Boy Names That Start with “LYN”

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy is an exciting journey, full of endless possibilities.

If you’re seeking a name that carries a touch of uniqueness and significance, why not explore options that start with “LYN”?

While not as commonly encountered, names starting with “LYN” offer a diverse array of choices, each with its own charm and meaning.

From timeless classics like Lyncoln, meaning “lake colony,” to more contemporary selections like Lyndon, which denotes “linden tree hill,” there’s a name to suit every taste and style.

In this guide, we’ll delve into some of the most captivating boy names that start with “LYN,” shedding light on their origins and significance.

So, whether you’re drawn to traditional appellations or inclined towards something more distinctive, there’s a wealth of “LYN” names waiting to be discovered.

Join us on this journey as we unravel the allure of boy names that start with “LYN.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “LYN”

Lyndon – “From the linden tree hill” (English)

Lynwood – “From the linden tree forest” (English)

Lynn – “Waterfall” (Irish)

Lynton – “Town by the torrent” (English)

Lynford – “Linden tree ford” (English)

Lynx – “Wildcat” (Greek)

Lynxton – “Town of the lynx” (English)

Lynbert – “Bright linden tree” (English)

Lynward – “Guardian of the linden tree” (English)

Lynstan – “Linden tree stone” (English)

Lynrick – “Powerful linden tree ruler” (English)

Lynroe – “From the raven’s linden tree” (English)

Lynleigh – “Meadow of the linden tree” (English)

Lynard – “Strong linden tree” (English)

Lynnox – “Linden tree clearing” (English)

Lyndale – “From the valley of the lime trees” (English)

Lynden – “Linden trees” (English)

Lynian – “Linden tree dweller” (English)

Lynstan – “Linden tree stone” (English)

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Modern Boy Names That Start with “LYN”

Lynix – “Linden tree island” (English)

Lynzen – “Linden tree strength” (English)

Lynxen – “Linden tree defender” (English)

Lynvil – “Linden tree village” (English)

Lynaro – “Linden tree hero” (Spanish)

Lynick – “Linden tree victory” (English)

Lynkin – “Linden tree kin” (English)

Lynrok – “Linden tree rock” (English)

Lynzent – “Linden tree center” (English)

Lynfryd – “Beloved linden tree” (English)

Lyndor – “Linden tree doorkeeper” (English)

Lynrik – “Linden tree ruler” (English)

Lynshad – “Linden tree shadow” (English)

Lynvyn – “Linden tree friend” (English)

Lynvex – “Linden tree adventurer” (English)

Unique “LYN” Names for Boys

Lynvale – “Linden tree valley” (English)

Lynscar – “Linden tree scar” (English)

Lynvian – “Linden tree dreamer” (English)

Lynstice – “Linden tree justice” (English)

Lynkell – “Linden tree defender” (English)

Lynfer – “Linden tree traveler” (English)

Lynzor – “Linden tree guardian” (English)

Lynxer – “Linden tree explorer” (English)

Lynswell – “Linden tree spring” (English)

Lynvelle – “Linden tree beauty” (English)

Lynwill – “Linden tree determination” (English)

Lynxus – “Linden tree strength” (English)

Lynmere – “Linden tree sea” (English)

Lynvale – “Linden tree valley” (English)

Lynovis – “Linden tree vision” (English)

Unique “LYN” Names for Boys

Lyndor – “Door to the linden trees” (English)

Lynxen – “Enigmatic” (English)

Lynovin – “Innovator” (English)

Lynthor – “Thor-like strength” (Norse)

Lynxen – “Mysterious and elusive” (English)

Lynstall – “Tall and strong” (English)

Lynceus – “Sharp-sighted” (Greek)

Lynsari – “Adventurous” (English)

Lynicus – “Unique and powerful” (English)

Lynzorin – “Explorer” (English)

Lynstice – “Steadfast” (English)

Lynovius – “Innovative” (English)

