220 Charming Boy Names That Start with “BRI”

Choosing a name for your baby boy is an important decision, and it’s no wonder that parents-to-be often spend countless hours scouring through boy names list in search for the perfect one.

If you’re looking for a name that starts with “BRI”, you’re in luck! There are several strong and handsome boy names that fit the bill.

From traditional and timeless names to more modern and unique options, the “BRI” starting names offer a diverse range of choices for your little boy.

Whether you’re drawn to names with a strong, classic feel or prefer something more offbeat and trendy, there’s a “BRI” name out there to suit your style.

In this article, we’ll explore a variety of boy names that start with “BRI”, providing you with inspiration and ideas as you embark on the exciting journey of naming your son.

So, sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of “BRI” names for boys!

Popular Boy Names That Start with “BRI”

Brian – “strong, virtuous, honorable” (English)

Brice – “swift” (English)

Bridger – “lives near a bridge” (English)

Brio – “vigor, vivacity” (Spanish)

Briza – “breeze” (Spanish)

Bricio – “strong, powerful” (Spanish)

Brito – “from Brittany” (Spanish)

Brighton – “bright town” (English)

Brilan – “brilliant, shining” (English)

Brion – “noble, virtuous” (English)

Brien – “strong, virtuous” (English)

Brígido – “bright, illustrious” (Spanish)

Brindley – “burnt meadow” (English)

Brinley – “burnt meadow” (English)

Brizio – “strong, powerful” (Spanish)

Branko – “glorious defender” (Spanish)

Britton – “from Britain” (English)

Bridón – “bridle, restraint” (Spanish)

Bristol – “site of the bridge” (English)

Brito – “briton” (Spanish)

Briseo – “son of the morning” (Greek)

Bríxios – “from the elevated place” (Greek)

Brontes – “thunder” (Greek)

Brystan – “fire” (English)

Brioso – “lively, spirited” (Spanish)

Brito – “from Britain” (Spanish)

Briar – “thorny patch” (English)

Brin – “hill” (English)

Brillan – “shining, brilliant” (Spanish)

Briseo – “son of the morning” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "BRI"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “BRI”

Brinick – “strong, victorious” (English)

Brivio – “full of life” (Spanish)

Britas – “man from Britain” (Greek)

Brinsley – “burnt wood clearing” (English)

Bridaro – “bold, daring” (Spanish)

Brixtan – “bright stone” (English)

Bristan – “from Bristol” (English)

Brilaso – “shining, radiant” (Spanish)

Briosos – “vibrant, energetic” (Spanish)

Briolos – “strong and free” (Greek)

Bristow – “dweller near the bridge” (English)

Brisio – “vigorous, lively” (Spanish)

Briek – “hill” (English)

Brites – “bright, famous” (Greek)

Brixtyn – “modern, trendy” (English)

Briland – “land of hills” (English)

Brivaro – “full of courage” (Spanish)

Brizon – “thunderous” (Greek)

Brinard – “brave bear” (English)

Brisos – “strong and steady” (Greek)

Brialto – “high and noble” (Spanish)

Brivian – “vibrant, full of life” (English)

Britizo – “swift and powerful” (Spanish)

Bryston – “from the burnt town” (English)

Brixios – “strong and mighty” (Greek)

Britto – “man from Britain” (Spanish)

Brikeon – “hillside warrior” (English)

Bristan – “bright stone” (Greek)

Brixon – “son of Brice” (English)

Britario – “warrior of the hills” (Spanish)

Unique “BRI” Names for Boys

Brivon – “visionary” (English)

Britaro – “bold protector” (Spanish)

Bristos – “eloquent speaker” (Greek)

Brimere – “sea explorer” (English)

Brixio – “vigorous spirit” (Spanish)

Brystanis – “radiant star” (Greek)

Brialdo – “noble and brave” (Spanish)

Brivell – “innovative thinker” (English)

