220 Charming Boy Names That Start with “GOV”

When it comes to naming a baby boy, parents are constantly on the lookout for unique and distinctive options.

One way to stand out is by choosing a name that starts with “GOV.” While it may not be the most common letter to start a name with, there are several captivating choices that fall under this category.

From traditional favorites to more modern and trendy picks, boy names that start with “GOV” offer a diverse range of options for parents to consider.

Whether you are drawn to traditional names with a twist or prefer more unconventional choices, there is sure to be a “GOV” name that suits your preferences.

In this article, we will explore some of the most intriguing and appealing boy names that start with “GOV,” providing inspiration for parents seeking that perfect, one-of-a-kind name for their little one.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “GOV”

Govan – “from the smith’s son” (English)

Govind – “lord of cows” (Sanskrit)

Goviano – “God is gracious” (Spanish)

Govindas – “protector of cows” (Sanskrit)

Govier – “brave warrior” (English)

Goviano – “God is gracious” (Spanish)

Govan – “little smith” (Scottish)

Govad – “one who brings happiness” (Sanskrit)

Govan – “a battle God” (Celtic)

Govardhan – “lord of mountains” (Sanskrit)

Govino – “God is gracious” (Spanish)

Govindaraj – “king of lords” (Sanskrit)

Goveli – “protector of the earth” (Greek)

Govindan – “lord Vishnu” (Sanskrit)

Govier – “noble spearman” (English)

Govindo – “lord Vishnu” (Sanskrit)

Govantes – “praising” (Spanish)

Govest – “little warrior” (English)

Govrache – “ruler of the world” (Greek)

Govilya – “one who bestows protection” (Sanskrit)

Govin – “God’s gift” (English)

Govarro – “brave spearman” (Spanish)

Govino – “gracious gift of God” (Spanish)

Govold – “brave ruler” (English)

Goviano – “God’s gift” (Spanish)

Govilio – “protector of the people” (Spanish)

Govaris – “excellent ruler” (Greek)

Govindo – “God’s gift” (Spanish)

Govil – “charming” (Sanskrit)

Govello – “God’s will” (Spanish)

Boy Names That Start with "GOV"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “GOV”

Govran – “kingly” (English)

Govaro – “bold guardian” (Spanish)

Govontas – “excelling” (Greek)

Govale – “brave leader” (English)

Govino – “God’s favor” (Spanish)

Govart – “artist” (English)

Govique – “mighty ruler” (Spanish)

Govrad – “wise counsel” (English)

Goviano – “God’s grace” (Spanish)

Govitas – “life-giver” (Greek)

Govaris – “strong ruler” (Greek)

Govdor – “gift of God” (English)

Govarro – “fierce warrior” (Spanish)

Govalio – “lion-hearted” (Spanish)

Govesto – “steadfast” (English)

Govilo – “beloved” (Spanish)

Goveros – “honored youth” (Greek)

Govance – “victorious” (English)

Govares – “nobleman” (Spanish)

Govster – “trendsetter” (English)

Govalto – “noble protector” (Spanish)

Govellis – “bringer of light” (Greek)

Govred – “wise counselor” (English)

Govango – “charismatic leader” (Spanish)

Govtero – “brave defender” (Spanish)

Govadis – “inspired” (Greek)

Govler – “learned scholar” (English)

Govito – “joyful spirit” (Spanish)

Govphos – “bearer of light” (Greek)

Govaris – “noble warrior” (Spanish)

Unique “GOV” Names for Boys

Govaleon – “lion of God” (English)

Govesto – “steadfast guardian” (Spanish)

Govanor – “ruler of the people” (English)

Govantro – “wise leader” (Greek)

Govinoth – “God’s wisdom” (English)

Govaros – “brave protector” (Greek)

Goviento – “wind of change” (Spanish)

Govathos – “noble spirit” (Greek)

Govinco – “conqueror” (Spanish)

Govador – “gifted leader” (English)

Govilios – “lover of wisdom” (Greek)

Govierno – “government” (Spanish)

Govaristo – “most excellent” (Spanish)

Govontez – “courageous heart” (Spanish)

Govandros – “manly strength” (Greek)

Govelo – “wise counsel” (Spanish)

Govartos – “creative thinker” (Greek)

Govolito – “little governor” (Spanish)

Govarico – “rich in bravery” (Spanish)

Govellion – “lion-hearted” (English)

Goviros – “strong man” (Greek)

Govalexis – “defender of the people” (English)

Goviento – “adventurous spirit” (Spanish)

Govarik – “victorious ruler” (English)

Govilias – “light of the people” (Greek)

Govesto – “loyal guardian” (Spanish)

Govarion – “warrior of peace” (English)

Govadron – “wise advisor” (English)

Govelas – “noble hero” (Spanish)

Govphos – “light-bringer” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “GOV”

Govardhan – “lord of cows” (Sanskrit)

Goviano – “God is gracious” (Spanish)

Govander – “ruler of the people” (English)

Govros – “victorious” (Greek)

Govadis – “gift of God” (English)

Govarez – “son of a brave man” (Spanish)

Govellis – “wise counselor” (Greek)

Govarius – “mighty warrior” (English)

Govencio – “prosperous ruler” (Spanish)

Govagoras – “leader of the assembly” (Greek)

Govinston – “stone of protection” (English)

Govarro – “bold guardian” (Spanish)

Govadrian – “man from Adria” (English)

Govangel – “messenger of God” (Spanish)

Govelios – “lover of wisdom” (Greek)

Govindor – “lord of lords” (Sanskrit)

Govian – “gift of grace” (English)

