300 Inspiring Baby Names That Mean Gift from God

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Some of our favorite baby names that mean gift from God include:





















Baby Names That Mean Gift from God

Some of the catchy baby names are Ataya, Bhanuprasad, Prithu, Wahb, Mishaye.

Hibah – “God’s gift”

Bracha – “blessing”

Ukesh – “God’s gift”

Esai – “gift”

Elsi – “God’s satisfaction sent to earth”

Thavapalan – “Gift of God”

Bhanuprasad – “gift of the sun”

Gaurleen – “gift of God”

Jaina – “God is gracious”

Anam – “blessing”

Janet – “God’s gracious gift”

Adiel – “God sent”

Jathniel – “gift of God”

Aanam – “Ganesha’s gift”

Hishal – “gifted”

Ivani – “Gift from God”

Dhrumi – “God-gifted”

Saviona – “gift of God”

Nirvita – “A gift from God”

Amarisa – “gift from God”

Sougat – “A gift; enlightened”

Juana – “God has been gracious”

Shivprasad – “Gift of Lord Shiva”

Devarsh – “God’s gift”

Miesha – “gift from God”

Donato – “Gift from God”

Shaunit – “Gift from God”

Avishai – “God’s gift”

Piyanshi – “A gift from God”

Mira – “the light of God”

Ata – “gift”

Badriprasad – “A gift from Lord”

Vensi – “A gift of God; Periodic”

Aadrisha – “Gifted by God”

Neima – “who is a blessing”

Shriprasad – “A gift”

Anhiti – “A gift; donation”

Zobia – “Someone who is blessed by God”

Ihab – “gift”

Benedict – “blessed”

Johnathan – “gift from God”

Sagardutt – “A gift of the ocean”

Barke – “many blessings”

Gurdaat – “Gift of Guru”

Amani – “blessing”

Jayne – “God has shown favor”

Naathan – “Gifted by God”

Devarsh – “A gift of God”

Mikah – “One who is like God”

Loreto – “blessed or miracle”

What name means blessing from God?

Some of the rare baby names are Datta, Avishai, Tabia, Jussi, Gia.

Reyan – “Gift of GodG”

Giovanna – “a gracious blessing”

Ata – “bestowed by Allah”

Shaveena – “God’s gift”

Reyan – “Gift of God”

Gaddiel – “Fortune from God”

Aishleen – “blessings of the Lord”

Yadan – “God’s gift”

Amarisa – “Refers to the one given by God”

Tayja – “A little gem: God’s gift”

Dorinda – “gift of God”

Sonu – “God’s gift”

Amaris – “One who is given by God”

Chandradutt – “A gift from the moon”

Mitchell – “gift from God”

Kriva – “gift from God”

Ananti – “A gift from God”

Aadia – “unequalled; perfect”

Mikelle – “gift from God”

Ayaan – “God’s gift”

Dorothy – “God’s gift”

Mattana – “A gift from the God”

Avitaj – “God’s gift”

Mikelle – “Gift from God”

Upada – “A generous gift”

Sreta – “gifted by God”

Zebadiah – “God’s gift”

Sayuj – “God’s gift”

Thaddeus – “Gift from God”

Jarshika – “God-gifted”

Bracha – “blessing”

Miesha – “Gods gift”

Elsi – “God’s satisfaction”

Amarisa – “one who is given by God”

Jeramiah – “God has gifted”

Mattana – “A gift from the God that gives”

Jenica – “Gods gracious gift”

Ercole – “gift from God”

Akshadha – “God’s blessings”

Bozidar – “the Gods have been gracious”

Aadia – “perfect and unequaled”

Elnathan – “the gift of God”

Joyce – “Belonging to God”

Ata – “gift in Arabic”

Matana – “blessing”

Godiva – “blessing of the lord”

Avisha – “God’s blessing”

Amaris – “One who is given by God”

Jayne – “favored by the lord”

Bogdan – “blessing”

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Baby Names Meaning Gift from God Or Miracle

Some of the good baby names are Jon, Ramdutt, Eliana, Gaddiel, Jeremiah.

