220 Cute Boy Names That Start with “PRI”

When it comes to choosing a name for your little boy, you want something unique and special that reflects his individuality.

If you’re looking for a name that starts with “Pri,” you’re in luck! There are several unique and charming options to consider.

Whether you’re drawn to traditional names or are seeking something more modern, there’s sure to be a “Pri” name that resonates with you.

From classic choices to more unconventional picks, the possibilities are endless.

In this article, we’ll explore a variety of boy names that start with “Pri,” each with its own distinct charm and appeal.

Whether you’re looking for a name with a strong and powerful meaning or one that has a more soft and gentle vibe, there’s something for every parent’s taste.

So if you’re expecting a baby boy and are on the hunt for the perfect name, read on to discover some wonderful options that start with “Pri.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “PRI”

Priam – “First son” (Greek)

Priestly – “Belonging to a priest” (English)

Primitivo – “Primitive” (Spanish)

Primus – “First” (Latin)

Princeton – “Princely town” (English)

Pritan – “Loved one” (Sanskrit)

Prichard – “Brave leader” (English)

Primo – “First” (Italian/Spanish)

Primitivos – “Primitive” (Spanish)

Priodon – “Tooth of a saw” (Greek)

Prionas – “Foreman” (Greek)

Pritanis – “Bought” (Greek)

Primavero – “Springlike” (Spanish)

Prionas – “Foreman” (Greek)

Primitivio – “Primitive” (Spanish)

Prinias – “Foreman” (Greek)

Prisciano – “Ancient” (Spanish)

Priminio – “First” (Spanish)

Pritan – “Loved one” (Sanskrit)

Primes – “First” (Latin)

Principe – “Prince” (Spanish)

Primero – “First” (Spanish)

Primon – “First” (Greek)

Primm – “First” (English)

Primero – “First” (Spanish)

Princino – “Prince” (Italian)

Prisma – “First” (Greek)

Primitivo – “Primitive” (Spanish)

Prinos – “Holm oak” (Greek)

Prinston – “Princely town” (English)

Boy Names That Start with "PRI"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “PRI”

Prider – “Proud one” (English)

Prichon – “Curious” (Greek)

Prito – “Loved one” (Spanish)

Priff – “Gift of God” (English)

Privan – “Privileged one” (English)

Prisley – “From the priest’s meadow” (English)

Prijay – “Victorious” (English)

Priadel – “Brave leader” (Spanish)

Primoso – “Firstborn” (Spanish)

Prizer – “Ambitious one” (English)

Pristavo – “Steadfast” (Spanish)

Prigen – “Originator” (Greek)

Prilleto – “Son of a prince” (Spanish)

Primagio – “Firstborn” (Italian)

Prinvon – “Noble friend” (English)

Prifield – “From the priest’s field” (English)

Prigas – “Strong” (Greek)

Priomo – “Beloved” (Spanish)

Priquet – “Skillful” (French)

Pristiano – “Venerable” (Spanish)

Prisent – “Present” (English)

Privanos – “Privileged” (Greek)

Prigato – “Thankful” (Italian)

Prijoso – “Loved one” (Spanish)

Prillo – “Brave” (Spanish)

Priyus – “Dear one” (Greek)

Priswell – “Healthy son” (English)

Priferno – “Fervent” (Spanish)

Privero – “Brave leader” (Spanish)

Priglen – “Son of a brave man” (English)

Unique “PRI” Names for Boys

Pridor – “Bold one” (English)

Prilux – “Shining” (Latin)

Primar – “Principal” (Spanish)

Prisoul – “Soulful” (English)

Prielon – “Noble” (English)

Pritus – “Protector” (Latin)

Priestro – “Master” (Spanish)

Prilas – “Bright” (Greek)

Primas – “First” (Latin)

Prijet – “Gifted” (Spanish)

Prilo – “Loyal” (Spanish)

Primavio – “Born in spring” (Spanish)

Prileto – “Happy” (Spanish)

Priodio – “Gift of God” (Spanish)

Prisento – “Present” (Spanish)

Priferno – “Fierce” (Spanish)

Priyelo – “Charming” (Spanish)

Priluxo – “Illuminated” (Spanish)

Primato – “Dominant” (Spanish)

Priforto – “Strong” (Spanish)

Priante – “Gentle” (Italian)

Pristeo – “Steady” (Spanish)

Primenco – “Eminent” (Spanish)

Priselio – “Glorious” (Spanish)

Prifiero – “Proud” (Spanish)

Prilauro – “Laurel tree” (Spanish)

Priesso – “Quick” (Spanish)

Prithan – “Leader” (Greek)

Prinios – “Intelligent” (Greek)

Pristelo – “Firm” (Spanish)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “PRI”

Priden – “Valiant” (English)

Princio – “Royal” (Spanish)

Primato – “First in command” (Italian)

Prisios – “Ancient” (Greek)

Prither – “Noble one” (English)

Priego – “Fortress” (Spanish)

Priscus – “Ancient” (Latin)

Prithor – “Warrior” (English)

Prisidor – “Gift of the sun” (Greek)

Priante – “Desirable” (Spanish)

Primero – “First” (Spanish)

Prinsley – “From the prince’s meadow” (English)

Prion – “Worthy” (Greek)

Prisot – “Protected” (English)

Prias – “Strong” (Greek)

Primont – “Mountain peak” (French)

Priskos – “Ancient” (Greek)

