220 Cute Boy Names That Start with “BAL”

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy can be a challenging yet exciting task.

If you’re looking for a unique and strong name for your little one, then names that start with “Bal” might be just what you’re searching for.

These powerful and distinctive names have a rich history and offer a sense of individuality that will set your son apart from the crowd.

From traditional favorites to modern innovations, boy names that start with “Bal” encompass a wide range of meanings and origins, providing plenty of options to suit your personal preferences.

Whether you’re interested in a name with a cultural significance or simply want something that sounds strong and confident, there’s sure to be a “Bal” name that resonates with you.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular and unique boy names that begin with “Bal,” delving into their meanings, origins, and potential variations.

So, if you’re on the hunt for the perfect name for your baby boy, look no further than the captivating world of “Bal” names.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “BAL”

Baldwin – “brave friend” (English)

Balder – “prince, brave warrior” (Spanish)

Balthazar – “Baal protects the king” (Spanish)

Balin – “powerful, strong” (Old English)

Ballas – “dancing” (Greek)

Baltasar – “Baal protects the king” (Spanish)

Balian – “brave” (Spanish)

Balint – “strong, healthy” (Spanish)

Balkan – “high, elevated” (Spanish)

Balmor – “good fortune” (Spanish)

Balor – “one-eyed” (Spanish)

Balraj – “mighty king” (Greek)

Baltas – “white” (Greek)

Balto – “brave” (Greek)

Balys – “strong and healthy” (Greek)

Baltoji – “white” (Greek)

Baltus – “white” (Latin)

Balvin – “brave friend” (English)

Balthamos – “brave, bold” (Greek)

Balen – “strong, healthy” (Spanish)

Baltasar – “Baal protects the king” (Greek)

Balendin – “light” (Greek)

Balfour – “pasture land” (Greek)

Balduino – “bold, brave friend” (Greek)

Balys – “strong” (Greek)

Baldo – “brave, bold” (Greek)

Balfred – “counsel of elves” (Old English)

Balwan – “strong” (Greek)

Baldrick – “brave ruler” (Greek)

Balthus – “Baal protects” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "BAL"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “BAL”

Balian – “brave and strong” (English)

Balta – “bold, daring” (Spanish)

Balenos – “calm, peaceful” (Greek)

Balsa – “bear-like” (English)

Balrico – “rich in courage” (Spanish)

Balion – “mighty one” (Greek)

Balmont – “mountain of balsam” (English)

Balsaar – “courageous lion” (Spanish)

Balyx – “defender” (Greek)

Balven – “adventurous spirit” (English)

Baltares – “swift and strong” (Spanish)

Balthor – “heroic one” (Greek)

Balcus – “courteous and gentle” (English)

Baltaar – “strong and noble” (Spanish)

Balianos – “son of strength” (Greek)

Balrico – “rich in strength” (English)

Balsamiro – “healer” (Spanish)

Balionis – “son of the strong one” (Greek)

Balenzo – “bold protector” (English)

Baltoño – “noble bear” (Spanish)

Balthorn – “thorn of courage” (Greek)

Balmonti – “mountain of strength” (English)

Balsidro – “strong and wise” (Spanish)

Balyxis – “defender of the people” (Greek)

Balveno – “brave conqueror” (English)

Balsario – “noble and strong” (Spanish)

Balathon – “strong and enduring” (Greek)

Balcrest – “crest of courage” (English)

Balvino – “brave friend” (Spanish)

Baltheon – “divine strength” (Greek)

Unique “BAL” Names for Boys

Balmore – “majestic hill” (English)

Balazo – “bold strike” (Spanish)

Balthorne – “courageous thorn” (English)

Balenzo – “brave wanderer” (Spanish)

Balyxios – “sun-like strength” (Greek)

Balsaros – “adventurous spirit” (Greek)

Balvantis – “rising strength” (Greek)

Balrigo – “bold ruler” (Spanish)

Balenthos – “courageous heart” (Greek)

Balver – “bold traveler” (English)

Baldero – “brave warrior” (Spanish)