Lynxander – “Defender of men” (Greek)

Lyndigo – “Colorful and vibrant” (English)

Lynstark – “Strong and bold” (English)

Lynsariel – “Noble journey” (English)

Lynfer – “Adventurous spirit” (English)

Lynixus – “Unique and swift” (English)

Lynzio – “Explorer” (English)

Lynric – “Brave ruler” (English)

Lynxton – “Innovative and bold” (English)

Lyndorin – “Explorer of doors” (English)

Lyniko – “Courageous and modern” (Greek)

Lynvaris – “Versatile and strong” (English)

Lynovius – “Visionary” (English)

Lynxeon – “Mysterious and wise” (English)

Lynquill – “Intellectual” (English)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “LYN”

Lynwood – “From the linden tree forest” (English)

Lyndon – “Lime tree hill” (English)

Lynton – “Town by the lime tree hill” (English)

Lynford – “Ford by the linden tree” (English)

Lynwood – “Linden tree forest” (English)

Lynwood – “From the flax field” (English)

Lynton – “From the flax town” (English)

Lynden – “From the linden tree valley” (English)

Lynley – “Meadow by the lake” (English)

Lyndhurst – “Wooded hill near a lime tree” (English)

Lynsey – “From the island of linden trees” (English)

Lyndall – “Linden tree valley” (English)

Lynes – “From the flax field” (English)

Lynford – “From the linden tree ford” (English)

Lynd – “Lime tree” (English)

Lynes – “From the linden tree” (English)

Lynton – “From the Linden tree town” (English)

Lyndon – “Linden tree hill” (English)

Lynden – “From the lime tree valley” (English)

Lynford – “Linden tree ford” (English)

Lynden – “Lime tree hill” (English)

Lynsey – “From the linden tree island” (English)

Lyndale – “From the valley with linden trees” (English)

Lynwood – “From the linden tree forest” (English)

Lynton – “From the flax town” (English)

Lyndsay – “From the linden tree island” (English)

Lynsey – “From the linden tree island” (English)

Lyn – “Lake” (Welsh)

Lyncoln – “Settlement by the pool” (Old English)

Lynwood – “Lime tree forest” (English)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “LYN”

Lynden – “Linden tree hill” (Dutch)

Lyncoln – “From the lake colony” (Old English)

Lynex – “Lion-like” (Greek)

Lynxo – “Brightness” (Greek)

Lynton – “From the Linden tree town” (Old English)

Lyndell – “Valley of linden trees” (Old English)

Lyngar – “Sheltering” (Old Norse)

Lynar – “Like a lion” (Greek)

Lynrick – “From the lake settlement” (Old English)

Lyneal – “From the meadow by the river” (Old English)

Lynix – “Son of Lyn” (Unknown)

Lynroy – “King of the lake” (Old English)

Lynnox – “From the lake district” (Scottish)

Lynvall – “From the valley of linden trees” (Old English)

Lyngston – “Stone of the lime tree” (Old English)

Lynard – “Lion hearted” (Old English)

Lyntor – “From the Linden tree town” (Old English)

Lynsten – “From the lime stone town” (Old English)

Lyntor – “From the linden tree town” (Old English)

Lyntin – “From the flax farm” (Old English)

Lynlay – “From the meadow by the lake” (Old English)

Lynder – “From the lime tree hill” (Old English)

Lynth – “From the Linden tree hill” (Old English)

Lynwill – “Resolute protector” (Old English)

Lynford – “Ford by the linden tree” (Old English)

Lynwell – “From the spring by the lake” (Old English)

Lyndon – “From the lime tree hill” (Old English)

Lynly – “From the meadow by the lake” (Old English)

Lynsel – “From the valley of the linden trees” (Old English)

Lynaric – “Powerful lion” (Old English)

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “LYN”

Lyric – “A melodic and poetic name” (English)

Lynx – “A wild and fierce feline” (English)

