Boy Names That Start with “ML”

Choosing a name for your baby boy is a special journey, and you might be searching for something unique and meaningful.

If you’re considering a name that starts with “ML,” you’re in for a treat with a variety of distinctive options.

While “ML” may not be a common starting point for names, it opens up a world of intriguing and standout choices that will make your son’s name truly memorable.

From traditional names like Mladen, meaning “youth,” to more modern and unique picks like Mladenko, there’s a wealth of possibilities to explore.

In this article, we will delve into some of the best boy names that start with “ML” and their meanings.

Whether you prefer classic names or something more unique, there’s an “ML” name out there that is perfect for your little one.

So, sit back, relax, and let’s discover the charm of boy names that start with “ML.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “ML”

Mladen – “Young” (Slavic)

Mlungisi – “Reconciler” (Zulu)

Mladi – “Youth” (Slovenian)

Mleczko – “Milk” (Polish)

Mlungu – “White person” (Swahili)

Mlija – “Clever” (Arabic)

Mladenko – “Young boy” (Serbian)

Mlu – “Bright” (African)

Mlýnek – “Little mill” (Czech)

Mlindaji – “Protector” (African)

Mlađan – “Youthful” (Croatian)

Mleko – “Milk” (Czech)

Mlungwani – “Comforter” (Zulu)

Mladić – “Youth” (Bosnian)

Mlilo – “Fire” (Swahili)

Mlungwane – “Caretaker” (Zulu)

Mlađa – “Younger” (Serbian)

Mlaz – “Jet” (Croatian)

Mleci – “Soft” (Slovak)

Mluleki – “Speaker” (Xhosa)

Mlf – “Mill” (Dutch)

Mloma – “Strong” (Bantu)

Mlubi – “Kind” (Zulu)

Mlc – “Mill” (Dutch)

Mlondolozi – “Protector” (Zulu)

Mlilwana – “Little fire” (Xhosa)

Mlèko – “Milk” (Slovak)

Mlosi – “Healer” (African)

Mls – “Mill” (Dutch)

Mlilozi – “Little fire” (Zulu)

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Modern Boy Names That Start with “ML”

Mladin – “Youthful” (Serbian)

Mlenzi – “Protector” (Swahili)

Mlnd – “Modern” (Invented)

Mliz – “Bright” (Invented)

Mlian – “Strong” (Invented)

Mlrek – “Warrior” (Invented)

Mluez – “Kind” (Invented)

Mlaon – “Youth” (Invented)

Mluo – “Brave” (Invented)

Mlir – “Peaceful” (Invented)

Mlren – “Ruler” (Invented)

Mleven – “Mill” (Dutch)

Mltr – “Modern” (Invented)

Mlis – “Joyful” (Invented)

Mlance – “Warrior” (Invented)

Mlus – “Noble” (Invented)

Mland – “Protector” (Invented)

Mltan – “Strong” (Invented)

Mleyn – “Bright” (Invented)

Mlorr – “Wise” (Invented)

Mltez – “Kind” (Invented)

Mlaer – “Leader” (Invented)

Mlazr – “Jet” (Croatian)

Mlumi – “Bright” (Invented)

Mluar – “Noble” (Invented)

Mlgr – “Protector” (Invented)

Mltan – “Strong” (Invented)

Mluin – “Warrior” (Invented)

Mlarr – “Wise” (Invented)

Mleis – “Joyful” (Invented)

Unique “ML” Names for Boys

Mlaj – “Bright” (Invented)

Mleon – “Lion” (Invented)

Mlav – “Warrior” (Invented)

Mlira – “Peace” (Invented)

Mlevena – “Mill” (Czech)

Mluko – “Strong” (Invented)

Mlano – “Youthful” (Invented)

Mlujo – “Brave” (Invented)

Mliro – “Leader” (Invented)

Mleris – “Joyful” (Invented)

Mlven – “Protector” (Invented)

Mlov – “Noble” (Invented)

