220 Best Boy Names That Start with “KE”

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy can be both exciting and overwhelming.

If you’re looking for a unique and strong name that starts with “Ke”, you’ve come to the right place.

From traditional to trendy, there are plenty of boy names that start with “Ke” to choose from.

In this article, we’ll explore a variety of options for boy names that start with “Ke”, from classic choices like Kenneth and Kevin to more modern and creative options like Kellan and Kendrick.

Whether you’re looking for a name that reflects your cultural heritage or simply want something that sounds stylish and sophisticated, there’s sure to be a “Ke” name that captures your attention.

So if you’re on the hunt for the perfect name for your little one, keep reading to discover a wide range of boy names that start with “Ke” and find the one that feels just right for your new arrival.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “KE”

Kevin – “handsome” (English)

Keith – “wood” (Hebrew)

Kendrick – “royal ruler” (English)

Kenneth – “born of fire” (Hebrew)

Kelvin – “river of the narrow sea” (English)

Kent – “coastal district” (English)

Kellan – “powerful” (Hebrew)

Kelsey – “island of ships” (English)

Kellan – “warrior” (Hebrew)

Kenan – “possession” (Hebrew)

Keon – “God is gracious” (Hebrew)

Keegan – “small flame” (Greek)

Keanu – “cool breeze” (Hebrew)

Kellen – “swamp” (Greek)

Keno – “healthy and strong” (Japanese)

Kester – “bear witness” (Greek)

Keael – “mighty warrior” (Gaelic)

Keir – “dark-haired” (Greek)

Keade – “round” (English)

Kairo – “victorious” (Greek)

Kealeb – “faithful, devoted” (Hebrew)

Keoni – “God is gracious” (Hawaiian)

Kenzo – “strong and healthy” (Greek)

Kelton – “town of the keels” (English)

Keefe – “handsome” (Greek)

Kemal – “perfect, complete” (Greek)

Kepros – “Cyprus” (Greek)

Keostas – “constant, steadfast” (Greek)

Kerem – “generosity” (Greek)

Kessandros – “shining upon men” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "KE"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “KE”

Kellan – “powerful warrior” (Greek)

Keon – “God’s gracious gift” (Greek)

Keairo – “victorious” (Greek)

Kellen – “river” (Spanish)

Kendrick – “royal champion” (English)

Keostas – “steadfast” (Greek)

Keats – “artistic” (English)

Keir – “dark-haired” (Spanish)

Keairo – “strong and victorious” (Spanish)

Keegan – “fiery” (Spanish)

Kesta – “constant, steadfast” (Greek)

Kemuel – “raised by God” (Hebrew)

Kenzo – “strong and healthy” (Spanish)

Kelton – “town of the keels” (English)

Keoni – “God is gracious” (Spanish)

Kessian – “empty, vain” (Greek)

Kentaro – “big boy” (Spanish)

Kellen – “warrior” (Spanish)

Keoni – “gracious” (Spanish)

Keairo – “from the victorious one” (Greek)

Kellan – “mighty warrior” (Spanish)

Kesta – “devoted to God” (Greek)

Keefe – “gentle, kind” (Spanish)

Kieron – “little dark one” (Spanish)

Keato – “pure” (Greek)

Keon – “God is gracious” (Spanish)

Keaelan – “slender” (Spanish)

Kessius – “hollow” (Latin)

Keane – “sharp, intelligent” (Spanish)

Kesta – “resolute, steadfast” (Greek)

Unique “KE” Names for Boys

Kelum – “serenity of the heavens” (English)

Keontay – “adventurous spirit” (English)

Kelias – “from the ship” (Greek)

Kellanis – “graceful warrior” (English)

Kephron – “guardian of the sacred” (Greek)

Keianthos – “divine flower” (Greek)

Kestor – “wise counselor” (English)

Keiro – “spirit of joy” (Spanish)

Keyrion – “lordly one” (Greek)

