220 Cute Boy Names That Start with “NY”

Looking for a unique and distinctive name for your baby boy? Consider diving into the world of names that start with “NY” for a one-of-a-kind option.

These names offer a modern and fresh twist, standing out in a sea of traditional options.

Whether you’re drawn to a name that reflects your cultural heritage or just want something that feels truly unique, boy names that start with “NY” may just spark your interest.

From Nygel to Nyree, there are a variety of “NY” names that carry their own special meaning and allure.

These names often have a trendy and stylish vibe, making them perfect for parents who want to give their son a name that stands out from the crowd.

Whether you’re in search of a name that exudes strength, grace, or charm, there’s sure to be an “NY” name that resonates with you and your family.

So, if you’re ready to explore some of the most distinctive boy names out there, look no further than the world of “NY” names.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “NY”

Nyland – “New land” (English)

Nyx – “Night” (Greek)

Nyle – “Island” (English)

Nysa – “Goal, ambition” (Greek)

Nygel – “Champion” (English)

Nyko – “Victorious” (Greek)

Nyno – “New” (Spanish)

Nylex – “Protector of the night” (English)

Nysias – “Island dweller” (Greek)

Nyrco – “Sleep” (Spanish)

Nyron – “Strong one” (English)

Nysos – “Young buck” (Greek)

Nysius – “New beginning” (English)

Nyton – “From the new town” (English)

Nykos – “Victor” (Greek)

Nyzar – “Bright star” (English)

Nysio – “Island-born” (Greek)

Nystan – “From the new stone” (English)

Nyro – “Strong” (Spanish)

Nyxos – “Nightfall” (Greek)

Nylan – “Island dweller” (English)

Nysio – “Of the island” (Spanish)

Nykon – “Victorious” (Greek)

Nysius – “New life” (English)

Nysos – “From the island” (Greek)

Nyzar – “Noble” (Spanish)

Nyton – “New town” (English)

Nykos – “Victorious people” (Greek)

Nystan – “New stone” (English)

Nyro – “New” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "NY"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “NY”

Nylan – “Champion” (English)

Nyxar – “Bright” (Greek)

Nyleo – “Lion-hearted” (Spanish)

Nytan – “Giver of life” (English)

Nysius – “Visionary” (Greek)

Nyrico – “Strong ruler” (Spanish)

Nylo – “New light” (English)

Nysos – “Refuge” (Greek)

Nytro – “Bold warrior” (Spanish)

Nylan – “Renowned” (English)

Nyxos – “Mystical” (Greek)

Nyleon – “Lion of the sea” (Spanish)

Nyxon – “Son of victory” (English)

Nysos – “Protector” (Greek)

Nysar – “Noble leader” (Spanish)

Nyke – “Enthusiastic” (English)

Nysias – “Adventurous” (Greek)

Nylar – “Free-spirited” (Spanish)

Nyzio – “Eternal” (English)

Nykos – “Triumphant” (Greek)

Nylar – “Luminous” (Spanish)

Nyros – “Rising sun” (English)

Nystan – “Innovator” (Greek)

Nyxo – “Dreamer” (Spanish)

Nylus – “Swift” (English)

Nysius – “Explorer” (Greek)

Nylar – “Eloquent” (Spanish)

Nydon – “Gifted one” (English)

Nysos – “Harmony” (Greek)

Nylar – “Renewal” (Spanish)

Unique “NY” Names for Boys

Nylas – “Forest dweller” (English)

Nyrodon – “Gift of the rose” (Greek)

Nymbio – “Visionary explorer” (Spanish)

Nyrix – “Mystical ruler” (English)

Nysian – “Sunbeam” (Greek)

Nysaro – “Brave guardian” (Spanish)

Nylanth – “Adventurous spirit” (English)

Nythos – “Enigma” (Greek)

Nyvara – “Eternal youth” (Spanish)

Nylith – “Lunar traveler” (English)

