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Some of our favorite girl names ending with S include:













Girl Names Ending With S

Some of the cool girl names are Maris, Hayes, Damaris, Ellis, Maris.

Luus – “light of the day”

Persis – “Persian woman”

Keris – “love”

Mavis – “songbird”

Ines – “holy”

Tess – “to harvest”

Aaryas – “truth”

Agnes – “pure, holy”

Tanis – “daughter”

Charis – “grace, kindness”

Aileas – “noble, graceful”

Hollis – “dweller at the holly trees”

Nieves – “snows”

Eilis – “pledged to God”

Lapis – “azure blue stone”

Rhys – “ardor”

Precious – “of great worth”

Gladys – “land, nation”

Narges – “Narcissus flower”

Xois – “African place-name”

Alexis – “defender”

Corliss – “carefree person Sarah Fischer”

Dilys – “genuine, steadfast”

Cerys – “love”

Tyas – “heart of hearts”

Frances – “free one”

Collins – “Surname derived from Nicholas”

Bliss – “perfect joy”

Venus – “Roman mythology name”

Amoris – “love”

What are the prettiest names for a girl?

Some of the prettiest girl names are Marais. Nevis. Flordelis, Dilys, Thetis.

Peaches – “English fruit name”

Lileas – “Scottish variation of Lily”

Freydis – “Norse, Icelandic”

Tess – “to harvest”

Precious – “of great worth, expensive”

Doris – “sea”

Lilias – “lily”

Bess – “pledged to God’

Chris – “a Christian”

Amaryllis – “sparkling”

Neves – “snows”

Bess – “pledged to God”

Semiramis – “Queen of Babylon”

Genesis – “creation, originality, beginning”

Memphis – “Enduring and beautiful”

Alyss – “noble, exalted”

Alanis – “precious”

Lovis – “renowned warrior”

Lois – “most desirable”

Agyness – “pure, virginal”

Anais – “grace”

Babs – “foreign woman”

Avis – “bird”

Pallas – “wisdom”

Paris – “place-name”

Maelys – “chief or prince”

Viridis – “green”

Doris – “gift of the ocean”

Dallas – “skilled”

Iris – “rainbow”

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Possessive Names That End With S

Some of the possessive girl names are Carys, Dolores, James, Alexis.

Katniss – “Literary and botanical name”

Cordis – “of the heart”

Lourdes – “craggy slope”

Norris – “northerner”

Phyllis – “green bough”

Agnes – “pure, virginal”

Hjördis – “sword goddess”

Wallis – “a Welshman, Celt”

Amaryllis – “to sparkle”

Frances – “from France; free man”

Wallis – “stranger”

Solaris – “of the Sun”

Caris – “love; grace, kindness”

Cass – “Diminutive of Cassandra or Cassia”

Vegas – “meadows”

Avis – “bird”

Themis – “law of nature, divine law”

Gladys – “land, nation”

Mars – “Roman god of war”

Pocahontas – “playful one”

Karis – “variation of Carys”

Eilís – “pledged to god”

Mailys – “chief or prince”

Isis – “throne”

Odalis – “chambermaid; concubine”

What are some unique names for a girl?

Some of the unique girl names are Mabs, Annis, Vigdis, Ellis, Douglas.

Carys – “love”

Dorcas – “doe, gazelle”

Ardis – “fervent”

Chloris – “pale”

Stellamaris – “star of the sea”

Atropos – “inevitable, inflexible”

Persis – “from Persia”

Chamois – “soft leather, yellowish-brown”

Odalys – “chambermaid; concubine”

Ceres – “Roman mythology name”

Tordis – “thunder goddess”

Jess – “Short form of Jessica”

Curtis – “courteous, polite”

Antares – “Astronomical name”

Eirlys – “snowdrop”

Artemis – “Greek mythology name”

Lotus – “lotus flower”

Ennis – “from the island”

Hollis – “holly tree”

Lotus – “lotus flower”

Roos – “rose”

Edelweiss – “noble white”

Glynis – “small glen, valley”

Empress – “Female ruler of an empire, consort of an Emperor”

Girl Names Ending With S

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