240 Prettiest Girl Names That Mean Beautiful

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Some of our favorite girl names that mean beautiful include:
















Girl Names That Mean Beautiful

Some of the amazing girl names are Astrid, Anwen, Harika, Alina, Kaitlyn.

Keva – “beautiful, precious”

Jolie – “pretty, beautiful”

Miyeon – “kind-hearted”

Kirana – “Beautiful Sunbeam”

Mikako – “Beautiful”

Kaytlyn – “Smart”

Mirabella – “wonderful”

Eavan – “beautiful sheen, layer”

Marabel – “Beautiful Mary”

Naava – “delightful, beautiful”

Belinda – “beautiful and pretty”

Calista – “Most beautiful”

Felicia – “Lucky or successful”

Kumiko – “Long time”

Michiyo – “Companion”

Kelis – “Beautiful”

Miyuki – “beautiful happiness”

Fayre – “fair one”

Maliha – “Attractive, beautiful”

Lydia – “precious one, beautiful”

Rosalind – “Pretty rose”

Meadow – “Beautiful field”

Miyeon – “Beautiful”

Mikiko – “Beginning”

Venus – “love and beauty”

Keeva – “Kind, Beautiful, Gentle”

Norabel – “Beautiful light”

Miyuki – “beautiful happiness”

Lynika – “Little Beautiful One”

Maha – “Beautiful”

Alana – “serenity”

Jamila – “beautiful”

Donatella – “A beautiful gift”

Leinani – “Beautiful Child”

Bonita – “Pretty”

Arinya – “beautiful”

Shaina – “pretty”

Mekanani – “Beautiful Eyes”

Ulanni – “Very beautiful”

Arabella – “beautiful”

What name means most beautiful?

Some of the most beautiful girl names are Nefertari, Sapphire, Shakila, Calia, Clarabelle.

Jaffa – “beautiful”

Kayleigh – “beautiful”

Orabelle – “beautiful alter”

Mab/Mabs – “beautiful lover”

Belle – “French name for beauty”

Calixta – “most beautiful”

Ani – “beautiful”

Keely – “Beautiful”

Shifra – “handsome, good”

Cosima – “beauty and order”

Mei – “Beautiful”

Mika – “beautiful fragrance”

Jaeda – “beauty with long neck”

Linda – “beautiful”

Shakila – “pretty”

Belva – “beautiful view”

Miko – “Beautiful Child”

Catelyn – “pure beauty”

Tuva – “beautiful”

Alanis – “cheerful”

Calliope – “Beautiful voice”

Yamileth – “beautiful”

Nomi – “Beautiful and pleasant”

Kitoko – “Beautiful”

Miki – “Beautiful, Chronicle”

Mabs – “Beautiful lover”

Calla – “beautiful”

Erina – “The beautiful one”

Aoife – “beautiful, radiant”

Merinda – “beautiful”

Nava – “pleasant; desirable”

Bonnie – “beautiful”

Kimi – “Delight, Joy, Beautiful”

Omorose – “The beautiful child”

Bonnie – “Pretty or attractive”

Mei – “beautiful’

Nayana – “beautiful eyes”

Jolie – “Beautiful or pretty”

Keva – “precious, beautiful”

Caoimhe – “beautiful”

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Unique Girl Names with Beautiful Meanings

Some of the unique girl names are Ani, Yedda, Ellie, Miku.

Rachel – “Beautiful”

Meimao – “Beautiful/True”

Tegan – “The loved one”

Belinda – “beautiful; pretty”

Linda – “beautiful; pretty”

Caily – “Pretty or slender”

Lolonyo – “Love is Beautiful”

Kumi – “Long Period of Time”

Vashti – “lovely and beautiful”

Shaina – “beautiful”

Annabell – “grace and beauty”

Kevina – “Handsome, Beautiful”

Rumi – “beauty”

Amidala – “beautiful as a flower”

Anwen – “fair and beautiful”

Norabel – “beautiful light”

Bonnie – “pretty; attractive”

Callidora – “gift of beauty”

Fayre – “Beautiful”

Lillie/Lily – “purity, beauty”

Tegan – “darling one”

Kenisha – “Beautiful and Prosperous”

Tazanna – “Beautiful princess”

Ella – “beautiful fairy woman”

Nelly – “The shining light”

Kimiyo – “Beginning”

Ratih – “goddess of beauty”

Ingrid – “beauty”

Rosaleen – “Beautiful, little rose”

Kimiye – “Joy, Beautiful, Blessed”

What are the prettiest names for a girl?

Some of the prettiest girl names are Nefertari, Venus, Iowa, Kyomi, Caily.

Rosalind – “beautiful rose”

Ingrid – “beauty”

MiSuk – “Charming, Beautiful”

Megumi – “Blessed, Beautiful”

Mami – “Real”

Bellerose – “beautiful rose”

Callidora – “gift of beauty”

Orabelle – “Beautiful seacoast”

Linda – “Pretty One”

Rachel – “beautiful”

Labonita – “Beautiful One”

Bonita – “pretty; cute”

Omarosa – “beautiful child”

Isa – “Beautiful”

Melinda – “Black and Beautiful”

Naamah – “Pleasant”

Indira – “beauty”

Meiling – “Beautiful and delicate”

Kevlyn – “Beautiful”

Tove – “Gorgeous and beautiful”

Naomi – “beautiful; delightful”

Lillie – “Purity, beauty”

Nefertari – “beautiful companion”

Mee – “Beautiful”

Kiyomi – “Clear”

Lakelyn – “Beautiful Lake”

Ratih – “Goddess of beauty”

Kimiko – “Beginning, Beautiful, Child”

Abigail – “A father’s joy”

Xin – “beautiful, elegant”

Girl Names That Mean Beautiful

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Beautiful Girl Names

Some of the best girl names are Alina, Ceridwen, Lin, Ramana, Lynne.

Tasanee – “beautiful view”

Yamileth – “beautiful”

Orabella – “beautiful altar”

Ella – “Beautiful fairy”

Kyomi – “Pure and beautiful”

Miyeon – “kind-hearted, beautiful”

Ulanni – “heavenly beauty”

Jacinta – “beautiful”

Jacinta – “beautiful”

Ellen – “Most beautiful woman”

Keva – “Beautiful child”

Indira – “beauty”

Calixta – “Most beautiful”

Naava – “Delightful and beautiful”

Omorose – “beautiful”

Astrid – “divinely beautiful”

Fritha – “fair and beautiful”

Harika – “a beautiful miracle”

Belle – “beauty”

Tove – “beautiful”

Belinda – “Pretty one”

Clarabelle – “bright and beautiful”

Lewa – “Beautiful”

Nomi – “delightful”

Maylin – “Beautiful jade”

Bellezza – “Beauty or beautiful”

Nomi – “beautiful and delightful”

Kiva – “Gentle”

Raanana – “Fresh and pleasing”


There are many great girl names that mean beautiful. Any of these names would be a great choice for you!

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