220 Best Boy Names That Start with “REX”

If you’re searching for a strong and unique name for your baby boy, look no further than names starting with “Rex.”

Inspired by the Latin word for “king,” these names exude power, confidence, and regality.

From classic picks like Rex or modern selections like Rexton, there is a range of options to choose from.

Names starting with “Rex” have a timeless appeal that will set your son apart from the crowd.

Whether you’re drawn to the traditional vibes of Rexford or the more modern feel of Rexley, these names are sure to make a statement.

So, if you want to give your little prince a name that reflects strength and leadership, consider exploring the world of boy names that start with “Rex.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “REX”

Rexford – “ford where the king crossed” (English)

Rexley – “meadow of the king” (English)

Reximus – “greatest king” (Latin)

Rexan – “kingly” (English)

Rexen – “king’s son” (English)

Rexon – “son of the king” (English)

Rexito – “little king” (Spanish)

Rexario – “kingly” (Spanish)

Rexander – “defender of the king” (Greek)

Rexton – “town of the king” (English)

Rexander – “man defending men” (Greek)

Rexio – “royal” (Spanish)

Rexell – “noble king” (English)

Rexio – “king-like” (Spanish)

Rexmond – “protector of the king” (English)

Rexandro – “manly king” (Spanish)

Rexios – “godlike king” (Greek)

Rexello – “little king” (Spanish)

Rextonio – “royal” (Spanish)

Rexeus – “noble king” (Greek)

Rexley – “meadow of the king” (English)

Rexius – “kingly” (Latin)

Rexito – “little king” (Spanish)

Rexario – “kingly” (Spanish)

Reximus – “greatest king” (Latin)

Rexander – “defender of the king” (Greek)

Rexon – “son of the king” (English)

Rexen – “king’s son” (English)

Rexford – “ford where the king crossed” (English)

Rexanto – “royal” (Spanish)

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Modern Boy Names That Start with “REX”

Rexelio – “royal” (Spanish)

Rexavier – “bright king” (English)

Rexar – “son of the king” (English)

Rexandro – “manly king” (Spanish)

Rexberto – “famous king” (Spanish)

Rexiano – “godlike king” (Greek)

Rexal – “noble king” (English)

Rexmir – “wonderful king” (English)

Rexonel – “lion-like king” (Greek)

Rexarion – “warrior king” (English)

Rexolo – “royal blood” (Spanish)

Rexavian – “king of birds” (English)

Rexico – “kingly” (Spanish)

Reximer – “strong king” (English)

Rexalon – “king of the world” (English)

Rexilio – “royal lineage” (Spanish)

Rexmonte – “king of the mountain” (Spanish)

Rexidas – “king of wisdom” (Greek)

Rexico – “king-like” (Spanish)

Rexento – “royal ruler” (Spanish)

Rexaris – “king of peace” (English)

Rexandor – “defender of kings” (Greek)

Rexalus – “king of strength” (English)

Rexoron – “king of the sunrise” (English)

Rexetto – “little king” (Spanish)

Rexius – “kingly” (English)

Rexolan – “king of waves” (English)

Rexilo – “noble king” (Spanish)

Rexaric – “rich king” (English)

Rexander – “man defending men” (Greek)

Unique “REX” Names for Boys

Rexellus – “royal protector” (Latin)

Rexmon – “mythical king” (English)

Rexaro – “kingly hero” (Spanish)

Rexanderos – “mighty defender of men” (Greek)

Rexolin – “noble ruler” (English)

Rexario – “regal guardian” (Spanish)

Rexinos – “divine king” (Greek)

Rexiano – “kingly light” (Spanish)

Rextimo – “timeless king” (English)

Rexdor – “king of the golden age” (English)

Rexanto – “king of valor” (Spanish)

Rexidas – “king of knowledge” (Greek)

Rexmino – “small king” (Spanish)

Rexentor – “kingly ruler” (English)

Rexaros – “kingly strength” (Spanish)

Rexythos – “king of the wild” (Greek)

Rexmar – “sea king” (English)

Rexelian – “son of the royal” (Spanish)

Rexfaro – “far-reaching king” (English)

Rexito – “royal essence” (Spanish)

Rexilos – “king of charm” (Greek)

Rexventor – “king of the wind” (English)

Rexoros – “king of courage” (Spanish)

Rexippos – “king of horses” (Greek)

Rexlino – “royal lineage” (Spanish)

Rexfaldo – “bold king” (English)

Rexarion – “warrior king” (Spanish)

Rexthor – “king of thunder” (English)

Rexoios – “king of wisdom” (Greek)

Rexzaro – “golden king” (Spanish)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “REX”

Reximus – “greatest king” (Latin)

Rexandro – “manly king” (Spanish)

Rexius – “kingly” (Latin)

Rexenos – “eternal king” (Greek)

Rexarion – “kingly warrior” (English)

Rexalbert – “bright king” (English)

Rexander – “defender of men” (Greek)

Rexario – “kingly hero” (Spanish)

Rexiano – “regal ruler” (Spanish)

Rexmont – “mountain king” (English)

Rexanor – “honor of the king” (English)

Rexaris – “king of peace” (English)

Rexelios – “sun king” (Greek)

Rexavier – “kingly light” (English)

Rexolon – “eternal ruler” (English)

Rexantos – “timeless king” (Greek)

Rexart – “artistic king” (English)

Rexino – “noble king” (Spanish)

Rexanos – “king of strength” (Greek)

