220 Cute Boy Names That Start with “LAT”

Choosing a name for your baby boy is an exciting and important task. If you’re looking for a unique and distinct name that starts with the letters “LAT,” you’ve come to the right place.

With a variety of cultural influences and meanings, “LAT” names offer a range of options for your little one.

Whether you’re drawn to Latin, Greek, or other origins, there are plenty of handsome and meaningful names to consider.

From classic choices like Lathan and Latinus to more modern options like Latham and Lathaniel, names starting with “LAT” have a charm all their own.

Whether you’re seeking a timeless and elegant name or something more modern and unconventional, this list has got you covered.

Keep reading to discover some of the most unique and charming boy names that start with “LAT” and find the perfect fit for your little bundle of joy.

With a rich assortment of options to choose from, you’re sure to find a name that perfectly suits your son.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “LAT”

Lathan – “From the Broad Land” (English)

Latrell – “Climber; Star” (English)

Latif – “Gentle, Kind” (Arabic)

Latavius – “Hillside Dweller” (English)

Latimer – “Interpreter” (English)

Latrell – “Climber” (English)

Latos – “Clever” (Greek)

Lathaniel – “God has Judged” (English)

Latron – “Free Man” (Greek)

Latimer – “Interpreter” (English)

Latif – “Elegant, Kind” (Arabic)

Latimer – “Interpretor” (English)

Latrell – “King of Latins” (Latin)

Lathon – “Strong, Noble” (Greek)

Latrell – “Star” (English)

Latif – “Elegant, Kind” (Arabic)

Latron – “Free Man” (Greek)

Latis – “Wide” (Greek)

Latrell – “King of the Latins” (Latin)

Latif – “Gentle, Kind” (Arabic)

Latrell – “From the King’s Residence” (English)

Latos – “Crafty, Sly” (Greek)

Latrell – “King of the Latins” (Latin)

Latimer – “Interpretor” (English)

Latron – “Free Man” (Greek)

Latif – “Kind, Gentle” (Arabic)

Latimer – “Interpreter” (English)

Latrell – “Climber; Star” (English)

Latos – “Crafty, Sly” (Greek)

Latimer – “Interpreter” (English)

Boy Names That Start with "LAT"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “LAT”

Lathen – “Of the Broad Plain” (English)

Latavious – “Hillside Dweller” (English)

Latimer – “Interpreter” (English)

Latigo – “Whip” (Spanish)

Latrell – “King of the Latins” (Latin)

Latimer – “One Who Interprets” (English)

Laton – “From the Latium Region” (Latin)

Latrell – “Climber; Star” (English)

Latif – “Gentle, Kind” (Arabic)

Lathaniel – “God Has Judged” (English)

Latrell – “From the King’s Residence” (English)

Latron – “Free Man” (Greek)

Latos – “Wide” (Greek)

Latif – “Elegant, Kind” (Arabic)

Lathan – “Of the Broad Land” (English)

Latos – “Crafty, Sly” (Greek)

Latif – “Elegant, Kind” (Arabic)

Latimer – “Interpreter” (English)

Latrell – “Climber; Star” (English)

Latos – “Crafty, Sly” (Greek)

Lathaniel – “God Has Judged” (English)

Latron – “Free Man” (Greek)

Latif – “Kind, Gentle” (Arabic)

Latimer – “Interpreter” (English)

Latrell – “From the King’s Residence” (English)

Latos – “Wide” (Greek)

Lathaniel – “God Has Judged” (English)

Latif – “Elegant, Kind” (Arabic)

Latrell – “King of the Latins” (Latin)

Latimer – “Interpreter” (English)

Unique “LAT” Names for Boys

Latronico – “Free Man” (Spanish)

Latavian – “From the Ancient City of Latium” (Latin)

Latifas – “Elegant and Graceful” (Arabic)

Latrokles – “Famous Warrior” (Greek)

Latys – “Wide” (Greek)

Latvian – “From Latvia” (English)

Latonius – “Of the Latin People” (Latin)

Lataniel – “God has Judged” (English)

