220 Best Boy Names That Start with “AMY”

Choosing a name for your baby boy can be an exciting yet daunting task.

If you’re searching for a unique and unconventional name that starts with the letter “A,” then look no further than the unusual and distinctive selection of boy names that start with “Amy.”

While “Amy” is traditionally considered a female name, there are several boy names that share this uncommon beginning.

These names can be a great option for parents who want to give their son a name that stands out from the crowd.

Whether you’re drawn to classic names, modern choices, or something in between, there are plenty of options to consider when it comes to boy names that start with “Amy.”

From traditional names with a twist to modern and trendy choices, the possibilities are endless.

So if you’re on the lookout for an out-of-the-ordinary name for your little boy, keep reading to discover some intriguing options that may just be the perfect fit.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “AMY”

Amyas – “loved” (English)

Amyntas – “defender” (Greek)

Amyot – “beloved friend” (English)

Amykos – “unrestrained” (Greek)

Amyr – “prince” (English)

Amygdalos – “almond tree” (Greek)

Amyntor – “defender” (Greek)

Amyel – “beloved of God” (English)

Amykos – “unrestrained” (Greek)

Amymone – “blameless” (Greek)

Amyntas – “protected by the gods” (Greek)

Amyr – “noble leader” (English)

Amygdalos – “almond” (Greek)

Amyntor – “defender” (Greek)

Amyas – “beloved” (English)

Amykos – “unrestrained” (Greek)

Amyr – “prince” (English)

Amyntas – “protector” (Greek)

Amyel – “beloved” (English)

Amykos – “unrestrained” (Greek)

Amymone – “blameless” (Greek)

Amyntor – “defender” (Greek)

Amyr – “noble” (English)

Amygdalos – “almond tree” (Greek)

Amyntas – “protected by the gods” (Greek)

Amyas – “loved” (English)

Amykos – “unrestrained” (Greek)

Amyr – “prince” (English)

Amyntor – “defender” (Greek)

Amyel – “beloved” (English)

Boy Names That Start with "AMY"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “AMY”

Amyrion – “mighty friend” (English)

Amyro – “beloved one” (Spanish)

Amykos – “valiant defender” (Greek)

Amythyst – “precious gem” (English)

Amyric – “ruler of the household” (English)

Amystos – “unshakeable” (Greek)

Amyvion – “beloved life” (English)

Amyntio – “defender of the people” (Spanish)

Amyxander – “protector of mankind” (Greek)

Amyleo – “brave lion” (Spanish)

Amysios – “steadfast” (Greek)

Amytor – “guardian” (English)

Amyre – “nobleman” (Spanish)

Amykos – “brave warrior” (Greek)

Amyvian – “cherished gift” (English)

Amyrando – “adventurous spirit” (Spanish)

Amyzio – “strength of the family” (Greek)

Amyxio – “beloved son” (Spanish)

Amyan – “blessed protector” (English)

Amyros – “joyful love” (Greek)

Amyrique – “resolute ruler” (Spanish)

Amyzander – “defender of mankind” (Greek)

Amystan – “steadfast guardian” (English)

Amyndo – “protector of men” (Spanish)

Amystio – “loyal companion” (Greek)

Amydor – “gift of love” (English)

Amyrado – “adventurous soul” (Spanish)

Amyzion – “strength and honor” (Greek)

Amyron – “beloved ruler” (English)

Amyzo – “protector of the family” (Spanish)

Unique “AMY” Names for Boys

Amyrion – “eternal friend” (English)

Amyador – “beloved gift” (Spanish)

Amythos – “brave spirit” (Greek)

Amyrion – “cherished companion” (English)

Amyvante – “loved conqueror” (Spanish)

Amydrios – “warrior of the people” (Greek)

Amyrilo – “adored son” (English)

Amyguel – “beloved guardian” (Spanish)

Amyklis – “noble protector” (Greek)

Amystus – “steadfast defender” (English)

Amyrold – “courageous leader” (Spanish)

Amykles – “brave glory” (Greek)

Amyzir – “beloved warrior” (English)

Amyrion – “faithful friend” (Spanish)

Amytheon – “divine protector” (Greek)

Amyrson – “son of love” (English)

Amyrlo – “beloved prince” (Spanish)

Amydoros – “gifted warrior” (Greek)

Amyvian – “precious life” (English)

Amydor – “adored one” (Spanish)

Amykos – “valiant defender” (Greek)

Amyrith – “brave heart” (English)

Amyrigo – “beloved king” (Spanish)

Amytheon – “divinely protected” (Greek)

Amyvard – “guardian of love” (English)

Amyrigo – “cherished ruler” (Spanish)

Amytios – “loyal friend” (Greek)

Amyward – “guardian of the homeland” (English)

Amyrado – “adventurous protector” (Spanish)

Amythos – “courageous soul” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “AMY”

Amyron – “eternal ruler” (English)

Amyelo – “beloved light” (Spanish)

Amykos – “forever brave” (Greek)

Amylen – “enduring friend” (English)

Amyaldo – “timeless leader” (Spanish)

Amydoros – “everlasting warrior” (Greek)

Amyrson – “eternal son” (English)

Amyrigo – “time-honored ruler” (Spanish)

Amythos – “eternal spirit” (Greek)

Amyward – “everlasting guardian” (English)

Amyador – “timeless gift” (Spanish)

Amykles – “eternal glory” (Greek)

Amyriel – “forever beloved” (English)

Amyrido – “timeless adventurer” (Spanish)

Amytios – “eternal friend” (Greek)

Amyrith – “timeless courage” (English)

Amyaldo – “eternal leader” (Spanish)

Amyklis – “timeless protector” (Greek)

Amyrand – “eternal wanderer” (English)