Bridano – “courageous leader” (Spanish)

Brisian – “bright light” (Greek)

Brikar – “bold adventurer” (English)

Brontaro – “thunderous warrior” (Greek)

Britzen – “gentle breeze” (English)

Brizaro – “shining star” (Spanish)

Brionix – “wise and strong” (Greek)

Brigant – “mountain explorer” (English)

Britaros – “noble defender” (Greek)

Brizan – “peaceful strength” (Spanish)

Brixion – “son of strength” (Greek)

Brivano – “adventurous spirit” (Spanish)

Brinatos – “intelligent thinker” (Greek)

Briollo – “optimistic soul” (Spanish)

Brystelo – “eloquent communicator” (Greek)

Brixaro – “modern warrior” (Spanish)

Briento – “brave journey” (Spanish)

Briosys – “vibrant energy” (Greek)

Bristelo – “bright and lively” (Spanish)

Brilux – “luminous brilliance” (English)

Bristaros – “radiant defender” (Greek)

Britico – “man of honor” (Spanish)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “BRI”

Bridwell – “broad well” (English)

Britasius – “noble strength” (Greek)

Brixton – “Brick’s settlement” (English)

Briosio – “full of life” (Spanish)

Brising – “fire” (English)

Britus – “man of Britain” (Latin)

Brizo – “mariner, sailor” (Greek)

Bristolio – “from Bristol” (Spanish)

Briandos – “gift of strength” (Greek)

Brivio – “lively, spirited” (Italian)

Bridaro – “strong leader” (Spanish)

Brixios – “mighty, strong” (Greek)

Brindel – “shield wolf” (English)

Briso – “vigorous, lively” (Spanish)

Brittan – “from Britain” (English)

Brilos – “radiant, shining” (Greek)

Briwell – “pleasant spring” (English)

Bravio – “brave, courageous” (Spanish)

Brisan – “strong protector” (Greek)

Britannio – “man from Britain” (Spanish)

Brivian – “vibrant, full of life” (English)

Brystonos – “noble strength” (Greek)

Brialto – “high, noble” (Spanish)

Brixen – “son of Brice” (English)

Briante – “enduring” (Spanish)

Briomos – “strong force” (Greek)

Britello – “beautiful and strong” (Spanish)

Bryster – “steadfast, reliable” (English)

Brixarios – “warrior strength” (Greek)

Bridano – “courageous leader” (Spanish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “BRI”

Briac – “he who is respected” (Breton)

Brinov – “gift of God” (Russian)

Brijesh – “lord of the world” (Sanskrit)

Brikor – “warrior” (Albanian)

Brizio – “the one who whispers” (Italian)

Brihaan – “vast, immense” (Sanskrit)

Brinleyk – “from the burnt meadow” (Irish)

Brindar – “to offer, to present” (Hindi)

Briyanu – “noble and strong” (African)

Brijit – “strength, power” (Irish)

Brilios – “sparkling, shining” (Greek)

Brionel – “brave lion” (French)

Brisad – “breeze, wind” (Persian)

Brishan – “one who brings joy” (Sanskrit)

Brinton – “town by the hills” (Old English)

Briyam – “strong, powerful” (Arabic)

Brittonio – “from Britain” (Latin)

Brizio – “vigor, strength” (Italian)

Brikash – “creative mind” (Hindi)

Bridan – “noble leader” (Irish)

Britonel – “noble and strong” (French)

Braviano – “brave, courageous” (Portuguese)

Briho – “bright, shining” (Albanian)

Brusco – “brisk, lively” (Italian)

Britello – “beautiful and strong” (Portuguese)

Brudar – “prince, nobleman” (Bosnian)

Brijar – “moonlight” (Persian)

Brijon – “vigorous, strong” (French)

Brontus – “thunder” (Latin)

Brismar – “mariner, sailor” (Swedish)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “BRI”

Bridon – “noble hill” (English)