Balsario – “noble defender” (Spanish)

Baloros – “strong presence” (Greek)

Balvador – “savior in courage” (Spanish)

Balthram – “brave guardian” (English)

Balsan – “bold soul” (Spanish)

Balenzo – “brave enigma” (English)

Balthias – “strength of the gods” (Greek)

Balsido – “wise and brave” (Spanish)

Baltheon – “divine protector” (Greek)

Balvadoro – “brave gift” (Spanish)

Balsius – “strong and wise” (Greek)

Balreth – “courageous ruler” (English)

Baltran – “steadfast and brave” (Spanish)

Balmos – “brave dreamer” (Greek)

Balsanto – “noble and bold” (Spanish)

Balvio – “courageous visionary” (English)

Baldox – “bold and powerful” (Spanish)

Balysto – “wise protector” (Greek)

Balquilo – “quiet strength” (Spanish)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “BAL”

Balthus – “brave, valiant” (Greek)

Balderic – “bold ruler” (English)

Balvan – “mighty and strong” (English)

Balino – “warrior” (Spanish)

Balsam – “fragrant and healing” (English)

Balianthos – “strong blossom” (Greek)

Balwin – “bold friend” (English)

Balcero – “strong and bold” (Spanish)

Baltheus – “brave god” (Greek)

Balsamir – “healing and noble” (English)

Balvino – “brave conqueror” (Spanish)

Balthamos – “bold and strong” (Greek)

Balric – “mighty ruler” (English)

Balsario – “noble and brave” (Spanish)

Balthron – “strong defender” (Greek)

Balmor – “good fortune” (English)

Balendro – “brave man” (Spanish)

Baltheon – “divine strength” (Greek)

Balmoren – “brave and enduring” (English)

Balzaro – “bold and fierce” (Spanish)

Balionas – “son of strength” (Greek)

Balto – “brave one” (English)

Balsan – “bold soul” (Spanish)

Baltheron – “brave ruler” (Greek)

Balyard – “strong and hardy” (English)

Balvadoro – “brave gift” (Spanish)

Balsius – “strong and wise” (Greek)

Balwyn – “friend of strength” (English)

Balmaro – “warrior” (Spanish)

Balsidon – “wise and powerful” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “BAL”

Baldev – “god-like in strength” (Sanskrit/Indian)

Baliano – “brave one” (Italian)

Balrajah – “king of strength” (Hindi/Indian)

Balduin – “bold and brave” (German)

Balvyn – “strong warrior” (Welsh)

Balthasar – “Baal protects the king” (German)

Baligh – “eloquent, expressive” (Arabic)

Baldoir – “brave and golden” (Irish)

Balmir – “mighty and famous” (Arabic)

Balram – “strong and powerful” (Sanskrit/Indian)

Balvino – “brave friend” (Italian)

Balsan – “courageous one” (Arabic)

Balthasar – “lord of treasure” (German)

Balvir – “brave and heroic” (Punjabi/Indian)

Balmoral – “majestic dwelling” (Scottish)

Balthus – “bold and fearless” (German)

Balsamir – “healer and noble” (Arabic)

Balmiki – “sage and poet” (Sanskrit/Indian)

Balvis – “wise and strong” (Latvian)

Balsaar – “courageous lion” (Arabic)

Balinor – “brave one” (Arthurian legend)

Baldox – “bold and powerful” (Kurdish)

Balsario – “noble and brave” (Spanish)

Balvados – “courageous leader” (French)

Balthamos – “strong and brave” (Greek)

Balsidro – “strong and wise” (Spanish)

Balxan – “warrior” (Azerbaijani)

Balzent – “adventurous spirit” (German)

Balcero – “strong and bold” (Spanish)

Balavir – “brave hero” (Punjabi/Indian)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “BAL”

Balen – “strong, healthy” (English)

Bala – “bullet” (Spanish)

Baltha – “bravery” (Greek)

Balin – “powerful, strong” (English)

Balar – “dart or arrow” (Spanish)

Balkis – “queen of Sheba” (Greek)