Govaris – “warrior king” (Greek)

Govando – “brave protector” (Spanish)

Govestor – “guardian of the estate” (English)

Govilo – “faithful friend” (Spanish)

Govanis – “wise ruler” (Greek)

Govelio – “God’s chosen one” (Spanish)

Govathan – “gift of Jehovah” (English)

Govando – “gracious conqueror” (Spanish)

Govander – “defender of the people” (English)

Govias – “divine healer” (Greek)

Govierno – “government” (Spanish)

Govellius – “bringer of light” (Greek)

Govantes – “honorable” (Spanish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “GOV”

Govindra – “lord of the universe” (Sanskrit)

Govinov – “new governor” (Russian)

Govranov – “ruler of thunder” (Russian)

Govianu – “gift of God” (Romanian)

Govik – “victorious” (Russian)

Govir – “brave leader” (Persian)

Govadin – “Lord’s grace” (Russian)

Govarel – “noble guardian” (Romanian)

Govintas – “wise ruler” (Lithuanian)

Govikas – “royal descent” (Lithuanian)

Govanya – “graceful gift” (Hungarian)

Govarach – “mighty ruler” (Irish)

Govas – “divine protector” (Albanian)

Govanton – “eternal protector” (Greek)

Govai – “brave one” (Tamil)

Govranin – “son of thunder” (Russian)

Govenco – “courageous heart” (Italian)

Govion – “noble defender” (Welsh)

Govond – “one who protects” (Armenian)

Govilin – “protector of the people” (Czech)

Govak – “mighty warrior” (Armenian)

Govichi – “bringer of joy” (Japanese)

Govic – “victorious leader” (Croatian)

Govend – “enduring protector” (Kurdish)

Govitaro – “brave hero” (Japanese)

Govio – “bringer of life” (Esperanto)

Govzhan – “golden ruler” (Kazakh)

Govilo – “eternal love” (Esperanto)

Govchekh – “fearless one” (Chechen)

Govari – “heroic defender” (Albanian)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “GOV”

Govinda – “one who brings joy” (Sanskrit)

Govanni – “God is gracious” (Spanish)

Govell – “protector of the herd” (English)

Govay – “from the divine” (English)

Govar – “warrior” (Greek)

Govanni – “grace of God” (Spanish)

Govy – “guardian of the home” (English)

Govellin – “little protector” (English)

Govia – “wise counselor” (Greek)

Govant – “leader of the people” (English)

Govat – “gift of God” (English)

Govian – “graceful” (Greek)

Govanda – “defender of humanity” (Spanish)

Govence – “protector of the realm” (English)

Govi – “divine wisdom” (Spanish)

Govaris – “brave ruler” (Greek)

Govend – “eternal protector” (English)

Goviro – “wise sage” (Spanish)

Govela – “shining protector” (Spanish)

Govisto – “most excellent” (Spanish)

Govalli – “brave and noble” (English)

Govani – “graceful gift” (Spanish)

Govaris – “strong protector” (Greek)

Goviello – “God’s beloved” (Spanish)

Govil – “bright and lively” (English)

Govina – “gift from heaven” (Spanish)

Govaro – “bold guardian” (Spanish)

Govique – “mighty ruler” (Spanish)

Govar – “strong defender” (Greek)

Govesto – “loyal guardian” (Spanish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “GOV”

Govikiah – “God’s strength” (English)

Govidan – “devotee of Govinda (Lord Krishna)” (Sanskrit)

Govadon – “gift of God” (English)

Govangelos – “messenger of God” (Greek)

Govacio – “divinely inspired” (Spanish)

Govinoel – “God’s gift” (Spanish)

Goveshua – “God is salvation” (English)

Govanuel – “God is with us” (Spanish)

Govadon – “grace of God” (Spanish)

Govimmanuel – “God is with us” (English)

Govathan – “gift of Jehovah” (English)

Govinuel – “God’s grace” (Spanish)

Govarelio – “divinely chosen” (Spanish)

Govidan – “devotee of God” (Sanskrit)

Govariel – “God is my strength” (Spanish)

Govianuel – “God’s favor” (Spanish)

Govikairos – “appointed by God” (Greek)

Govander – “servant of God” (English)

Govani – “grace of God” (Spanish)

Govardiel – “God’s protector” (Spanish)

Govishua – “salvation of God” (English)

Govandrew – “man of God” (English)

Govaniel – “God’s gift” (Spanish)

Govemmanuel – “God is with us” (Spanish)

Govarien – “God’s beloved” (Spanish)

Govicairos – “divinely chosen” (Greek)

Govendrew – “God’s warrior” (English)

Goviago – “God’s beloved” (Spanish)

Govarelius – “God’s light” (Spanish)

Govias – “servant of God” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “GOV”


Indian actor known for his versatile performances in Bollywood films.

Govind Ballabh Pant

An Indian independence activist and one of the architects of modern India.

Govardhan Thakurdas Jethanand Asrani

Popularly known as Asrani, an Indian actor and comedian known for his comic roles in Hindi films.

Govanni Versace

Italian fashion designer and founder of the Versace fashion house.

Govan Mbeki

South African politician and anti-apartheid activist, father of former South African President Thabo Mbeki.

Govanni Boccaccio

Italian writer and poet, famous for his work “The Decameron.”

Govan Churchill

British statesman and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during World War II.

Govith Johann Mendel

Austrian scientist and friar known as the father of modern genetics.

Govind Swarup

Indian astronomer and physicist known for his pioneering work in radio astronomy.

Govetta Swami

Indian spiritual leader and founder of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON).

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