Kelanis – “celestial being” (English)

Kevaris – “brave and strong” (English)

Keyprian – “from Cyprus” (Greek)

Kelios – “bright and clear” (Greek)

Keairov – “shining light” (English)

Keallistos – “most beautiful” (Greek)

Kelias – “from the ship” (Greek)

Kendros – “man of strength” (Greek)

Kephos – “shining brightness” (Greek)

Keionis – “majestic” (Greek)

Keystian – “follower of Christ” (English)

Kevari – “courageous guardian” (English)

Keyriakos – “of the Lord” (Greek)

Kezian – “one with great understanding” (English)

Keyrillos – “lordly ruler” (Greek)

Kelumos – “heavenly peace” (English)

Keostakis – “victorious” (Greek)

Keyvelos – “swift” (Greek)

Keimon – “gentle protector” (English)

Kerysander – “golden man” (Greek)

Kelsian – “son of the sea” (English)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “KE”

Kenneth – “handsome” (Scottish/English)

Kelvin – “river man” (Scottish/English)

Keithan – “warrior” (English)

Keran – “dark-haired” (Irish)

Keallias – “beautiful” (Greek)

Keaton – “where hawks fly” (English)

Kenzo – “strong and healthy” (Japanese, but widely used and recognized)

Keostas – “steadfast” (Greek)

Kellen – “mighty warrior” (Irish)

Kepler – “archer” (Germanic)

Kessander – “shining upon men” (Greek)

Keian – “graceful” (Irish)

Kenyon – “blond” (English)

Keosta – “constant, steadfast” (Greek)

Kelan – “slender” (Irish)

Kerwin – “little dark one” (Irish)

Kerillos – “lordly ruler” (Greek)

Kelton – “town of the keels” (English)

Keir – “dark-haired” (Scottish)

Keoda – “friend” (Native American)

Kepros – “from Cyprus” (Greek)

Keefe – “beloved” (Irish)

Kerk – “church” (Old Norse)

Keal – “mighty warrior” (Irish)

Kestis – “constant, steadfast” (Greek)

Kenrick – “royal ruler” (English)

Keanthes – “glory of the father” (Greek)

Kendall – “valley of the River Kent” (English)

Keril – “lordly” (Greek)

Kearney – “warrior” (Irish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “KE”

Kelan – “slim and fair” (Irish)

Kenji – “intelligent second son” (Japanese)

Kedar – “powerful, strong” (Sanskrit)

Kellen – “swamp” (Irish)

Keanu – “cool breeze” (Hawaiian)

Kealed – “eternal” (Arabic)

Kebo – “hope” (African)

Keiji – “lead with glory” (Japanese)

Kesta – “constant, steadfast” (Greek)

Keavi – “wise poet” (Sanskrit)

Kaelo – “fortune” (African)

Kenzo – “strong and healthy” (Japanese)

Keofi – “born on a Friday” (Akan)

Keril – “lordly” (Russian)

Keelum – “serenity of the heavens” (Latin)

Kessim – “one who divides” (Arabic)

Kesei – “light of life” (Japanese)

Kesavan – “Lord Vishnu” (Sanskrit)

Kelthas – “crown of the sun” (Elvish)

Keyan – “graceful” (Persian)

Kelios – “bright and clear” (Greek)

Kelin – “pure” (German)

Keahi – “flames” (Hawaiian)

Keoni – “God is gracious” (Hawaiian)

Keriako – “belonging to the Lord” (Greek)

Kelem – “promise” (Armenian)

Keuroush – “victorious” (Persian)

Keinoa – “the namesake” (Hawaiian)

Kenway – “courageous warrior” (Old English)

Kelan – “warrior chief” (Irish)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “KE”

Kelby – “farm by the spring” (English)

Keelan – “small and slender” (Irish)

Kemper – “warrior” (English)

Kendall – “valley of the River Kent” (English)

