220 Adorable Boy Names That Start with “CAR”

When it comes to choosing a name for a baby boy, parents often look for something that is unique and meaningful.

If you’re searching for a name that starts with “CAR”, you may be in luck. There are plenty of interesting and distinctive boy names that begin with these three letters.

From traditional names like Carl and Carson to more modern options like Carter and Carmine, there is a wide variety of choices for parents to consider.

Each name carries its own rich history and connotations, making it a special and personal choice for a baby.

Whether you’re drawn to names with a strong, classic feel or prefer something more contemporary and trendy, there is sure to be a “CAR” boy name that resonates with you.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most compelling and appealing options for boys’ names that start with “CAR”.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a name that stands out and holds meaning, read on to discover some fantastic options.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “CAR”

Carlitos – “free man” (Spanish)

Carver – “wood carver” (English)

Carmine – “garden” (Spanish)

Carlos – “free man” (Spanish)

Carter – “cart driver” (English)

Carwyn – “blessed love” (Spanish)

Carey – “dark-haired” (Spanish)

Carlsen – “son of Carl” (English)

Carlin – “small champion” (Spanish)

Carmelo – “orchard” (Spanish)

Carlton – “free town” (English)

Carmichael – “Michael’s garden” (Spanish)

Carmine – “song” (Greek)

Carson – “son of Carr” (Spanish)

Carver – “sculptor” (English)

Caradoc – “beloved” (Welsh)

Carlomagno – “Charles the Great” (Spanish)

Carwyn – “fair love” (Spanish)

Caradog – “dear one” (Spanish)

Carmichael – “Michael’s vineyard” (Spanish)

Carney – “fighter” (Spanish)

Caris – “grace, kindness” (Greek)

Carmello – “garden” (Spanish)

Carlton – “peasant’s town” (English)

Carinoso – “affectionate” (Spanish)

Carver – “woodworker” (English)

Caradog – “affectionate” (Greek)

Carlo – “man” (Greek)

Caron – “to love” (Greek)

Carmichael – “Michael’s field” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "CAR"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “CAR”

Cargan – “little rock” (English)

Carlow – “hill by the lake” (Spanish)

Cario – “beloved” (Spanish)

Carrick – “rock” (Spanish)

Carloz – “free man” (Spanish)

Carth – “love” (Greek)

Carisio – “graceful” (Spanish)

Carrington – “settlement of free men” (English)

Carzo – “strength” (Greek)

Carwynn – “blessed love” (Spanish)

Carles – “strong” (Spanish)

Carston – “Christian” (English)

Carrizo – “reed” (Spanish)

Carthus – “grace” (Greek)

Carvell – “small fortress” (English)

Cartio – “pure” (Greek)

Carvun – “craftsman” (English)

Carron – “river” (Scottish)

Carzo – “bold” (Greek)

Carvyl – “skilled worker” (English)

Carro – “cart” (Spanish)

Carton – “town on the rocks” (English)

Carzio – “gift of love” (Spanish)

Carvus – “courageous” (Latin)

Carzel – “warrior” (Spanish)

Carvyn – “friend of stone” (English)

Carzo – “defender” (Greek)

Carvell – “stronghold” (English)

Carisma – “charm” (Spanish)

Carzion – “divine gift” (Greek)

Unique “CAR” Names for Boys

Caramon – “dear one” (English)

Caran – “friend” (Spanish)

Carazo – “gracious gift” (Spanish)

Cartheon – “warrior” (Greek)

Carvion – “song of joy” (English)

Carviano – “vibrant” (Spanish)

Carithos – “beloved son” (Greek)

Carlinos – “little champion” (Spanish)

Carus – “beloved” (Latin)

Cartan – “from the stone town” (English)

Cartio – “wise” (Greek)

Carvios – “skilled” (Spanish)

Carmino – “song” (Spanish)

Carnell – “defender” (English)

Carazo – “noble” (Spanish)

Carphyll – “lover of horses” (Greek)

Caronel – “angelic” (English)

Carthusio – “clear thinker” (Spanish)

Caraxos – “graceful” (Greek)

Carleyo – “brave one” (Spanish)

Carrion – “fierce” (English)

Carito – “little beloved” (Spanish)

Carpo – “fruitful” (Greek)

Carriglio – “little rock” (Spanish)

Carthusian – “wise and pure” (English)

Carvo – “determined” (Spanish)

Carphyx – “strong defender” (Greek)

Carvunio – “creative” (Spanish)

Carlowe – “joyful” (English)

Carzano – “bright path” (Spanish)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “CAR”

Carmichael – “Michael’s vineyard” (Spanish)

Caradoc – “amiable” (Spanish)

Carlowan – “friendly” (English)

Caruso – “boy” (Spanish)

Carlton – “free town” (English)

Carver – “craftsman” (English)

Carleson – “son of Carl” (English)

Carmello – “garden” (Spanish)

Carmine – “song” (Greek)

Carollus – “man” (Latin)

Carrick – “rock” (Spanish)

Carwyn – “blessed love” (Spanish)

Carland – “land of free men” (English)

Carino – “affectionate” (Spanish)

Carmichal – “Michael’s field” (Spanish)

Cartwright – “maker of carts” (English)

Carles – “strong” (Spanish)

Cartheon – “warrior” (Greek)

Carver – “wood carver” (English)

Carlitos – “little Carl” (Spanish)

Carrington – “settlement of free men” (English)

Caraco – “grace” (Greek)

Carrow – “hill” (English)

Cario – “dear one” (Greek)

