220 Cute Boy Names That Start with “TRI”

Choosing a name for your baby boy is a significant decision and one that will stay with him for the rest of his life.

If you are drawn to unique and uncommon names, then boy names that start with “Tri” might be worth considering.

“Tri” is a prefix of Greek origin that means “three” and can add a subtle yet distinctive touch to your son’s name.

There are several boy names that start with “Tri” that exude strength, character, and a hint of mystique.

From traditional names like “Tristan” to more modern and trendy options like “Tripp,” there is a wide range of choices for parents seeking a name that stands out.

In this article, we’ll explore a variety of boy names that start with “Tri” and delve into their meanings, origins, and cultural significance.

Whether you’re looking for a name that honors tradition or one that breaks the mold, the options for “Tri” names are sure to inspire you in your search for the perfect name for your little boy.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “TRI”

Tristen – “Tumult; outcry” (English)

Tripp – “Traveler” (English)

Tristán – “Sad” (Spanish)

Triton – “Messenger of the sea” (Greek)

Tristano – “Tumult; outcry” (Italian, derived from English)

Tripton – “Town by the three rivers” (English)

Trigónas – “Triangle” (Greek)

Tripolis – “Three cities” (Greek)

Triandafilos – “Rose” (Greek)

Triamond – “Three diamonds” (English)

Trindade – “Trinity” (Portuguese, derived from English)

Tricarlos – “Threefold man” (Spanish)

Trigónios – “Triangle” (Greek)

Trikoupis – “Wearing three hats” (Greek)

Trindon – “Triangular hill” (English)

Trifón – “Threefold” (Spanish)

Tritonis – “Daughter of Triton” (Greek)

Trimurti – “Three forms” (Sanskrit, derived from Greek)

Trippleton – “Traveler’s town” (English)

Trifónio – “Threefold” (Spanish)

Trikala – “Three good things” (Greek)

Tristinio – “Tumult; outcry” (Spanish)

Trilochan – “Three-eyed” (Sanskrit, derived from Greek)

Trigonis – “Triangle” (Greek)

Tristocles – “Sad glory” (Greek)

Trinius – “Threefold” (English)

Trillado – “Thrashed” (Spanish)

Trifonikos – “Threefold” (Greek)

Triwibawa – “Threefold power” (Sanskrit, derived from Greek)

Triziano – “Thrice-born” (Italian, derived from Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "TRI"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “TRI”

Trion – “Three” (English)

Tribald – “Brave ruler” (English)

Trilux – “Three lights” (English)

Trivino – “Three wines” (Spanish)

Triomar – “Famous trio” (English)

Trivios – “Three paths” (Spanish)

Trivus – “Three ways” (Latinized English)

Triandar – “Adventurous traveler” (English)

Trisol – “Sun trio” (English)

Triante – “Triumphant” (Spanish)

Trigos – “Three corners” (Spanish)

Trivinci – “Three victories” (Italian, derived from English)

Tridente – “Trident” (Spanish)

Trivonico – “Three victories” (Spanish)

Trilian – “Triple protector” (English)

Tristello – “Sad and handsome” (Italian, derived from English)

Triguel – “Warrior with three” (Spanish)

Trivale – “Three valleys” (English)

Trivio – “Three roads” (Spanish)

Trionel – “Three times strong” (English)

Trivaldo – “Brave trio” (Spanish)

Tritello – “Messenger of the sea and handsome” (Italian, derived from English and Greek)

Trivento – “Three winds” (Italian, derived from Spanish)

Trilocus – “Three places” (Latinized English)

Trillan – “Three lions” (English)

Trinico – “Three victories” (Spanish)

Trivan – “Triumphant leader” (English)

Tristaro – “Sad star” (Italian, derived from English)

Trilupo – “Three wolves” (Italian, derived from Spanish)

Tritario – “Messenger of the sea and earth” (Italian, derived from English and Greek)

Unique “TRI” Names for Boys

Trionyx – “Three claws” (Greek)

Triskelion – “Three-legged” (Greek)

Trinexis – “Three times powerful” (English)

Trivance – “Triumphant advance” (English)

Tridalis – “Threefold strength” (Greek)

Triomere – “Three parts” (English)

Trivallis – “Three valleys” (English)

Trisaros – “Triple protector” (Greek)

Triscape – “Three landscapes” (English)

Trivonix – “Triumphant conqueror” (English)