Latovar – “Brave Traveler” (Spanish)

Latissimus – “Broadest” (Latin)

Latwell – “From the Latticed Spring” (English)

Latosin – “Cunning” (Greek)

Latimus – “Wide and Expansive” (Latin)

Latxiron – “Lively, Spirited” (Spanish)

Latrum – “Sacred Grove” (Latin)

Latiro – “Quick, Agile” (Spanish)

Latchios – “Bright, Radiant” (Greek)

Latexis – “Flexible, Adaptable” (English)

Latistos – “Most Hidden” (Greek)

Latival – “Courageous Traveler” (English)

Latilion – “Lion-hearted” (Spanish)

Latysin – “Swift Runner” (Greek)

Latios – “Eternal” (Greek)

Latzio – “Cheerful, Joyful” (Spanish)

Lathikos – “Strong and Vigorous” (Greek)

Latinos – “Of the Latins” (Latin)

Lataro – “Gift from the Heights” (English)

Latzen – “To Shine, to Glitter” (Spanish)

Latiko – “Little Latin” (Spanish)

Latyston – “Stone of Strength” (English)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “LAT”

Latavio – “Protector of Stone” (Latin)

Latrin – “Wise Counsellor” (Greek)

Latanian – “From the Ancient City of Latium” (Latin)

Latonyo – “Invaluable” (Spanish)

Latimos – “Friendly and Sociable” (Greek)

Lathos – “Righteous” (Greek)

Latdor – “Gift of Light” (Spanish)

Latysius – “Wise and Discerning” (Greek)

Latvi – “Courageous Traveler” (Spanish)

Latimo – “Brave Leader” (Latin)

Latrinus – “Astute Advisor” (Latin)

Latellis – “Radiant” (English)

Lativor – “Strong Protector” (English)

Latico – “Valiant Warrior” (Spanish)

Latimus – “Broad Shouldered” (Latin)

Latrios – “Glorious” (Greek)

Lathin – “Energetic” (English)

Latias – “Of the Ancient City” (Greek)

Latrinio – “Wise Judge” (Spanish)

Latore – “Brave One” (English)

Latanos – “Eternal” (Greek)

Latiz – “Joyful” (Spanish)

Latzeno – “Inspiring” (Spanish)

Latios – “Steadfast” (Greek)

Latour – “Tower of Strength” (English)

Latronio – “Nobleman” (Spanish)

Lathor – “Courageous Heart” (English)

Latild – “Warrior of Light” (English)

Latian – “Of Noble Birth” (Latin)

Lattus – “Noble and Steadfast” (Latin)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “LAT”

Latvus – “Guardian of the Forest” (Latin)

Latimos – “Bringer of Joy” (Greek)

Latvaro – “Swift and Agile” (Spanish)

Latiano – “Beloved” (Spanish)

Latios – “Bearer of Light” (Greek)

Latridas – “Skilled Archer” (Greek)

Latelio – “Heavenly Messenger” (Spanish)

Lathius – “Courageous Defender” (English)

Latyros – “Adventurous Explorer” (Greek)

Lataris – “Brave Guardian” (Spanish)

Latimis – “Gentle and Compassionate” (Greek)

Latrios – “Noble Leader” (Greek)

Latuvi – “Loyal Friend” (Spanish)

Latios – “Eternal Strength” (Greek)

Latidor – “Warrior of the Sun” (Spanish)

Latelis – “Protector of the People” (English)

Latonius – “Wise Sage” (Latin)

Latvelo – “Fearless Voyager” (Spanish)

Latas – “Noble and Esteemed” (Greek)

Lathoros – “Bearer of Courage” (Greek)

Latavio – “Valiant Protector” (Spanish)

Latrinus – “Visionary Thinker” (Latin)

Laticos – “Bringer of Hope” (Spanish)

Latzio – “Happy and Joyful” (Spanish)

Latizon – “Strong and Resilient” (Greek)

Latyrus – “Swift Runner” (Greek)

Lativio – “Guardian of Dreams” (Spanish)

Lathian – “Adventurous Spirit” (English)