Carmont – “mountain of love” (Spanish)

Carvino – “skilled” (Spanish)

Cartel – “charter” (English)

Carizo – “reed” (Spanish)

Carlow – “hill by the lake” (Spanish)

Carion – “songbird” (Spanish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “CAR”

Carwyn – “blessed love” (Welsh)

Carles – “man” (Catalan)

Carmelo – “garden” (Spanish)

Caradog – “beloved” (Welsh)

Cartier – “cart driver” (French)

Carsten – “Christian” (German)

Carmino – “song” (Italian)

Carver – “wood carver” (English)

Carus – “beloved” (Latin)

Cario – “dear one” (Portuguese)

Carlowan – “friendly” (Irish)

Caronte – “ferryman of the underworld” (Italian)

Cárthach – “warrior” (Irish)

Carinoso – “affectionate” (Spanish)

Caruso – “boy” (Italian)

Cario – “beloved” (Spanish)

Carisio – “graceful” (Italian)

Carletto – “little Carl” (Italian)

Carzio – “gift of love” (Spanish)

Carmi – “my vineyard” (Hebrew)

Carrigan – “little rock” (Irish)

Caros – “graceful” (Portuguese)

Carabin – “archer” (French)

Carobel – “beautiful voice” (Spanish)

Cariberto – “bright army” (Italian)

Carvell – “stronghold” (French)

Carya – “nut tree” (Greek)

Carwynn – “blessed love” (Welsh)

Carwin – “blessed friend” (Irish)

Caravel – “explorer’s ship” (Portuguese)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “CAR”

Carrington – “settlement of free people” (English)

Carmi – “my vineyard” (Hebrew)

Carlin – “small champion” (Spanish)

Carlyle – “free man” (English)

Carmen – “garden” (Spanish)

Carlowe – “joyful” (English)

Caris – “grace, kindness” (Greek)

Caro – “dear one” (Spanish)

Carwen – “blessed love” (Spanish)

Carwyn – “fair love” (Spanish)

Carino – “affectionate” (Spanish)

Carisio – “graceful” (Spanish)

Carrigan – “little rock” (Spanish)

Carabel – “beautiful face” (Spanish)

Carron – “river” (Spanish)

Caraway – “spice” (English)

Caravelle – “explorer’s ship” (Spanish)

Carinthia – “place name” (English)

Carleson – “son of Carl” (English)

Carven – “sculpted” (English)

Carly – “free person” (English)

Carma – “song” (Greek)

Carvell – “stronghold” (English)

Carzion – “divine gift” (Greek)

Carwan – “blessed friend” (Spanish)

Caroel – “song of joy” (English)

Carosin – “graceful” (Spanish)

Carisio – “precious” (Spanish)

Carwynn – “blessed love” (Spanish)

Carrig – “rocky place” (Spanish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “CAR”

Caritas – “charity” (Hebrew)

Carmel – “garden” (Hebrew)

Carlisle – “from the bishop’s castle” (English)

Carreon – “Christian” (Spanish)

Carisius – “graceful” (Latin)

Carmello – “vineyard of God” (Spanish)

Carmine – “song” (Greek)

Carolus – “man” (Latin)

Carwin – “blessed friend” (Hebrew)

Carthage – “new city” (Greek)

Carrick – “rock” (Hebrew)

Carus – “beloved” (Latin)

Caridad – “charity” (Spanish)

Carlinus – “little champion” (Latin)

Carisio – “graceful” (Spanish)

Carlton – “free town” (English)

Carwen – “blessed love” (Hebrew)

Carusio – “dear” (Hebrew)

Carystus – “savior” (Greek)

Carvino – “Christian” (Spanish)

Caridad – “charity” (Spanish)

Carrick – “grace” (Hebrew)

Carsten – “follower of Christ” (Hebrew)

Carwyn – “blessed love” (Hebrew)

Carisma – “gift” (Spanish)

Carmichael – “Michael’s vineyard” (Hebrew)

Carmello – “garden” (Spanish)

Carsten – “follower of Christ” (Hebrew)

Carold – “song of joy” (English)

Caritino – “little charity” (Spanish)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “CAR”

Carl Sagan

American astronomer, astrophysicist, and science communicator. Known for popularizing science through his books and the television series “Cosmos.”

Carlos Santana

Mexican-American guitarist and songwriter, known for his influential role in the development of rock and Latin American music fusion.

Caravaggio (Michelangelo Merisi)

Italian Baroque painter, considered one of the most important artists of the 17th century. His work is known for its realistic depiction and dramatic use of light and shadow.

Carl Jung

Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, founder of analytical psychology. His work explored the depths of the human psyche and the concept of the collective unconscious.

Cary Grant (Archibald Leach)

British-American actor, known for his debonair demeanor and leading roles in classic Hollywood films like “North by Northwest” and “Charade.”

Carlo Ancelotti

Italian football manager and former player. Widely regarded as one of the most successful and respected managers in the world, having won numerous league titles and Champions League trophies.

Carl Lewis (Frederick Carlton Lewis)

American former track and field athlete, widely considered one of the greatest sprinters and long jumpers in Olympic history.

Carlos Ghosn

Brazilian-Lebanese-French businessman, former CEO of Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi Alliance. Known for orchestrating the turnaround of Nissan in the late 1990s.

Carson McCullers

American novelist and playwright, best known for her works such as “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter” and “The Member of the Wedding.”

Carles Puyol

Spanish retired footballer and former captain of FC Barcelona. Renowned for his leadership skills and defensive prowess, winning numerous domestic and international titles.

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