220 Adorable Boy Names That Start with “RHY”

Searching for the perfect name for your baby boy? Look no further than our comprehensive boy names list starting with “RHY”.

Whether you’re looking for a unique and uncommon name or a traditional and classic one, we’ve got you covered.

Choosing a name for your little one can be a daunting task, but we’re here to make it easier for you.

From timeless favorites like Rhys and Rhett to more modern and trendy options like Rhylan and Rhysen, there’s a “RHY” name to suit every taste and style.

Our boy names list includes a variety of options with different origins and meanings, so you can find the perfect name to reflect your child’s personality and heritage.

So, if you’re ready to embark on the journey of naming your baby boy, take a look at our list of boy names that start with “RHY” for some inspiration and guidance.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “RHY”

Rhyder – “warrior rider” (English)

Rhys – “enthusiasm” (Greek)

Rhylan – “son of the sea” (English)

Rhydian – “from the river” (Greek)

Rhylee – “courageous” (English)

Rhysander – “man of enthusiasm” (Greek)

Rhyker – “mighty ruler” (English)

Rhylen – “from the rye land” (English)

Rhyion – “stream” (Greek)

Rhylon – “son of the flowing water” (English)

Rhyon – “warrior” (Greek)

Rhyse – “ardor, fiery” (Greek)

Rhylan – “island meadow” (English)

Rhyton – “cup” (Greek)

Rhyven – “from the raven” (English)

Rhydor – “flowing water” (Greek)

Rhyett – “enthusiastic counsel” (English)

Rhyion – “mountain strength” (Greek)

Rhydell – “from the red slope” (English)

Rhyley – “island meadow” (English)

Rhyon – “strength of the gods” (Greek)

Rhyston – “rose town” (English)

Rhyson – “son of a brave man” (English)

Rhydon – “rose hill” (English)

Rhyce – “enthusiastic” (English)

Rhytor – “ruler” (Greek)

Rhyze – “to rise” (English)

Rhysen – “ardent, fiery” (Greek)

Rhyx – “ruler of the earth” (Greek)

Rhylen – “valley of the rye” (English)

Boy Names That Start with "RHY"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “RHY”

Rhylenzo – “strong leader” (English)

Rhysario – “golden enthusiasm” (Spanish)

Rhyxton – “ruler’s town” (English)

Rhydellis – “noble stream” (Greek)

Rhystian – “rose of the gods” (Greek)

Rhytoño – “mighty cup” (Spanish)

Rhyvian – “brave soul” (English)

Rhylanis – “island meadow” (Spanish)

Rhydrik – “ruler of the stream” (English)

Rhysaris – “ardent rose” (Greek)

Rhysito – “enthusiastic little king” (Spanish)

Rhyverto – “strong river” (Spanish)

Rhyonix – “warrior’s strength” (English)

Rhylano – “from the island meadow” (Spanish)

Rhyzion – “strength of the gods” (Greek)

Rhyximus – “greatest ruler” (English)

Rhysandro – “man of enthusiasm” (Spanish)

Rhykell – “brave from the red slope” (English)

Rhydoros – “flowing river” (Greek)

Rhyvino – “brave vine” (Spanish)

Rhylanthos – “meadow flower” (Greek)

Rhyzet – “rising conqueror” (English)

Rhydiano – “from the river god” (Spanish)

Rhyselon – “valley of roses” (English)

Rhyxionis – “mighty strength” (Greek)

Rhyzaro – “rising hero” (Spanish)

Rhydanto – “flowing courage” (Greek)

Rhysario – “golden rose” (Spanish)

Rhyvelis – “strong vine” (Greek)

Rhydondo – “river hill” (Spanish)

Unique “RHY” Names for Boys

Rhythian – “rhythm of life” (English)

Rhyveno – “unique river” (Spanish)

Rhyxarios – “brave rose” (Greek)

Rhysolo – “solitary enthusiasm” (Spanish)

Rhylus – “moonlight meadow” (English)

Rhyzaris – “golden strength” (Greek)

Rhydoros – “gift of flowing water” (Spanish)

Rhykairo – “beautiful ruler” (Greek)

Rhylanis – “island warrior” (English)