Latilas – “Loyal Companion” (Spanish)

Latragos – “Fearless Warrior” (Greek)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “LAT”

Latian – “Of Noble Birth” (Latin)

Latay – “Bringer of Joy” (English)

Lataro – “Adventurous Spirit” (Spanish)

Latiko – “Beloved” (Spanish)

Latro – “Free Spirit” (Latin)

Laton – “From the Latium Region” (Latin)

Lativa – “Vibrant and Alive” (English)

Latis – “Gentle Breeze” (Latin)

Latan – “One Who Shines Brightly” (Greek)

Latir – “Peaceful Warrior” (Spanish)

Latiel – “Messenger of Light” (English)

Latium – “Ancient Civilization” (Latin)

Latius – “Courageous Heart” (Latin)

Lativa – “Joyful Soul” (Spanish)

Latza – “Brave Protector” (Greek)

Latid – “Guiding Star” (Latin)

Lattis – “Strong and Resilient” (English)

Latima – “Eternal Love” (Spanish)

Latri – “Admirable Leader” (Greek)

Latteo – “Gift of Happiness” (Spanish)

Latos – “Mysterious and Wise” (Greek)

Lativa – “Adventurous Explorer” (Spanish)

Latal – “Bright and Lively” (English)

Latuna – “Harmony and Balance” (Spanish)

Latys – “Enduring Strength” (Greek)

Latrin – “Knowledgeable Sage” (Greek)

Latimo – “Joyful Spirit” (Spanish)

Laturo – “Protector of Dreams” (Spanish)

Laton – “Noble Spirit” (Latin)

Latel – “Graceful and Elegant” (English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “LAT”

Latimael – “Gift of God” (English)

Latriel – “Servant of God” (Spanish)

Latrophia – “Beloved of God” (Greek)

Latiasis – “Chosen of God” (Greek)

Latreus – “Worshipper of God” (Greek)

Latanius – “Praise to God” (Latin)

Lathaniel – “God has Judged” (English)

Latrodor – “Gift from God” (Spanish)

Latran – “God’s Grace” (Latin)

Latifad – “Servant of the Kind” (Arabic)

Latutis – “Guardian of God’s Truth” (Latin)

Lathoros – “Courageous Faith” (Greek)

Lativian – “Believer in God” (English)

Lates – “Devoted to God” (Greek)

Latzir – “Sacrifice to God” (Spanish)

Latrovin – “Lover of God” (Spanish)

Latrovian – “Dedicated to God” (Spanish)

Latios – “Divine Strength” (Greek)

Latranus – “Follower of God” (Latin)

Latrimos – “Blessed by God” (Greek)

Latianos – “Godly Grace” (Greek)

Latroson – “Son of God” (Latin)

Latzaro – “God’s Helper” (Spanish)

Lathios – “Worshipper of the Divine” (Greek)

Latifaith – “Faithful to God” (English)

Latievos – “Bearer of God’s Word” (Latin)

Latrinus – “Devotee of the Divine” (Latin)

Latfidel – “Faithful Servant” (Spanish)

Latrel – “God’s Gift” (English)

Latronas – “Servant of the Lord” (Latin)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “LAT”

Lata Mangeshkar

Renowned Indian playback singer known as the “Nightingale of India”.

Latrell Sprewell

Former professional basketball player known for his athleticism and versatility on the court.

Lata Ramasar

Distinguished ballet dancer recognized for his powerful performances and artistic expression.

Latavius Murray

Accomplished American football running back known for his speed and agility on the field.

Lata Pada

Celebrated Indian-Canadian dancer and choreographer, founder of the Sampradaya Dance Academy.

Latimer Reyes

Respected Cuban-American artist known for his vibrant and expressive paintings.


Legendary Incan emperor remembered for his leadership and strategic prowess.


Esteemed French philosopher and writer renowned for his intellectual contributions.


Revered Filipino tribal leader known for his wisdom and diplomacy in conflict resolution.

Latavius Williams

Rising Jamaican sprinter hailed for his remarkable speed and determination on the track.

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