220 Adorable Boy Names That Start with “MORT”

When it comes to choosing a name for your child, parents often seek something unique and distinct.

If you’re looking for a boy name that stands out from the crowd, why not consider the ones that start with “MORT”?

Names starting with “MORT” have a powerful and intriguing feel to them, with a hint of mystery and strength.

Whether you’re drawn to traditional or modern names, there are plenty of options to explore within this category.

From Mortimer, a medieval name with a timeless charm, to Morton, a name that evokes a sense of nature and earthiness, these names offer a variety of styles and meanings.

Boy names that start with “MORT” are often associated with bravery, resilience, and determination.

So, if you’re searching for a name that will make your son unforgettable, look no further than this unique set of boy names starting with “MORT”.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “MORT”

Mortimer – “Dead Sea” (English)

Morten – “From the Moor” (English)

Morty – “Man of the Sea” (English)

Mortimerio – “Famous Dead Sea” (Spanish)

Mortimeriano – “Resembling the Dead Sea” (Spanish)

Mortenio – “Resembling the Moor” (Spanish)

Morticio – “Deadly” (Spanish)

Mortimeros – “Of the Dead Sea” (Spanish)

Mortimero – “Living by the Dead Sea” (Spanish)

Mortiberto – “Bright Dead Sea” (Spanish)

Mortakis – “Son of the Dead” (Greek)

Mortios – “Deadly” (Greek)

Mortimos – “Dead Man” (Greek)

Mortander – “Man of Mortality” (English)

Mortifero – “Bringing Death” (Spanish)

Mortimeros – “Of the Dead Sea” (Greek)

Mortikos – “Deadly” (Greek)

Mortimeros – “Of the Dead Sea” (Greek)

Mortis – “Death” (Greek)

Mortez – “Gift of Death” (English)

Morticio – “Deadly” (Greek)

Mortimeres – “Of the Dead Sea” (Greek)

Mortin – “From the Dead Sea” (English)

Mortimerio – “Famous Dead Sea” (Greek)

Mortimeron – “Resembling the Dead Sea” (Greek)

Mortiver – “Bringing Death” (English)

Mortiel – “Messenger of Death” (English)

Mortiberto – “Bright Dead Sea” (Greek)

Mortideus – “God of Death” (English)

Mortimerio – “Famous Dead Sea” (English)

Boy Names That Start with "MORT"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “MORT”

Mortano – “Eternal Dead” (Spanish)

Mortarius – “Death Warrior” (Latin)

Mortello – “Little Death” (Italian)

Mortan – “Bringer of Death” (English)

Mortico – “Deathly” (Spanish)

Mortado – “Deadly” (Spanish)

Mortezza – “Deathlike” (Italian)

Mortalion – “Lion of Death” (English)

Mortelio – “Death’s Gift” (Spanish)

Mortoro – “Deadly Stream” (Spanish)

Mortanis – “Bringer of Death” (Greek)

Mortaro – “Death’s Strength” (Spanish)

Mortesco – “Deathly” (Spanish)

Mortario – “Deadly” (Spanish)

Mortalito – “Little Death” (Spanish)

Mortaros – “Deathly” (Greek)

Mortacius – “Bringer of Death” (Latin)

Mortario – “Deadly” (Latin)

Morturo – “Death’s Courage” (Spanish)

Mortango – “Death Dance” (Spanish)

Mortario – “Death’s Gift” (Latin)

Mortavio – “Voice of Death” (Spanish)

Mortesco – “Deathlike” (Spanish)

Mortador – “Death Bringer” (Spanish)

Mortellis – “Death’s Son” (Latin)

Mortisio – “Deathly” (Spanish)

Mortendo – “Ending in Death” (Spanish)

Mortaro – “Deathly” (Spanish)

Mortaleon – “Lion of Death” (Spanish)

Mortus – “Death” (Latin)

Unique “MORT” Names for Boys

Mortelius – “Belonging to Death” (Latin)

Mortoros – “Death’s Strength” (Greek)

Mortiano – “Belonging to Death” (Spanish)

Mortanis – “Bringer of Death” (Greek)

Mortello – “Little Death” (Spanish)

Morturo – “Death’s Courage” (Spanish)

Mortarius – “Servant of Death” (Latin)

Mortello – “Dark Death” (Spanish)

Mortavios – “Voice of Death” (Greek)

