Boy Names That Start with “LIB”

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy is an exciting yet challenging task.

If you’re seeking a name that is both distinctive and meaningful, consider exploring boy names that start with “LIB.”

Though “LIB” isn’t a common beginning for names, it opens up a world of unique and memorable options.

From names with historical significance to those with a modern twist, “LIB” names offer a range of possibilities.

Whether you’re drawn to classic names like Liborio, which means “free” or “liberty,” or more contemporary choices like Liban, there’s something special waiting to be discovered.

In this article, we will explore some of the most intriguing boy names that start with “LIB” and delve into their meanings.

Whether you prefer a name with a strong heritage or one that stands out for its uniqueness, there’s a “LIB” name that will perfectly suit your little one.

So, get ready to uncover the charm and significance of boy names that start with “LIB.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “LIB”

Liban – “Successful” (Somali)

Liberio – “Free” (Italian)

Liborio – “Freedom” (Spanish)

Liberto – “Freeman” (Portuguese)

Liby – “Of the Libyan tribe” (Greek)

Libertus – “Free man” (Latin)

Librium – “Balance” (Latin)

Libra – “Balance, scales” (Latin)

Libertad – “Freedom” (Spanish)

Libertas – “Liberty” (Latin)

Libbit – “Free spirit” (English)

Libano – “Free man” (Italian)

Libyn – “From Libya” (Greek)

Libie – “Free” (Spanish)

Libyan – “From Libya” (Arabic)

Libertas – “Liberty” (Latin)

Lib – “Freedom” (English)

Liben – “Free” (Ethiopian)

Libor – “Free” (Czech)

Librado – “Liberated” (Spanish)

Libur – “Free man” (Basque)

Liborino – “Free” (Italian)

Libis – “From Libya” (Arabic)

Libus – “Of the Libyan tribe” (Greek)

Libbie – “Free” (English)

Libertino – “Free man” (Italian)

Liberrian – “Liberated” (English)

Libonte – “Free” (Latin)

Liburdi – “Free man” (Basque)

Liboni – “Free man” (Swahili)

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Modern Boy Names That Start with “LIB”

Liben – “Free” (Ethiopian)

Libron – “Modern twist on ‘Libra’” (Invented)

Libre – “Free” (French)

Libren – “Free man” (Modern Invented)

Libronix – “Modern tech-inspired name” (Invented)

Libet – “Free” (Latin)

Liberty – “Freedom” (English)

Libek – “Free man” (Modern Invented)

Librion – “Free spirit” (Modern Invented)

Liborios – “Free man” (Modern twist on ‘Liborio’)

Libanus – “Free” (Modern Latin)

Libyron – “Inspired by Libya” (Modern Invented)

Libys – “Free spirit” (Modern Invented)

Libari – “Modern twist on liberty” (Invented)

Libelon – “Freedom” (Modern Invented)

Libetron – “Modern tech-inspired name” (Invented)

Libarior – “Free warrior” (Modern Invented)

Libant – “Free man” (Modern Invented)

Libitron – “Tech-inspired name” (Modern Invented)

Libir – “Free” (Modern twist)

Librado – “Liberated” (Spanish)

Librius – “Free man” (Modern Latin)

Libiron – “Modern Invented”

Libex – “Free spirit” (Modern Invented)

Libeno – “Inspired by freedom” (Modern Invented)

Libree – “Free man” (Modern Invented)

Libane – “Free spirit” (Modern twist on ‘Liban’)

Libetis – “Freedom” (Modern Latin)

Libenai – “Free” (Modern Invented)

Libonius – “Free man” (Modern Latin)

Unique “LIB” Names for Boys

Liban – “Successful” (Somali)

Liborio – “Freedom” (Spanish)

Librit – “Free” (Invented)

Libero – “Free” (Italian)

Liborio – “Freedom” (Spanish)

Libax – “Free man” (Invented)

Libayan – “Free spirit” (Invented)

Libritor – “Free warrior” (Invented)

Libeny – “Free” (Invented)

Libanito – “Little free one” (Invented)

Libertis – “Freedom” (Invented)

Libyx – “Free man” (Invented)

Libonti – “Free spirit” (Invented)

Libando – “Free” (Invented)

Libras – “Balance” (Latin)

Libanx – “Free” (Invented)

Libri – “Free” (Invented)

Libenor – “Free warrior” (Invented)

Libito – “Free” (Invented)

Libonte – “Free” (Invented)

Liboriox – “Free man” (Invented)

Libirt – “Free spirit” (Invented)

Libon – “Free man” (Invented)

Liberio – “Free” (Italian)

Libemir – “Free ruler” (Invented)

Liborex – “Free warrior” (Invented)

Libonix – “Tech-inspired” (Invented)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “LIB”

Liban – “Victorious” (Somali)

Libash – “Clothed” (Urdu)

Libero – “Free” (Italian)

Liberato – “Liberated” (Italian)

Liberius – “Free” (Latin)

Libor – “Free” (Czech)

Liborio – “Free” (Spanish)

Librek – “Free man” (Albanian)

Libaniel – “God has blessed” (Invented)

Liborios – “One who is free” (Greek)

Libert – “Free” (French)

Libenson – “Son of liberty” (Invented)

Libian – “Of liberty” (Invented)

Liboriole – “Little free one” (Invented)

Liberozo – “Free soul” (Invented)

Libet – “Free man” (Invented)

Liborius – “Free” (Ancient Roman)

