220 Adorable Boy Names That Start with “DOU”

Looking for a unique and distinctive name for your baby boy? Look no further than names that start with “Dou.”

These names have a special charm and a certain level of sophistication that sets them apart from the more common names out there.

From classic to modern, there is a wide range of options to choose from in this category.

Whether you’re looking for a strong and masculine name like Douglas or something more modern like Dougie, there is definitely a “Dou” name that will suit your little boy perfectly.

These names are not only unique and interesting, but they also have a rich history and meaning behind them.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular and unique boy names that start with “Dou” to help you find the perfect name for your little one.

So, sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of “Dou” names!

Popular Boy Names That Start with “DOU”

Douglas – “Dark water” (Spanish)

Dounovan – “Dark-haired chieftain” (Spanish)

Douglas – “Black stream” (Spanish)

Douglass – “Black river” (Spanish)

Dour – “Hard-hearted” (English)

Dougal – “Dark stranger” (Spanish)

Doury – “Enduring” (English)

Douris – “Gift of God” (Greek)

Doud – “Beloved” (English)

Dourakis – “Strong as a spear” (Greek)

Douvas – “Bearer of good news” (Greek)

Dougherty – “From the dark one’s settlement” (Spanish)

Douro – “Gold” (Spanish)

Douw – “Brave” (Spanish)

Doukas – “Descendant of Doukas” (Greek)

Doumet – “Gift of God” (Spanish)

Douke – “Noble” (Greek)

Doukakis – “Descendant of a noble one” (Greek)

Dounias – “From the mountain” (Greek)

Doulos – “Servant” (Greek)

Doumanis – “God-given” (Greek)

Doukianos – “Descendant of Doukas” (Greek)

Doudalis – “Son of Doudalos” (Greek)

Douzenis – “Twelfth-born” (Greek)

Dougan – “Black” (Spanish)

Dounis – “Gift of God” (Greek)

Douger – “River of the dark woods” (English)

Doukopoulos – “Son of Doukas” (Greek)

Douard – “Wealthy guardian” (French)

Dougen – “Dark complexion” (English)

Boy Names That Start with "DOU"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “DOU”

Douven – “Beloved friend” (English)

Douran – “Strong” (Greek)

Douvene – “Brave friend” (English)

Doumit – “Agreement” (Arabic)

Douvel – “Lover of life” (French)

Doux – “Sweet” (French)

Douranis – “Gift of the dawn” (Greek)

Doumaris – “Of the sea” (Greek)

Douganos – “Defender of the land” (Greek)

Douzen – “Born at noon” (Greek)

Doulio – “Servant of God” (Spanish)

Douxe – “Gentle” (French)

Douros – “Strong” (Greek)

Douzenos – “Ninth-born” (Greek)

Doujane – “Gift of God’s grace” (Greek)

Doubrav – “Beloved warrior” (English)

Doume – “Humble” (Greek)

Doumar – “Famous” (Greek)

Doubrin – “Bright and beloved” (English)

Dounard – “Bold and enduring” (English)

Douxell – “Beautiful light” (French)

Doules – “Servant of the people” (Greek)

Doucet – “Kind” (French)

Doumas – “Bearer of twins” (Greek)

Douras – “Of the forest” (Greek)

Douriel – “Gift of God” (Spanish)

Douxwell – “From the sweet spring” (English)

Douzan – “Generous” (Greek)

Douze – “Twelve” (French)

Douzian – “Gift of Zeus” (Greek)

Unique “DOU” Names for Boys

Doubert – “Bright gift” (English)

Douvelis – “Bringer of good news” (Greek)

Douvion – “Beloved son” (French)

Dougo – “Swift runner” (Spanish)

Douzi – “Kind-hearted” (Greek)

Dourio – “Adventurous spirit” (Greek)

Douber – “Courageous protector” (English)

Douell – “Graceful warrior” (English)

Douxis – “Bright star” (Greek)

Douresco – “Born in the morning” (Spanish)

Douleas – “Free man” (Greek)

