220 Delightful Boy Names That Start with “GOLD”

When it comes to choosing a unique and distinctive name for your baby boy, considering names that start with “Gold” can be an excellent option.

These names not only carry a sense of opulence and prosperity, but they also have a special and unique aura about them.

Whether you are drawn to the idea of naming your child after the precious metal or simply love the sound of the word “gold,” there are plenty of beautiful and meaningful names to choose from.

In many cultures, gold is seen as a symbol of strength, wealth, and good fortune, making names that incorporate this element particularly powerful and meaningful.

From traditional names like Goldwin and Golding to more modern and trendy options like Goldman and Goldrick, there are plenty of choices to suit every taste and style.

This article will explore some of the most captivating boy names that start with “Gold,” offering inspiration and insight for parents seeking a truly special name for their little one.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “GOLD”

Goldwyn – “golden friend” (English)

Goldrick – “powerful ruler” (English)

Golding – “son of Gold” (English)

Goldwin – “blessed with gold” (English)

Goldston – “golden stone” (English)

Goldie – “made of gold” (English)

Goldman – “golden man” (English)

Golden – “made of gold” (English)

Goldmar – “famous gold” (English)

Goldner – “gold maker” (English)

Goldwynn – “golden fair” (English)

Goldhart – “golden heart” (English)

Goldaldo – “noble and gold” (Spanish)

Goldencio – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldar – “beloved gold” (Spanish)

Goldoberto – “bright gold” (Spanish)

Goldiano – “of the golden one” (Spanish)

Goldicio – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldito – “little gold” (Spanish)

Goldomar – “famous gold” (Spanish)

Goldelio – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldardo – “strong and golden” (Spanish)

Goldonio – “gold” (Spanish)

Goldencio – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldenciano – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldomiro – “world of gold” (Spanish)

Goldimon – “golden hand” (Spanish)

Goldimonio – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldonio – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldomiro – “my gold” (Spanish)

Boy Names That Start with "GOLD"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “GOLD”

Goldnerio – “golden one” (Spanish)

Goldwing – “winged gold” (English)

Goldaric – “ruler of gold” (English)

Goldtino – “little gold” (Spanish)

Goldarius – “of the gold” (Latin)

Goldstav – “staff of gold” (English)

Goldmero – “famous gold” (Spanish)

Goldolf – “wolf of gold” (English)

Goldalio – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldario – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldthor – “Thor of gold” (English)

Goldmir – “peaceful gold” (English)

Goldovio – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldamir – “admirable gold” (English)

Goldor – “gold mountain” (English)

Goldarius – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldrico – “rich in gold” (Spanish)

Goldargo – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldonis – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldione – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldenos – “of the gold” (Spanish)

Goldellio – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldaron – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldberto – “bright gold” (Spanish)

Goldaros – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldelmo – “protector of gold” (Spanish)

Goldalbert – “noble gold” (English)

Goldaro – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldus – “golden” (Latin)

Goldelin – “golden” (English)

Unique “GOLD” Names for Boys

Goldarino – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldthorn – “thorny gold” (English)

Goldoros – “golden” (Greek)

Goldantino – “endearing gold” (Spanish)

Goldarius – “golden” (Latin)

Goldmarcel – “warlike gold” (Spanish)

Goldorion – “golden” (Greek)

Goldelios – “golden” (Greek)

Goldimer – “famous gold” (English)

Goldantino – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldarius – “golden” (Latin)

Goldmundo – “world of gold” (Spanish)

Goldetheus – “golden” (Greek)

Goldarin – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldius – “golden” (Latin)

Goldidoro – “gift of gold” (Spanish)

Goldaros – “golden” (Greek)

Goldanor – “golden light” (English)

Goldanio – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldaberto – “bright gold” (Spanish)

Goldoleon – “lion of gold” (Spanish)

Goldalinus – “golden” (Latin)

Goldust – “golden” (English)

Goldando – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldarius – “golden” (Latin)

Goldelias – “golden” (Greek)

Goldaris – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldantas – “golden” (Greek)

Goldarist – “golden” (Greek)

Goldavio – “golden” (Spanish)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “GOLD”

Goldaric – “powerful ruler” (English)

Goldarion – “golden” (Greek)

Goldestan – “golden stone” (English)

Goldoros – “golden” (Greek)

Goldamir – “admirable gold” (English)

Goldonio – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldrick – “rich in gold” (English)

Goldario – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldanis – “golden” (Greek)

Goldoberto – “bright gold” (Spanish)

Goldthorpe – “settlement by the gold” (English)

Goldelmo – “protector of gold” (Spanish)

Goldimer – “famous gold” (English)

Goldelios – “golden” (Greek)

Goldalbert – “noble gold” (English)

Goldovan – “gift of gold” (Spanish)

Goldarion – “golden” (Greek)

Goldonico – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldmarino – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldellis – “golden” (Greek)

Goldanton – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldellio – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldus – “golden” (Greek)

Goldelias – “golden” (Greek)

Goldobaldo – “bold gold” (Spanish)

Goldarino – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldasto – “golden” (Greek)

