220 Best Boy Names That Start with “NE”

When it comes to choosing a name for a new addition to the family, parents often look for unique and meaningful options.

If you’re on the hunt for boy names that start with “NE”, you’re in luck! There are plenty of great options to choose from that offer a blend of tradition and modernity.

From classic to trendy, the following boy names list includes a variety of options that may just be the perfect fit for your little one.

Whether you’re drawn to strong and traditional names or something a bit more contemporary, this list has something for every style and preference.

So, if you’re expecting a baby boy or simply exploring potential names for the future, take a look at this roundup of boy names that start with “NE” for some inspiration and ideas.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “NE”

Neil – “Champion” (English)

Nelson – “Son of Neil” (English)

Ned – “Wealthy Guardian” (English)

Nestor – “Traveler” (Greek)

Neo – “New” (Greek)

Nemo – “No One” (Latin)

Nekoda – “Marked, Committed” (Hebrew)

Nemo – “Nobody” (Latin)

Neville – “New Town” (French)

Necanor – “Victor” (Greek)

Neco – “Victory of the People” (Spanish)

Necanor – “Conqueror” (Spanish)

Neles – “Champion” (English)

Nemesio – “Divinely Appointed” (Spanish)

Nester – “Traveler” (Greek)

Nelson – “Son of Neil” (Spanish)

Nevin – “Holy” (Irish)

Newman – “Newcomer” (English)

Necanor – “Victorious Army” (Spanish)

Neville – “New Village” (English)

Nestor – “Homecoming” (Spanish)

Nereo – “Water” (Spanish)

Nery – “Water” (Spanish)

Nelo – “Victor” (Spanish)

Neofitos – “Newly Planted” (Greek)

Necanor – “Conqueror” (English)

Necos – “Victorious People” (Greek)

Nereo – “Sea God” (Greek)

Nestor – “Homecoming” (English)

Neo – “New” (Spanish)

Boy Names That Start with "NE"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “NE”

Nethan – “Gift of God” (English)

Nelesio – “Determined Protector” (Spanish)

Neoklis – “Glory of the People” (Greek)

Nevander – “New Explorer” (English)

Nerio – “Valor” (Spanish)

Neoptolemus – “New Warrior” (Greek)

Nelsis – “Ambitious” (Spanish)

Nevinio – “Sacred” (English)

Nestorio – “Home Guardian” (Greek)

Nethaniel – “God has Given” (English)

Nesterio – “Traveler’s Rest” (Spanish)

Neophytos – “Newly Planted” (Greek)

Nevian – “New Beginnings” (English)

Neolito – “New Stone” (Spanish)

Nicanio – “Conqueror” (Greek)

Nectario – “Nectar” (Spanish)

Nethanuel – “God’s Gift” (English)

Nervo – “Bold and Resolute” (Spanish)

Neokleitos – “Famous Glory” (Greek)

Nevinio – “New Victory” (English)

Nesos – “Island” (Greek)

Naldo – “Powerful Ruler” (Spanish)

Nebian – “Heavenly” (English)

Nemeo – “Warrior” (Greek)

Neubio – “Noble” (Spanish)

Neronio – “Strong” (Spanish)

Neyle – “Champion” (English)

Nectarios – “Bearer of Victory” (Greek)

Neoquin – “New Beginning” (English)

Neolios – “New Vision” (Greek)

Unique “NE” Names for Boys

Neland – “Noble Land” (English)

Nereo – “Sea Explorer” (Spanish)

Neotis – “New Journey” (Greek)

Nemias – “Comforter” (Spanish)

Nevrion – “Everlasting” (English)

Neophos – “New Light” (Greek)

Neubian – “Noble Birth” (English)

Neolario – “New Song” (Spanish)

Neotaros – “New Protector” (Greek)

Nesteris – “Adventurous” (Greek)

Nebulo – “Mysterious” (Spanish)

Nethon – “Brave Heart” (English)

Neovas – “New Strength” (Greek)

Neloan – “River God” (Spanish)

Nethron – “Explorer of Dreams” (English)