Amyrigo – “timeless king” (Spanish)

Amytheon – “eternal guardian” (Greek)

Amyrold – “timeless ruler” (English)

Amyaldo – “eternal hero” (Spanish)

Amytios – “timeless companion” (Greek)

Amyward – “eternal watchman” (English)

Amyrald – “timeless defender” (Spanish)

Amykrates – “eternal strength” (Greek)

Amyrion – “timeless friend” (English)

Amyaldo – “eternal protector” (Spanish)

Amyktas – “timeless warrior” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “AMY”

Amyl – “hope” (Arabic)

Amyo – “brave” (Japanese)

Amyz – “lion” (African)

Amyanu – “peaceful” (Hawaiian)

Amyo – “sunshine” (Korean)

Amyit – “wisdom” (Burmese)

Amyas – “bright” (Welsh)

Amyen – “graceful” (Chinese)

Amyd – “prosperous” (Vietnamese)

Amyin – “calm” (Thai)

Amyal – “elegant” (Turkish)

Amyir – “noble” (Persian)

Amyuu – “gentle” (Mongolian)

Amyash – “happy” (Indian)

Amyas – “joyful” (Irish)

Amyan – “tranquil” (Swedish)

Amyot – “beloved” (French)

Amyar – “blessed” (Arabic)

Amyer – “free” (German)

Amyas – “peaceful” (Maori)

Amyal – “bright” (Scottish)

Amyt – “fortunate” (Russian)

Amyer – “wise” (Hebrew)

Amyi – “courageous” (Japanese)

Amyx – “faithful” (Greek)

Amyon – “strong” (Korean)

Amyan – “noble” (Sanskrit)

Amyo – “beloved” (Fijian)

Amyu – “harmony” (Swahili)

Amyth – “divine” (Celtic)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “AMY”

Amyris – “resilient” (English)

Amyto – “loved one” (Spanish)

Amylen – “friend of the people” (Greek)

Amyo – “beloved” (English)

Amyro – “cherished” (Spanish)

Amydon – “gift of love” (Greek)

Amylen – “compassionate” (English)

Amyro – “beloved” (Spanish)

Amyta – “enduring” (Greek)

Amyris – “inspiring” (English)

Amyto – “treasured” (Spanish)

Amykos – “brave” (Greek)

Amyris – “joyful” (English)

Amyro – “beloved” (Spanish)

Amytis – “hopeful” (Greek)

Amylen – “kind-hearted” (English)

Amylo – “adorable” (Spanish)

Amyx – “peaceful” (Greek)

Amyris – “radiant” (English)

Amyta – “eternal” (Spanish)

Amylo – “lovable” (Greek)

Amylen – “gentle” (English)

Amyto – “precious” (Spanish)

Amyx – “serene” (Greek)

Amyris – “bright” (English)

Amyro – “sweet” (Spanish)

Amytis – “blessed” (Greek)

Amylen – “charming” (English)

Amylo – “graceful” (Spanish)

Amyx – “tranquil” (Greek)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “AMY”

Amyziel – “God’s beloved” (English)

Amyoel – “divine light” (Spanish)

Amytheos – “Godly” (Greek)

Amygan – “God’s grace” (English)

Amymanuel – “God with us” (Spanish)

Amytheos – “divine gift” (Greek)

Amyelias – “God’s strength” (English)

Amydriel – “God’s messenger” (Spanish)

Amykairos – “God’s appointed time” (Greek)

Amygideon – “mighty warrior of God” (English)

Amyelias – “God’s grace” (Spanish)

Amytheon – “divinely blessed” (Greek)

Amyezer – “God’s help” (English)

Amyrafael – “healed by God” (Spanish)

Amytheon – “God’s gift” (Greek)

Amyjonah – “God’s dove” (English)

Amyelias – “God’s protection” (Spanish)

Amyzekiel – “God strengthens” (Greek)

Amygabriel – “God is my strength” (English)

Amyariel – “lion of God” (Spanish)

Amyzekiel – “God’s power” (Greek)

Amyraphael – “God’s healing” (English)

Amymanuel – “God is with us” (Spanish)

Amyathanasios – “immortal like God” (Greek)

Amyraphael – “God’s healer” (English)

Amyelias – “God’s salvation” (Spanish)

Amyseraphim – “burning with God’s fire” (Greek)

Amyjacob – “God protects” (English)

Amyelias – “God’s mercy” (Spanish)

Amytheodoros – “gift of God” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “AMY”

Amy Winehouse

A talented British singer-songwriter known for her soulful voice and troubled personal life.

Amy Pascal

A prominent American film producer and former chairperson of Sony Pictures Entertainment, recognized for her role in the film industry.

Amy Tan

An acclaimed American author renowned for her novels exploring themes of cultural identity, family, and mother-daughter relationships.

Amy Poehler

A versatile American comedian, actress, writer, producer, and director, known for her work on “Saturday Night Live” and “Parks and Recreation.”

Amy Johnson

A pioneering British aviator who became the first woman to fly solo from Britain to Australia in 1930, making her a significant figure in aviation history.

Amy Schumer

A popular American comedian, actress, writer, and producer known for her bold and unapologetic humor addressing societal issues.

Amy Klobuchar

A prominent American politician serving as a United States Senator from Minnesota, recognized for her pragmatic approach and legislative work.

Amy Purdy

An inspirational American athlete, actress, and model who overcame adversity after losing both of her legs and became a Paralympic snowboarder.

Amyr Klink

A renowned Brazilian sailor and explorer who achieved notable feats in solo sailing expeditions, including crossing the Atlantic Ocean and circumnavigating Antarctica.

Amy Johnson Crow

A well-known American genealogist and author recognized for her expertise in family history research and educational contributions to the field.

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