Rhyxenzo – “ruler with zeal” (Spanish)

Rhydiano – “divine river” (Greek)

Rhysario – “noble rose” (Spanish)

Rhyzentis – “rising courage” (Greek)

Rhydello – “brave from the hill” (English)

Rhylusco – “courageous meadow” (Spanish)

Rhyxtonio – “warrior’s town” (Greek)

Rhystaro – “starry rose” (Spanish)

Rhydrosio – “flowing strength” (Greek)

Rhylexico – “unique warrior” (English)

Rhytinos – “mysterious vine” (Greek)

Rhylanico – “island conqueror” (Spanish)

Rhyverian – “brave river” (English)

Rhyzarisco – “golden conqueror” (Spanish)

Rhysiris – “strong rose” (Greek)

Rhydanto – “gift from the flowing river” (Spanish)

Rhythello – “harmony from the hill” (English)

Rhyxelon – “rose valley” (Greek)

Rhysolito – “solitary enthusiasm” (Spanish)

Rhyvantis – “brave vine” (Greek)

Rhydellian – “from the noble slope” (English)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “RHY”

Rhyland – “land of strength” (English)

Rhysanto – “eternal courage” (Spanish)

Rhytheon – “timeless strength” (Greek)

Rhyleon – “lion of the meadow” (English)

Rhythos – “timeless rhythm” (Greek)

Rhydrian – “eternal river” (English)

Rhystavio – “eternal rose” (Spanish)

Rhyximus – “timeless ruler” (Greek)

Rhyler – “eternal ruler” (English)

Rhystevo – “eternal crown” (Spanish)

Rhydorio – “eternal gift of the river” (Greek)

Rhylaris – “timeless warrior” (English)

Rhyzantos – “eternal conqueror” (Greek)

Rhylonis – “timeless island” (Spanish)

Rhyviton – “timeless life” (English)

Rhythario – “eternal rose” (Spanish)

Rhylion – “lion of the island” (Greek)

Rhydellis – “timeless noble” (English)

Rhystello – “eternal star” (Spanish)

Rhyzentos – “timeless courage” (Greek)

Rhylexis – “eternal warrior” (English)

Rhyvantis – “timeless vine” (Greek)

Rhysonio – “eternal son” (Spanish)

Rhydelis – “timeless from the hill” (English)

Rhysario – “eternal rose” (Spanish)

Rhydoros – “timeless flow” (Greek)

Rhylenzo – “eternal leader” (English)

Rhystianos – “eternal rose” (Greek)

Rhyxanto – “timeless ruler” (Spanish)

Rhydento – “eternal gift of the river” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “RHY”

Rhyad – “radiant” (Arabic)

Rhyko – “star” (Japanese)

Rhylanth – “songbird” (Welsh)

Rhyvhan – “thoughtful” (Irish)

Rhytho – “spirit” (Japanese)

Rhyzar – “moonlit” (Persian)

Rhyen – “blessed” (Kurdish)

Rhysin – “dreamer” (Welsh)

Rhylo – “free spirit” (Spanish)

Rhyjin – “gentle soul” (Japanese)

Rhykai – “ocean” (Hawaiian)

Rhydell – “noble” (French)

Rhyun – “cloud” (Korean)

Rhython – “wise one” (Greek)

Rhyonix – “serene” (Latin)

Rhyvani – “starlight” (Sanskrit)

Rhykio – “hopeful” (Japanese)

Rhysian – “intelligent” (Welsh)

Rhyunis – “harmony” (Korean)

Rhyxian – “mystical” (Greek)

Rhyvos – “victorious” (Latin)

Rhylaris – “adventurous” (Greek)

Rhyveno – “fascinating” (Italian)

Rhydorio – “blessed river” (Spanish)

Rhydorin – “golden” (Celtic)

Rhysar – “prosperous” (Welsh)

Rhymero – “songbird” (Spanish)

Rhydan – “exotic” (Arabic)

Rhyxanto – “enchanted” (Spanish)

Rhylus – “radiant soul” (Greek)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “RHY”

Rhylen – “innocent lamb” (English)

Rhysaris – “peaceful rose” (Greek)

