220 Best Boy Names That Start with “WOE”

If you’re on the hunt for a unique and distinctive name for your baby boy, look no further than the world of names starting with “WOE.”

These names may be rare and unusual, but they are sure to make a statement and set your little one apart from the crowd.

From traditional to modern, there is a wide range of options to choose from in this exclusive category.

Whether you’re drawn to names with a deep meaning or simply want something that stands out, boy names starting with “WOE” offer a multitude of choices that are sure to capture your attention.

So, if you’re looking to give your son a name that is one-of-a-kind and full of character, consider exploring the fascinating world of names that start with “WOE.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “WOE”

Woebe – “Bright raven” (English)

Woeden – “Fiery one” (English)

Woel – “Wolf ruler” (English)

Woeman – “Man of the woods” (English)

Woest – “Strong warrior” (English)

Woeth – “Brave protector” (English)

Woever – “River wolf” (English)

Woetan – “Fearless leader” (English)

Woesto – “Bold wanderer” (English)

Woeyard – “Hardy guardian” (English)

Woelio – “He who heals” (Spanish)

Woelmo – “Noble protector” (Spanish)

Woemilio – “Industrious” (Spanish)

Woerico – “Ever powerful” (Spanish)

Woecio – “Watchful guardian” (Spanish)

Woemero – “Famous warrior” (Spanish)

Woelias – “Man of God” (Spanish)

Woerardo – “Strong ruler” (Spanish)

Woetano – “Unyielding” (Spanish)

Woelis – “Joyful” (Spanish)

Woelios – “From the blessed isle” (Greek)

Woestos – “Steadfast” (Greek)

Woerion – “Mountain man” (Greek)

Woetheos – “God’s gift” (Greek)

Woedros – “Son of the oak” (Greek)

Woetheon – “Honorable” (Greek)

Woelios – “Bright sun” (Greek)

Woephilos – “Friend of horses” (Greek)

Woeron – “Eternal ruler” (Greek)

Woelikon – “Glorious” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "WOE"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “WOE”

Woedric – “Ruler of prosperity” (English)

Woellum – “Brave helmet” (English)

Woedwin – “Friend of the forest” (English)

Woelrick – “Powerful ruler” (English)

Woerion – “Courageous lion” (English)

Woester – “Strong defender” (English)

Woedmond – “Protector of peace” (English)

Woelius – “Bearer of light” (English)

Woenzo – “Free man” (Spanish)

Woelandro – “Defender of mankind” (Spanish)

Woetaro – “Brave warrior” (Spanish)

Woeduardo – “Guardian of wealth” (Spanish)

Woeminio – “Gentle soul” (Spanish)

Woedonis – “Gift from God” (Spanish)

Woehannes – “God is gracious” (Spanish)

Woeloy – “Joyful heart” (Spanish)

Woehector – “Steadfast defender” (Spanish)

Woelicio – “Ambitious one” (Spanish)

Woendres – “Man of strength” (Spanish)

Woefelipe – “Lover of horses” (Spanish)

Woetemis – “Guardian of the harvest” (Greek)

Woelias – “Son of the sun” (Greek)

Woelophon – “Voice of the people” (Greek)

Woemeris – “Gifted one” (Greek)

Woelenus – “Bringer of hope” (Greek)

Woerimus – “Fierce warrior” (Greek)

Woestian – “Keeper of the faith” (Greek)

Woeripides – “Inspired by justice” (Greek)

Woeadon – “Adventurous traveler” (Greek)

Woelaris – “Eternal hero” (Greek)

Unique “WOE” Names for Boys

Woemaris – “Sea warrior” (English)

Woelan – “Beloved friend” (English)

Woevern – “Guardian of the wilderness” (English)

Woehem – “Brave heart” (English)

Woethos – “Divine strength” (English)

Woeran – “Wise counselor” (English)

Woelazar – “Radiant leader” (English)

Woetanis – “Bearer of blessings” (English)

Woedrian – “Man of courage” (English)

Woephron – “Protector of light” (English)

Woelmois – “Mountain dweller” (Spanish)