Nevaldo – “Snowy” (Spanish)

Neotimos – “New Honor” (Greek)

Nescio – “Unknown” (Latin)

Nello – “Champion” (Italian, English)

Nebulan – “Cloud Walker” (English)

Neptunio – “Sea God” (Spanish)

Nexio – “Connection” (Latin)

Neuminos – “Divine Spirit” (Greek)

Nefarious – “Wicked” (Latin)

Neycteus – “Night Wanderer” (Greek)

Nectareo – “Nectar” (Spanish)

Neolario – “Noble One” (Spanish)

Nereion – “Sea Dweller” (Greek)

Neubilo – “Cloudy” (Latin)

Neotero – “Younger, Newer” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “NE”

Nevin – “Little Saint” (Irish, English)

Nereo – “Hero of the Sea” (Greek)

Neiles – “Champion” (Irish, English)

Nestor – “Wise Traveler” (Greek)

Neal – “Champion” (Irish, English)

Naldo – “Strong” (Germanic, Spanish)

Newton – “New Town” (English)

Necanor – “Victorious” (Greek)

Nero – “Strong, Vigorous” (Latin, Italian)

Nelson – “Son of Neil” (English)

Neo – “New” (Greek)

Neftali – “My Struggle” (Hebrew, Spanish)

Nereus – “Water Spirit” (Greek)

Neville – “New Town” (French, English)

Nestorio – “Home Guardian” (Greek)

Nevinio – “Sacred” (English)

Neicanio – “Victorious” (Spanish)

Neoklis – “Famous Glory” (Greek)

Nevis – “Snowy” (Scottish, English)

Nestorio – “Home Protector” (Greek)

Newman – “Newcomer” (English)

Nephtali – “My Struggle” (Hebrew)

Nemo – “No One” (Latin)

Nereo – “Sea God” (Italian, Spanish)

Neicanor – “Conqueror” (Spanish)

Nerio – “Strong” (Latin, Spanish)

Neophytos – “Newly Planted” (Greek)

Nemo – “Nobody” (Latin)

Nevin – “Holy” (Irish, English)

Neilesio – “Determined Protector” (Spanish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “NE”

Nehru – “Lotus Flower” (Sanskrit, Indian)

Neven – “Marigold” (Slavic, Croatian)

Nekane – “Sorrows” (Basque, Spanish)

Nenad – “To be Born” (Slavic, Serbian)

Nerys – “Lady” (Welsh)

Nelu – “Little Cloud” (Romanian)

Neelambar – “Blue Sky” (Sanskrit, Indian)

Neso – “Island” (Latin, Italian)

Nemanja – “Without possessions” (Slavic, Serbian)

Nemesio – “Divinely Appointed” (Spanish)

Nenê – “Baby” (Portuguese)

Neo- “Gift” (African)

Nephtali – “My Struggle” (Hebrew)

Neron – “Strong, Vigorous” (Latin, Italian)

Nesrin – “Wild Rose” (Turkish)

Nestan – “Sweetheart” (Georgian)

Nethaniel – “God has Given” (Hebrew)

Nettan – “Gift from God” (Swedish)

Nevan – “Saintly” (Irish)

Nevis – “Snow” (Scottish)

Neza – “Clean, Pure” (Slovenian)

Nguyen – “Ruler” (Vietnamese)

Neiall – “Champion” (Irish)

Neicanor – “Victor” (Greek)

Neccolò – “Victory of the People” (Italian)

Neilo – “Nile River” (Latin, Italian)

Nerav – “Quiet, Silent” (Sanskrit, Indian)

Nezar – “Little Giant” (Arabic)

Neoé – “Rest, Comfort” (French, Spanish)

Neorberto – “Northern Brightness” (Germanic, Portuguese)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “NE”

Nevis – “New” (Scottish, English)

Nellis – “Champion” (English)

Neón – “Neon, Bright” (Spanish)

Nephele – “Cloud” (Greek)

Neris – “Water Sprite” (Spanish)

Nereo – “Sea Explorer” (Spanish, Greek)

Ness – “Headland” (English)

