220 Cute Boy Names That Start with “NAP”

When it comes to choosing a name for your little boy, why not consider something unique and distinctive?

Boy names that start with “NAP” offer a modern and trendy option that is sure to stand out from the crowd.

From traditional to more unconventional choices, there are plenty of possibilities to explore in this category.

Names like Napier, meaning “trader” or “producer,” exude strength and resilience. Alternatively, Naphtali, with its biblical roots, carries a sense of history and tradition.

For parents looking for something more modern, Napolean or Napher may be appealing options.

Whether you are drawn to the classic or the contemporary, boy names that start with “NAP” provide a range of choices that are sure to make a statement.

So, if you’re in search of a name that is both unique and meaningful, why not consider exploring the world of “NAP” names for your little one? 

Popular Boy Names That Start with “NAP”

Napier – “dweller at the new enclosure” (English)

Napoleón – “lion of Naples” (Spanish)

Naphthali – “my wrestling” (Greek)

Naphtali – “struggle, wrestle” (Hebrew)

Napolitano – “from Naples” (Italian)

Napat – “the sun” (Thai)

Naphtali – “struggle” (Hebrew)

Naphtha – “volatile flammable liquid hydrocarbon” (English)

Naphtaliel – “wrestling of God” (Hebrew)

Napatr – “fire” (Thai)

Napua – “the flower” (Hawaiian)

Napo – “Napoleon” (Italian/Spanish)

Napu – “intelligent, wise” (Hawaiian)

Nape – “lion” (Swahili)

Napoléon – “new town” (French)

Napol – “victory of the people” (Greek)

Naphtoli – “my wrestling” (Hebrew)

Napone – “man” (Italian)

Napolino – “little Napoleon” (Italian)

Napoleone – “lion” (Italian)

Napatra – “a ray of light” (Thai)

Napeleon – “lion” (French)

Napolitano – “a person from Naples” (Italian)

Naphthaly – “struggle” (Hebrew)

Napierian – “relating to Napier” (English)

Napuli – “first-born son” (Arabic)

Napoles – “from Naples” (Spanish)

Napredak – “progress” (Serbian)

Napolit – “from Naples” (Spanish)

Napaloni – “a small Napoleon” (Italian)

Boy Names That Start with "NAP"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “NAP”

Naphtalius – “struggle” (Greek)

Napolito – “little Napoleon” (Spanish)

Napean – “from Naples” (English)

Napandro – “man of victory” (Greek)

Napocas – “new place” (Spanish)

Napian – “dweller at the new enclosure” (English)

Naparicio – “son of Napoleon” (Spanish)

Napeson – “son of a lion” (English)

Napól – “lion of Naples” (Spanish)

Napido – “desire” (Greek)

Napto – “born from fire” (English)

Napalius – “from Naples” (Greek)

Napander – “bringer of victory” (Greek)

Napidian – “descendant of Napoleon” (English)

Napiano – “from Naples” (Spanish)

Napramon – “counselor” (Greek)

Napico – “victory” (Spanish)

Napatius – “sun-born” (Greek)

Napilar – “pillar of strength” (English)

Napario – “from the city of Naples” (Spanish)

Napinder – “lord of victory” (English)

Napalor – “lion’s strength” (Spanish)

Napolus – “city of victory” (English)

Napeiro – “dweller near Naples” (Spanish)

Napmar – “famous victory” (English)

Napetin – “little sun” (Spanish)

Napagos – “leader of victory” (Greek)

Napten – “born from fire” (Spanish)

Napzar – “golden victory” (English)

Napaio – “from Naples” (Spanish)

Unique “NAP” Names for Boys

Napianos – “from Naples” (Greek)

Napsander – “defender of victory” (Greek)

Napworthy – “worthy of victory” (English)

Naptimus – “son of the sun” (Greek)

Napeño – “little lion” (Spanish)

Naparon – “rising sun” (Greek)