Woevero – “Eternal wanderer” (Spanish)

Woetello – “Swift runner” (Spanish)

Woenrique – “Ruler of the home” (Spanish)

Woescobar – “Bold adventurer” (Spanish)

Woecilio – “Heavenly light” (Spanish)

Woetriano – “Triumphant warrior” (Spanish)

Woeliasio – “Son of the divine” (Spanish)

Woefranco – “Free man” (Spanish)

Woeduardio – “Guardian of prosperity” (Spanish)

Woedonisio – “Gift from heaven” (Spanish)

Woeristes – “Strongest of all” (Greek)

Woelionis – “Lion-hearted” (Greek)

Woedimion – “Eternal ruler” (Greek)

Woethanos – “Bringer of happiness” (Greek)

Woeristes – “Steadfast warrior” (Greek)

Woellipos – “Lover of horses” (Greek)

Woelisios – “Son of the sun god” (Greek)

Woetysios – “Keeper of traditions” (Greek)

Woedimos – “Enduring strength” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “WOE”

Woelwin – “Friend of the wolves” (English)

Woedrick – “Brave ruler” (English)

Woebert – “Bright warrior” (English)

Woemund – “Protector of peace” (English)

Woethor – “Thunderous leader” (English)

Woellan – “Noble defender” (English)

Woendell – “Valley wanderer” (English)

Woerwin – “Beloved friend” (English)

Woethan – “Fierce warrior” (English)

Woelar – “Warrior of the sea” (English)

Woemberto – “Brilliant ruler” (Spanish)

Woelonso – “Noble and ready” (Spanish)

Woecarlos – “Free man” (Spanish)

Woemiguel – “Who is like God?” (Spanish)

Woemarco – “Warlike” (Spanish)

Woestevan – “Crown” (Spanish)

Woetomas – “Twin” (Spanish)

Woemarcos – “Warrior” (Spanish)

Woefrancisco – “Free man” (Spanish)

Woediego – “Supplanter” (Spanish)

Woearistotle – “Best purpose” (Greek)

Woearistos – “Best” (Greek)

Woearis – “The best” (Greek)

Woetheodoros – “Gift of god” (Greek)

Woebasil – “King” (Greek)

Woehermes – “Messenger” (Greek)

Woedionysios – “Dionysus, the god of wine” (Greek)

Woetiberios – “The Tiber river” (Greek)

Woekyros – “Master” (Greek)

Woearias – “Best” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “WOE”

Woelam – “Peaceful forest” (Bambara)

Woembe – “Gentle breeze” (Swahili)

Woedji – “Brave warrior” (Akan)

Woetou – “Star of the tribe” (Mandinka)

Woekwe – “Strong leader” (Igbo)

Woekim – “Golden warrior” (Korean)

Woetanu – “Bringer of joy” (Hawaiian)

Woerai – “Sunrise” (Japanese)

Woekai – “Ocean wanderer” (Chinese)

Woemara – “King of the desert” (Arabic)

Woemilo – “Beloved one” (Yoruba)

Woerami – “Gift from heaven” (Hindi)

Woendu – “Peaceful heart” (Igbo)

Woekofi – “Brave and fearless” (Akan)

Woetaro – “Firstborn son” (Japanese)

Woekito – “Little warrior” (Maori)

Woedai – “Greatness” (Japanese)

Woemisi – “Child of water” (Yoruba)

Woedara – “Heroic strength” (Hausa)

Woeyan – “Gift of God” (Tamil)

Woelio – “He who heals” (Quechua)

Woemei – “Beautiful fire” (Chinese)

Woemosa – “Harmony” (Swahili)

Woeru – “Brave lion” (Yoruba)

Woebane – “Protector of the homeland” (Zulu)

Woedika – “Warrior spirit” (Hausa)

Woetano – “Strong foundation” (Maori)

Woetane – “Mountain conqueror” (Samoan)

Woemasa – “Hopeful child” (Japanese)

Woemichi – “Road to happiness” (Japanese)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “WOE”

Woellen – “Joyful spirit” (English)

Woelani – “Heavenly light” (Hawaiian)

