220 Adorable Boy Names That Start with “RUB”

Choosing a name for your baby boy is an exciting and important task for all parents.

If you’re looking for a unique and special name for your little one, why not consider names that start with “Rub”?

While less common than other letters, boy names that start with “Rub” are definitely unique and stand out from the crowd.

In this article, we will explore a variety of boy names that begin with “Rub”, each with their own distinctive meanings and origins.

From traditional options to modern and trendy choices, there is sure to be a “Rub” name that captures your attention and reflects the individuality of your son.

Whether you’re drawn to strong and masculine names or prefer something more gentle and reflective, the selection of “Rub” names offers a diverse range to suit every preference.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a one-of-a-kind name for your baby boy, look no further than our list of boy names that start with “Rub”.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “RUB”

Ruben – “behold, a son” (English, Spanish, Greek)

Rubiano – “red-haired” (Spanish)

Rubino – “red gemstone” (Spanish)

Rubert – “bright fame” (English, German)

Rubiano – “red” (Spanish)

Rubino – “ruby” (Spanish)

Rubénio – “red” (Spanish)

Rubiano – “reddish” (Greek)

Rubino – “red-haired” (Greek)

Rubénio – “behold, a son” (Greek)

Rubino – “ruby” (Spanish)

Rubert – “bright fame” (Greek)

Rubio – “blond” (Spanish)

Rubén – “behold, a son” (Spanish)

Rubiano – “red” (Spanish)

Rubino – “ruby” (Spanish)

Rubert – “bright fame” (Spanish)

Rubiano – “reddish” (Spanish)

Rubino – “red-haired” (Spanish)

Rubian – “red” (Spanish)

Rubiano – “red-haired” (Spanish)

Rubénio – “behold, a son” (Spanish)

Rubino – “ruby” (Spanish)

Rubert – “bright fame” (Spanish)

Rubio – “blond” (Spanish)

Ruben – “behold, a son” (Greek)

Rubiano – “red-haired” (Greek)

Rubio – “blond” (Greek)

Rubiano – “red” (Greek)

Rubino – “ruby” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "RUB"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “RUB”

Rubaldo – “bold ruby” (Spanish)

Rubertico – “famous and bright” (Spanish)

Rubiron – “strong ruby” (English)

Rubioso – “joyful ruby” (Spanish)

Rubellus – “reddish” (Spanish)

Rubinoz – “zealous ruby” (English)

Rubalio – “lion-like ruby” (Spanish)

Rubertus – “bright and strong” (Spanish)

Rubonis – “wise ruby” (English)

Rubiano – “courteous ruby” (Spanish)

Rubloren – “laurel-crowned ruby” (English)

Rubestis – “esteemed ruby” (Spanish)

Rubico – “skilled and bright” (Spanish)

Rubionis – “passionate ruby” (English)

Rubicor – “heartfelt ruby” (Latin)

Rubellin – “little red one” (English)

Rubustus – “robust and strong” (Spanish)

Rubelias – “sky-blue ruby” (Spanish)

Rubiano – “noble ruby” (English)

Rubescens – “blushing, reddening” (Latin)

Rubito – “small ruby” (Spanish)

Rubicanus – “ruby-colored” (Spanish)

Rubello – “beautiful ruby” (Spanish)

Rubrius – “red-haired” (Spanish)

Rubianco – “white ruby” (Spanish)

Rubelius – “brilliant ruby” (English)

Rubante – “enthusiastic ruby” (Spanish)

Rubicello – “little ruby” (Spanish)

Rubilon – “wise protector” (English)

Rubesto – “steadfast ruby” (Spanish)

Unique “RUB” Names for Boys

Ruboros – “rosy glow” (Greek)

Rubialto – “elevated ruby” (Spanish)

Rubiconus – “limitless ruby” (Spanish)

Rubelion – “lion-hearted ruby” (English)

Rubidias – “divine ruby” (Greek)

Rubiano – “gracious ruby” (Spanish)

Rubescio – “reddening” (Spanish)

Rubrion – “fiery ruby” (English)

Rubelio – “resilient ruby” (Spanish)