Rexaldo – “old king” (English)

Rexandro – “brave king” (Spanish)

Rexidan – “king of wisdom” (Greek)

Rexaro – “golden king” (Spanish)

Rexilian – “royal son” (English)

Rexelio – “kingly essence” (Spanish)

Rexaris – “ruler of men” (Greek)

Rexorian – “ancient king” (English)

Rexaldo – “noble ruler” (Spanish)

Rexilon – “eternal lion” (English)

Rexymos – “king of the cosmos” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “REX”

Rexo – “king” (Esperanto)

Rexim – “royalty” (Albanian)

Rexal – “kingly” (Catalan)

Rexan – “king’s gift” (Persian)

Rexito – “little king” (Portuguese)

Rexandro – “kingly man” (Italian)

Rexios – “kinglike” (Greek)

Rexil – “royal” (Finnish)

Rexanu – “royal blood” (Romanian)

Reximiliano – “greatest king” (Spanish)

Rexov – “kingdom” (Russian)

Rexilo – “royalty” (Tagalog)

Rexintas – “king of strength” (Lithuanian)

Rexiano – “kingly” (Esperanto)

Rexanto – “royal ruler” (Italian)

Rexzar – “king’s son” (Arabic)

Rexkhan – “kingly leader” (Mongolian)

Rexat – “royal” (Kazakh)

Rexomo – “kingly wisdom” (Swahili)

Rexiang – “royal fragrance” (Chinese)

Rexardo – “noble king” (Portuguese)

Rexad – “kingly” (Arabic)

Rexar – “king” (Hindi)

Rexor – “royalty” (Czech)

Rexiton – “little king” (Spanish)

Rexur – “kingdom” (Turkish)

Rexino – “royal” (Italian)

Rexundo – “kingly” (Galician)

Rexon – “royal son” (Welsh)

Rexun – “royal” (Korean)

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “REX”

Rexie – “king-like” (English)

Rexell – “royal protector” (English)

Rexan – “royal gift” (English)

Rexito – “royalty” (Spanish)

Rexanis – “royal essence” (Greek)

Rexalin – “noble ruler” (English)

Rexiro – “royal offspring” (Spanish)

Rexen – “royal lineage” (English)

Rexaris – “ruler of all” (Greek)

Rexalon – “royal vision” (English)

Rexito – “royal blood” (Spanish)

Rexius – “royal grace” (Greek)

Rexar – “royal essence” (English)

Rexandro – “royal defender” (Spanish)

Rexion – “royal power” (English)

Rexaro – “royal hero” (Spanish)

Rexane – “royal gift” (English)

Rexilo – “royal light” (Spanish)

Rexeo – “royal essence” (Greek)

Rexilda – “royal battle” (English)

Rexara – “royal journey” (Spanish)

Rexys – “royal wisdom” (Greek)

Rexanis – “royal spirit” (Spanish)

Rexora – “royal guide” (English)

Rexarion – “royal warrior” (Spanish)

Rexelon – “royal protector” (English)

Rexalin – “royal charm” (Spanish)

Reximon – “royal imagination” (English)

Rexiela – “royal light” (Spanish)

Rexyn – “royal spirit” (English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “REX”

Rexeus – “kingly ruler” (Greek)

Rexalbert – “bright king” (English)

Rexian – “gift of the king” (English)

Rexelios – “royal sun” (Greek)

Reximer – “strong ruler” (English)

Rexius – “kingly” (Latin)

Rexanto – “royal gift” (Spanish)

Rexidian – “divine king” (English)

Rexaris – “ruler of peace” (Greek)

Rexonel – “lion-like king” (Greek)

Rexandor – “defender of kings” (Greek)

Rexario – “kingly hero” (Spanish)

Rexilo – “noble king” (Spanish)

Rexento – “royal ruler” (Spanish)

Rexarion – “warrior king” (English)

Rexiano – “regal ruler” (Spanish)

Reximeros – “kingly strength” (Greek)

Rexandro – “manly king” (Spanish)

Rexion – “royal son” (English)

Rexillo – “royal light” (Spanish)

Rexalian – “son of the king” (English)

Rexilos – “king of charm” (Greek)

Rexanto – “kingly gift” (Spanish)

Rexalio – “royal lion” (Spanish)

Rexon – “royal son” (English)

Rexander – “defender of men” (Greek)

Rexanton – “royal town” (Spanish)

Rexianos – “divine ruler” (Greek)

Reximilian – “greatest king” (Spanish)

Rexadrian – “royal man” (English)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “REX”

Rex Harrison

British actor known for his role as Professor Henry Higgins in “My Fair Lady.”

Rex Tillerson

Former CEO of ExxonMobil and United States Secretary of State under President Donald Trump.

Rex Reed

American film critic, author, and columnist renowned for his acerbic wit and reviews.

Rex Grossman

Former American football quarterback who played in the NFL for various teams.

Rex Chapman

Former NBA basketball player and current sports analyst.

Rex Allen

American film actor, singer, and songwriter known as the “Arizona Cowboy.”

Rex Trailer

American television host and cowboy performer, best known for hosting the children’s show “Boomtown.”

Rex Hudler

Former MLB baseball player turned broadcaster known for his colorful and energetic commentary.

Rex Ingram

Pioneering African-American actor known for his roles in classic films like “The Green Pastures.”

Rex Navarrete

Filipino-American stand-up comedian celebrated for his humorous insights on Filipino culture and identity.

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