220 Best Boy Names That Start with “RAM”

Choosing the perfect name for your little boy can be a fun and exciting task. If you’re looking for a strong and unique name that starts with “Ram,” you’re in luck!

Whether you’re drawn to names with a strong, masculine vibe or you prefer something more modern and trendy, there are plenty of options to consider.

From traditional names to more contemporary choices, the list of boy names that start with “Ram” has something for everyone.

In this article, we’ll explore a variety of cute and charming names that start with “Ram” and their meanings.

Whether you’re seeking a name that honors family tradition or simply love the way it sounds, you’re sure to find some inspiration here.

So, grab a comfy seat and let’s dive into the world of boy names that start with “Ram”!

Popular Boy Names That Start with “RAM”

Ramiel – “Thunder of God” (Hebrew)

Ramiro – “Famous Counselor” (Spanish)

Ramon – “Wise Protector” (Spanish)

Ramsey – “Wild Garlic Island” (English)

Ramiro – “Judicious” (Spanish)

Ramesh – “Lord of Rama” (Hebrew)

Ramon – “Guardian or Wise Protector” (Spanish)

Ramiro – “Judicious” (Spanish)

Ramin – “Enlightened” (Hebrew)

Ramzes – “Born of Ra” (Hebrew)

Ramon – “Wise Protector” (Spanish)

Ramar – “Loving” (Hebrew)

Ramond – “Wise Protector” (Spanish)

Ramon – “Counsel Protection” (Spanish)

Ramesses – “Born of Ra” (Hebrew)

Ramos – “Branches” (Hebrew)

Ramzi – “Symbolic” (Spanish)

Ramoncito – “Little Wise Protector” (Spanish diminutive)

Rama – “Pleasing” (Spanish)

Ramundo – “Wise Protector” (Spanish)

Ramires – “Branches” (Spanish)

Ramy – “Loving” (Hebrew)

Ramondi – “Wise Protector” (Hebrew)

Rambert – “Counsel, Bright” (Hebrew)

Ramis – “Symbolic” (Hebrew)

Ramuntcho – “Wise Protector” (Spanish)

Ramondino – “Little Wise Protector” (Spanish)

Ramvihari – “Lord Rama” (Spanish)

Ramonel – “Young Wise Protector” (Spanish diminutive)

Ramondo – “Wise Protector” (Spanish)

Boy Names That Start with "RAM"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “RAM”

Rambert – “Bright Raven” (English)

Ramario – “Wise Counselor” (Spanish)

Ramesis – “Son of Ra” (Greek)

Ramisio – “Wise Friend” (Italian)

Ramontay – “Mountain of Counsel” (English)

Ramonito – “Little Wise Protector” (Spanish diminutive)

Ramael – “Guardian of God” (Greek)

Ramzell – “Strong Protector” (English)

Ramonico – “Charming Wise Protector” (Spanish diminutive)

Ramidus – “Wise Leader” (Greek)

Ramont – “Wise Mountain” (English)

Ramundo – “Wise Protector” (Spanish)

Ramicio – “Wise Friend” (Italian)

Rameon – “Counsel Protector” (English)

Ramonis – “Wise Counselor” (Lithuanian)

Ramino – “Little Wise Protector” (Italian diminutive)

Ramell – “Beloved Protector” (English)

Ramalio – “Wise Counselor” (Spanish)

Ramikos – “Wise Child” (Greek)

Ramstin – “Stalwart Protector” (English)

Ramundo – “Wise Protector” (Italian)

Ramier – “Wise Protector” (French)

Ramaion – “Wise Guardian” (Greek)

Ramzion – “Son of Zion” (English)

Ramito – “Little Wise Protector” (Spanish diminutive)

Ramique – “Unique Counselor” (English)

Ramonell – “Noble Wise Protector” (Spanish diminutive)

Ramaron – “Strong Counselor” (English)

Ramithos – “Guardian of Order” (Greek)

Ramero – “Brave Counselor” (Spanish)

Unique “RAM” Names for Boys

Ramdor – “Gift of Wisdom” (English)

Ramarios – “Wise Protector of the Sea” (Spanish)

Ramax – “Majestic Guardian” (Greek)

Ramvale – “Valiant Counselor” (English)

Rameroth – “Noble Defender” (Spanish)

Rameonix – “Son of the Dawn” (Greek)

Ramshade – “Shining Protector” (English)

