220 Best Boy Names That Start with “ROB”

Are you on the search for a unique and strong name for your baby boy that starts with the letters “Rob”? Look no further!

In this article, we will explore a list of exceptional boy names that begin with “Rob” and are sure to make your little one stand out in a crowd.

From traditional choices to modern twists, the names on this list all have one thing in common – they exude charm and charisma.

Whether you are looking for a classic name like Robert or a more contemporary option like Robson, there is something for every parent’s taste.

So, if you want to give your son a name that is both timeless and distinctive, continue reading to discover the perfect “Rob” name for your bundle of joy.

Say goodbye to boring and hello to unforgettable with one of these boy names that start with “Rob”. 

Popular Boy Names That Start with “ROB”

Robson – “Son of Robert” (English)

Robusto – “Robust, strong” (Spanish)

Robertas – “Bright fame” (Greek)

Roble – “Oak tree” (Spanish)

Robillard – “Resolute advisor” (English)

Robusto – “Robust, sturdy” (Spanish)

Robben – “Bright fame” (Dutch)

Robusto – “Robust, hearty” (Spanish)

Robrecht – “Bright fame” (Dutch)

Robles – “Oak trees” (Spanish)

Robertino – “Little bright one” (Italian)

Robuste – “Strong, sturdy” (French)

Robín – “Famed, bright” (Spanish)

Robbert – “Bright fame” (Dutch)

Roburto – “Robust, strong” (Spanish)

Robertinho – “Little bright one” (Portuguese)

Robrecht – “Bright fame” (Belgian)

Robain – “Bright fame” (French)

Robledo – “Thick bushes” (Spanish)

Robini – “Famed, bright” (Spanish)

Robusteau – “Strong, sturdy” (French)

Robas – “Of the oak” (Spanish)

Robaldo – “Bold, brave” (Italian)

Robino – “Bright fame” (Italian)

Robleto – “Little oak” (Spanish)

Robario – “Famous” (Spanish)

Robiquet – “Bright fame” (French)

Robusto – “Strong, robust” (Spanish)

Robiro – “Of bright fame” (Spanish)

Robben – “Son of Robert” (Dutch)

Boy Names That Start with "ROB"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “ROB”

Robaldo – “Bold, courageous” (Spanish)

Robusto – “Vigorous, robust” (Spanish)

Robelio – “Famous, renowned” (Spanish)

Robard – “Bright and bold” (English)

Robán – “Robust and strong” (Spanish)

Robello – “Beautiful fame” (Spanish)

Robustiano – “Strong and steadfast” (Spanish)

Roban – “Bright, shining” (Greek)

Robián – “Resilient, enduring” (Spanish)

Robique – “Famed, renowned” (Spanish)

Robos – “Strength, power” (Greek)

Robenzo – “Bright and victorious” (Spanish)

Robil – “Bright and shining” (English)

Robínio – “Famous and noble” (Spanish)

Robello – “Bright and beautiful” (Spanish)

Robante – “Bold and enduring” (Spanish)

Robí – “Brilliant, radiant” (Spanish)

Robanto – “Strong and enduring” (Spanish)

Robidio – “Beloved, esteemed” (Spanish)

Robiano – “Of noble birth” (Spanish)

Robaldo – “Valiant, brave” (Spanish)

Robastiano – “Steadfast and strong” (Spanish)

Robarius – “Warrior, fighter” (Spanish)

Robelli – “Brave and resolute” (Spanish)

Robestiano – “Noble and strong” (Spanish)

Robello – “Bright and illustrious” (Spanish)

Robiano – “Famed and noble” (Spanish)

Robardo – “Brave and bold” (Spanish)

Robilán – “Radiant and enduring” (Spanish)

Robello – “Famous and bright” (Spanish)

Unique “ROB” Names for Boys

Robalino – “Little famous one” (Spanish)

Robelios – “Bright and illustrious” (Greek)

Robustiano – “Robust and strong-willed” (Spanish)

Robestas – “Resolute and steadfast” (Greek)

Robander – “Brave defender” (English)

Robador – “Bold explorer” (Spanish)

Robantonio – “Priceless and praiseworthy” (Spanish)