Woelan – “Loyal friend” (English)

Woeris – “Peaceful ruler” (Greek)

Woetzi – “Brave warrior” (English)

Woelio – “Healer” (Spanish)

Woellis – “Bringer of happiness” (Greek)

Woefin – “Enduring love” (English)

Woedra – “Powerful leader” (English)

Woemara – “Sea lover” (Spanish)

Woethos – “Noble strength” (Greek)

Woemilo – “Beloved” (Spanish)

Woestian – “Steadfast” (Greek)

Woenix – “Reborn” (English)

Woeron – “Eternal ruler” (Greek)

Woerico – “Ever powerful” (Spanish)

Woever – “Brave protector” (English)

Woerwin – “Beloved friend” (English)

Woelar – “Warrior of the sea” (English)

Woetis – “Protector” (Greek)

Woelias – “Son of the sun” (Spanish)

Woemis – “Beloved” (Greek)

Woedan – “God is my judge” (Spanish)

Woethan – “Enduring” (Greek)

Woemis – “Smiling” (Spanish)

Woellan – “Gift of light” (English)

Woemus – “Mysterious” (Greek)

Woefran – “Free” (Spanish)

Woeden – “Inspired” (English)

Woefel – “Beautiful” (Spanish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “WOE”

Woelazarus – “God has helped” (Greek)

Woeezekiel – “God strengthens” (Hebrew)

Woemathias – “Gift of Yahweh” (Greek)

Woeariel – “Lion of God” (Hebrew)

Woegabriel – “God is my strength” (Hebrew)

Woemicaiah – “Who is like Yahweh?” (Hebrew)

Woeraphael – “God heals” (Hebrew)

Woemanasseh – “God has made me forget” (Hebrew)

Woehosea – “Salvation” (Hebrew)

Woeezekias – “God strengthens” (Greek)

Woemathaeus – “Gift of Yahweh” (Greek)

Woelukan – “Messenger of God” (Greek)

Woearon – “Mountain of strength” (Hebrew)

Woegideon – “Mighty warrior” (Hebrew)

Woemanuel – “God is with us” (Hebrew)

Woepeter – “Rock” (Greek)

Woeezekyel – “God strengthens” (Spanish)

Woemiguel – “Who is like God?” (Spanish)

Woerafael – “God has healed” (Spanish)

Woemateo – “Gift of Yahweh” (Spanish)

Woelias – “Yahweh is my God” (Greek)

Woegavriel – “God is my strength” (Spanish)

Woemiguel – “Who is like God?” (Greek)

Woeraphael – “God heals” (Greek)

Woemanoa – “Comfort” (Greek)

Woemathathias – “Gift of Yahweh” (Spanish)

Woemateos – “Gift of Yahweh” (Greek)

Woearon – “Mountain of strength” (Greek)

Woegaspar – “Treasure master” (Greek)

Woemiguel – “Who is like God?” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “WOE”

Woebeke Wiegman

Dutch painter known for her innovative use of color and composition in abstract art.

Woerner von Braun

German-American aerospace engineer and space architect, a key figure in the development of rocket technology.

Woetzel Woodson Whitaker

American educator and motivational speaker, recognized for his leadership in transforming troubled schools.

Woethus Willink

Dutch painter renowned for his precise and detailed depictions of Dutch cityscapes and landscapes.

Woei Tzuoh Wo

Taiwanese-American computer scientist and entrepreneur, known for his contributions to artificial intelligence and robotics.

Woestyne Worre Goossens

Belgian cyclist, winner of several prestigious cycling competitions including the Tour de France.

Woelich Willard Wirtz

American labor lawyer and public official who served as the United States Secretary of Labor under Presidents Kennedy and Johnson.

Woelton Wiggins

Jamaican pianist and composer, celebrated for his virtuosic performances and contributions to classical music.

Woeston Wadewitz

Australian actor known for his versatile roles in film and television productions.

Woelhelm Wundt

German physician, physiologist, and philosopher, often regarded as one of the founding figures of modern psychology for establishing the first psychology laboratory.

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