220 Charming Boy Names That Start with “JAM”

Choosing a name for your baby boy is an exciting and important decision. If you’re looking for a unique and strong name, consider one that starts with “JAM”.

There are plenty of boy names that begin with these three letters, each with its own charm and meaning.

From traditional to modern, and from powerful to poetic, there are countless options to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for a name that represents courage, intelligence, or resilience, there’s a “JAM” name out there for you.

In this article, we will explore a variety of boy names that start with “JAM”, providing you with inspiration and ideas for your little one’s name.

Whether you’re drawn to classic names like James or modern choices like Jamarion, we’re here to help you find the perfect fit for your baby boy.

So, let’s dive into the world of “JAM” names and discover the perfect name for your little bundle of joy.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “JAM”

Jamarion – “Modern American blend” (English)

Jamison – “Son of James” (English)

Jamir – “King of the world” (Spanish)

Jamiel – “Beautiful” (Greek)

Jamon – “Right hand of favor” (English)

Jamil – “Handsome” (Spanish)

Jamario – “Modern blend of James and Mario” (English)

Jamison – “Son of James” (English)

Jamel – “Handsome” (Spanish)

Jamarcus – “Combination of James and Marcus” (English)

Jamshed – “Eternal joy” (Spanish)

Jamian – “Right hand of favor” (English)

Jamont – “Mountain of strength” (English)

Jamel – “Handsome” (Spanish)

Jamil – “Beautiful” (Spanish)

Jamin – “Right hand of favor” (Hebrew)

Jamir – “King of the world” (Spanish)

Jamison – “Son of James” (English)

Jamuel – “God has heard” (Hebrew)

Jamonte – “Mountain of strength” (English)

Jamil – “Handsome” (Spanish)

Jamon – “Right hand of favor” (English)

Jamir – “King of the world” (Spanish)

Jamieson – “Son of James” (English)

Jamel – “Handsome” (Spanish)

Jamarcus – “Combination of James and Marcus” (English)

Jamont – “Mountain of strength” (English)

Jamshed – “Eternal joy” (Spanish)

Jamison – “Son of James” (English)

Jamuel – “God has heard” (Hebrew)

Boy Names That Start with "JAM"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “JAM”

Jamal – “Beauty” (Spanish)

Jameson – “Son of James” (English)

Jamin – “Right hand of favor” (Hebrew)

Jamontay – “Mountain of strength” (English)

Jamir – “King of the world” (Spanish)

Jamuel – “God has heard” (Hebrew)

Jamonte – “Mountain of strength” (English)

Jamar – “Modern American blend” (English)

Jarell – “Jewel” (English)

Jaxton – “Son of Jack” (English)

Javian – “Bright” (Latin)

Jalen – “Bird of light” (English)

Jace – “The Lord is my salvation” (Hebrew)

Jael – “Mountain goat” (Hebrew)

Jairo – “He shines” (Spanish)

Javen – “Son of Japheth” (Hebrew)

Javon – “Modern American blend” (English)

Jaxen – “Son of Jack” (English)

Jamin – “Right hand of favor” (Hebrew)

Jair – “He shines” (Hebrew)

Jamil – “Handsome” (Spanish)

Jaxson – “Son of Jack” (English)

Jase – “Healer” (English)

Jalen – “Bird of light” (English)

Javian – “Bright” (Latin)

Jariel – “God enlightens” (Hebrew)

Jaxton – “Son of Jack” (English)

Jenson – “Son of Jens” (English)

Jalen – “Bird of light” (English)

Jayden – “Thankful” (English)

Unique “JAM” Names for Boys

Jamarian – “Modern blend of James and Arian” (English)

Jambert – “Bright like amber” (English)

Jamidian – “Gift of the moon” (Greek)

Jamori – “Evergreen” (Spanish)

Jamirius – “Jovial and gracious” (English)

Jambrosio – “Fragrant and divine” (Spanish)

Jamelio – “Beautiful sun” (Spanish)

Jamarque – “Marked by grace” (English)

Jamorin – “Sea warrior” (Greek)

Jamariel – “Messenger of God” (English)

Jamelios – “Sunlight” (Greek)

Jaminos – “Favorable right hand” (Greek)