Briza – “breeze” (Spanish)

Brith – “exalted” (English)

Briarte – “artistic and creative” (Spanish)

Brikel – “joyful and lively” (English)

Brinte – “town by the hills” (English)

Briton – “from Britain” (English)

Britza – “shining, radiant” (Greek)

Brivis – “lively spirit” (Spanish)

Brizo – “wise woman of the sea” (Greek)

Brique – “modern and trendy” (English)

Brital – “noble and strong” (Spanish)

Britzen – “gentle breeze” (English)

Brion – “strong and virtuous” (English)

Brisio – “vigorous and lively” (Spanish)

Brivin – “full of life” (English)

Brito – “briton” (Spanish)

Brixis – “strong and mighty” (Greek)

Brize – “vibrant and energetic” (English)

Brista – “bright, shining” (Spanish)

Brial – “noble and brave” (English)

Brisol – “bright and lively” (Spanish)

Bristen – “bright stone” (English)

Britan – “from Britain” (Spanish)

Brimo – “mighty one” (Greek)

Briket – “creative mind” (English)

Bristo – “eloquent speaker” (Spanish)

Brionel – “brave lion” (English)

Brisos – “strong and steady” (Greek)

Brixel – “modern warrior” (English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “BRI”

Bristan – “follower of Christ” (English)

Brijon – “devoted to God” (English)

Bridano – “man of prayer” (Spanish)

Briseo – “devout worshipper” (Greek)

Britzar – “altar of God” (Spanish)

Brixos – “sacred strength” (Greek)

Brison – “son of God” (English)

Bravio – “brave and virtuous” (Spanish)

Brizan – “blessed one” (Greek)

Britonel – “noble servant of God” (Spanish)

Brixtan – “radiant follower” (English)

Brito – “devout man” (Spanish)

Bridaro – “prayerful leader” (Spanish)

Brinon – “faithful one” (English)

Brizo – “wise worshipper” (Greek)

Brisar – “altar of peace” (Spanish)

Britonos – “divine strength” (Greek)

Brivan – “God-given” (English)

Brijes – “prayerful soul” (Spanish)

Briseon – “sacred light” (Greek)

Brizios – “blessed and strong” (Spanish)

Bricas – “follower of Christ” (English)

Brihano – “devout leader” (Spanish)

Brixios – “sacred might” (Greek)

Bristos – “chosen by God” (Greek)

Brismar – “altar of God’s grace” (Spanish)

Brikar – “devout warrior” (English)

Britado – “prayerful gift” (Spanish)

Brixton – “sacred town” (English)

Brionel – “God’s lion” (English)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “BRI”

Brien McMahon

American politician and U.S. Senator known for his contributions to the Atomic Energy Act, advocating for peaceful uses of atomic energy and international cooperation.

Brian May

English musician, astrophysicist, and guitarist for the rock band Queen, renowned for his innovative guitar work and contributions to Queen’s iconic sound.

Brigham Young

American religious leader and second president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, instrumental in the settlement of the American West.

Brian Cox

Scottish actor best known for his roles in films like “Braveheart” and the television series “Succession,” as well as for his stage performances.

Brian Lara

West Indian former international cricketer and one of the greatest batsmen in the history of the sport, holding multiple records in Test and First-Class cricket.

Brian Eno

English musician, record producer, and visual artist, a pioneer in ambient music and known for his collaborations with various iconic artists.

Briana Dejesus

American reality television personality, known for her appearances on MTV’s “Teen Mom 2” and her advocacy work related to teen pregnancy.

Brian Ortega

American mixed martial artist, competing in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), known for his skill in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and striking.

Brian Greene

American theoretical physicist and string theorist, known for his contributions to superstring theory and popularizing science through books and documentaries.

Brian Chesky

American entrepreneur and co-founder of Airbnb, revolutionizing the hospitality industry with the online platform for short-term lodging.

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