Daanyat – “beautiful”

Yana – “God’s graciousness”

Niamat – “A gift”

Moonam – “bestowed as a blessing”

Pandora – “name for blessing”

Sreta – “Gold; beauty; gifted by God”

Yanis – “Blessing from heaven”

Dakshesh – “Lord Shiva”

Omica – “A blessing”

Bovzo – “gift from God”

Gaurleen – “God’s gift”

Doretta – “gift of God”

Hans – “God’s gift”

Ataullah – “Allah’s Gift”

Thavaselvan – “gift of God”

Hansvi – “God’s gift”

Sean – “gift from God”

Dorothy – “Gift of God”

Daivik – “by the grace of God”

Boone – “blessed”

Jwalaprasad – “God of Fire Himself”

Heba – “who is gifted”

Sian – “Gods gracious gift”

Barkat – “Blessings”

Ivan – “gift from God”

Joanna/Juana – “God has been gracious”

Jaini – “Gift of God; Victorious”

Nate – “blessed by the Lord”

Amaris – “given by God”

Elkan – “God’s child”

Prithu – “God’s gift”

Abel – “God’s breath”

Inaya – “A girl from God”

Gurlaal – “A beloved of Guru”

Anum – “Blessing of God”

Rihansh – “God’s gift”

Varseerat – “A beautiful gift of God”

Gia – “blessing of the angels”

Adam – “one who was formed by God”

Toha – “down by God himself”

Ivana – “a special gift”

Gabrielle – “given by God”

Hibah – “A gift from God”

Dorinda – “bountiful gift”

Harnoor – “God’s gift”

Hans – “Gift sent from God”

Yashvee – “God-gifted”

Henedad – “The Grace of the beloved God”

Joindah – “blessings of the lord”

Kiara – “God’s gracious gift”

What are some unique names that mean gift from god?

Some of the unique baby names are Waniya, Enam, Jonathan, Aishi, Devashish.

Hannah – “God’s gift to the world”

Matthew – “reward from God”

Anum – “blessing of God”

Odelia – “someone who praises God”

Daivik – “through God’s grace”

Axel – “divine reward”

Eledoro – “gift of the sun”

Iain/Ian – “Lord’s Gift”

Shiza – “A graceful gift”

Attam – “God’s gift”

Aavya – “God’s gift”

Fyodor – “God’s gift”

Jonathan – “gift of God”

Pandora – “all gifted”

Natania – “blessed by the Lord”

Hanan – “A gracious gift of God”

Matthias – “gift of God”

Aishi – “blessings of God”

Bennett – “a blessed little one”

Oeshi – “God’s precious gift”

Omica – “God’s gift”

Vishnudutt – “A gift offered by Lord”

Zani – “gift from God”

Waniya – “Gift of God; pearls”

Eudora – “Generous gift”

Manha – “A gift from God”

Hans – “Gift of God”

Jani – “Gift from God”

Aana – “Gifted by God”

Meghdutt – “gods of clouds and rain”

Mishka – “gift of Gods love”

Matthew – “gift of God”

Jana – “God is gracious”

Sean – “God is gracious”

Joshvika – “A gift; Goddess Durga”

Sanil – “Gifted by God”

Yanis – “gift of God”

Hanan – “A gracious gift of God”

Jayne – “gift of God”

Oashni – “God’s precious gift”

Prahya – “A gift from God”

Aavya – “gift of God”

Aala – “blessing of Allah”

Hansel – “gift from God”

Theo – “Gift of God”

Sioned – “gift”

Dilsey – “gift of God”

Dolly – “Gift from God”

Rishna – “A gift happily given by God”

Jukka – “gift from God”

Baby Names That Mean Gift from God

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Baby Girl Names Meaning Precious Gift

Some of the precious baby names are Sonam, Hannah, Darion, Thavamani, Isha.

Karisma – “A miraculous gift”

Aanvee – “A joyful gift from God”

Jenica – “God is gracious”

Darina – “Gift”

Neo – “Gift”

Vaanya – “God is gracious”

Suday – “gift offered by God”

Darko – “a special gift”

Theodore – “gift of God”

Asher – “fortunate one”

Inaam – “gift from God”

Chiquita – “who is a little gift”

Henedad – “The Grace of the Beloved God”

Shauna – “God is gracious”

Ashriel – “vow of God”

Avitaj – “gift of God”

Jannes – “gift from God”

Hibah – “gift from God”

Mati – “gift from God”

Gabrielle – “one who has been given by God”

Thea – “gift of God”

Avishai – “A gift from God”

Neima – “A favour from God”

Umnia – “A gift”

Hanniel – “God’s Grace”

Nathan – “gift of God”

Zanetta – “a blessing”

Thaddeus – “gift of God”

Callidora – “Gift of beauty”

Dorek – “God’s Gift”

Nathaniel – “given by God”

Saviona – “A gift of God”

Dorek – “gift from God”

Godiva – “Gods gift”

Sayuj – “gift of God”

Nishvika – “Full of energy”

Ataya – “someone who is bestowed”

Aanam – “A gift from Lord Ganesha”

Mercedes – “Gracious gifts”

Anum – “God’s gift”


There are many great baby names that mean gift from god. Any of these names would be a great choice for you!

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