Douwey – “Gentle breeze” (English)

Dounisios – “Gift of the earth” (Greek)

Douvander – “Leader of the pack” (English)

Douzel – “Twelfth child” (French)

Doupsis – “Visionary thinker” (Greek)

Doukidis – “Descendant of a lord” (Greek)

Douvrand – “Protector of the realm” (English)

Douqent – “Guiding light” (English)

Douvol – “Noble wolf” (Greek)

Douless – “Enduring strength” (English)

Doufis – “Wise counselor” (Greek)

Doustris – “Master of strategy” (Greek)

Doujov – “Bringer of joy” (Spanish)

Doufen – “Loyal companion” (English)

Doubs – “Bold adventurer” (French)

Douvek – “Bearer of peace” (Greek)

Douhern – “Brave warrior” (English)

Doucast – “Fortunate one” (Spanish)

Doulex – “Skilled craftsman” (English)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “DOU”

Doughall – “Valiant warrior” (Scottish)

Douzelis – “Beloved gift” (Greek)

Douville – “From the village” (French)

Doucon – “Faithful companion” (English)

Douganos – “Born of the blacksmith” (Greek)

Douher – “Brave protector” (English)

Douvern – “Guardian of the truth” (English)

Doumatis – “Gifted with wisdom” (Greek)

Doulan – “From the dark meadow” (English)

Douzenis – “Ninth-born” (Greek)

Doust – “Loyal and trustworthy” (English)

Douziotis – “Twelfth child” (Greek)

Doucel – “Sweet and gentle” (French)

Doumond – “Protector of the mountain” (English)

Dougiannis – “God’s gracious gift” (Greek)

Doufour – “Strong as an oak” (French)

Douka – “Bright light” (Greek)

Douxley – “Peaceful meadow” (English)

Doucis – “Kind-hearted” (French)

Douph – “Lover of horses” (English)

Douzopoulos – “Son of the twelfth child” (Greek)

Douvris – “Strong defender” (Greek)

Dousette – “Little gift” (French)

Doubravko – “Bright fame” (Slavic)

Doukanis – “One who rules with strength” (Greek)

Doulat – “Blessed by fortune” (Arabic)

Douzev – “Gift of the gods” (Slavic)

Doumel – “Beloved friend” (French)

Dougras – “Graceful warrior” (Scottish)

Douphrey – “Peaceful ruler” (English)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “DOU”

Douganui – “Bringer of harmony” (Korean)

Dounar – “Bearer of light” (Arabic)

Douzanov – “Son of the mountain” (Russian)

Doumeto – “Devoted to love” (Italian)

Douart – “Noble artist” (French)

Douhara – “Courageous leader” (Japanese)

Douzad – “Blessed with strength” (Persian)

Doung – “Warrior spirit” (Vietnamese)

Douyin – “Resolute and determined” (Chinese)

Doumiro – “Beloved of the gods” (Spanish)

Doukiri – “Keeper of secrets” (Maori)

Dourosa – “Born of the sun” (Portuguese)

Douwaki – “Protector of the tribe” (Native American)

Douveni – “Seeker of knowledge” (Sanskrit)

Doumik – “Gift from the heavens” (Armenian)

Doubar – “Brave wanderer” (Arabic)

Douveno – “Bearer of peace” (Italian)

Doulevo – “One who brings joy” (Greek)

Douzir – “Proud lion” (Swahili)

Doujou – “Eternal warrior” (Japanese)

Doucal – “Bearer of dreams” (Scottish)

Douviano – “Lover of life” (Italian)

Doulati – “Blessed by destiny” (Persian)

Douhaid – “Guide through adversity” (Arabic)

Douyous – “Bringer of happiness” (Japanese)

Dourak – “Adventurous explorer” (Russian)

Douzenko – “Guardian of the forest” (Ukrainian)

Doumari – “Protector of the sea” (Italian)

Doujirou – “Noble son” (Japanese)

Douvrai – “Royal strength” (French)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “DOU”

