Boy Names That Start with “ON”

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy is an exciting journey, filled with endless possibilities and meanings.

If you’re on the hunt for a name that’s both distinctive and full of character, why not explore those starting with “ON”?

Though not as common as some other initials, “ON” offers a diverse array of options that can make your son’s name truly unique.

From timeless classics like Oren, meaning “pine tree” or “ash tree,” to more contemporary choices like Onyx, there’s a wealth of names to consider.

In this guide, we’ll delve into some of the finest boy names beginning with “ON” and uncover their rich meanings and origins.

Whether you’re seeking a name that evokes strength, wisdom, or individuality, there’s sure to be a “ON” name that resonates with you and your family.

So, join us as we embark on a journey through the captivating world of boy names that start with “ON.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “ON”

Onyx – “Gemstone” (Greek)

Onslow – “Enthusiastic” (Old English)

Onorato – “Honored” (Italian)

Ontario – “Beautiful lake” (Iroquoian)

Onofre – “Peaceful warrior” (Spanish)

Onias – “God’s grace” (Hebrew)

Onur – “Honor” (Turkish)

Onni – “Luck” (Finnish)

Onkar – “Supreme being” (Sanskrit)

Onsi – “Joyful” (Egyptian)

Onley – “From the ash tree meadow” (Old English)

Onofrio – “Defender of peace” (Italian)

Onizuka – “Rice paddy on the ridge” (Japanese)

Onesimo – “Beneficial” (Spanish)

Onan – “Strong” (Hebrew)

Onedin – “River of stone” (Old English)

Ongen – “Brave warrior” (Turkish)

Onorio – “Honor” (Italian)

Onfroi – “Peaceful ruler” (French)

Onill – “Champion” (Irish)

Onesto – “Honest” (Italian)

Onken – “From the oak tree” (Old English)

Onir – “Vigorous” (Hebrew)

Onas – “Strength” (Greek)

Onari – “Messenger” (African)

Onufri – “Peace” (Greek)

Onstad – “Farmstead” (Norwegian)

Ontaro – “Warrior” (Native American)

Onurhan – “Honorable ruler” (Turkish)

Onyxen – “Of the gem” (Modern English)

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Modern Boy Names That Start with “ON”

Onyx – “Gemstone” (Greek)

Onyxian – “Unique gem” (Modern)

Onyxander – “Strong as onyx” (Modern)

Onson – “Son of strength” (Modern)

Onyxian – “Gem-like” (Modern)

Onyxon – “Gem of power” (Modern)

Onwin – “Modern friend” (Modern English)

Onser – “One who answers” (Modern)

Onlin – “Connected” (Modern)

Onari – “Dreamer” (Modern)

Onel – “The one” (Modern)

Onyxen – “Mystic gem” (Modern)

Onaric – “Strong king” (Modern)

Onlix – “Innovator” (Modern)

Onyxius – “Gem-like strength” (Modern)

Onicus – “Unique” (Modern)

Onyxian – “Resilient gem” (Modern)

Onade – “Modern warrior” (Modern)

Onven – “Innovative” (Modern)

Onstyn – “Modern hero” (Modern)

Onzio – “Bold leader” (Modern)

Onnix – “Strong innovator” (Modern)

Onik – “Modern pioneer” (Modern)

Onver – “Boundless” (Modern)

Onsi – “Joyful spirit” (Modern)

Onyxar – “Gem of strength” (Modern)

Onkru – “New ruler” (Modern)

Onlian – “Modern one” (Modern)

Onren – “Visionary” (Modern)

Onvian – “Future leader” (Modern)

Unique “ON” Names for Boys

Onyxius – “Gem-like strength” (Invented)

Onir – “Vigorous” (Hebrew)

Onyxar – “Gem of strength” (Invented)

Onix – “Unique gem” (Modern)

Onykus – “Strength of a gem” (Invented)

Onivo – “Creative spirit” (Invented)

Onasis – “High mountain” (Greek)

Onaniel – “Gift of God” (Invented)

Onvian – “Future leader” (Invented)

Onlix – “Innovator” (Modern)

Onyxian – “Resilient gem” (Invented)

Onorin – “Honored one” (Invented)

Onmir – “Peaceful warrior” (Invented)

Onlen – “Adventurer” (Invented)

Onaric – “Strong king” (Invented)

Onifer – “Bringer of joy” (Invented)

Onitan – “Mighty” (Invented)

Onfrey – “Free spirit” (Invented)

Oneld – “Ancient one” (Invented)

Onsid – “Light-bringer” (Invented)

Onami – “Peaceful wave” (Japanese)

Onfin – “Endless” (Invented)

Onilo – “Protector” (Invented)

Onvent – “Innovative” (Invented)

Onrico – “Powerful leader” (Invented)

Onalk – “Wise” (Invented)

Oncar – “Bold” (Invented)

Onquest – “Seeker” (Invented)

Onspire – “Inspiration” (Invented)

Onveil – “Revealer” (Invented)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “ON”

Onan – “Strength” (Hebrew)

Ondar – “Bright” (Turkish)

Onfroy – “Peaceful ruler” (Old German)

Onyx – “Gemstone” (Greek)

Onslow – “From the hill” (English)

Onni – “Luck” (Finnish)

Onore – “Honor” (Italian)

Onur – “Honor” (Turkish)

Onfroi – “Warrior” (Old German)

Onis – “Valley” (Basque)

Onawa – “Wide awake” (Native American)

Onkar – “Creator” (Sanskrit)

Onndrei – “Manly” (Slavic)

Onoda – “Field” (Japanese)

Onasis – “Vision” (Greek)

Onys – “Sacred” (Welsh)

Onfray – “God’s peace” (Old German)

Onesimus – “Useful” (Greek)