Rubergis – “warrior’s ruby” (Greek)

Rubentis – “gentle ruby” (Latin)

Rubesso – “sunrise ruby” (Spanish)

Rubelis – “hopeful ruby” (English)

Rubriko – “vibrant ruby” (Greek)

Rubirado – “golden ruby” (Spanish)

Rubionis – “adventurous ruby” (English)

Rubilos – “sunny ruby” (Greek)

Rubestan – “steadfast ruby” (English)

Rubinozio – “oceanic ruby” (Spanish)

Rubikis – “wisdom of ruby” (Greek)

Rubilian – “serene ruby” (English)

Rubelente – “shining ruby” (Spanish)

Rubradis – “radiant ruby” (Spanish)

Rubellon – “gallant ruby” (English)

Rubikonis – “conqueror’s ruby” (Greek)

Rubonico – “harmonious ruby” (Spanish)

Rubisius – “celestial ruby” (Spanish)

Rubelonio – “noble heart of ruby” (Spanish)

Rubescius – “blush of ruby” (Spanish)

Rubellan – “elliptical ruby” (English)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “RUB”

Rubianus – “ancient ruby” (Spanish)

Rubarius – “timeless ruby” (English)

Rubentius – “eternal ruby” (Spanish)

Rubleton – “enduring ruby” (English)

Rubiconius – “time-honored ruby” (Spanish)

Rubustavo – “stalwart guardian” (Spanish)

Rubanis – “everlasting ruby” (English)

Rubelix – “eternal light” (Latin)

Rubaldo – “timeless and bold” (Spanish)

Rubiconis – “perennial ruby” (Latin)

Rubello – “timeless beauty” (Spanish)

Rubantos – “eternal protector” (Spanish)

Ruberto – “time-honored brightness” (Spanish)

Rubonix – “unchanging ruby” (English)

Rubesco – “timeless blush” (Spanish)

Rubergio – “eternal ruler” (Spanish)

Rubiconos – “unending ruby” (Greek)

Rubinozus – “timeless zeal” (Spanish)

Rubertus – “timeless fame” (Spanish)

Rubesto – “steadfast and timeless” (Spanish)

Rubianthos – “evergreen ruby” (Greek)

Rubius – “timeless wisdom” (Spanish)

Rubanto – “enduring spirit” (Spanish)

Rubiconos – “constant ruby” (Spanish)

Rubensio – “timeless strength” (Spanish)

Rubelio – “eternally noble” (Spanish)

Rubius – “endless ruby” (Spanish)

Rubalos – “timeless brightness” (Greek)

Rubinold – “ageless ruby” (English)

Rubescius – “timeless blush” (Spanish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “RUB”

Rubiano – “ruby-colored” (Italian)

Rubenski – “son of ruby” (Russian)

Rubhino – “precious ruby” (Portuguese)

Rubar – “bright and shining” (Persian)

Rubique – “unique ruby” (French)

Rubanto – “glistening ruby” (Swahili)

Rubrikos – “ancient ruby” (Celtic)

Rubandar – “adventurous ruby” (Persian)

Rubensius – “son of ruby” (Latin)

Rubianu – “golden ruby” (Romanian)

Rubalino – “graceful ruby” (Spanish)

Rubarno – “charming ruby” (Italian)

Rubenté – “radiant ruby” (French)

Rubiano – “bright-hearted ruby” (Spanish)

Rubixio – “visionary ruby” (Portuguese)

Rubanor – “noble ruby” (Arabic)

Rubiquez – “magical ruby” (French)

Rubario – “warrior of ruby” (Spanish)

Rubalov – “beloved ruby” (Russian)

Rubero – “sky-blue ruby” (Italian)

Rubiyat – “poetry of ruby” (Persian)

Rubioso – “vibrant ruby” (Spanish)

Rubilan – “serene ruby” (Albanian)

Rubonis – “wise ruby” (Lithuanian)

Rubhavan – “one with a ruby heart” (Sanskrit)

Rubiero – “eternal ruby” (Portuguese)

Rubellis – “royal ruby” (Latin)

Rubielo – “celestial ruby” (Spanish)