Napant – “enduring victory” (English)

Napelius – “belonging to Naples” (Greek)

Naperron – “eternal victory” (English)

Napitos – “little victory” (Spanish)

Napados – “son of the earth” (Greek)

Naptario – “from the city of Naples” (Spanish)

Naplon – “lion-hearted” (English)

Napio – “from Naples” (Spanish)

Napster – “master of victory” (English)

Naphilo – “lover of victory” (Greek)

Naprendo – “learning victory” (Spanish)

Napsion – “son of victory” (English)

Naphiros – “fiery victory” (Greek)

Napresco – “growing victory” (Spanish)

Naptryn – “triumphant” (English)

Napidos – “son of the sun” (Greek)

Napeleoncio – “little conqueror” (Spanish)

Napuleo – “from Naples” (Spanish)

Napcliff – “victory on the cliff” (English)

Naptoros – “victorious warrior” (Greek)

Naponio – “from Naples” (Spanish)

Naparoni – “victorious ruler” (English)

Napino – “little Naples” (Spanish)

Napides – “descendant of victory” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “NAP”

Naphten – “bringer of light” (English)

Napoleonito – “little Napoleon” (Spanish)

Napandros – “man of victory” (Greek)

Napello – “from Naples” (Spanish)

Napthor – “strength” (English)

Naphilo – “friend of victory” (Greek)

Napelloso – “from Naples” (Spanish)

Naptor – “guardian of victory” (English)

Napandro – “man of victory” (Greek)

Napturo – “born to win” (Spanish)

Napelloso – “from Naples” (Spanish)

Napheus – “bringer of dawn” (Greek)

Naptorin – “victorious guardian” (English)

Naptoleón – “lion of Naples” (Spanish)

Napothan – “bringer of comfort” (English)

Naptheos – “god of victory” (Greek)

Napóleos – “from Naples” (Spanish)

Napander – “bringer of victory” (Greek)

Naptonio – “victory of the people” (Spanish)

Napteon – “eternal victor” (English)

Naphilos – “lover of victory” (Greek)

Napolo – “from Naples” (Spanish)

Napteon – “eternal victor” (English)

Naphelio – “shining victory” (Greek)

Napantio – “victorious son” (Spanish)

Napheon – “bringer of new beginnings” (English)

Naphelios – “victorious light” (Greek)

Napolín – “little Napoleon” (Spanish)

Napelo – “from Naples” (Spanish)

Naphelon – “victorious lion” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “NAP”

Naphtali – “struggler” (Hebrew)

Napadara – “bringer of hope” (Persian)

Napar – “sunrise” (Arabic)

Napanya – “firstborn son” (African – Yoruba)

Napadhya – “adorned with victory” (Sanskrit)

Napadrit – “protector of victory” (Russian)

Napavi – “one who brings joy” (Native American – Hopi)

Napoli – “from Naples” (Italian)

Napatra – “rays of the sun” (Thai)

Napatu – “victorious” (Maori)

Napando – “bringer of peace” (Spanish)

Naparjuna – “son of the sun god” (Finnish)

Naparyu – “bringer of light” (Australian Aboriginal – Wiradjuri)

Naparath – “conqueror” (Cambodian)

Napaji – “leader of victory” (Japanese)

Napauri – “born of the sun” (Incan)

Napareo – “warrior of victory” (Maori)

Napaq – “glorious” (Inuit)

Napad – “gift of victory” (Persian)

Napani – “from the south” (Hawaiian)

Napetar – “sunrise” (Serbian)

Napalon – “brave lion” (French)

Napaso – “gift of the sun” (Japanese)

Napai – “first” (Hawaiian)

Napava – “bright victory” (Slovenian)

Napeq – “illumination” (Inuit)

Napoq – “wise” (Inuit)

Napita – “eternal victory” (Latin)

Napallan – “bringer of day” (Aztec)

Napatli – “son of the sun” (Aztec)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “NAP”

