200 Alluring Boy Names That Mean Beautiful

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Some of our favorite boy names that mean beautiful include:













Boy Names That Mean Beautiful

Some of the rare boy names are Bellmont, Brightlyn, Rumi, Irvin, Shaquille.

Bayle – “Beautiful”

Kelis – “Beautiful”

Kirana – “Beautiful Sunbeam”

Beecham – “The beautiful field”

Kalista – “Most Beautiful One”

Kenneth – “born of fire”

Callisto – “Beautiful”

Beaumont – “The beautiful mountain”

Cemile – “Beautiful”

Grazina – “Beautiful”

Beau – “Beautiful, Handsome”

Caralynn – “Dear and Beautiful”

Belita – “Beautiful”

Campbell – “Beautiful Field”

Acelynn – “Beautiful One”

Beldan – “Lives in the beautiful glen”

Kazumi – “Harmony”

Finneen – “Beautiful child”

Eder – “handsome”

Hasana – “Beautiful, fair”

Kavanaugh – “born beautiful”

Amare – “handsome”

Nohea – “handsome”

Arabela – “Beautiful Lion”

Aysun – “Beautiful as the Moon”

Beau – “handsome”

Yung – “The Beautiful One”

Charae – “Beautiful”

Yu Jie – “Pure, Beautiful Jade”

Fayre – “Beautiful”

What are some best names means beautiful?

Some of the best boy names are Eder, Beauregard, Aerilyn, Kalon, Caliste.

Gisbelle – “Beautiful Pledge”

Shaquille – “well developed”

Beaufort – “beautiful fort”

Calanthe – “Beautiful Flower”

Jamel – “Beautiful”

Lin – “Pretty One”

Nikalus – “Beautiful loving son of God”

Aiattaua – “Beautiful Man”

Lewa – “Beautiful”

Damali – “Beautiful Vision”

Belvedere – “Beautiful to see”

Bellton – “Beautiful town”

Bellvidere – “Beautiful to see”

Kenna – “Beautiful”

Beaufort – “The beautiful fort”

Kenisha – “Beautiful and Prosperous”

Kalli – “Beautiful”

Kevin – “Handsome, Beautiful”

Haunani – “Beautiful Snow”

Keefe – “noble”

Calixto – “Beautiful”

Allen – “bright and beautiful”

Kitoko – “Beautiful”

Jamil – “beautiful”

Maylin – “Beautiful jade”

Akemi – “Bright, Beautiful”

Callista – “Most Beautiful”

Usain – “beautiful”

Memphis – “enduring and beautiful”

Zain – “beauty and grace”

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Cool Boy Names That Mean Beautiful

Some of the cool boy names are Rupin, YueYan, Cosmo, Narcisco, Belisma.

Belton – “Beautiful town”

Mika – “beautiful fragrance”

Calixto – “most beautiful”

Indah – “Beautiful One”

Cali – “Beautiful”

Callia – “Beautiful”

Bellachay – “Beautiful Hawk”

Kenneth – “born of fire and beautiful”

Jia Li – “Good and Beautiful”

Cosmo – “order; beauty”

Mio – “cherry blossom”

Zinedine – “beauty of the faith”

Ethyn – “Beautiful son”

Memphis – “Established and beautiful”

starlin – “Beautiful Star”

Callie – “Beautiful”

Belvider – “Beautiful to see”

Bellarmino – “The one with the beautiful armor”

Dilay – “Beautiful Moon”

Beale – “handsome man”

Zain/Zayn – “beauty; grace”

Donatella – “Beautiful Gift”

Irvin – “fair and handsome”

Caoimhin – “Handsome”

Antiope – “Most Beautiful Voice”

Bellvedere – “Beautiful to see”

Zayn – “beauty and grace”

Argider – “beautiful as light”

Labonita – “Beautiful One”

Hassan – “handsome”

Good Boy Names That Mean Beautiful

Some of the good boy names are Beau, Jennifyn, Bello, Arabella, Jailene.

Beauregard – “beautiful gaze”

Faron – “handsome servant”

Beauchamp – “The beautiful field”

Aoibhin – “Radiant, Beautiful”

Keely – “Beautiful”

Jaylyn – “Beautiful Jay Bird”

Belah – “Beautiful One’

Jaunie – “Pretty, beautiful”

Zuri – “good, beautiful”

Keeva – “Kind”

Bella – “Beautiful, God is my Oath”

Keefe – “noble and handsome”

Belvedere – “beautiful view”

Kevin – “handsome”

Kalyani – “Beautiful”

Allen – “cheerful”

Calixte – “Very Beautiful”

Beale – “handsome man”

Kiva – “Gentle, Kind”

Rupin – “handsome”

Noam – “Beautiful, good-looking”

Bell/Belle – “Beautiful”

Belvedere – “A Beautiful Sight”

Bellatrix – “Beautiful”

Lolonyo – “Love is Beautiful”

Boy Names That Mean Beautiful

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Unique Boy Names With Meaning

Some of the unique boy names are Alusia, Daylin, Bellarmine, Elgielyn, Belinda.

Kazumi – “handsome, beautiful”

Nohea – “handsome”

Bellveder – “Beautiful to see”

Aden – “handsome”

Beauchamp – “beautiful field”

Belveder – “Beautiful to see”

Zene – “Beautiful”

Beldane – “Lives in the beautiful glen”

Caoimhe – “Beautiful”

Iaolani – “Beautiful Star”

Menefer – “Established and beautiful”

Leinani – “Beautiful Child”

Amare – “handsome”

Mckenna – “son of the handsome one”

Zayn – “Beautiful”

Evynne – “Beautiful Bird”

Belmont – “Beautiful mountain”

Bonita – “Pretty, Beautiful”

Elu – “Fair, Beautiful”

Bello – “Beautiful, Handsome”

Hassan – “handsome”

Calista – “Beautiful””

MacKaillyn – “Pure and beautiful”

Mika – “Beautiful smell”

Adonis – “most handsome”


There are many great boy names that mean beautiful. Any of these names would be a great choice for you!

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