Rubora – “fiery ruby” (Swahili)

Rubenkov – “son of ruby” (Russian)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “RUB”

Rubaro – “adventurous spirit” (Spanish)

Rubianis – “bright soul” (Greek)

Rubaldo – “noble and bold” (Spanish)

Rubellis – “joyful essence” (English)

Rubico – “harmonious being” (Spanish)

Rubentis – “gentle heart” (Latin)

Rubelio – “resilient spirit” (Spanish)

Rubicona – “limitless potential” (Latin)

Rubaldo – “courteous and noble” (Spanish)

Rubelis – “hopeful presence” (English)

Rubesco – “blushing spirit” (Spanish)

Rubira – “inspiring ruby” (Spanish)

Rubian – “radiant soul” (Greek)

Rubiano – “graceful being” (Spanish)

Rubico – “serene essence” (Latin)

Rubellis – “everlasting joy” (English)

Rubentis – “gentle aura” (Latin)

Rubesto – “steadfast soul” (Spanish)

Rubianthos – “eternal spirit” (Greek)

Rubilo – “freedom and joy” (Spanish)

Rubina – “precious spirit” (English)

Rubanto – “enduring essence” (Spanish)

Rubico – “harmonious soul” (Latin)

Rubellis – “timeless joy” (Greek)

Rubenso – “insightful spirit” (Spanish)

Rubexis – “creative essence” (English)

Rubiono – “hopeful being” (Spanish)

Rubico – “peaceful soul” (Latin)

Rubelis – “nurturing spirit” (Greek)

Rubesto – “resolute essence” (Spanish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “RUB”

Rubiel – “God is my strength” (Spanish)

Rubanuel – “behold, God is gracious” (Spanish)

Rubion – “God’s vision” (English)

Rubiano – “devoted to God” (Spanish)

Rubael – “God is my God” (Spanish)

Rubideon – “God’s warrior” (English)

Rubellion – “God’s loyal one” (English)

Rubesto – “steadfast in faith” (Spanish)

Rubios – “God’s blessing” (Spanish)

Rubaguel – “angel of God” (Spanish)

Rubellios – “God’s joy” (Greek)

Rubianus – “God’s grace” (Latin)

Rubarnel – “God’s light” (English)

Rubiko – “God’s child” (Spanish)

Rubirius – “God’s redemptive grace” (Latin)

Rubiano – “God’s gift” (Spanish)

Rubaelis – “God is my salvation” (Greek)

Rubinoz – “God’s zeal” (English)

Rubionis – “God’s inspiration” (Latin)

Rubelin – “God is my refuge” (English)

Rubiano – “God’s blessing” (English)

Rubontos – “offering to God” (Greek)

Rubelius – “God’s brilliance” (Latin)

Rubanuel – “God is with us” (Spanish)

Rubesto – “God’s steadfastness” (Spanish)

Rubianos – “God’s favor” (Greek)

Rubario – “devotion to God” (Spanish)

Rubialto – “God’s highness” (Spanish)

Rubelix – “God’s light” (Latin)

Rubelios – “God’s mercy” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “RUB”

Ruben Loftus-Cheek

English professional footballer known for his versatility, strength, and skill on the field.

Rubens Barrichello

Brazilian former Formula One racing driver, holds the record for the longest career in F1.

Ruben Studdard

American R&B and pop singer, winner of the second season of “American Idol.”

Ruben Neves

Portuguese professional footballer, known for his exceptional passing and vision in midfield.

Rubén Blades

Panamanian singer, songwriter, actor, and politician, celebrated for his contributions to Latin American music.

Rubert Murdoch

Media mogul and founder of News Corporation, influential in the global media industry.

Ruben Dias

Portuguese professional footballer, regarded as one of the best defenders in the world.

Rubén Aguirre

Mexican actor, best known for his role as “Professor Jirafales” in the popular TV show “El Chavo del Ocho.”

Rubem Alves

Brazilian theologian, philosopher, and poet, known for his works on education and spirituality.

Ruben Santiago-Hudson

American actor, playwright, and director, acclaimed for his performances on stage and screen, including in the TV series “Lackawanna Blues.”

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