Mliza – “Wise” (Invented)

Mlor – “Strong” (Invented)

Mlizo – “Kind” (Invented)

Mlava – “Youthful” (Invented)

Mleza – “Peaceful” (Invented)

Mlure – “Brave” (Invented)

Mlior – “Bright” (Invented)

Mlvin – “Protector” (Invented)

Mlarn – “Noble” (Invented)

Mliso – “Joyful” (Invented)

Mloen – “Leader” (Invented)

Mlink – “Wise” (Invented)

Mlzan – “Strong” (Invented)

Mluri – “Kind” (Invented)

Mlirn – “Peace” (Invented)

Mluva – “Bright” (Invented)

Mlgan – “Protector” (Invented)

Mlore – “Brave” (Invented)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “ML”

Mladen – “Young” (Slavic)

Mladenko – “Young man” (Slavic)

Mladin – “Young” (Slavic)

Mladenov – “Son of Mladen” (Slavic)

Mladenovitch – “Son of Mladen” (Slavic)

Mlađan – “Youthful” (Serbian)

Mlađen – “Young” (Serbian)

Mladenović – “Son of Mladen” (Serbian)

Mládek – “Young lord” (Czech)

Mladić – “Young man” (Serbian)

Mladičev – “Son of a young man” (Slovenian)

Mladićev – “Son of Mladić” (Serbian)

Mlađo – “Youthful” (Serbian)

Mlák – “Young warrior” (Old English)

Mláden – “Youth” (Slavic)

Mládenko – “Young man” (Slavic)

Mladenka – “Youthful one” (Slavic)

Mlađana – “Young” (Croatian)

Mlađenić – “Young man” (Serbian)

Mladenić – “Son of Mladen” (Slovenian)

Mladenovski – “Son of Mladen” (Macedonian)

Mladićko – “Young warrior” (Serbian)

Mladenček – “Little young one” (Slovenian)

Mládič – “Youthful” (Czech)

Mladinović – “Son of Mladen” (Serbian)

Mladenovski – “Son of Mladen” (Macedonian)

Mládež – “Youth” (Czech)

Mlađi – “Young” (Slavic)

Mládenka – “Young woman” (Czech)

Mladičov – “Son of Mladic” (Slavic)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “ML”

Mlaleo – “Peace” (Swahili)

Mlambo – “River” (African)

Mlami – “Wave” (Zulu)

Mlauri – “Wind” (Maori)

Mlaji – “Explorer” (Arabic)

Mlate – “Brave” (Afrikaans)

Mlaye – “Wanderer” (Zulu)

Mlagiri – “Mountain” (Hindu)

Mlango – “Door” (Swahili)

Mlala – “Dreamer” (Zulu)

Mládić – “Youth” (Serbian)

Mlaji – “Leader” (Arabic)

Mládo – “Young one” (Czech)

Mládek – “Youthful leader” (Czech)

Mláda – “Young” (Slavic)

Mlawa – “Swift” (Swahili)

Mlilo – “Fire” (Zulu)

Mladi – “Brave” (Serbian)

Mlaith – “Gentle” (Welsh)

Mlala – “Peaceful” (Zulu)

Mlili – “Protector” (Zulu)

Mlanzi – “Strong” (Zulu)

Mlano – “Bright” (Spanish)

Mlangeni – “Royal” (Zulu)

Mládi – “Youthful” (Czech)

Mládo – “New” (Slavic)

Mládek – “Young noble” (Czech)

Mlaz – “Stream” (Bosnian)

Mlamla – “Charming” (Zulu)

Mládenka – “Young girl” (Czech)

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “ML”

Mlaya – “Rest” (African)

Mlayne – “Beautiful” (English)

Mlani – “To Rise” (Swahili)

Mleya – “Kind” (Spanish)

Mlimi – “Diligent” (African)

Mlumi – “Gift” (African)

Mlyssa – “Protector” (Greek)

Mleko – “Milk” (Polish)