Trioptis – “Seeing three ways” (Greek)

Triferno – “Three flames” (Spanish)

Trisento – “Three saints” (Spanish)

Tricero – “Three horns” (Latinized English)

Triquillan – “Triumphant hero” (English)

Tristelo – “Melancholy and handsome” (Spanish)

Tritelle – “Messenger of the sea and light” (English, Greek)

Triroth – “Three realms” (English)

Trivado – “Triumphant leader” (Spanish)

Triquero – “Three arrows” (Spanish)

Trivaleo – “Three valleys” (Spanish)

Trishade – “Three shadows” (English)

Trivinco – “Triumphant conqueror” (Spanish)

Tritiano – “Messenger of the sea and sky” (Italian, derived from English and Greek)

Trivalis – “Three ways” (Latinized English)

Trideus – “Three gods” (Latinized Greek)

Trisurge – “Triumphant surge” (English)

Trilinx – “Three links” (English)

Trizelle – “Three blessings” (English)

Triqueto – “Triumphant quest” (Spanish)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “TRI”

Triarius – “Soldier” (Latinized English)

Triptonos – “Triumphant voice” (Greek)

Trillius – “Son of the earth” (Latinized English)

Tridoro – “Gift of three” (Spanish)

Trigonus – “Three angles” (Latinized Greek)

Trilisios – “Tranquil three” (Greek)

Tristone – “Sad but strong” (English)

Trivante – “Triumphant traveler” (Spanish)

Triplex – “Triple” (Latinized English)

Trivello – “Triumphant warrior” (Spanish)

Trigeno – “Born of three” (Latinized Greek)

Trius – “Of three” (Latinized English)

Tritario – “Messenger of the sea and earth” (Latinized Italian, derived from English and Greek)

Trivian – “Triumphant conqueror” (English)

Tridelis – “Faithful in three” (Latinized English)

Tricon – “Conqueror of three” (Latinized English)

Trisandro – “Protector of men” (Spanish, derived from Greek)

Trionis – “Triumphant one” (Latinized Greek)

Tristiano – “Sad but steadfast” (Italian, derived from English)

Trivado – “Triumphant leader” (Spanish)

Triomos – “Triumphant son” (Greek)

Trilisio – “Triumphant and noble” (Spanish)

Triviris – “Triumphant man” (Latinized Greek)

Triambos – “Triumphant step” (Greek)

Trivaldo – “Triumphant ruler” (Spanish)

Trisaris – “Triumphant prince” (Latinized Greek)

Tritondo – “Triumphant defender” (Spanish)

Triphilo – “Lover of three” (Latinized Greek)

Trivolo – “Triumphant wolf” (Spanish)

Trilochos – “Guardian of three” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “TRI”

Trilaro – “Starlight” (Esperanto)

Trintan – “Gentle breeze” (Irish)

Trishton – “Brilliant flame” (Sanskrit)

Trivador – “Courageous explorer” (French)

Trizan – “Born of three” (Sanskrit)

Trikuan – “Wise ruler” (Mandarin Chinese)

Tridian – “Gift of three” (Latinized Indonesian)

Triyanto – “Triumphant” (Javanese)

Triebert – “Bright and famous” (German)

Triyasa – “Triumphant glory” (Balinese)

Trisun – “Sun of three” (Latinized Malay)

Triomarco – “Triumphant warrior” (Italian)

Trigonel – “Little triangle” (Welsh)

Trintio – “Triumphant leader” (Portuguese)

Trioné – “Threefold” (French)

Trinco – “Triumphant conqueror” (Portuguese)

Triyab – “Triumphant strength” (Javanese)

Trisanto – “Holy Trinity” (Italian)

Trilino – “Triumphant lion” (Italian)

Trivinci – “Triumphant victory” (Italian)

Trilok – “Three worlds” (Hindi)

Triolus – “Triple light” (Latinized French)

Triguno – “Triumphant hero” (Indonesian)

Trilaris – “Triumphant ruler” (Esperanto)

Triakio – “Of three ages” (Greek)

Trithos – “Triumphant journey” (Greek)

Trilou – “Triumphant wolf” (Occitan)

Trilume – “Triumphant flame” (Latinized Portuguese)

Triyardo – “Triumphant king” (Spanish)

Trisanto – “Triumphant saint” (Italian)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “TRI”

Trilan – “From the three lands” (English)

