220 Delightful Boy Names That Start with “PU”

When it comes to choosing a name for your baby boy, it’s always fun to look for unique and rare options. One category of names that often gets overlooked is those that start with “PU”.

While not as common as names beginning with other letters, there are actually quite a few charming and handsome boy names that start with “PU”.

These names offer a distinctive and unforgettable sound, making them perfect for parents who want their son to stand out from the crowd.

In this article, we’ll explore a variety of boy names that start with “PU”, from timeless classics to modern and trendy options.

Whether you’re drawn to traditional names or more unconventional choices, there’s sure to be a “PU” name that suits your preferred style.

So if you’re on the hunt for a unique and special name for your baby boy, look no further than the list of “PU” names we’ve compiled for you.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “PU”

Puma – “mountain lion” (English)

Puck – “mischievous sprite” (English)

Purcell – “little purse” (English)

Purvis – “provisioner” (English)

Pudens – “modest” (Latin/Greek)

Publius – “public” (Latin)

Purnell – “small enclosed pasture” (English)

Pudsey – “from the village with a pool” (English)

Punito – “punisher” (Spanish)

Pugliese – “from Apulia” (Italian/Spanish)

Pura – “pure” (Spanish)

Pueblo – “village” (Spanish)

Pulaski – “from the pool” (Polish/English)

Purnama – “full moon” (Spanish)

Ptolemy – “warlike” (Greek)

Puccio – “little” (Spanish)

Puckett – “little pouch” (English)

Pudra – “powder” (Spanish)

Puchero – “stew” (Spanish)

Pumay – “to win” (Greek)

Puente – “bridge” (Spanish)

Puget – “point” (French/English)

Puffin – “sea bird” (English)

Pug – “playful dog” (English)

Pucca – “pleasant” (Greek)

Pujol – “hill” (Catalan/Spanish)

Puntí – “pointed” (Catalan/Spanish)

Pueyrredón – “red bridge” (Spanish)

Puthiya – “new” (Greek)

Pyles – “plunderer” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "PU"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “PU”

Publio – “public” (Spanish)

Pullman – “man with strong arms” (English)

Pumar – “apple tree” (Spanish)

Purdue – “from the pear tree” (English)

Pumaq – “beautiful” (Spanish)

Puentes – “bridges” (Spanish)

Purcio – “pure” (Spanish)

Puxley – “from the east meadow” (English)

Pucio – “thoughtful” (Spanish)

Puffo – “little cloud” (Spanish)

Purazo – “big-hearted” (Spanish)

Pusti – “cheerful” (Greek)

Pukar – “call” (Spanish)

Pulcro – “neat” (Spanish)

Pulio – “cleanse” (Greek)

Pustyn – “desert” (Spanish)

Putra – “son” (Spanish)

Puya – “point” (Spanish)

Pupak – “blossom” (Greek)

Puerco – “pig” (Spanish)

Pugnal – “dagger” (Greek)

Pulgar – “thumb” (Spanish)

Purgas – “clears away” (Greek)

Purkinje – “spark” (Greek)

Pusiano – “from Lake Pusiano” (Greek)

Putesky – “son of Peter” (English)

Puissant – “powerful” (Greek)

Pulles – “colt” (English)

Pulteney – “from the pool farm” (English)

Pujalte – “he who cleanses” (Spanish)

Unique “PU” Names for Boys

Puthon – “serpent” (Greek)

Puvan – “light” (Greek)

Pueo – “owl” (Greek)

Pukhtoon – “Pashtun” (Greek)

Pulto – “colored” (Greek)

Pusparaj – “king of flowers” (Greek)

Puzant – “eternal” (Greek)

Pudding – “sweet dessert” (English)

Purohit – “family priest” (Greek)

Pulvin – “cushion” (Spanish)

Puroresu – “professional wrestling” (Spanish)

Punctum – “point” (Spanish)

Pucheta – “small” (Spanish)

Pulere – “blossom” (Spanish)

Pugaciov – “fiery” (Spanish)

Puzo – “little” (Spanish)

Pujara – “sacred fire” (Spanish)

Purom – “pure” (Spanish)

Purti – “complete” (Spanish)

Pukash – “happy” (Spanish)

Puklavec – “corner” (Spanish)

Puspak – “flower-like” (Spanish)

Pugachevsky – “of Pugachev” (Spanish)

Puthiya – “new” (Spanish)

Pukki – “sharp” (Spanish)

Pujari – “temple priest” (Spanish)

Pudil – “small” (Greek)

Pukallus – “son of Pukal” (Greek)

Pulte – “spelt” (Old English)

Pukaraj – “lotus” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “PU”

Pulton – “from the pool town” (English)

Puvirnituq – “place where there is a smell of sea mammals” (Hebrew)

Publius – “public” (Hebrew)

Puckett – “small hill” (English)

Puffin – “puffin bird” (English)

Pugliesi – “from Apulia” (Hebrew)

Purwin – “pure friend” (English)

Puriel – “God’s fire” (Hebrew)

Purlin – “support beam” (English)

Puro – “pure” (Spanish)

Puros – “clean” (Greek)

Purcellus – “little purse” (Spanish)

Purdy – “beautiful” (English)

Purgason – “son of the pure one” (English)

Purvan – “ancient” (Spanish)

Purvez – “victorious” (Spanish)

Pusateri – “hospitable” (Spanish)

Pusey – “pea meadow” (English)

Pushan – “nourisher” (Greek)

Pushkar – “blue lotus” (Greek)

Puskar – “lotus” (Greek)

Pustan – “clear” (Greek)

Putha – “son” (Greek)

Putney – “dweller by the pit” (English)