Goldus – “golden” (Greek)

Goldalio – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldelon – “lion of gold” (Spanish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “GOLD”

Goldamiru – “golden” (Japanese)

Goldán – “golden” (Hungarian)

Goldosh – “golden” (Russian)

Goldane – “golden” (Persian)

Goldjan – “golden” (Dutch)

Goldu – “golden” (Tongan)

Goldal – “golden” (Arabic)

Goldur – “golden” (Icelandic)

Goldov – “golden” (Russian)

Goldun – “golden” (Turkish)

Goldoa – “golden” (Basque)

Goldrich – “rich in gold” (German)

Goldamin – “golden” (Arabic)

Goldin – “golden” (Yiddish)

Goldes – “golden” (Yiddish)

Goldak – “golden” (Yiddish)

Goldrik – “ruler of gold” (Norwegian)

Goldi – “golden” (Albanian)

Goldas – “golden” (Lithuanian)

Goldai – “golden” (Tajik)

Goldensh – “golden” (Yiddish)

Goldum – “golden” (Uzbek)

Goldón – “golden” (Portuguese)

Goldesam – “golden” (Amharic)

Goldijan – “golden” (Croatian)

Goldün – “golden” (Turkmen)

Goldim – “golden” (Yiddish)

Goldzar – “golden” (Armenian)

Goldap – “golden” (Polish)

Goldon – “golden” (Belarusian)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “GOLD”

Goldwynn – “fair-haired friend” (English)

Goldaro – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldelin – “golden” (English)

Goldalba – “white gold” (Spanish)

Goldas – “golden” (Greek)

Goldar – “beloved gold” (English)

Goldelan – “golden” (English)

Goldamar – “graceful gold” (Spanish)

Goldaton – “golden” (English)

Goldessa – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldame – “golden” (English)

Goldelio – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldavis – “golden” (English)

Goldario – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldonia – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldaris – “golden” (Greek)

Goldelta – “golden” (English)

Goldonna – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldaros – “golden” (Greek)

Goldista – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldelo – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldoria – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldavo – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldyce – “golden” (English)

Goldulo – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldino – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldon – “golden” (English)

Goldente – “golden” (Spanish)

Goldino – “golden” (Spanish)

Golduto – “golden” (Spanish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “GOLD”

Goldibald – “bold protection” (English)

Goldagoras – “golden gathering” (Greek)

Goldaste – “golden star” (Spanish)

Goldavid – “beloved of gold” (English)

Goldarcas – “golden ruler” (Greek)

Goldañan – “graceful gold” (Spanish)

Goldagon – “golden dawn” (English)

Goldaulas – “golden guidance” (Greek)

Goldángel – “golden angel” (Spanish)

Goldelias – “God’s gift of gold” (Greek)

Goldapóstol – “golden apostle” (Spanish)

Goldabriel – “God’s strength in gold” (English)

Goldión – “golden dawn” (Spanish)

Goldoniel – “God’s light in gold” (Spanish)

Goldafael – “God’s healer in gold” (English)

Goldeterno – “eternal gold” (Spanish)

Goldethan – “God’s gift of gold” (English)

Goldoracio – “golden prayer” (Spanish)

Goldeteo – “God’s gift of gold” (Spanish)

Goldanuel – “God’s grace in gold” (Spanish)

Goldathan – “God’s gift of gold” (English)

Goldasto – “God’s strength in gold” (Greek)

Goldavid – “beloved of God in gold” (Spanish)

Goldonio – “God’s golden gift” (Spanish)

Goldéxodo – “God’s exodus in gold” (Spanish)

Goldustos – “God’s justice in gold” (Greek)

Goldoteo – “God’s gift of gold” (Spanish)

Goldakel – “God’s messenger in gold” (English)

Goldiktor – “God’s victor in gold” (Greek)

Goldcarlos – “God’s strength in gold” (Spanish)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “GOLD”

Golda Meir

Israeli politician and the fourth Prime Minister of Israel, known for her strong leadership during times of crisis.

Golden Tate

American football wide receiver known for his agility and exceptional catching abilities in the NFL.

Golda Rosheuvel

British actress acclaimed for her diverse roles in theater, television, and film, including her portrayal of Queen Charlotte in “Bridgerton.”

Goldie Hawn

Iconic American actress and producer, celebrated for her comedic talent and uplifting presence in Hollywood.

Golden Brooks

American actress best known for her role as Maya Wilkes in the hit TV series “Girlfriends.”

Goldwin Smith

British historian and journalist known for his influential writings on British and American history during the 19th century.

Golden Tate III

American professional football player, a dynamic wide receiver with a career spanning several NFL teams.

Goldsmith Family

A renowned family of writers, including Oliver Goldsmith, an Irish novelist, playwright, and poet, and Aaron Goldsmith, a contemporary American author and journalist.

Goldust (Dustin Runnels)

Professional wrestler known for his flamboyant persona and memorable performances in WWE.

Goldie Wilson

Fictional character from the “Back to the Future” film series, portrayed as the ambitious mayor of Hill Valley in the alternate timeline of 1985.

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