Doula – “Helper or assistant” (Greek)

Douran – “Strong” (Persian)

Douxie – “Sweet one” (French)

Douris – “Gift of God” (Greek)

Douville – “From the village” (French)

Douvene – “Beloved friend” (English)

Douko – “One who listens” (Japanese)

Douxel – “Gentle and kind” (French)

Douzev – “Gift of the gods” (Slavic)

Douzon – “Generous” (Greek)

Douel – “Gift of light” (Hebrew)

Doucelle – “Sweetheart” (French)

Doukas – “Descendant of Doukas” (Greek)

Douzena – “Harmony” (Greek)

Doustan – “Beloved stone” (English)

Dougie – “Dark-skinned” (Scottish)

Doura – “Brave” (Spanish)

Douvine – “Beloved vine” (English)

Doura – “Gold” (Portuguese)

Douxwell – “Peaceful spring” (English)

Douka – “Bright light” (Greek)

Doubar – “Courageous wanderer” (English)

Douvel – “Lover of life” (French)

Douman – “Sweetheart” (English)

Douzenis – “Ninth-born” (Greek)

Doumine – “Precious gem” (French)

Doumaris – “Of the sea” (Greek)

Douzonis – “Beloved gift” (Greek)

Douranis – “Gift of the dawn” (Greek)

Doublan – “Double blessing” (English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “DOU”

Doulos – “Servant of God” (Greek)

Doumaris – “Of the sea” (Greek)

Doukas – “Descendant of Doukas” (Greek)

Doukinos – “Little servant of God” (Greek)

Dourakis – “Strong as a spear” (Greek)

Douktas – “Beloved by God” (Greek)

Dounis – “Gift of God” (Greek)

Doulosis – “Servant of the Lord” (Greek)

Douvardis – “Protector by God” (Greek)

Douzenos – “Gift of God” (Greek)

Dougan – “Dark-haired” (Scottish)

Douzenis – “Twelfth-born” (Greek)

Doujous – “Devoted to God” (Japanese)

Doufis – “Beloved of God” (Greek)

Doukakis – “Descendant of a noble one” (Greek)

Doukianos – “Descendant of Doukas” (Greek)

Doulosis – “Servant of Jesus” (Greek)

Douvris – “Strong defender of faith” (Greek)

Dougal – “Dark stranger” (Scottish)

Doulos – “Slave of Christ” (Greek)

Doukopoulos – “Son of Doukas” (Greek)

Doust – “Loyal and devoted” (English)

Douli – “Beloved servant” (Greek)

Doui – “Divine gift” (Spanish)

Douzellis – “Beloved servant of God” (Greek)

Doujou – “Eternal blessing” (Japanese)

Douzaki – “Lover of God” (Greek)

Doukakos – “Belonging to God” (Greek)

Douzelis – “Gift of the Lord” (Greek)

Doulas – “Servant of the Most High” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “DOU”

Douglas Adams

British author known for his humorous science fiction series “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.

Douglass North

Nobel Prize-winning American economist recognized for his work on economic history and institutions.

Doug Flutie

Former American football quarterback known for his remarkable career in both the CFL and NFL.

Doug Liman

American film director and producer, notable for his work on movies like “The Bourne Identity” and “Edge of Tomorrow”.

Douglas Engelbart

American inventor and computer scientist credited with inventing the computer mouse and pioneering many aspects of modern computing.

Doug Bradley

British actor famous for portraying the lead Cenobite “Pinhead” in the “Hellraiser” film series.

Douglas Fairbanks

American actor, screenwriter, producer, and director, remembered as one of the silent film era’s most prominent figures.

Douglas MacArthur

American general who played a prominent role in World War II, particularly in the Pacific theater.

Douglas Hofstadter

American cognitive scientist and Pulitzer Prize-winning author known for his work on consciousness, creativity, and artificial intelligence.

Doug Jones

American actor known for his roles in various creature suits and prosthetic makeup, including characters in “Pan’s Labyrinth” and “The Shape of Water”.

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