Trisoul – “Triumphant spirit” (English)

Trivia – “Goddess of crossroads” (Latin)

Triver – “Triumphant traveler” (English)

Triton – “Messenger of the sea” (Greek)

Trixel – “Triple excellence” (English)

Trisand – “Triumphant defender” (English)

Triscape – “Triumphant escape” (English)

Triforce – “Three forces” (English, inspired by gaming)

Triloom – “Triumphant dream” (English)

Trisyn – “Triumphant synthesis” (English)

Triviax – “Triumphant journey” (English)

Trixton – “Triumphant town” (English)

Trien – “Triumphant energy” (English)

Trice – “The third” (English)

Trico – “Triumphant companion” (Spanish)

Triza – “Born of three” (Greek)

Triad – “Threefold” (English)

Tritium – “Element of three” (English)

Triven – “Triumphant venture” (English)

Trisana – “Triumphant sun” (Spanish)

Trilix – “Triumphant light” (English)

Trival – “Triumphant valor” (English)

Trioka – “Triumphant group” (Russian)

Tricona – “Triumphant spirit” (Spanish)

Trilane – “Path of three” (English)

Trivian – “Triumphant seeker of knowledge” (English)

Triara – “Triumphant and noble” (Spanish)

Trisera – “Triumphant ruler” (Spanish)

Trivus – “Three ways” (Latinized English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “TRI”

Trinity – “Threefold unity” (English)

Trikash – “Lord of three” (Spanish)

Triunfo – “Triumph” (Spanish)

Triveni – “Confluence of three sacred rivers” (Spanish)

Triantafyllos – “Rose of three” (Greek)

Trinitario – “Belonging to the Trinity” (Spanish)

Triakion – “Of three ages” (Greek)

Tripurari – “Enemy of the three cities” (Spanish)

Trikru – “Triumphant spirit” (English, inspired by spiritual themes)

Tripathi – “The one who knows the three paths” (Spanish)

Trisagion – “Thrice holy” (Greek)

Triskelios – “Three-legged” (Greek)

Trisanku – “Descendant of Trisanku, a king in Hindu mythology” (Spanish)

Trindad – “Trinity” (Spanish)

Tristram – “Sad but steadfast” (English, derived from Latin)

Trivenio – “Triumphant devotion” (Spanish)

Tritheos – “God of three” (Greek)

Trisandalo – “Triumphant prayer” (Spanish)

Trison – “Son of the Trinity” (English)

Triakios – “Of three elements” (Greek)

Trihari – “Lord of the three worlds” (Spanish)

Trias – “Threefold” (Greek)

Trisant – “Holy trinity” (English)

Triomis – “Triumphant messenger” (Greek)

Trivoto – “Devoted to the Trinity” (Spanish)

Triskalos – “Guardian of the three” (Greek)

Tritonio – “Messenger of the sea” (Greek)

Triunfal – “Triumphant” (Spanish)

Trisanta – “Holy three” (Spanish)

Trividyut – “Triumphant light” (Spanish)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “TRI”

Trippin Davey

British musician known for his experimental jazz fusion. His innovative guitar work has influenced a generation of musicians.

Tristan Hemsworth

Acclaimed Australian actor recognized for his versatile roles in both theater and film, receiving several prestigious awards.

Triolo Venturi

Italian chef and restaurateur renowned for his mastery of traditional Mediterranean cuisine, blending flavors with modern techniques.

Trisolaris Chandrasekhar

Indian astrophysicist awarded the Nobel Prize for his groundbreaking work on the evolution of stars and black holes.

Tristan O’Reilly

Canadian environmentalist and author advocating for sustainable living, widely recognized for his efforts in promoting green energy.

Triandis Geoghegan

American psychologist known for his influential research on cultural psychology, exploring how culture shapes human behavior and cognition.

Tripplewood Kurosawa

Japanese filmmaker celebrated for his contributions to world cinema, known for his masterpieces blending traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern storytelling.

Trigo Marquez

Argentinean football legend, renowned for his prolific goal-scoring record and leadership on the pitch, achieving numerous accolades.

Tripton Redgrave

British poet and literary critic, celebrated for his eloquent verses that explore the complexities of human emotion and nature.

Triumph Williams

American entrepreneur and philanthropist, recognized for founding a successful tech company and his commitment to supporting education initiatives in underprivileged communities.

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