Lynn – “A lake” (English)

Lynlee – “A meadow near the lake” (English)

Lyndon – “A lime tree hill” (English)

Lynwood – “A wooded area by the lake” (English)

Lynelle – “A beautiful lake” (English)

Lynxton – “From the town of the wildcats” (English)

Lynten – “Settlement near a lake” (English)

Lynfair – “A lovely, fair lake” (English)

Lynelle – “Beautiful lake” (English)

Lynara – “Graceful like a lake” (English)

Lynmar – “Lake of the sea” (English)

Lynzey – “From the island of linden trees” (English)

Lynthia – “Goddess of the moon” (Greek)

Lyndal – “Valley of the lime trees” (English)

Lynna – “Waterfall” (Irish)

Lynwen – “White and blessed lake” (Welsh)

Lynden – “From the lime tree valley” (English)

Lynel – “Bright and beautiful lake” (English)

Lyndsay – “From the island of linden trees” (English)

Lyndon – “Lime tree hill” (English)

Lynett – “Graceful and small lake” (English)

Lynford – “Ford near the lake” (English)

Lynth – “A small body of water” (English)

Lynea – “Pleasant and agreeable lake” (Greek)

Lynlee – “Meadow near the lake” (English)

Lynbrook – “A small stream or brook by the lake” (English)

Lynston – “From the town near the lake” (English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “LYN”

Lynchristopher – “Bearer of Christ” (Greek)

Lyndon – “From the flax hill” (English)

Lyngan – “Son of Flann” (Irish)

Lynir – “Light of the sun” (Welsh)

Lynry – “King’s son” (Welsh)

Lynt – “One who follows the law of the Lord” (English)

Lyneal – “Beloved of the Lord” (English)

Lynd – “God’s gift” (Old English)

Lynedoch – “Lives near the church” (Scottish)

Lynford – “From the river ford with the linden trees” (English)

Lyngsten – “From the stone church” (Norwegian)

Lynholm – “Island of the linden trees” (English)

Lynlan – “Enclosure of the church” (Welsh)

Lynnert – “Brave lion of God” (English)

Lynnsay – “From the island of linden trees” (English)

Lynpratt – “Priest of the church” (English)

Lynrod – “Famous ruler of the church” (English)

Lynsel – “Blessed by the sun god” (English)

Lyntor – “Guardian of the church tower” (English)

Lynwode – “Lives in the woods near the church” (English)

Lynyrd – “Strong and valiant defender” (English)

Lynz – “Devotee of the Lord” (English)

Lyngil – “Servant of the Lord” (Norse)

Lyniss – “Blessed with the favor of God” (English)

Lynbert – “Bright and shining beacon of the church” (English)

Lynhart – “Brave and strong like a lion, heartened by God” (English)

Lynred – “Counselor and protector in the name of the Lord” (English)

Lynward – “Guardian of the church grounds” (English)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “LYN”

Lynyrd Skynyrd

American rock band famous for hits like “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Free Bird.”

Lynn Swann

Former American football player, Hall of Fame wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and politician.

Lynn Redgrave

English actress known for her roles in films like “Georgy Girl” and “Gods and Monsters.”

Lyn Nofziger

American political consultant and author, known for his work as a political aide and advisor to President Ronald Reagan.

Lyndon B. Johnson

36th President of the United States, known for his role in civil rights legislation and the escalation of the Vietnam War.

Lynn Collins

American actress known for her roles in films like “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and “John Carter.”

Lyndon LaRouche

American political activist and conspiracy theorist, founder of the LaRouche movement.

Lynn Shelton

American filmmaker known for directing indie films like “Humpday” and “Your Sister’s Sister.”

Lyn St. James

American racing driver, known for being the first woman to win the Indianapolis 500 Rookie of the Year award.

Lynton Crosby

Australian political strategist known for his work as a campaign manager and strategist for conservative political parties in various countries.

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