Robidias – “Gift of brightness” (Greek)

Robilios – “Radiant and brilliant” (Greek)

Robadius – “Courageous warrior” (Spanish)

Robencio – “Victorious and triumphant” (Spanish)

Robetos – “Bright and shining” (Greek)

Robiano – “Noble and esteemed” (Spanish)

Robecio – “Skilled and resourceful” (Spanish)

Robikos – “Valiant and strong” (Greek)

Robélico – “Illustrious and renowned” (Spanish)

Robosius – “Famed for strength” (Greek)

Robianton – “Brave and enduring” (Spanish)

Robelion – “Lion-hearted and fearless” (English)

Robetrus – “Resolute and dependable” (Greek)

Robescio – “Eloquent and persuasive” (Spanish)

Robiliano – “Bright and noble” (Spanish)

Robentos – “Enduring and steadfast” (Greek)

Robarius – “Warrior of renown” (Spanish)

Robino – “Bright and radiant” (Spanish)

Robanito – “Little warrior” (Spanish)

Robusto – “Strong and robust” (Spanish)

Robikos – “Courageous and bold” (Greek)

Roblesio – “Of the oak tree” (Spanish)

Robélfio – “Noble and wise” (Spanish)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “ROB”

Robusto – “Strong and sturdy” (Spanish)

Robelio – “Renowned and illustrious” (Spanish)

Robos – “Strength and power” (Greek)

Robano – “Brave and daring” (Spanish)

Robinton – “Talented and skilled” (English)

Robescos – “Persuasive and eloquent” (Spanish)

Robander – “Defender of peace” (English)

Robiantos – “Enduring and steadfast” (Spanish)

Robéfio – “Wise and noble” (Spanish)

Robikos – “Courageous and valiant” (Greek)

Robenton – “Resolute and dependable” (English)

Robus – “Robust and vigorous” (Latin)

Robellio – “Bright and radiant” (Spanish)

Robario – “Famous and renowned” (Spanish)

Robilos – “Loyal and devoted” (Greek)

Robelias – “Honorable and esteemed” (Spanish)

Robenco – “Brave leader” (Spanish)

Robander – “Guardian of peace” (English)

Robikos – “Fearless and bold” (Greek)

Robios – “Strong and resilient” (Greek)

Robasto – “Sturdy and dependable” (Spanish)

Robilio – “Bright and shining” (Spanish)

Roburgos – “Brave and mighty” (Spanish)

Robiano – “Noble and dignified” (Spanish)

Robelon – “Protector and defender” (Spanish)

Robúrgos – “Mighty and powerful” (Spanish)

Robellio – “Brilliant and illustrious” (Spanish)

Robias – “Courageous and brave” (Greek)

Robilio – “Renowned and famous” (Spanish)

Robanto – “Enduring and steadfast” (Spanish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “ROB”

Roban – “Sunlight” (Persian)

Roblin – “Famed land” (French)

Robeaux – “Bright fame” (French)

Robor – “Red hair” (Irish)

Robyn – “Famed, bright” (Welsh)

Robán – “Little red-haired one” (Irish)

Robien – “Shining, radiant” (Polish)

Robelo – “Famous and bright” (Portuguese)

Robános – “Little oak” (Portuguese)

Robanko – “Son of fame” (Slavic)

Robur – “Strength, power” (Latin)

Robustus – “Strong, sturdy” (Latin)

Robik – “Brave, courageous” (Russian)

Robul – “Bright and shining” (Ukrainian)

Robach – “Famous, renowned” (Scottish)

Robain – “Bright, shining” (French)

Robuste – “Sturdy, robust” (French)

Robanu – “Lion of fame” (African)

Robián – “Brilliant, radiant” (Spanish)

Robík – “Victorious” (Czech)

Robano – “Brave and bold” (Italian)

Roben – “Gift of brightness” (Armenian)

Robich – “Bright fame” (German)

Robundo – “Famous warrior” (Swahili)

Robius – “Strong, powerful” (Romanian)

Robisa – “Famous ruler” (Japanese)

Robelli – “Brave and resolute” (Italian)

Robilio – “Renowned, famous” (Portuguese)

