200 Mysterious Boy Names Ending With S

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Some of our favorite boy names ending with S include:
















Boy Names Ending With S

Some of the awesome boy names are Leonidas, Mees, Bliss, Taurus, Lefteris.

Myles – “shapely, clean”

Rufus – “Red”

Nels – “Victorious people”

Boris – “combatant”

Yves – “the archer”

Lois – “better”

Aeneas – “To praise”

Marcus – “son of Mars”

Kostas – “steady, stable”

Rens – “the award-winning”

Eris – “battle”

Hollis – “holly tree”

Joris – “editor of the Earth”

Johannes – “Yahweh is gracious”

Williams – “Resolute protector”

Lewis – “fame”

Lauris – “From Laurentum”

Relus – “gold”

Casparius – “Treasurer, Royal”

Emilius – “follower”

Aaryas – “truth”

Gladys – “land, nation”

Dragos – “Dear”

Jairus – “Jehovah enlightens”

Kris – “anointed”

Dimitris – “One who loves the earth”

Gaudentius – “rejoice”

Ludewikus – “Full fame warrior”

Yanis – “gift of Yahweh”

Mattijs – “God gives”

Mogens – “greatness”

Miles – “shapely, clean”

Louwrens – “From Laurentum, Italy”

Niels – “The horned”

Alanis – “precious”

What are the most unique names for a boy?

Some of the unique boy names are Lucius, Chuks, Doris, Angus, Cobus.

Tobias – “God is my good”

Cobus – “following after”

Rasmus – “dear, dearest”

Ioannis – “God’s grace”

Erasmus – “beloved”

Arnoldus – “He who reigns as an Eagle”

Linus – “Flax Colored”

Sotiris – “Salvation”

Marius – “Masculinity”

Louis – “famous warrior”

Rhys – “enthusiasm”

Frances – “free one”

Charles – “free man”

Nikos – “victor by the people”

Alidus – “of noble stature”

Rodgers – “Famous spear”

Nardus – “Strong or brave as a bear”

Jacobus – “he heel grip”

Leos – “lion man”

Antonis – “Flower”

Bernardus – “Brave as a bear”

Aileas – “noble, graceful”

Nicolaas – “victor by the people”

Dilys – “genuine, steadfast”

Tess – “to harvest”

Panagiotis – “holy”

Yves – “yew”

Piers – “rock, stone”

Francis – “From France Or Free”

Alyss – “noble, exalted”

Jannes – “Yahweh is gracious”

Mihas – “Who resembles God”

Gilles – “Small goat”

Caius – “happy, rejoice”

Jens – “God is gracious”

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Baby Boy Names Ending With S

Some of the baby boy names are Lazarus, Hans, Les, Zacharias, Filomenus.

Shields – “Of The Shallows”

Mads – “Gods present”

Magnus – “greatest”

Wells – “spring”

Artemis – “goddess of the moon”

Arvis – “The people’s friend”

Athanasios – “Eternal life”

Rhys – “Ardour; rashness”

Bertinus – “beautifully by noble behavior”

Otis – “wealthy”

Ronaldus – “Guides”

Ines – “holy”

Everistus – “Pleasant”

Feliks – “happy”

Ozias – “salvation”

Pascalis – “Child”

Amaryllis – “sparkling”

Kees – “The horned”

Fridus – “peace, protection”

Albertus – “Exalted”

Jules – “People of Julus”

Matous – “Gods present”

János – “God is gracious”

Carys – “loved one”

Demetrius – “follower of Demeter”

Atlas – “support”

Cris – “Anointed”

Precious – “of great worth”

Moses – “delivered from the water”

Perseus – “to destroy”

Mateus – “Gift”

Jonas – “Dove”

Linas – “Colored reed”

Cassius – “hollow”

Owen – “Sparkes”

What are some good S names for a boy

Some of the good boy names are Iris, Elias, Lourdes, Henricus, Peter.

Theodorus – “Gift from God”

Anubis – “god of the dead”

Chas – “Diminutive of Charles”

Luus – “light of the day”

Sephtis – “eternal death”

Francois – “Free; a free man”

Lotus – “lotus flower”

Trophimus – “foster child”

Amos – “Strong; carried”

Gijs – “Intelligent”

Ales – “defender of man”

Julius – “People of Julus”

Lukas – “Masculinity”

Praxis – “practical”

Louis – “glorious war hero”

Vasileios – “Royal”

Anders – “manlike”

Cosmas – “Order”

Spiros – “Spirit”

Bess – “pledged to God”

Frans – “Variant of Franz”

Charis – “grace, kindness”

Cephas – “rock”

Collins – “peoples victory”

Dainis – “Dedicated to Dionysos”

Pontus – “of the sea”

Elias – “Yahweh is (my) God”

Stefanus – “wreath”

Shreyas – “Who brings wealth favorable”

Atticus – “from Attica”

Magnus – “Big, Great”

Bas – “Majestic”

Curtis – “polite, courteous”

Irenus – “variant of Irenaeus”

Jonas – “dove”

Albartus – “Exalted”

Amadeus – “lover of God”

Alexis – “defender”

Boy Names Ending With S

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There are many great boy names ending with the letter S. Any of these names would be a great choice for you!

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