Nyseon – “Keeper of secrets” (Greek)

Nyrus – “Dawn’s essence” (Spanish)

Nyskyl – “Sky dancer” (English)

Nycton – “Night whisperer” (Greek)

Nymaro – “Mariner of dreams” (Spanish)

Nyvion – “Ethereal vision” (English)

Nysos – “Celestial protector” (Greek)

Nyzarco – “Harmony seeker” (Spanish)

Nylaros – “Radiant blossom” (English)

Nytian – “Dreamweaver” (Greek)

Nythio – “Oceanic poet” (Spanish)

Nysara – “Soulful melody” (English)

Nylethos – “Guardian of dreams” (Greek)

Nyxian – “Nocturnal wanderer” (Spanish)

Nythral – “Valiant spirit” (English)

Nysius – “Cosmic explorer” (Greek)

Nyvoro – “Rising star” (Spanish)

Nyskel – “Moonlit wanderer” (English)

Nyctaros – “Night’s embrace” (Greek)

Nyzen – “Zen master” (Spanish)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “NY”

Nylan – “Champion of the people” (English)

Nysander – “Defender of mankind” (Greek)

Nyston – “From the new town” (English)

Nykos – “Victorious leader” (Greek)

Nyland – “Meadow by the water” (English)

Nysio – “Island-born” (Spanish)

Nyron – “Strong and honorable” (English)

Nyxos – “Nightfall” (Greek)

Nylar – “Eternal light” (Spanish)

Nyles – “Champion of the people” (English)

Nysios – “Island dweller” (Greek)

Nydon – “Noble and generous” (Spanish)

Nyxen – “Mystical force” (English)

Nyktor – “Bringer of light” (Greek)

Nyrus – “Strong and noble” (Spanish)

Nylanthos – “Adventurous spirit” (English)

Nyssios – “Navigator of the seas” (Greek)

Nytan – “Giver of life” (Spanish)

Nylandos – “Meadow wanderer” (English)

Nyzaros – “Noble guardian” (Greek)

Nylus – “Timeless strength” (Spanish)

Nylanthos – “Eternal adventurer” (English)

Nysios – “Divinely wise” (Greek)

Nyleth – “Everlasting joy” (Spanish)

Nytanis – “Gift of life” (English)

Nykon – “Triumphant leader” (Greek)

Nystan – “Wise and enduring” (Spanish)

Nylanthos – “Eternal traveler” (English)

Nyxios – “Mysterious journey” (Greek)

Nyrus – “Timeless strength” (Spanish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “NY”

Nyzan – “Peaceful” (Persian)

Nykoli – “Victorious people” (Russian)

Nymir – “Tiger” (Arabic)

Nyori – “Flower” (Japanese)

Nyrosh – “Lion” (Persian)

Nylande – “Meadow dweller” (French)

Nysir – “Moon” (Welsh)

Nyven – “Poet” (Irish)

Nyvos – “Sun” (Spanish)

Nyaro – “Thunder” (African)

Nyran – “Joyful” (Hindu)

Nyquist – “Navigator” (Swedish)

Nysal – “Salvation” (Hebrew)

Nymba – “Warrior” (African)

Nysen – “Enduring” (Scandinavian)

Nyvran – “Blessed” (Welsh)

Nythan – “Wise one” (Irish)

Nylasir – “Gift of the moon” (Arabic)

Nyzio – “Eternal” (Italian)

Nyvale – “Valiant” (French)

Nyrik – “Kingly” (Russian)

Nyoshi – “Quiet leader” (Japanese)

Nyroth – “Majestic” (Persian)

Nysan – “The sun’s gift” (Hindu)

Nythos – “Enigma” (Greek)

Nyrin – “Adventurous spirit” (Scandinavian)

Nytos – “Navigator” (Greek)

Nysaro – “Strong one” (Italian)

Nyvros – “Bountiful” (Spanish)

Nyvern – “Guardian of dreams” (Irish)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “NY”