Nesta – “Traveler” (English)

Neos – “New” (Greek)

Nerea – “Mine” (Basque, Spanish)

Nescio – “I Don’t Know” (Latin)

Nesta – “Noble” (Welsh)

Nevo – “Beautiful” (Hebrew)

Neio – “Sun” (Japanese)

Néstor – “Homecoming” (Greek, Spanish)

Neven – “Marigold” (Slavic)

Nezi – “Desire” (Basque)

Neika – “Victory” (Greek)

Neil – “Blue” (Arabic)

Neile – “River” (English)

Neils – “Champion” (Scandinavian)

Neim – “Enchanting” (Hebrew)

Neima – “Commander” (Persian)

Neino – “God is Gracious” (Italian, Spanish)

Nes – “Friendly Elf” (Scandinavian)

Nex – “Snowy” (Latin)

Neo – “Rest, Comfort” (Spanish)

Neola – “Famous” (Irish)

Neova – “New” (Latin)

Neuri – “My Fire” (Arabic)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “NE”

Nehemiah – “Comforted by God” (Hebrew)

Neftali – “Wrestling” (Hebrew)

Nectarios – “Bearer of Victory” (Greek)

Nereo – “Holy Water” (Spanish, Greek)

Neotokos – “Mother of God” (Greek)

Neptunio – “Devotion to Neptune” (Spanish)

Nestorius – “Dedicated to God” (Greek)

Néstor – “God’s Gift” (Greek, Spanish)

Nettanel – “God has Given” (Hebrew)

Nevin – “Holy” (Irish, English)

Nevio – “New Life” (Italian, Spanish)

Newton – “New Town” (English)

Necander – “Victory of Man” (Greek)

Necéforo – “Bearer of Victory” (Spanish)

Neicetas – “Victorious” (Greek)

Neicodemus – “Victory of the People” (Greek)

Neicolás – “Victorious People” (Spanish)

Neicostrato – “Victorious Army” (Greek)

Neiketas – “Winner, Victor” (Greek)

Neilo – “Champion of the People” (Spanish)

Nereas – “Sea God” (Greek)

Neísos – “Island” (Greek)

Neissim – “Miracles” (Hebrew)

Neoé – “Comfort” (Spanish)

Neoël – “Christmas” (French)

Neontle – “God’s Gift” (Zulu)

Neorberto – “Northern Brightness” (Germanic, Portuguese)

Neovio – “Devoted to God” (Spanish)

Neuh – “Noah” (Arabic, Turkish)

Neykolaos – “Victory of the People” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “NE”

Nelson Mandela

Anti-apartheid revolutionary and former President of South Africa, Mandela spent 27 years in prison for his activism before becoming a global symbol of peace and reconciliation.

Neil Armstrong

American astronaut and the first person to walk on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission in 1969, making the historic statement, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Nekola Tesla

Inventor, engineer, and physicist, Tesla made significant contributions to the development of alternating current (AC) electrical systems and numerous inventions that laid the foundation for modern technology.

Nepoleon Bonaparte

Military and political leader who rose to prominence during the French Revolution, becoming Emperor of the French and leading France in a series of military campaigns known as the Napoleonic Wars.

Nekos Kazantzakis

Greek writer and philosopher, best known for his novel “Zorba the Greek” and the epic poem “The Odyssey: A Modern Sequel.”

Newton Knight

American farmer, soldier, and leader of the “Free State of Jones” during the American Civil War, known for his opposition to the Confederacy and advocacy for civil rights.

Neil Gaiman

English author known for his works in the fantasy genre, including “American Gods,” “Coraline,” and “The Sandman” comic book series.

Nelson Rockefeller

American businessman, philanthropist, and politician who served as the 41st Vice President of the United States under President Gerald Ford.

Neymar Jr.

Brazilian professional footballer widely regarded as one of the world’s best players, known for his skillful and flamboyant style on the field.

Nesser Hussain

Former English cricketer and captain of the England national cricket team, recognized for his leadership and contributions to English cricket during the late 1990s and early 2000s.

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