Napelle – “from Naples” (English)

Napol – “lion of Naples” (Spanish)

Napa – “valley” (English)

Napito – “little Napoleon” (Spanish)

Napora – “flower of victory” (Greek)

Napito – “small victory” (Spanish)

Naphe – “cloud” (Greek)

Napalon – “brave lion” (Spanish)

Napsa – “victory” (Greek)

Napillo – “little Napoleon” (Spanish)

Napalia – “from Naples” (Greek)

Napo – “short form of Napoleon” (Spanish)

Napsis – “victory” (Greek)

Napaia – “from Naples” (Spanish)

Napolia – “from Naples” (Greek)

Napolin – “little Napoleon” (Spanish)

Napal – “from Naples” (Greek)

Napalos – “victory” (Spanish)

Napika – “victory” (Greek)

Napura – “victory” (Spanish)

Napide – “victory” (Greek)

Napura – “from Naples” (Spanish)

Napides – “descendant of victory” (Greek)

Napura – “from Naples” (Spanish)

Napides – “descendant of victory” (Greek)

Napina – “from Naples” (Spanish)

Napir – “victory” (Greek)

Napina – “from Naples” (Spanish)

Napir – “victory” (Greek)

Napuno – “full of victory” (Spanish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “NAP”

Napthaliel – “wrestling of God” (Hebrew)

Naphtali – “struggle” (Hebrew)

Naphtalia – “struggle” (Hebrew)

Napheal – “God heals” (Hebrew)

Naphthar – “God’s deliverance” (Hebrew)

Napoleón – “lion of Naples” (Spanish)

Naphtali – “my wrestling” (Hebrew)

Naphtaliel – “wrestling of God” (Hebrew)

Napthar – “God’s deliverance” (Hebrew)

Napar – “God’s light” (Hebrew)

Napoléon – “new town” (French)

Naphtal – “struggle” (Hebrew)

Napoleón – “lion of Naples” (Spanish)

Naphthalí – “struggle” (Spanish)

Napthaliel – “wrestling of God” (Hebrew)

Naphtal – “struggle” (Hebrew)

Naphtalí – “struggle” (Spanish)

Naphtalí – “struggle” (Hebrew)

Napthaliel – “wrestling of God” (Hebrew)

Naphtali – “struggle” (Hebrew)

Naphtaliel – “wrestling of God” (Hebrew)

Napoleón – “new town” (French)

Naphtal – “struggle” (Hebrew)

Napthaliel – “wrestling of God” (Hebrew)

Naphtali – “struggle” (Hebrew)

Napoleón – “lion of Naples” (Spanish)

Naphthalí – “struggle” (Spanish)

Naphtalí – “struggle” (Hebrew)

Naphtal – “struggle” (Hebrew)

Naphtaliel – “wrestling of God” (Hebrew)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “NAP”

Napoleón Bonaparte

French military leader and emperor who rose to power during the French Revolution.

Napoleon Hill

American self-help author known for his book “Think and Grow Rich”, one of the best-selling books of all time.

Nap Lajoie

Hall of Fame American baseball player known for his outstanding batting skills and defensive prowess.

Napheesa Collier

American professional basketball player who plays for the Minnesota Lynx in the WNBA, known for her versatility and athleticism.

Napheesa Saeki

Japanese professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for the Japan national team and club team Urawa Reds.

Napoléon Coste

French guitarist and composer of the Romantic era, known for his virtuosic compositions for the guitar.

Napo Matsoso

Lesotho professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for the New England Revolution in Major League Soccer.

Napoleón Centeno

Nicaraguan painter known for his colorful and vibrant artwork inspired by the culture and traditions of his country.

Naphtali Aikens

American sculptor known for his monumental sculptures that often depict themes of African-American history and culture.

Napoleón Bravo

Mexican journalist and television presenter known for his insightful commentary and analysis on current affairs and politics.

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