Mortito – “Little Death” (Spanish)

Mortaris – “Of Death” (Greek)

Mortiano – “Belonging to Death” (Greek)

Mortacio – “Bringer of Death” (Spanish)

Mortegos – “Swift Death” (Greek)

Mortilo – “Deathly” (Spanish)

Mortales – “Death’s Son” (Latin)

Mortito – “Little Death” (Spanish)

Mortario – “Belonging to Death” (Spanish)

Mortikos – “Deadly” (Greek)

Mortilo – “Of Death” (Spanish)

Mortando – “Ending in Death” (Spanish)

Mortaros – “Of Death” (Greek)

Mortello – “Deathly” (Spanish)

Mortico – “Deadly” (Spanish)

Mortus – “Death” (Latin)

Mortador – “Death Bringer” (Spanish)

Mortilo – “Of Death” (Spanish)

Mortaros – “Deathly” (Greek)

Mortiano – “Death’s Friend” (Spanish)

Mortando – “Bringer of Death” (Spanish)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “MORT”

Mortander – “Defender of Death” (English)

Mortimus – “Greatest Death” (Latin)

Mortarius – “Belonging to Death” (Latin)

Mortello – “Beautiful Death” (Spanish)

Mortimio – “Lover of Death” (Spanish)

Mortagoras – “Watcher of Death” (Greek)

Mortaldo – “Old Death” (Spanish)

Mortarius – “Soldier of Death” (Latin)

Mortalito – “Tiny Death” (Spanish)

Mortiglio – “Joy of Death” (Spanish)

Mortilios – “Smooth Death” (Greek)

Mortanio – “Noble Death” (Spanish)

Mortecio – “Deathlike” (Spanish)

Mortarion – “Strong Death” (Latin)

Mortano – “Eternal Death” (Greek)

Mortaberto – “Bright Death” (Spanish)

Mortorius – “Righteous Death” (Latin)

Mortigios – “Life and Death” (Greek)

Mortantino – “Tiny Death” (Spanish)

Mortanios – “Divine Death” (Greek)

Mortoro – “Swift Death” (Spanish)

Mortalios – “Honorable Death” (Greek)

Mortimo – “Death’s Love” (Spanish)

Mortifero – “Bringer of Death” (Spanish)

Mortalio – “Bringer of Death” (Spanish)

Mortillo – “Happy Death” (Spanish)

Mortanio – “Son of Death” (Spanish)

Mortovio – “Voice of Death” (Spanish)

Mortarito – “Bringer of Death” (Spanish)

Mortantos – “Eternal Death” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “MORT”

Mortimeru – “Ocean of Death” (Japanese)

Mortavi – “Brave Death” (Persian)

Mortorio – “Golden Death” (Italian)

Mortido – “Fateful Death” (Latin American)

Mortadoro – “Gift of Death” (Italian)

Mortinos – “Deathly Wind” (Italian)

Mortoush – “Whispers of Death” (Arabic)

Mortović – “Death’s Beloved” (Serbian)

Mortovski – “Son of Death” (Russian)

Mortegard – “Guardian of Death” (Nordic)

Mortovici – “Descendant of Death” (Romanian)

Morteli – “Eternal Death” (Estonian)

Mortehito – “Little Death” (Japanese)

Mortián – “Shroud of Death” (Irish)

Mortanu – “Bearer of Death” (Maltese)

Mortzel – “Star of Death” (Yiddish)

Mortorin – “Mountain of Death” (Albanian)

Mortito – “Death’s Son” (Esperanto)

Mortum – “Shadow of Death” (Latin)

Mortanoir – “Dark Death” (French)

Mortinté – “Death’s Kiss” (Haitian Creole)

Mortános – “Gift of Death” (Hungarian)

Mortoquí – “Whisperer of Death” (Quechua)

Mortiago – “Eternal Rest” (Portuguese)

Morticchio – “Child of Death” (Italian)

Mortebane – “Deathbringer” (Gothic)

Mortavich – “Dancer of Death” (Ukrainian)

Mortarab – “Death’s Echo” (Arabic)

Mortekis – “Eternal Life in Death” (Hebrew)

Mortigold – “Golden Death” (English)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “MORT”

Mortellin – “Little Death” (English)

Mortaro – “Bringer of Death” (Spanish)

Morteli – “Beloved by Death” (Greek)