Prigno – “Noble” (Spanish)

Pricos – “Precious” (Greek)

Prioll – “Brave” (Spanish)

Prisiel – “God’s gift” (Spanish)

Prival – “Esteemed” (English)

Prinon – “Eminent” (Greek)

Prizer – “Ambitious” (English)

Pricon – “Wise” (Greek)

Priamis – “Praised” (Greek)

Prish – “Desired” (English)

Prinsen – “Prince” (Dutch)

Priven – “Beloved” (English)

Primore – “Sea lover” (English)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “PRI”

Pritam – “Beloved” (Indian)

Pritu – “Satisfied” (Sanskrit)

Prishaan – “Peaceful” (Hindi)

Primož – “First” (Slovenian)

Prichardt – “Brave ruler” (German)

Prinay – “Love” (Sanskrit)

Prineet – “Loved one” (Hindi)

Priyan – “Dear one” (Sanskrit)

Priyadarshan – “Pleasing to the sight” (Sanskrit)

Prinshu – “Talented” (Hindi)

Princen – “Prince” (Dutch)

Primitivo – “Primitive” (Italian)

Primož – “First” (Slovenian)

Prinoslav – “Glorious prince” (Czech)

Prithiv – “Earth” (Sanskrit)

Pristu – “Blessed” (Sanskrit)

Primiti – “Firstborn” (Slovenian)

Primon – “First” (Esperanto)

Priyankar – “Beloved” (Bengali)

Prins – “Prince” (Dutch)

Prithish – “Lord of the earth” (Sanskrit)

Prinoslav – “Glorious prince” (Czech)

Primož – “First” (Slovenian)

Priyatham – “Loved one” (Telugu)

Priyatham – “Loved one” (Telugu)

Priyavrat – “One who loves virtue” (Sanskrit)

Priten – “Satisfied” (Sanskrit)

Prishen – “God of love” (Sanskrit)

Prinoslav – “Glorious prince” (Czech)

Prishiv – “God of love” (Sanskrit)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “PRI”

Primrose – “First rose” (English)

Prim – “First” (English)

Prism – “Spectrum of light” (English)

Prieto – “Dark-haired” (Spanish)

Prisma – “Prism” (Greek)

Prio – “Priority” (Spanish)

Pris – “Beloved” (English)

Prisca – “Ancient” (Latin)

Priti – “Love” (Sanskrit)

Priot – “First” (Greek)

Primel – “First” (French)

Priscilla – “Ancient” (Latin)

Prion – “Tooth” (Greek)

Primavera – “Spring” (Spanish)

Pristine – “Pure” (English)

Pritam – “Beloved” (Sanskrit)

Prin – “Prince” (English)

Prisila – “Ancient” (Spanish)

Priota – “Firstborn” (Greek)

Pring – “Springtime” (English)

Prisma – “First” (Greek)

Priam – “First son” (Greek)

Prisca – “Ancient” (Spanish)

Priene – “Ancient city” (Greek)

Primavero – “Spring” (Spanish)

Priss – “Beloved” (English)

Prin – “Principal” (English)

Priz – “Prize” (English)

Prika – “First” (Greek)

Prigio – “Firstborn” (Spanish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “PRI”

Priscian – “Ancient” (Latin)

Priam – “First son” (Greek)

Primiano – “First” (Italian)

Primitivo – “Primitive” (Spanish)

Primitivio – “Primitive” (Spanish)

Priscianus – “Ancient” (Latin)

Primo – “First” (Italian/Spanish)

Primitivo – “Primitive” (Spanish)

Principe – “Prince” (Spanish)

Primož – “First” (Slovenian)

Primus – “First” (Latin)

Primon – “First” (Greek)

Priamus – “First son” (Greek)

Priskos – “Ancient” (Greek)

Primos – “First” (Latin)

Priapus – “Fertility god” (Greek)

Primiano – “First” (Italian)

Priscus – “Ancient” (Latin)

Prinio – “First” (Greek)

Prisciliano – “Ancient” (Spanish)

Primitivio – “Primitive” (Spanish)

Prisius – “Ancient” (Latin)

Prinos – “Holm oak” (Greek)

Prisciliano – “Ancient” (Spanish)

Priscilianus – “Ancient” (Latin)

Prinio – “First” (Greek)

Primitivo – “Primitive” (Spanish)

Priapus – “Fertility god” (Greek)

Prinio – “First” (Greek)

Prisius – “Ancient” (Latin)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “PRI”


American singer, songwriter, musician, and actor known for his innovative music style and charismatic stage presence.

Prince William

Duke of Cambridge, second in line to the British throne, and a prominent advocate for mental health awareness.

Priest Holmes

Former professional American football player who had a successful career as a running back in the NFL.

Prime Minister

The head of government in various countries, responsible for leading the executive branch and implementing policies.

Priyanka Chopra

Indian actress, singer, and film producer who has achieved international recognition for her work in Bollywood and Hollywood.

Prithviraj Kapoor

Indian pioneer of Hindi cinema and founder of the renowned Kapoor acting dynasty.

Prince Harry

Duke of Sussex, a member of the British royal family, and an advocate for mental health awareness and veterans’ welfare.


American chemist and physicist who discovered oxygen and contributed significantly to the development of chemistry.

Prince Fielder

Former professional baseball player known for his powerful hitting and successful career in MLB.


Indian actress known for her versatile performances in various South Indian language films, winning several awards for her work.

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