Mladi – “Young” (Slavic)

Mlika – “Noble” (African)

Mlare – “Luminous” (Latin)

Mlecia – “Beloved” (Greek)

Mleona – “Lion-hearted” (Italian)

Mlinah – “Joyful” (Hebrew)

Mlyra – “Lyric” (English)

Mlesha – “Joyous” (Swahili)

Mlory – “Victory” (Latin)

Mloris – “Crowned” (Latin)

Mluna – “Moon” (Spanish)

Mlua – “Moonlight” (Hawaiian)

Mlete – “Messenger” (Greek)

Mlissi – “Honey Bee” (Greek)

Mlika – “Milky” (African)

Mlapis – “Precious” (Latin)

Mliris – “Rainbow” (Greek)

Mlos – “Gentle” (Greek)

Mlicia – “Sweet” (Latin)

Mloso – “Soft” (Swahili)

Mlorian – “Guardian” (Latin)

Mlaine – “Graceful” (Irish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “ML”

Mlakhi – “Messenger” (Hebrew)

Mlesiah – “God is Salvation” (Hebrew)

Mlio – “Blessed” (Hebrew)

Mlachar – “Guardian” (Arabic)

Mloah – “Divine” (Hebrew)

Mleshe – “Anointed” (Hebrew)

Mlysses – “God’s Strength” (Hebrew)

Mluriel – “God is My Light” (Hebrew)

Mlyah – “Gift of God” (Hebrew)

Mlzak – “God Remembers” (Hebrew)

Mlgiel – “God’s Peace” (Hebrew)

Mlax – “Defender of the Faith” (Latin)

Mlriel – “God’s Friend” (Hebrew)

Mlohan – “God’s Grace” (Hebrew)

Mlarek – “God’s Power” (Hebrew)

Mleshin – “God’s Servant” (Hebrew)

Mlusiah – “God’s Glory” (Hebrew)

Mlayah – “God’s Joy” (Hebrew)

Mlahan – “God’s Mercy” (Hebrew)

Mlashon – “God’s Gift” (Hebrew)

Mlajid – “God’s Blessing” (Arabic)

Mlzian – “God’s Honor” (Hebrew)

Mlonel – “God’s Lion” (Hebrew)

Mlidan – “God’s Love” (Hebrew)

Mlakis – “God’s Shield” (Greek)

Mlzara – “God’s Blossom” (Hebrew)

Mlazam – “God’s Protection” (Arabic)

Mlman – “Faithful to God” (Hebrew)

Mliel – “God is My Helper” (Hebrew)

Mletz – “God’s Laughter” (Hebrew)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “ML”


An Italian Renaissance artist renowned for his masterpieces in sculpture, painting, and architecture, including the frescoes of the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

Michael Jordan

Widely regarded as one of the greatest basketball players of all time, known for his unparalleled skills, competitiveness, and six NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls.

Malcolm X (born Malcolm Little)

A prominent figure in the civil rights movement, known for his advocacy of black nationalism, self-defense, and his transformation from a criminal to a respected leader.

Marcus Aurelius

A Roman emperor and Stoic philosopher, best known for his Meditations, which reflect his thoughts on ethics, leadership, and the nature of existence.

Morgan Freeman

A highly acclaimed American actor known for his distinctive voice and performances in films such as “The Shawshank Redemption,” “Driving Miss Daisy,” and “Million Dollar Baby.”

Max Planck

A German theoretical physicist regarded as the father of quantum theory, known for his groundbreaking work on the nature of energy and the discovery of the Planck constant.

Marcel Proust

A French novelist best known for his monumental work “In Search of Lost Time” (À la recherche du temps perdu), which explores memory, love, and the passage of time.

Meryl Streep

An iconic American actress widely regarded as one of the greatest of her generation, known for her versatility and acclaimed performances in films such as “Sophie’s Choice,” “The Iron Lady,” and “The Devil Wears Prada.”

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