220 Best Boy Names That Start with “NO”

Choosing a name for your little boy can be a daunting task, but if you’re looking for something unique and distinctive, why not consider a name that starts with “No”?

From traditional to modern, there are plenty of options to choose from that can set your little one apart.

Whether you’re drawn to classic names or prefer something more unconventional, there’s a “No” name out there for every style and taste.

Some popular boy names that start with “No” include Noah, Nolan, and Norman, which have been topping baby name charts for years.

If you’re looking for something a little more uncommon, you might consider names like Norbert, Norton, or Norris.

No matter what kind of “No” name you’re searching for, there are plenty of options to choose from that will give your little boy a memorable and distinctive moniker.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “NO”

Noah – “rest, comfort” (Hebrew/English)

Nolan – “champion” (Irish/English)

Norberto – “bright north” (German/Spanish)

Nolán – “famous” (Irish/Spanish)

Nolberto – “bright north” (German/Spanish)

Norton – “north town” (English)

Norwood – “north woods” (English)

Noé – “rest, comfort” (Hebrew/Spanish)

Noam – “pleasantness” (Hebrew/English)

Noémi – “pleasantness” (Hebrew/Spanish)

Novak – “new” (Slavic/English)

Noble – “noble” (English)

Nolito – “famous” (Irish/Spanish)

Norbert – “bright north” (German/English)

Nono – “ninth” (Spanish)

Nohel – “Christmas” (Spanish)

Nohemi – “comfort” (Hebrew/Spanish)

Norbertito – “bright north” (German/Spanish)

Norvin – “northern friend” (English)

Noémi – “pleasantness” (Hebrew/Greek)

Nondas – “to return” (Greek)

Nontas – “to return” (Greek)

Nolios – “famous warrior” (Greek)

Nox – “night” (Latin/Greek)

Nomikos – “customary” (Greek)

Nótis – “south wind” (Greek)

Noud – “wealth” (Dutch/English)

Nour – “light” (Arabic/English)

Nouris – “light” (Arabic/Greek)

Nouvel – “new” (French/English)

Boy Names That Start with "NO"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “NO”

Noxon – “son of Nicholas” (English)

Nova – “new” (Latin/English)

Noctis – “of the night” (Latin)

Noël – “Christmas” (French/English)

Noris – “north” (English)

Nolin – “champion” (Irish/English)

Nostros – “ours” (Spanish)

Nomar – Variation of Omar, “flourishing life” (Arabic/English)

Nocturno – “nocturnal” (Spanish)

Novio – “boyfriend” (Spanish)

Nobleza – “nobility” (Spanish)

Nohito – “harmony” (Japanese/English)

Noreto – “strong” (Spanish)

Nourisios – “nurturing” (Greek)

Novatus – “new” (Latin/Greek)

Noos – “mind” (Greek)

Novius – “new” (Latin/Greek)

Norkos – “north” (Greek)

Nómos – “law” (Greek)

Noemón – “pleasantness” (Hebrew/Spanish)

Nolasco – “notable” (Spanish)

Nolánio – “champion” (Irish/Spanish)

Noudis – “wealthy” (Dutch/Greek)

Noan – “motion” (Hebrew/English)

Noach – “rest, comfort” (Hebrew/English)

Nordis – “north” (Greek)

Nomos – “law” (Greek)

Nostos – “homecoming” (Greek)

Novar – “new” (Latin/English)

Noliano – “champion” (Irish/Spanish)

Unique “NO” Names for Boys

Norlan – “noble land” (English)

Nocencio – “innocent” (Spanish)

Noxton – “night town” (English)

Nolito – “small Nobel one” (Spanish)

Nophis – “wisdom” (Greek)

Nostario – “memory” (Spanish)

Nolandio – “champion’s gift” (Irish/Spanish)

Nokai – “bright” (Greek)

Noéz – “restful” (Spanish)

Nomion – “lawful” (Greek)

Noveo – “novel, new” (Spanish)

Nortez – “northern breeze” (English)

Novato – “beginner” (Spanish)

Nocturnos – “of the night” (Latin/Greek)

Nohlan – “champion of wisdom” (English)

Nomarco – “lawful ruler” (Greek/Spanish)

Nolique – “unique champion” (English)

Noiris – “northern wind” (Greek)

Novio – “new life” (Spanish)

Nohelio – “Christmas’s gift” (Spanish)

Nostimos – “honorable” (Greek)

Nomaros – “marvelous law” (Greek)

Noriel – “angel of light” (English/Spanish)

Noulis – “wisdom” (Greek)

Novicio – “novice” (Spanish)

Norikos – “northern glory” (Greek)

Nokos – “night” (Greek)

Noliberto – “bright north” (Spanish)

Nogal – “walnut tree” (Spanish)

Nostreus – “nostalgic journey” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “NO”

Noble – “noble” (English)

Nolandro – “noble land” (Spanish/English)

Noetos – “wise” (Greek)

Norman – “northman” (English)

Norbel – “noble” (Spanish/English)

Noesis – “understanding” (Greek)

Norris – “northern” (English)

Nostimo – “delicious” (Greek)

Noahel – “rest, comfort” (English/Spanish)

Nortezo – “northern” (Spanish)

Nossis – “intelligence” (Greek)

Nolanis – “champion” (Irish/English)

Noxen – “night” (Latin/English)

Nove – “ninth” (Spanish)

Noemios – “pertaining to memory” (Greek)

Nortonio – “north town” (English/Spanish)

Noyan – “leader” (Turkish/English)

Nostalgio – “nostalgia” (Spanish)