Jamontez – “Mountain of treasures” (English)

Jamerico – “Rich and powerful ruler” (English)

Jamisono – “Son of James” (Spanish)

Jamuelito – “Little gift from God” (Spanish)

Jamanthos – “Eternal blossom” (Greek)

Jamoros – “Gift of the sea” (Greek)

Jamelindo – “Pretty and charming” (Spanish)

Jamiroso – “Rose of the sea” (Greek)

Jamarius – “Modern blend of James and Marcus” (English)

Jamino – “Righteous son” (Greek)

Jamenco – “Clever and wise” (Spanish)

Jambro – “Fragrance of the forest” (English)

Jamithos – “Eternal strength” (Greek)

Jamorico – “Rich and powerful ruler” (Spanish)

Jamuelis – “God has heard” (Greek)

Jamero – “Lover of peace” (Spanish)

Jamos – “Full of grace” (Greek)

Jamonteiro – “Mountain traveler” (Spanish)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “JAM”

Jaminson – “Son of James” (English)

Jamaris – “Modern blend of James and Maris” (English)

Jamocles – “Glory of the people” (Greek)

Jamford – “Ford by the river” (English)

Jamuelius – “God has heard” (Greek)

Jamarius – “Modern blend of James and Marcus” (English)

Jamidore – “Gift of the gods” (Greek)

Jamland – “Land of prosperity” (English)

Jamilas – “Beautiful” (Greek)

Jamiano – “Supplanter” (English)

Jamtheon – “Divine thinker” (Greek)

Jamorian – “Rising sun” (English)

Jamontez – “Mountain warrior” (English)

Jameton – “Town by the sea” (English)

Jamicus – “Victorious” (Greek)

Jamiron – “Strong-willed” (English)

Jamodius – “Gift of the harvest” (Greek)

Jamorian – “Morning light” (English)

Jamford – “Ford by the river” (English)

Jamonius – “Right hand of favor” (Greek)

Jamorian – “Eternal sunrise” (English)

Jamuelos – “God has heard” (Spanish)

Jamphis – “Son of the harvest” (Greek)

Jammarco – “Warrior of Mars” (English)

Jamonus – “Of the sea” (Greek)

Jamirius – “Joyful messenger” (English)

Jamrick – “Powerful ruler” (English)

Jamiano – “Supplanter” (English)

Jamionis – “Gift of the dawn” (Greek)

Jamuelas – “God has heard” (Spanish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “JAM”

Jamirko – “Eternal ruler” (Russian)

Jambali – “Beautiful and strong” (African)

Jamalito – “Little beauty” (Spanish)

Jamilov – “Beloved” (Tajik)

Jambin – “Silent warrior” (Turkish)

Jamiloš – “Graceful” (Czech)

Jamani – “The one who is desired” (Swahili)

Jamirul – “Beautiful soul” (Bengali)

Jambert – “Bright and famous” (French)

Jamishi – “One who brings joy” (Japanese)

Jamhur – “Public” (Arabic)

Jamit – “Graceful and elegant” (Persian)

Jamshaid – “King of the world” (Persian)

Jamelle – “Beautiful and beloved” (French)

Jamenton – “Town by the sea” (French)

Jamund – “Protection of the gods” (Norse)

Jamorin – “Sea explorer” (Finnish)

Jamiliano – “Handsome and gracious” (Italian)

Jamarić – “Strong and powerful” (Serbian)

Jamelio – “Beautiful sun” (Portuguese)

Jamrović – “Son of the rose” (Croatian)

Jamito – “Little gem” (Japanese)

Jamud – “Valiant protector” (Mongolian)

Jamor – “Champion” (Irish)

Jamuwa – “Born on Monday” (Yoruba)

Jamishev – “Eternal life” (Kazakh)

Jamón – “Ham” (Spanish)

Jamullah – “Beauty of God” (Arabic)

Jamman – “Determined and resolute” (Scottish)

Jamarr – “From the sea” (Arabic)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “JAM”

Jamery – “Modern blend of James and Avery” (English)

Jambal – “Beautiful and strong” (Spanish)

Jamora – “Love and affection” (Greek)

Jamlen – “Soft and tender” (English)