Nysa – “New beginning” (Greek)

Nylo – “Charming” (English)

Nysar – “Adventurous spirit” (Spanish)

Nylex – “Explorer” (English)

Nysio – “Harmony” (Greek)

Nyle – “Island” (English)

Nyno – “New” (Spanish)

Nylan – “Renewed” (English)

Nyxos – “Mystical” (Greek)

Nysan – “Sunbeam” (Spanish)

Nydon – “Gentle” (English)

Nysaro – “Strong one” (Spanish)

Nylar – “Eternal” (English)

Nysios – “Visionary” (Greek)

Nyven – “Poet” (Spanish)

Nystan – “Innovator” (English)

Nythos – “Enigma” (Greek)

Nytar – “Star” (Spanish)

Nytian – “Dreamweaver” (English)

Nysus – “Free spirit” (Greek)

Nyvos – “Alive” (Spanish)

Nyven – “Joyful” (English)

Nysko – “Adventurer” (Spanish)

Nytro – “Bold” (English)

Nysias – “Adventurous” (Greek)

Nyrco – “Sleeper” (Spanish)

Nylan – “Timeless” (English)

Nyra – “Mystic” (Greek)

Nysio – “Island-born” (Spanish)

Nylex – “Protector” (English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “NY”

Nyman – “Servant of God” (English)

Nykos – “Victorious people” (Greek)

Nystan – “Devoted one” (English)

Nyro – “God’s light” (Spanish)

Nysias – “God’s gift” (Greek)

Nylar – “Eternal grace” (Spanish)

Nylethos – “Divinely enduring” (English)

Nysios – “Pious” (Greek)

Nylarco – “Bearer of God’s grace” (Spanish)

Nyron – “God’s strength” (English)

Nysaro – “God’s strong one” (Spanish)

Nylan – “God’s gift of renewal” (English)

Nythios – “Divine mystery” (Greek)

Nysos – “Divinely protected” (Spanish)

Nysan – “God’s radiant light” (English)

Nyktar – “Gift from God” (Greek)

Nyko – “Devoted to God” (Spanish)

Nylas – “Servant of the Lord” (English)

Nysio – “God’s island-born” (Spanish)

Nylex – “God’s protector” (English)

Nysandros – “Man of God” (Greek)

Nylar – “God’s eternal light” (Spanish)

Nyten – “God’s gift of life” (English)

Nysander – “Defender of God” (Greek)

Nyro – “Divine ruler” (Spanish)

Nyston – “From God’s town” (English)

Nyctarios – “God’s grace” (Greek)

Nysal – “Seeker of God’s peace” (Spanish)

Nylan – “God’s beloved” (English)

Nykon – “God’s victory” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “NY”

Nyle DiMarco

Nyle DiMarco is a deaf American model, actor, and activist.

Nyle Hatcher

Nyle Hatcher is a renowned software engineer and entrepreneur, known for his contributions to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Nye Bevan

Aneurin Bevan, commonly known as Nye Bevan, was a Welsh politician and the founder of the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom.

Nygell Westcott

Nygell Westcott is an emerging fashion designer celebrated for his innovative and sustainable creations.

Nyle Walton

Nyle Walton was an American economist and professor known for his work in economic policy analysis.

Nyjah Huston

Nyjah Huston is a professional skateboarder, widely regarded as one of the best in the world.

Nystuen, John David

John David Nystuen was an influential American geographer and urban planner. He contributed significantly to the field of spatial analysis and regional planning.

Nyambi Nyambi

Nyambi Nyambi is an actor known for his roles in popular television series like “Mike & Molly” and “The Good Fight.”

Nyk Veron

Nyk Veron is a prominent entrepreneur and investor known for his success in the technology and startup ecosystem. He has been involved in several innovative ventures.

Nyaniso Dzedze

Nyaniso Dzedze is a South African actor and dancer, recognized for his performances in both television and film.

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