Mortaro – “Little Death” (Spanish)

Morticon – “Child of Death” (English)

Mortazul – “Blue Death” (Spanish)

Mortinio – “Connected to Death” (Spanish)

Mortabell – “Beautiful Death” (English)

Mortalis – “Mortal” (Greek)

Mortellis – “Child of Death” (Spanish)

Morteca – “Death’s Echo” (Spanish)

Mortelio – “Belonging to Death” (Spanish)

Mortalix – “Alive in Death” (English)

Mortifera – “Bearer of Death” (Spanish)

Mortalynn – “Lake of Death” (English)

Mortindo – “Entering Death” (Spanish)

Mortavie – “Life Beyond Death” (Spanish)

Mortanea – “Eternal Death” (Spanish)

Morticola – “Inhabitant of Death” (Spanish)

Mortaric – “Ruler of Death” (English)

Mortellis – “Child of Death” (Greek)

Mortarose – “Death’s Rose” (English)

Mortelio – “Belonging to Death” (Greek)

Mortaluna – “Moon of Death” (Spanish)

Mortela – “Death’s Light” (Spanish)

Mortiflo – “Flowing into Death” (English)

Mortaneo – “Living Death” (Spanish)

Morticai – “Beloved by Death” (English)

Mortelus – “Mysterious Death” (Spanish)

Mortasun – “Sun of Death” (Spanish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “MORT”

Mortifidel – “Faithful unto Death” (Latin)

Mortagios – “God’s Death” (Greek)

Mortiel – “Messenger of Death” (Spanish)

Mortano – “Gift of God’s Death” (Spanish)

Mortikos – “Devoted to Death” (Greek)

Mortanias – “Servant of God’s Death” (Greek)

Mortovangelis – “Angel of Death” (Spanish)

Mortiago – “God’s Eternal Rest” (Spanish)

Mortidelis – “Beloved of God’s Death” (Latin)

Mortalian – “Praise unto Death” (English)

Mortifer – “Bearer of God’s Death” (Latin)

Mortagon – “Guardian of God’s Death” (English)

Mortorios – “God’s Strength in Death” (Greek)

Mortanoel – “God’s Gift of Death” (Spanish)

Mortiandro – “Man of God’s Death” (Spanish)

Mortangello – “Angel of God’s Death” (Spanish)

Mortaristo – “Priest of Death” (Spanish)

Morticalvin – “Baldwin of God’s Death” (English)

Mortalad – “Loyal Servant of Death” (English)

Mortachem – “Warrior of God’s Death” (English)

Mortigoras – “Watcher of God’s Death” (Greek)

Mortavon – “God’s Son of Death” (Spanish)

Mortias – “Servant of God’s Death” (Greek)

Mortariste – “Priest of Death” (French)

Mortomir – “Peace of God’s Death” (Slavic)

Mortangelo – “Messenger of God’s Death” (Italian)

Mortianos – “Devotion to God’s Death” (Greek)

Morticarlo – “Strong Warrior of Death” (Spanish)

Morticus – “Devoted to God’s Death” (Latin)

Mortagustin – “Venerable Servant of God’s Death” (Spanish)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “MORT”

Mortimer Adler

American philosopher and educator known for his work in the field of epistemology and for co-founding the Great Books of the Western World program.

Morten Lauridsen

Renowned American composer of choral and vocal music, recognized for his exquisite compositions such as “Lux Aeterna.”

Morten Harket

Norwegian musician and lead vocalist of the iconic band A-ha, famous for hits like “Take On Me.”

Mort Walker

American comic artist best known for creating the long-running comic strip “Beetle Bailey” and co-creating “Hi and Lois.”

Mort Sahl

Influential American stand-up comedian and political satirist known for his sharp wit and commentary on social and political issues.

Morten Gamst Pedersen

Norwegian professional footballer who had a successful career playing for clubs like Blackburn Rovers and Norway’s national team.

Mort Meskin

Prolific American comic book artist who worked during the Golden Age of Comics, contributing to characters like Captain America and Green Arrow.

Morten Andersen

Danish-American former NFL placekicker, known as the “Great Dane,” who holds numerous records in professional football.

Morten Frost

Danish badminton player and coach, widely regarded as one of the greatest players in the history of the sport.

Mort Walker

American politician and former Governor of Wyoming, recognized for his leadership and contributions to public service in his state.

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