Jamio – “Unique and special” (Spanish)

Jamris – “Joyful melody” (Greek)

Jamlen – “Soft and tender” (English)

Jambel – “Graceful and beautiful” (Spanish)

Jamian – “Gift of the gods” (Greek)

Jamoa – “Moonlight” (Spanish)

Jamlyn – “Gentle and kind” (English)

Jamito – “Little gem” (Greek)

Jamori – “Everlasting love” (Spanish)

Jamrys – “Sweet fragrance” (English)

Jamuel – “Heard by God” (Greek)

Jamella – “Beautiful soul” (Spanish)

Jambis – “Harmony and balance” (Greek)

Jamisona – “Son of James” (English)

Jamzor – “Radiant light” (Greek)

Jambelle – “Graceful beauty” (Spanish)

Jamlen – “Soft and tender” (English)

Jamilo – “Charming and graceful” (Spanish)

Jamara – “Adored by all” (Greek)

Jamis – “Jovial and cheerful” (English)

Jameta – “Eternal love” (Spanish)

Jambon – “Blessed and favored” (Greek)

Jamlyn – “Gentle and kind” (English)

Jambra – “Full of energy” (Spanish)

Jamito – “Little gem” (Greek)

Jamri – “Harmony and peace” (English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “JAM”

Jaminas – “Favorable right hand” (Greek)

Jamuel – “God has heard” (Hebrew)

Jamsiah – “God has heard” (English)

Jamito – “Devoted to God” (Spanish)

Jamson – “Son of James” (English)

Jamenai – “Belonging to God” (Spanish)

Jambriel – “God is my strength” (Hebrew)

Jamir – “King of the world” (Spanish)

Jammar – “Lover of God” (English)

Jameliah – “Praised by God” (Greek)

Jaminel – “God is gracious” (Hebrew)

Jamuiah – “God is my light” (English)

Jamun – “Gift from God” (Greek)

Jamonis – “God’s gift” (Greek)

Jamoriel – “God is my song” (Hebrew)

Jamsis – “God is my salvation” (Hebrew)

Jamuele – “God’s messenger” (Hebrew)

Jamiel – “God’s beauty” (Hebrew)

Jamiros – “Gift of God’s love” (Greek)

Jamiz – “Praised by God” (Hebrew)

Jamisonel – “God has heard” (Hebrew)

Jamunto – “Devoted to the Lord” (Spanish)

Jamoros – “Beloved by God” (Greek)

Jamirael – “God’s joy” (Hebrew)

Jamanius – “Devoted to God” (Greek)

Jampar – “Servant of God” (Spanish)

Jamsus – “God is gracious” (Greek)

Jamiyel – “God’s kindness” (Hebrew)

Jamzekiel – “Strength of God” (Hebrew)

Jamelon – “God is merciful” (Hebrew)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “JAM”

James Cameron

Canadian filmmaker known for directing blockbuster films such as “Titanic” and “Avatar,” making significant contributions to the film industry.

Jamal Khashoggi

Saudi Arabian journalist and Washington Post columnist, known for his critical views on Saudi government policies and his tragic death in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

James Madison

Fourth President of the United States and “Father of the Constitution,” played a key role in drafting and promoting the United States Constitution.

Jameela Jamil

British actress, model, and activist, best known for her role in the TV series “The Good Place” and her advocacy for body positivity.

Jam Master Jay (Jason Mizell)

Founding member of the influential hip-hop group Run-D.M.C., recognized for his contributions to the genre as a DJ and rapper.

James Clerk Maxwell

Scottish physicist who formulated the classical theory of electromagnetic radiation, paving the way for modern physics and technologies like radio and television.

James Joyce

Irish novelist and poet, celebrated for his avant-garde work “Ulysses,” considered a masterpiece of modernist literature.

James Watt

Scottish inventor and mechanical engineer, known for developing the steam engine, a key innovation in the Industrial Revolution.

Jamal Crawford

American professional basketball player, renowned for his scoring ability and versatility, having played for several NBA teams during his career.

James Dean

Iconic American actor, symbol of teenage disillusionment in the 1950s, starred in classic films like “Rebel Without a Cause” and “East of Eden” before his untimely death at a young age.

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