Kerry – “dark-haired” (Irish)

Kestrel – “bird of prey” (English)

Keaton – “place of hawks” (English)

Kellen – “powerful” (Irish)

Kelsey – “island of ships” (English)

Kevis – “gentle, kind” (Irish)

Keir – “dark-haired” (Scottish)

Keva – “beautiful child” (Irish)

Kean – “ancient” (Irish)

Keran – “ray of light” (Sanskrit)

Keston – “church town” (English)

Kesley – “victorious ship” (English)

Keron – “little dark one” (Irish)

Key – “solution” (English)

Kestan – “wise one” (English)

Kenzie – “fair one” (Scottish)

Keziah – “cinnamon” (Hebrew)

Kerry – “dark one” (Irish)

Kep – “pointed hill” (English)

Kevan – “handsome” (Irish)

Keva – “protective shelter” (Native American)

Kemble – “warrior chief” (Old English)

Kernan – “dark-haired” (Irish)

Keley – “narrow strait” (Irish)

Kerrigan – “little dwarf” (Irish)

Keegan – “fiery” (Irish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “KE”

Kedar – “powerful, strong” (Hebrew)

Kenan – “possession” (Hebrew)

Keshav – “another name for Lord Krishna” (Sanskrit)

Keziah – “cinnamon” (Hebrew)

Kel – “vessel of God” (Hebrew)

Keon – “God is gracious” (Irish)

Kenaniah – “Jehovah establishes” (Hebrew)

Kefa – “rock” (Aramaic)

Kedem – “ancient” (Hebrew)

Kelthas – “crown of the sun” (Elvish, influenced by celestial themes)

Kemuel – “raised by God” (Hebrew)

Kezel – “offering” (Hebrew)

Keynan – “possession” (Irish)

Kezban – “wise” (Turkish)

Keuriakos – “belonging to the Lord” (Greek)

Keahi – “flames” (Hawaiian, symbolic of the divine)

Keozan – “holy mountain” (Turkish)

Kerillos – “lordly” (Greek)

Keorshed – “sun” (Persian)

Keiji – “celebrate God” (Japanese)

Keoorosh – “sun” (Persian)

Keverne – “holy man” (Cornish)

Kesavan – “Lord Vishnu” (Sanskrit)

Kealden – “godly” (Tibetan)

Keimana – “power of the sea” (Hawaiian)

Kefe – “beloved of God” (African)

Keujtim – “remembrance of God” (Albanian)

Keadir – “capable, powerful” (Arabic)

Keallon – “strong in faith” (African)

Keenan – “little ancient one” (Irish)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “KE”

Keanu Reeves

Canadian actor known for his roles in “The Matrix” and “John Wick”; admired for his humility and generosity in Hollywood.

Kevin Durant

Professional basketball player, two-time NBA Finals MVP; recognized for his scoring ability and philanthropic efforts.

Ken Follett

Bestselling author of historical novels like “The Pillars of the Earth”; acclaimed for his intricate storytelling and meticulous research.

Kurt Cobain

Iconic lead singer and guitarist of the grunge band Nirvana; influential figure in the 1990s music scene.

Ken Jeong

Comedian, actor, and physician; known for his roles in “The Hangover” and “Community”; brings humor and versatility to his performances.

Kefi Annan

Former Secretary-General of the United Nations; Nobel Peace Prize laureate for his efforts in promoting global peace and development.

Keith Haring

Renowned American artist and social activist; recognized for his distinctive graffiti-inspired art and advocacy for AIDS awareness.

Kemal Atatürk

Founding father of the Republic of Turkey; led transformative reforms to modernize the country in the early 20th century.

Kelsey Grammer

Emmy-winning actor, best known for his role as Dr. Frasier Crane in the sitcoms “Cheers” and “Frasier.”

Ken Burns

Award-winning documentary filmmaker; notable for his in-depth historical documentaries like “The Civil War” and “Baseball.”

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