Nomon – “law” (Greek)

Novian – “new” (Latin/English)

Novito – “novice” (Spanish)

Nocion – “notion” (Spanish)

Noxios – “harmful” (Greek)

Normando – “northman” (Spanish)

Nortius – “northern” (Latin)

Noetiano – “wise” (Italian/Spanish)

Nolivio – “olive tree of nobility” (Spanish)

Noesio – “perceptive” (Spanish)

Novare – “to renew” (Latin)

Nossio – “intelligent” (Spanish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “NO”

Nourdin – “light of faith” (Arabic)

Nokulunga – “rain” (Zulu)

Norval – “from the north valley” (Scottish)

Novakar – “new hero” (Sanskrit)

Nossi – “goal, aim” (Hebrew)

Nojin – “earth” (Mongolian)

Nolawi – “blessing” (Amharic)

Noiret – “black” (French)

Nouta – “night” (Japanese)

Nondumiso – “to be patient” (Zulu)

Noori – “my light” (Persian)

Nozomu – “wish, desire” (Japanese)

Nouri – “light” (Arabic)

Nolun – “full moon” (Turkish)

Nostas – “harvest” (Latvian)

Nostan – “soul” (Kazakh)

Novan – “new” (Indonesian)

Nong – “farming” (Thai)

Novac – “new” (Romanian)

Norek – “honorable” (Polish)

Nongpok – “joy” (Manipuri)

Nosa – “God’s wish” (Edo)

Noongar – “man” (Noongar)

Noubi – “gold” (Arabic)

Nouhad – “good news” (Arabic)

Nokhan – “strong leader” (Mongolian)

Nomiis – “beautiful” (Hausa)

Novello – “new” (Italian)

Noparat – “celebration of grace” (Thai)

Nossa – “our” (Portuguese)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “NO”

Nona – “ninth” (Latin/English)

Noro – “hope” (Japanese/English)

Noodle – “string-like food” (English)

Nori – “seaweed” (Japanese/English)

Novato – “beginner” (Spanish)

Noxley – “night meadow” (English)

Noémi – “pleasantness” (Hebrew/Spanish)

Nostis – “harvest” (Greek)

Nova – “new” (Latin/English)

Nocion – “notion” (Spanish)

Nomad – “wanderer” (English)

Nour – “light” (Arabic/English)

Nubis – “cloud” (Latin)

Nox – “night” (Latin/Greek)

Noir – “black” (French/English)

Nord – “north” (French/English)

Noodle – “string-like food” (English)

Nostar – “to dream” (Spanish)

Noveo – “novel, new” (Spanish)

Noutis – “mindful” (Greek)

Nouris – “nurturing” (Greek)

Nourish – “to provide with food” (English)

Novan – “new” (Indonesian)

Nostimo – “delicious” (Greek)

Noé – “rest, comfort” (Hebrew/Spanish)

Norex – “lightning” (English)

Novis – “new” (Latin/Greek)

Notus – “south wind” (Latin)

Nostalgio – “nostalgia” (Spanish)

Noury – “light” (Arabic/English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “NO”

Noah – “rest, comfort” (Hebrew/English)

Noel – “Christmas” (French/English)

Noach – “rest, comfort” (Hebrew/English)

Nolberto – “bright north” (German/Spanish)

Nostorio – “memory” (Spanish)

Nomio – “customary” (Greek)

Norberto – “bright north” (German/Spanish)

Noutios – “mindful” (Greek)

Novatus – “new” (Latin/Greek)

Norvaldo – “power of the north” (Spanish)

Noé – “rest, comfort” (Hebrew/Spanish)

Noviano – “new” (Latin/Spanish)

Noveo – “novel, new” (Spanish)

Norvin – “northern friend” (English)

Noemón – “pleasantness” (Hebrew/Spanish)

Nostas – “harvest” (Greek)

Nocencio – “innocent” (Spanish)

Noutis – “mindful” (Greek)

Nouris – “nurturing” (Greek)

Nolito – “small Nobel one” (Spanish)

Nostimo – “delicious” (Greek)

Noltario – “blessed” (Spanish)

Nour – “light” (Arabic/English)

Nokolai – “victory of the people” (Greek)

Nohel – “Christmas” (Spanish)

Novato – “beginner” (Spanish)

Noury – “light” (Arabic/English)

Novido – “new” (Spanish)

Norico – “divine law” (Greek)

Nounis – “concerning knowledge” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “NO”

Nobel Peace Prize

The prestigious international award established by Alfred Nobel, recognizing outstanding contributions to peace.

Nolan Ryan

Hall of Fame baseball pitcher, holds the record for the most strikeouts in Major League Baseball history.

Norah Jones

Grammy-winning singer-songwriter known for her soulful jazz and blues-influenced music.

Nelson Mandela

Iconic anti-apartheid revolutionary and former President of South Africa, a symbol of peace and reconciliation.

Noam Chomsky

Renowned linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, and political activist known for his influential contributions to various fields.

Norman Rockwell

Celebrated American painter and illustrator, known for his heartwarming depictions of American life.

Nouri al-Maliki

Former Prime Minister of Iraq, played a key role in the country’s post-Saddam era.

Noël Coward

English playwright, composer, and actor, known for his wit and sophisticated contributions to the arts.

Nobuo Uematsu

Japanese composer, widely acclaimed for his musical compositions in the Final Fantasy video game series.

Noor Inayat Khan

A World War II heroine, a British spy and member of the Special Operations Executive (SOE), who sacrificed her life for the Allied cause.

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