220 Beautiful Baby Names That Start with A

If you’re looking for baby names that start with A, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got hundreds of ideas for you, ranging from the classic to the modern, from the traditional to the unique.

No matter what you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find something that you love on our list.
Some of our favorite baby names that start with A include:











Baby names that start with A

Some of the cute baby names are Adalyn, Abimael, Abraxas, Acai, Aurora.

Amara – “deathless or immortal”

Adaline – “noble”

Abe – “father of many”

Ahti – “God of oceans and rivers”

Annabella – “favored grace”

Adele – “noble”

Arden – “high’

Aeneas – “praise”

Alban – “from Alba”

Alphaeus – “changing”

Araluen – “place of the water lilies”

Ainsly – “Hermitage field”

Abbey – “joy of a Father”

Annabelle – “favored grace”

Alyssa – “noble”

Avery – “ruler of elves”

Adonis – “lord”

Achava – “friendship’

Alison – “Noble; Exalted”

Arvo – “worth, value”

Ammar – “long-lived”

Amon – “the hidden one”

Adelynn – “noble, nobility”

Aitan – “Firmness, long-lived”

Aeron – “Mountain of strength”

Archwood – “trees forming arches”

Aurelius – “golden”

Arvid – “eagle tree”

Aeric – “Forever or alone, ruler”

Aimes – “Friend”

Adollf – “Noble, majestic wolf”

Arcelia – “Treasure”

Arash – “truthfulness”

Arabella – “prayerful”

Antigonus – “ancestor”

Aria – “song or melody”

Amina – “devoted, honest”

Anders – “manly”

Adalia – “noble one”

Adulio – “Desire to please”

Unique Baby Names That Start With A

Some of the pretty and unique baby names are Ace, Abigail, Abraham, Abram, Annabelle.

Aeriel – “Lion of God”

Afon – “river”

Arieh – “lion”

Adalyn – “noble”

Argus – “shining”

Ashlynn – “dream”

Amory – “home ruler”

Aegeus – “Protection”

Aled – “offspring”

Amadeus – “love of God”

Adah – “ornament”

Ainslea – “Hermitage field”

Archer – “Refers to a bowman”

Adrianna – “Person From Hadria”

Abrar – “Virtuous”

Algar – “elf spear”

Ali – “exalted”

Alivia – “olive tree”

Aba – “Born on Thursday”

Adonijah – “My lord is Jehovah”

Aldous – “old”

Ashlyn – “dream”

Amari – “eternal”

Adair – “fortune’s spear”

Albern – “Noble courage”

Anath – “answer’

Alanson – “Precious”

Amnon – “faithful”

Ajax – “eagle”

Archelaous – “master of the people”

Aimone – “Fatherland”

Ahura – “Mazda Lord of Wisdom”

Aineas – “To praise”

Abby – “father’s joy”

Allie – “Harmony, stone, or noble”

Amal – “work”

Afanasy – “immortal”

Abbigail – “my father’s joy”

Alvah – “exalted one, sublime”

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What are some baby names beginning with A?

Some of the cute baby names are Ariel, Abihu, Abrams, Absalom, Ariana.

Armo – “mercy, grace”

Astrid – “divinely beautiful”

Aulis – “helpful”

Arabia – “Evening, desert, ravens”

Aerric – “Forever or alone, ruler”

Apricot – “early ripening fruit”

Ace – “highest rank”

Albie – “noble and bright”

Achaicus– “ Greek origin”

Achan – “trouble”

Abebi – “she came after asking”

Adelaide – “noble natured”

Aylin – “Moon halo”

Aldo – “old noble”

Adelric – “regal ruler’

Ares – “God of War”

Amanda – “worthy of love’

Adriel – “God’s flock”

Adi – “Awe-inspiring”

Ariadne – “most holy”

Ahab – “uncle”

Apollonia – “Perdition, destruction”

Amiyah – “delight”

Alejandra – “defender of mankind”

Abednego – “servant of Nebo”

Aoife – “beauty”

Aubree – “elf ruler”

Aeneas – “To praise”

Arbor – “tree”

Aimory – “Home strength”

Arrow – “Word name”

Ariel – “lion of God”

Achim – “he will establish”

Aston – “east town”

Avish – “king” or earth”

Azalea – “dry”

Aeolos – “Variable, changeable”

Ava – “birdlike, lively”

Rare Names That Start With A

Some of the rare baby names are Abush, Adeline, Abner, Abrar, Abit.

Astor – “hawk”

Alessandr– “a Defender of Mankind”

Azwonne – “as one”

Alayah – “sublime”

Aoibheann – “beautiful sheen”

Anstey – “one path”

Abiel – “God is my father’

Aba – “father”

Abidan – “my father is judge”

Adison – “Son of Adam”

Alavaro – “All guard”

Addyson – “son of Adam”

Amit – “friend”

Alani – “orange”

Alan – “Little rock”

Amor – “love”

Alina – “light”

Aberdeen – “at the mouth of the Don”

Aditya – “The sun”

Ambrogio – “immortal”

Ainsworth – “Ann’s estate”

Affonso – “Ready for battle”

Addax – “white antelope”

Aquila – “eagle”

Acevedo – “grove of holly trees”

Ami – “trustworthy”

Aquitaine – “a person who had the sight of an eagle”

Athena – “Goddess of Wisdom”

Angus one – “strength”

Albaro – “Elf or magical army”

Adonys – “Extremely good looking”

Aaron – “exalted or strong”

Alondra – “helper and defender of mankind”

April – “Opening buds of spring”

Aoi – “bluish”

Abaddon – “destruction”

Apple – “think of any good ones”

Abril – “April”

Asa – “healer”

Allyson – “noble”

Baby names that start with A

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Famous Names Starting With A

Some of the famous baby names are Acer, Aaliyah, Addison, Autumn, Andrea.

Al – “noble and bright”

Aki – “ancestor”

Adeline – “noble”

Adelite – “indistinct”

Alp – “hero”

Aerrick – “Forever or alone, ruler”

Abijah – “my Father is Yah”

Alben – “White, pale-skinned”

Amir – “treetop”

Agapito – “beloved”

Aphrodite – “risen from the sea”

Abdias – “serving Yahweh”

Apichu – “sweet potato”

Amjad – “more glorious”

Andrea – “manly and virile”

Adham – “Black”

Aimeric – “King of work”

Adino – “ornament”

Aspen – “quaking tree”

Aatos – “thought”

Alvis – “all-wise”

Aleena – “fair”

Alcides – “strength”

Aloysius – “famous warrior”

Alessia – “defending warrior”

Acadia – “place of plenty”

Abel – “breath”

Alice – “noble”

Adara – “virgin; beauty; noble”

Adrean – “From Hadria”

Abraham – “father of many”

Anastasia – “resurrection”

Alia – “supreme, exalted”

Aengus – “One choice”

Archer – “Bowman”

Art – “bear”

Aalam – “world” in Arabic”

Anaya – “Completely Free”

Aindrea – “Man, warrior”

Anicet – “undefeated”


There are many great baby names that start with the letter A. Any of these names would be a great choice for you!

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