Onathan – “Gift from God” (Hebrew)

Onix – “Claw” (Latin)

Onir – “Dream” (Sanskrit)

Onslow – “Hill” (Old English)

Onelio – “Heavenly” (Latin)

Onno – “Warrior” (Dutch)

Ondi – “Strong” (Turkish)

Onthario – “Brave” (Native American)

Onatius – “To heal” (Latin)

Onassis – “Visionary” (Greek)

Onofrio – “He who strives” (Italian)

Onjaro – “Bright” (African)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “ON”

Onel – “Sacred” (Ethiopian)

Onelio – “Sky” (Spanish)

Onyx – “Claw” (Latin)

Onurhan – “King of honor” (Turkish)

Onat – “Gift” (Turkish)

Oni – “Born on holy ground” (Igbo)

Ongar – “Warrior” (Mongolian)

Onyekachi – “Who is greater than God?” (Igbo)

Onin – “Precious stone” (Tagalog)

Onofre – “Peace” (Portuguese)

Onkar – “Creator” (Punjabi)

Onyeka – “Who is greatest?” (Igbo)

Onil – “Happiness” (Basque)

Onias – “Answer from God” (Greek)

Onawale – “God has come” (Yoruba)

Onurali – “Exalted honor” (Turkish)

Onile – “Owner of the house” (Yoruba)

Onisim – “He who is good” (Russian)

Onurca – “Full of honor” (Turkish)

Onofrio – “He who strives” (Italian)

Onorio – “Honor” (Italian)

Onuray – “Moon of honor” (Turkish)

Onno – “Eternal peace” (Dutch)

Onasio – “Aspiring” (Italian)

Onurhan – “Noble and honored” (Turkish)

Onurcan – “Soul of honor” (Turkish)

Onorino – “Little honor” (Italian)

Onsi – “Happy” (Egyptian)

Onufry – “One who does good” (Polish)

Onildo – “Protector” (Portuguese)

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “ON”

Onara – “Light” (Japanese)

Onida – “The one searched for” (Native American)

Onix – “Gemstone” (Greek)

Onai – “Resilient” (Swahili)

Onir – “Dream” (Sanskrit)

Onela – “Messenger” (Scandinavian)

Onida – “One who looks ahead” (Native American)

Onu – “Born during the night” (Igbo)

Onoria – “Honor” (Latin)

Onawa – “Wide awake” (Native American)

Onni – “Luck” (Finnish)

Onella – “Bright light” (Greek)

Onyxia – “Black gemstone” (Greek)

Onami – “Above all” (Japanese)

Onja – “Messenger” (African)

Onniyah – “Luck, happiness” (Finnish)

Onexia – “Strong as an ox” (Greek)

Onina – “Hope” (Native American)

Onindra – “Lord of the sky” (Sanskrit)

Onycha – “Shell” (Greek)

Onella – “Torchlight” (Latin)

Onirya – “Dream” (Sanskrit)

Onima – “The best” (Hindu)

Onoro – “Honor” (Latin)

Onirika – “Of dreams” (Greek)

Onaji – “Same, equal” (Japanese)

Onyra – “Graceful” (Greek)

Onida – “Anticipated” (Native American)

Onemia – “One with peace” (Greek)

Onoriya – “Honor, respect” (Latin)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “ON”

Onan – “Strong” (Hebrew, Biblical)

Onkar – “One God” (Sanskrit, Sikh)

Onuphrius – “He who is always good” (Latin, Christian Saint)

Onesimus – “Useful, profitable” (Greek, Biblical)

Onesiphorus – “Bringing profit” (Greek, Biblical)

Onfroi – “Peaceful” (French, Christian Saint)

Onias – “God is gracious” (Hebrew, Biblical)

Onsi – “God’s protection” (Egyptian)

Onitsha – “God is great” (Igbo, African)

Onish – “Lord of mind” (Sanskrit)

Onken – “Universal energy” (Japanese)

Ongkar – “Supreme Being” (Sikh)

Onkarpreet – “Lover of the Supreme Being” (Sikh)

Onnik – “Warrior of God” (Armenian)

Onfroi – “Peaceful ruler” (Germanic, Saint)

Onofre – “He who is always good” (Spanish, Christian Saint)

Onisim – “Useful” (Russian, Orthodox Christian)

Onyekachukwu – “Who is greater than God?” (Igbo, African)

Onesilo – “Protector of the island” (Greek, Mythology)

Onori – “Honor, respect” (Latin, Christian)

Onam – “Name of a festival” (Malayalam, Hindu)

Onalfo – “Strength of God” (Italian, Saint)

Onesiforo – “Bearing fruit” (Spanish, Biblical)

Oncho – “Brave warrior” (Irish, Saint)

Onsi – “My God” (Arabic)

Onyekachukwu – “God’s will” (Igbo, African)

Onith – “Divine” (Indian)

Onuris – “Sky bearer” (Egyptian Mythology)

Onkarjot – “Light of the Supreme Being” (Sikh)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “ON”

On Kawara

Japanese conceptual artist known for his “Today” series, consisting of date paintings.

Onésimo Redondo

Spanish politician and founder of the Spanish nationalist movement Juntas de Ofensiva Nacional-Sindicalista (JONS).

Ono no Komachi

Japanese poet from the Heian period, known for her emotionally intense and evocative poetry.

Onorio Marinari

Italian painter of the Baroque period known for his religious and historical paintings.

Ong Teng Cheong

Singaporean politician and the first elected President of Singapore.

Onésiphore Turgeon

Canadian Roman Catholic bishop and the first Archbishop of Quebec.

Onésimo Cepeda

Mexican journalist and politician known for his role in the Mexican Revolution.

Onésiphore Pecqueur

French economist and socialist known for his theories on labor value and his advocacy for workers’ rights.

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