Liben – “Free” (Ethiopian)

Libertino – “Free man” (Italian)

Libertus – “Freed slave” (Latin)

Librad – “Freedom” (Invented)

Librit – “Little free one” (Invented)

Libont – “Endowed with freedom” (Invented)

Liborin – “Little free one” (Invented)

Libas – “Clothed in freedom” (Invented)

Libertius – “Freedom” (Invented)

Libart – “Art of freedom” (Invented)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “LIB”

Libo – “Plentiful” (Chinese)

Libero – “Free” (Italian)

Liborio – “Free” (Spanish)

Liban – “Victorious” (Somali)

Liberato – “Freed” (Italian)

Libak – “From the river” (Sundanese)

Libertas – “Liberty” (Latin)

Libek – “Love” (Haitian Creole)

Libad – “Desire” (Invented)

Libertino – “Free spirit” (Italian)

Libet – “Desire” (Latin)

Libnin – “God of liberty” (Invented)

Librad – “Love” (Slavic)

Libont – “Love” (Invented)

Libortas – “Freedom” (Latin)

Liborius – “Free” (Ancient Roman)

Libran – “Balanced” (Invented)

Libiran – “Liberty” (Filipino)

Libern – “Freedom” (Invented)

Libatan – “Freedom” (Filipino)

Liboh – “Joyful” (African)

Libarek – “Free man” (Albanian)

Libaz – “Free” (Invented)

Liburu – “Book” (Basque)

Liben – “Free” (Ethiopian)

Librecht – “Bright freedom” (Dutch)

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “LIB”

Liban – “To be protected” (Somali)

Libet – “God’s promise” (Latin)

Libby – “My God is an oath” (Hebrew)

Libanah – “Whiteness” (Biblical)

Libelle – “Little book” (French)

Libba – “God is my oath” (Hebrew)

Liber – “Free” (Latin)

Libra – “Balance” (Latin)

Libraea – “Book” (Invented)

Libri – “Books” (Italian)

Libran – “Libran sign” (Astrological)

Liberta – “Freedom” (Italian)

Libertad – “Liberty” (Spanish)

Liberti – “Free” (Latin)

Liberio – “Free man” (Italian)

Liberius – “Free one” (Latin)

Liberal – “Generous” (English)

Libero – “Free” (Italian)

Libertas – “Liberty” (Latin)

Librian – “Balance” (Astrological)

Liby – “Free” (Latin)

Libu – “Free” (Egyptian)

Libus – “Free” (Latin)

Libuene – “Good book” (Invented)

Libalt – “Free leader” (Invented)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “LIB”

Libnah – “Whiteness” (Biblical)

Liberio – “Free man” (Latin)

Liberto – “Free one” (Latin)

Libertinus – “Freedman” (Latin)

Libius – “Heart” (Latin, Christian symbol)

Libraeus – “Balance” (Latin, symbolic of justice)

Libanias – “From Lebanon” (Greek, Biblical)

Libanos – “Frankincense” (Greek, Biblical)

Liboriano – “Free one” (Latin)

Liberio – “Free” (Italian)

Liborino – “Little free one” (Latin)

Libertor – “Freeman” (Latin)

Liborian – “Free” (Latin)

Libertino – “Freedman” (Latin)

Liberson – “Son of liberty” (Invented)

Librius – “Of freedom” (Latin)

Libren – “Free soul” (Invented)

Libradus – “Free” (Latin)

Libor – “Free” (Latin)

Liberto – “Freeman” (Latin)

Liborio – “Free” (Spanish, associated with Saint Liborius)

Libaeus – “Heart of a lion” (Invented, religious symbolism)

Libanus – “From Mount Lebanon” (Latin, Biblical reference)

Liberatus – “Freed one” (Latin, early Christian martyr)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “LIB”


Renowned American pianist and entertainer, known for his flamboyant style and extravagant performances.

His full name is Władziu Valentino Liberace, and he was a major cultural icon from the 1950s to the 1970s.

Liborio Bellomo

A prominent Italian-American mobster and a high-ranking member of the Genovese crime family in New York City. He has held various leadership positions within the organization.

Libba Bray

Acclaimed American author of young adult fiction, known for her novels such as “A Great and Terrible Beauty,” “Going Bovine,” and “The Diviners.”

Libor Pala

A well-known Czech football coach and former player, recognized for his contributions to various football clubs in the Czech Republic and other countries.

Liborio García

Popular Dominican television presenter and journalist, known for his work on various news programs and entertainment shows in the Dominican Republic.

Libby Davies

Prominent Canadian politician who served as the Member of Parliament for Vancouver East from 1997 to 2015.

Although primarily known as “Libby,” her formal first name is Libor.

Libero De Rienzo

Italian actor, screenwriter, and director, celebrated for his roles in films such as “Santa Maradona” and “Smetto quando voglio.”

He received several awards for his performances.

Libor Sionko

Former Czech professional footballer who played as a midfielder.

He had a notable career playing for clubs such as Sparta Prague, Austria Vienna, and FC Copenhagen, and represented the Czech national team.

Libertad Lamarque

Although primarily known for his career in Latin America and considered more of a feminine name, Libertad Lamarque was a significant Argentine-Mexican actress and singer.

In some contexts, “Libertad” has been used as a male name.

Libor Charfreitag

Slovak hammer thrower who has competed at the international level, including the Olympics and World Championships. He is a notable figure in the field of athletics for Slovakia.

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