Putra – “son” (Indonesian/Sanskrit)

Putrino – “son” (Greek)

Putro – “son” (Greek)

Putton – “from the village by the hollow” (English)

Puxa – “pull” (Spanish)

Pylis – “gate” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “PU”

Pujan – “worship” (Sanskrit)

Puchong – “beautiful city” (Thai)

Puleng – “to grow” (Sotho)

Pumoon – “spring” (Korean)

Puven – “light” (Tamil)

Puch – “splendid” (Burmese)

Pukar – “call” (Nepali)

Pumzi – “breath” (Swahili)

Punith – “pure” (Kannada)

Purnan – “complete” (Telugu)

Puskara – “lotus” (Sanskrit)

Puxa – “pull” (Portuguese)

Puyol – “young chicken” (Catalan)

Puwadon – “blessing” (Thai)

Puyallup – “generous people” (Native American)

Púyi – “wealthy” (Mandarin)

Puzo – “well-dressed” (Italian)

Puyo – “cloud” (Quechua)

Pula – “rain” (Tswana)

Puli – “tiger” (Hungarian)

Pule – “rain” (Sesotho)

Puli – “elephant” (Tamil)

Pumaq – “beautiful” (Quechua)

Pumay – “to win” (Quechua)

Putha – “son” (Sinhala)

Putih – “white” (Indonesian)

Putra – “son” (Indonesian)

Putu – “grandchild” (Balinese)

Puwan – “sun” (Thai)

Puyan – “clear” (Persian)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “PU”

Puma – “mountain lion” (English)

Puff – “light, puffy” (English)

Pull – “to draw or attract” (English)

Puri – “abode, dwelling” (Spanish)

Purl – “twist or ripple” (English)

Pusk – “blossom” (Spanish)

Puto – “pure” (Spanish)

Puti – “white” (Spanish)

Puyi – “to purify” (Spanish)

Pudo – “tiny” (Spanish)

Pudín – “pudding” (Spanish)

Puelo – “clear, transparent” (Spanish)

Pujar – “to strive, exert” (Spanish)

Pukka – “authentic, genuine” (Spanish)

Pulan – “moon” (Hebrew)

Pulco – “fresh, cool” (Spanish)

Pulga – “flea” (Spanish)

Pulk – “group, team” (Hebrew)

Pumzi – “breath” (Hebrew)

Punda – “tail” (Hebrew)

Pundo – “point” (Hebrew)

Pune – “city” (Spanish)

Punir – “to punish” (Spanish)

Puno – “summit, peak” (Spanish)

Puño – “fist” (Spanish)

Pupa – “doll” (Spanish)

Pura – “pure” (Spanish)

Purem – “to fly” (Spanish)

Puru – “hearty, full” (Spanish)

Puyan – “clear, evident” (Spanish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “PU”

Purity – “innocence, cleanness” (English)

Publius – “public” (Spanish)

Purnananda – “joy of purity” (Spanish)

Puissant – “powerful” (Spanish)

Pumay – “blessing” (Spanish)

Pulecio – “sacred” (Spanish)

Pumukel – “God is with us” (Greek)

Puritan – “devoted to purity” (English)

Purnendu – “full moon” (Greek)

Purusha – “divine being” (Greek)

Purushottam – “best among men” (Greek)

Pusha – “nourisher” (Greek)

Pushkaraj – “lotus-like” (Greek)

Puth – “grace of God” (Hebrew)

Puthiya – “new” (Hebrew)

Puthran – “son” (Hebrew)

Putney – “dweller by the pit” (English)

Putra – “son” (Hebrew)

Putram – “son of the wise” (Hebrew)

Puttaswamy – “devoted to Lord Subrahmanya” (Hebrew)

Puvalai – “flower” (Hebrew)

Puzant – “eternal” (Greek)

Puzo – “God sees” (Greek)

Pujya – “worthy of worship” (Greek)

Pukaraj – “lotus” (Greek)

Pujan – “worship” (Greek)

Puskar – “lotus” (Greek)

Pustan – “pure” (Spanish)

Puto – “prayer” (Spanish)

Puthra – “son” (Spanish)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “PU”

Puff Daddy (Sean Combs)

Entrepreneur and rapper, known for his influence in hip-hop and the fashion industry. Founded Bad Boy Records and Sean John clothing.

Puccini (Giacomo Puccini)

Renowned Italian composer, famous for his operas such as “La Bohème” and “Madama Butterfly,” contributing significantly to the opera world.

Pulitzer (Joseph Pulitzer)

Hungarian-American newspaper publisher, established the Pulitzer Prizes to honor achievements in journalism, literature, and music.

Pujols (Albert Pujols)

Dominican-American baseball player, one of the greatest hitters in MLB history, known for his time with the St. Louis Cardinals and Los Angeles Angels.

Putin (Vladimir Putin)

Russian politician, served as President and Prime Minister of Russia, known for his strong leadership and influence on international politics.

Pullman (Philip Pullman)

English author, acclaimed for his fantasy trilogy “His Dark Materials,” exploring complex themes in a captivating fictional world.

Puccio (Tommaso Puccio)

Italian mathematician, known for his contributions to algebraic geometry and for developing the theory of algebraic surfaces.

Puhl (Paul Puhl)

American NASA engineer, played a key role in the development of the Lunar Module, contributing to the success of the Apollo missions.

Puccetti (Paolo Puccetti)

Italian motorcycle racer, competed in the Superbike World Championship, showcasing his skills and passion for motorcycling.

Pulisic (Christian Pulisic)

American soccer player, talented forward playing for Chelsea FC and the U.S. national team, recognized for his speed and goal-scoring abilities.

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