Ramilos – “Harmony Bringer” (Greek)

Ramstone – “Strong Guardian” (English)

Ramavon – “Graceful Counselor” (Spanish)

Ramaros – “Eternal Guardian” (Greek)

Ramblaze – “Fiery Protector” (English)

Ramionis – “Counselor of the Wind” (Greek)

Ramquill – “Quiet Guardian” (English)

Ramaroix – “Mystical Counselor” (Spanish)

Ramynth – “Guiding Light” (Greek)

Ramstark – “Steadfast Protector” (English)

Ramianth – “Ethereal Counselor” (Greek)

Ramvoid – “Endless Guardian” (English)

Ramelon – “Messenger of Wisdom” (Spanish)

Ramoraith – “Radiant Protector” (English)

Ramdion – “Divine Counselor” (Greek)

Ramflux – “Flowing Guardian” (English)

Rameloix – “Luminous Counselor” (Spanish)

Ramogon – “Wise Ruler” (Greek)

Ramvalor – “Courageous Protector” (English)

Ramelian – “Gentle Counselor” (Spanish)

Ramchron – “Timeless Guardian” (English)

Ramtheon – “Heavenly Counselor” (Greek)

Ramflare – “Brilliant Protector” (English)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “RAM”

Ramwell – “Wise Stream” (English)

Ramaldo – “Noble and Resolute” (Spanish)

Rameus – “Everlasting Strength” (Greek)

Ramhart – “Bold Protector” (English)

Ramlito – “Little Guardian” (Spanish)

Ramtheon – “Divine Counselor” (Greek)

Ramshire – “Bright Protector” (English)

Ramonelio – “Counselor of the Sun” (Spanish)

Ramidas – “Gift of Counsel” (Greek)

Ramscott – “Scottish Protector” (English)

Ramarioz – “Radiant Defender” (Spanish)

Ramoleon – “Lion-hearted Counselor” (Greek)

Ramvaleo – “Strong and Valiant” (English)

Ramico – “Friend of Wisdom” (Spanish)

Ramylas – “Lustrous Guardian” (Greek)

Ramsworth – “Worthy Protector” (English)

Ramonius – “Noble Counselor” (Spanish)

Rameidos – “God-like Wisdom” (Greek)

Ramling – “Little Protector” (English)

Ramaldos – “Resolute Guardian” (Spanish)

Ramonidas – “Counselor of the People” (Greek)

Ramonton – “Timeless Defender” (English)

Ramorin – “Guardian of Dreams” (Spanish)

Ramekios – “Steadfast Counselor” (Greek)

Ramaric – “Rich in Wisdom” (English)

Ramaldox – “Majestic Defender” (Spanish)

Ramtheonos – “Heavenly Counselor” (Greek)

Ramwood – “Forest Protector” (English)

Ramirez – “Warrior Counselor” (Spanish)

Ramythos – “Eternal Guardian” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “RAM”

Ramziel – “Guardian of Secrets” (Arabic)

Ramendu – “Lord of the Night” (Sanskrit)

Ramirov – “Famous Wolf” (Russian)

Ramónito – “Little Wise Protector” (Filipino)

Ramudan – “Bringer of Joy” (Turkish)

Rameshwar – “Lord of Rama” (Hindi)

Ramuno – “Wise Counselor” (Italian)

Ramazan – “Holy Month of Ramadan” (Turkish)

Ramarik – “Strong Ruler” (Estonian)

Ramishev – “Brave Chief” (Chechen)

Ramallah – “Elevated Place” (Arabic)

Rambertus – “Bright Counselor” (Dutch)

Ramoncito – “Little Wise Protector” (Mexican)

Ramaldin – “Wise Leader” (Albanian)

Ramzul – “Symbol of Strength” (Malaysian)

Ramash – “Golden Sun” (Persian)

Rameshi – “Lord of Rama” (Nepali)

Ramilto – “Little Protector” (Portuguese)

Ramazur – “Azure Sky” (Georgian)

Ramito – “Little Branch” (Portuguese)

Ramkumar – “Son of Rama” (Bengali)

Ramzanov – “Follower of Ramadan” (Russian)

Ramaditya – “Sun of Rama” (Indonesian)

Ramaroq – “Ruler of the Aurora” (Inuit)

Ramalad – “Eternal Light” (Maltese)

Ramziya – “Respected and Noble” (Arabic)

Ramires – “Son of the Wise” (Portuguese)