Rhyxio – “creative spirit” (Spanish)

Rhythian – “free spirit” (English)

Rhylanis – “harmony of the island” (Spanish)

Rhyro – “joyful heart” (English)

Rhysanto – “eternal essence” (Spanish)

Rhyvian – “artistic soul” (Greek)

Rhylaro – “serene light” (English)

Rhytico – “unisex charm” (Spanish)

Rhyden – “valley of dreams” (English)

Rhysolo – “solitude” (Spanish)

Rhyxaris – “unique rose” (Greek)

Rhylenzo – “leader of innocence” (English)

Rhystaro – “star of peace” (Spanish)

Rhyonix – “creative strength” (Greek)

Rhylus – “gentle soul” (English)

Rhytho – “harmonious spirit” (Spanish)

Rhylin – “serene lake” (English)

Rhyvanto – “eternal essence” (Spanish)

Rhysaris – “peaceful rose” (Greek)

Rhyden – “valley of dreams” (English)

Rhyxaro – “creative light” (Spanish)

Rhytalon – “unisex charm” (Greek)

Rhyleni – “innocent melody” (English)

Rhystico – “creative charm” (Spanish)

Rhyxon – “free spirit” (Greek)

Rhylara – “serene light” (English)

Rhyvolo – “joyful heart” (Spanish)

Rhysan – “harmony” (Welsh)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “RHY”

Rhymanuel – “God is with us” (English)

Rhystianos – “follower of Christ” (Greek)

Rhyvander – “devotee of the man” (English)

Rhyonathan – “gift of God” (Hebrew)

Rhyzael – “angel of God” (Hebrew)

Rhyseph – “God increases” (Hebrew)

Rhyagos – “leader in God” (Greek)

Rhylanuel – “God’s grace” (Spanish)

Rhythaniel – “God is my judge” (English)

Rhykarim – “generous servant of God” (Arabic)

Rhyonico – “God’s victory” (Spanish)

Rhyseraph – “burning with fire of God” (Greek)

Rhydeo – “devoted to God” (Spanish)

Rhyziah – “God is my salvation” (Hebrew)

Rhydionis – “gift of God” (Greek)

Rhyluca – “light of God” (Spanish)

Rhythaniel – “God has heard” (Hebrew)

Rhyzach – “remembered by God” (Hebrew)

Rhyaiden – “God has heard” (English)

Rhythaniel – “God is gracious” (English)

Rhyseraph – “fiery servant of God” (Greek)

Rhydorico – “ruler appointed by God” (Spanish)

Rhylucius – “light of God” (Greek)

Rhymanuel – “God’s gift” (Spanish)

Rhystavros – “cross of Christ” (Greek)

Rhydonis – “judged by God” (Greek)

Rhylucas – “bringer of light” (Spanish)

Rhysergio – “servant of God” (Spanish)

Rhyelijah – “my God is the Lord” (English)

Rhythaniel – “God’s grace” (English)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “RHY”

Rhydian Roberts

Welsh singer who gained fame as a finalist on “The X Factor”; known for his powerful and soulful vocals.

Rhys Ifans

Welsh actor and producer; acclaimed for his roles in films like “Notting Hill” and “The Amazing Spider-Man.”

Rhyan Grant

Australian professional footballer playing as a right-back; known for his contributions to Sydney FC in the A-League.


Musical duo consisting of Canadian singer Milosh and Danish instrumentalist Robin Hannibal; known for their soulful and ambient music.

Rhys Darby

New Zealand comedian and actor; recognized for his role as Murray Hewitt in the TV series “Flight of the Conchords.”

Rhys Hoskins

American professional baseball player; plays as a first baseman and outfielder for the Philadelphia Phillies.

Rhys Millen

New Zealand race car driver and stuntman; renowned for his success in various motorsports, including drifting and hill climbing.

Rhys Wakefield

Australian actor known for his roles in films like “The Purge” and the TV series “The Walking Dead.”

Rhys Coiro

American film and television actor; recognized for his roles in “Entourage” and “Hostages.”

Rhydian Vaughan

Taiwanese-Welsh actor and singer; notable for his performances in Taiwanese and Chinese films, including “Monga.”

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