Balfour – “pasture land” (English)

Balta – “bold, daring” (Spanish)

Balsan – “bold soul” (Greek)

Balix – “strong one” (English)

Ballesta – “crossbow” (Spanish)

Balviris – “wise strength” (Greek)

Balio – “to dance” (English)

Baltares – “swift and strong” (Spanish)

Balian – “brave and strong” (Greek)

Balur – “brave one” (English)

Baltaar – “courageous lion” (Spanish)

Balis – “king” (Greek)

Balmor – “good fortune” (English)

Balco – “strong and bold” (Spanish)

Balios – “mighty” (Greek)

Balven – “adventurous spirit” (English)

Balsario – “noble and brave” (Spanish)

Balthos – “bold and strong” (Greek)

Balveno – “brave conqueror” (English)

Balsamiro – “healer” (Spanish)

Baltheon – “divine strength” (Greek)

Balvino – “brave friend” (English)

Balsidro – “strong and wise” (Spanish)

Balyxis – “defender of the people” (Greek)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “BAL”

Baladron – “faithful” (Spanish)

Balthasar – “Baal protects the king” (Greek)

Balziel – “lord’s protection” (English)

Balvino – “brave servant of God” (Spanish)

Balsamos – “anointed one” (Greek)

Balaam – “not of the people” (Hebrew)

Balsar – “prince of prayer” (Spanish)

Balthazar – “lord of treasures” (Greek)

Baliano – “devoted to God” (Spanish)

Balthos – “devout and strong” (Greek)

Balram – “god of strength” (Sanskrit/Indian)

Balsario – “noble defender of faith” (Spanish)

Baltheus – “God’s brave warrior” (Greek)

Balwin – “blessed friend” (English)

Balsaar – “prayerful lion” (Spanish)

Balzion – “holy place” (Greek)

Balvador – “savior in God” (Spanish)

Balsidro – “wise and devout” (Spanish)

Balthram – “faithful guardian” (English)

Balvantis – “rising in faith” (Greek)

Balsamir – “healing by God” (Spanish)

Baltheron – “faithful ruler” (Greek)

Balmiki – “sage and devotee of God” (Sanskrit/Indian)

Balveno – “faithful conqueror” (Spanish)

Balsido – “wise and devout” (Spanish)

Balvados – “devout leader” (Spanish)

Balsius – “strong in faith” (Greek)

Balzion – “sacred lion” (Greek)

Baltharn – “faithful defender” (English)

Balvino – “faithful friend” (Spanish)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “BAL”

Balzac, Honoré de

Renowned French novelist and playwright of the 19th century, known for his intricate portrayal of society in works like “La Comédie Humaine.”

Baldwin, James

Influential African-American writer, essayist, and social critic, whose works like “Go Tell It on the Mountain” explored racial and social issues.

Ball, Lucille

Iconic American actress and comedian, best known for her role in the classic TV sitcom “I Love Lucy,” a pioneer in the entertainment industry.

Balfour, Arthur James

British statesman who served as Prime Minister and played a key role in the Balfour Declaration, which expressed British support for a “national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine.

Baldursson, Eiður Smári

Icelandic former professional footballer, recognized for his successful career playing as a midfielder, notably with the Icelandic national team.

Ballard, J.G. (James Graham)

Visionary English author known for his science fiction works, including “Empire of the Sun” and “Crash,” exploring dystopian and psychological themes.

Balanchine, George

Esteemed Russian-American ballet choreographer and co-founder of the New York City Ballet, considered one of the greatest choreographers in the history of ballet.

Ballmer, Steve

Former CEO of Microsoft, played a pivotal role in the company’s growth during the 1990s and early 2000s, known for his energetic leadership style.

Ballesteros, Seve

Spanish professional golfer, widely regarded as one of the greatest players in the history of the sport, known for his creativity and charisma on the golf course.

Balboa, Vasco Núñez de

Spanish explorer and conquistador, credited with the discovery of the Pacific Ocean during an expedition to the isthmus of Panama in the early 16th century.

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