian (Pan Jinliu)

A fictional character from the classic Chinese novel “Jin Ping Mei,” known for her beauty and tragic fate.

Pangloss (Dr. Pangloss)

A character in Voltaire’s “Candide,” Pangloss is a philosopher who remains optimistic in the face of various misfortunes, satirizing the idea of philosophical optimism.

Panos Kammenos

Greek politician and leader of the right-wing political party Independent Greeks, served as Minister of National Defence in Greece.

Pandit Ravi Shankar

Indian sitar virtuoso and composer, widely regarded as one of the greatest musicians of the 20th century and a global ambassador of Indian classical music.

Panagiotis Kone

Greek professional footballer, known for his skills and versatility on the field, played for various clubs in Greece and abroad.

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