Robito – “Little fame” (Spanish)

Robusto – “Vigorous, robust” (Italian)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “ROB”

Robian – “Of bright fame” (Spanish)

Robélis – “Renowned and noble” (Spanish)

Robantis – “Enduring strength” (Greek)

Robilis – “Radiant and shining” (Greek)

Robenco – “Courageous leader” (Spanish)

Robelon – “Protector of the people” (Spanish)

Robinos – “Bright and hopeful” (Greek)

Robez – “Brave and bold” (English)

Robinta – “Gift of brightness” (Spanish)

Robique – “Famed and honored” (Spanish)

Robia – “Bright fame” (Greek)

Robino – “Renowned and beloved” (Spanish)

Robarto – “Strong and resolute” (Spanish)

Robelia – “Illustrious and noble” (Spanish)

Robit – “Famous and revered” (English)

Robina – “Shining with fame” (Greek)

Robes – “Steadfast and enduring” (Greek)

Robín – “Brilliant and radiant” (Spanish)

Robison – “Son of fame” (English)

Robyn – “Famed, bright” (English)

Robusta – “Strong and robust” (Spanish)

Robini – “Of bright fame” (Spanish)

Robero – “Brave and honorable” (Spanish)

Roba – “Bright and radiant” (Greek)

Robil – “Renowned and distinguished” (Spanish)

Robell – “Noble and esteemed” (English)

Robandro – “Defender of the people” (Spanish)

Roben – “Gift of brightness” (Greek)

Robis – “Famed for strength” (Greek)

Robeco – “Courageous and brave” (Spanish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “ROB”

Robanias – “Gift of God” (Greek)

Robiel – “God’s brightness” (Spanish)

Robestos – “Blessed and steadfast” (Greek)

Robanuel – “God’s messenger” (Spanish)

Robamin – “Beloved by God” (Greek)

Robexander – “Defender of mankind” (Spanish)

Robamuel – “God has heard” (Spanish)

Robaguel – “God’s joy” (Spanish)

Robaryas – “God’s strength” (Greek)

Robezekiel – “God strengthens” (Spanish)

Robenoch – “Dedicated to God” (Spanish)

Robemmanuel – “God is with us” (Spanish)

Robyrios – “Belonging to the Lord” (Greek)

Roboel – “God’s vision” (Spanish)

Robías – “God is salvation” (Spanish)

Roberemias – “God will uplift” (Spanish)

Robichai – “God lives” (Spanish)

Robathan – “Given by God” (Spanish)

Robacarias – “God remembers” (Spanish)

Robadriel – “God’s flock” (Spanish)

Robani – “Devoted to God” (Spanish)

Robadon – “God is judge” (Spanish)

Robías – “God is my father” (Spanish)

Robiphanes – “God manifests” (Greek)

Robathon – “Gift of God” (Spanish)

Robadius – “God’s gift of courage” (Spanish)

Robaron – “Gift from God” (Spanish)

Robolympios – “Belonging to the gods” (Greek)

Roboziel – “God’s will” (Spanish)

Robephraim – “Fruitful like God” (Spanish)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “ROB”

Rob Lowe

American actor known for his roles in “The West Wing” and “Parks and Recreation”.

Rob Kardashian

Television personality and businessman, part of the Kardashian family empire.

Rob Gronkowski

Retired American football player, known for his career with the New England Patriots.

Rob Reiner

American actor, director, and producer, known for directing films like “When Harry Met Sally” and “Stand by Me”.

Rob Thomas

Lead singer of the band Matchbox Twenty and a successful solo artist.

Rob Halford

Lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Judas Priest, known for his powerful voice and stage presence.

Rob Van Dam

Professional wrestler known for his time in WWE and ECW, famous for his high-flying style.

Rob Dyrdek

Former professional skateboarder turned entrepreneur and television personality, known for his MTV show “Rob & Big”.

Rob Schneider

American actor and comedian, known for his roles in “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo” and “The Hot Chick”.

Rob Zombie

Musician, filmmaker, and horror aficionado known for his work in the metal band White Zombie and his directing of horror films like “House of 1000 Corpses” and “The Devil’s Rejects”.

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