Ramohan – “Delighting Rama” (Bengali)

Ramaj – “Hopeful” (Albanian)

Ramunel – “Divinely Protected” (Lithuanian)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “RAM”

Rambler – “Wandering Spirit” (English)

Ramial – “Graceful Guardian” (Spanish)

Ramose – “Child of Rama” (Greek)

Ramble – “Exploring with Joy” (English)

Ramida – “Wise and Strong” (Spanish)

Raminex – “Non-Binary Leader” (Greek)

Rambit – “Little Protector” (English)

Ramelis – “Harmonious Soul” (Spanish)

Ramora – “Guardian of Dreams” (Greek)

Ramkin – “Small Wise One” (English)

Ramaldo – “Noble and Resolute” (Spanish)

Ramis – “Symbolic Being” (Greek)

Rames – “Enlightened Spirit” (English)

Ramino – “Little Wise One” (Spanish)

Ramios – “Mystical Soul” (Greek)

Ramlin – “Gentle Protector” (English)

Ramona – “Wise Counselor” (Spanish)

Ramzor – “Guiding Light” (Greek)

Ramway – “Pathfinder” (English)

Ramondo – “Wise Being” (Spanish)

Ramysis – “Keeper of Secrets” (Greek)

Ramelle – “Eternal Essence” (English)

Raminoz – “Mysterious Soul” (Spanish)

Ramysa – “Moonlit Guardian” (Greek)

Ramstarr – “Radiant Star” (English)

Ramuna – “Peaceful Spirit” (Spanish)

Ramythea – “Divine Harmony” (Greek)

Ramblis – “Free Spirit” (English)

Ramario – “Child of the Sea” (Spanish)

Ramythos – “Eternal Being” (Greek)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “RAM”

Ramuel – “God is Exalted” (Hebrew)

Ramiro – “Famous Pilgrim” (Spanish)

Rameon – “Counsel of God” (English)

Ramanuel – “God with Us” (Spanish)

Ramisai – “Servant of God” (Greek)

Ramiah – “Jehovah Uplifts” (English)

Ramaldo – “Noble Servant of God” (Spanish)

Ramontes – “Mountain of God” (Greek)

Ramiel – “Thunder of God” (Hebrew)

Ramonel – “Messenger of God” (Spanish)

Ramaiah – “Jehovah is My God” (English)

Ramundo – “Wise Counsel of God” (Spanish)

Ramios – “Divine Vision” (Greek)

Ramasai – “Servant of the Most High” (English)

Ramallah – “God is Exalted” (Arabic)

Ramarzio – “God’s Gift of Counsel” (Spanish)

Ramachand – “Lord Rama” (Sanskrit)

Ramtheon – “Divine Counselor” (Greek)

Ramisiah – “Jehovah Heard” (English)

Rameonito – “Little Servant of God” (Spanish diminutive)

Ramisios – “Divine Guidance” (Greek)

Ramavon – “Grace of God” (English)

Ramaldox – “God’s Gift of Protection” (Spanish)

Ramias – “God is My Support” (Greek)

Ramelian – “God’s Grace” (English)

Ramónito – “Little Wise Servant of God” (Spanish diminutive)

Rametheus – “Godly Counselor” (Greek)

Ramoniel – “God is My Light” (English)

Ramez – “God Remembers” (Arabic)

Ramtheonos – “Heavenly Counselor” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “RAM”

Ram Dass

Spiritual teacher and author known for his book “Be Here Now,” promoting mindfulness and Eastern spirituality.

Rami Malek

Academy Award-winning actor, famous for his role as Freddie Mercury in the film “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Ram Gopal Varma

Indian film director and producer, recognized for his work in the Telugu and Hindi film industry.

Ram Charan

Indian actor and entrepreneur, a prominent figure in the Telugu film industry.

Ram Nath Kovind

President of India since 2017, a lawyer and politician known for his service to the nation.

Ram Baran Yadav

Former President of Nepal, serving as the country’s first president from 2008 to 2015.

Ramush Haradinaj

Kosovo politician and former Prime Minister, involved in the country’s struggle for independence.

Ram Shriram

Venture capitalist and entrepreneur, an early investor in Google and founder of Sherpalo Ventures.

Ram Madhav

Indian politician associated with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and known for his strategic role in the party.

Ram Gopal

Renowned Indian choreographer and film director, recognized for his contributions to Bollywood dance sequences.

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