220 Charming Boy Names That Start with “GAR”

When it comes to choosing a name for your little boy, it can be a fun and exciting endeavor. Whether you’re looking for a classic or unique name, there are plenty of options to consider.

If you’re drawn to names that start with “GAR,” you’re in luck! There are several strong and charming options to choose from in this category.

“Gar” is a unique starting combination of letters that can give your baby boy’s name a distinct and memorable sound.

From Garret to Garth, these names have a strong and masculine appeal that can make your son stand out from the crowd.

Whether you’re looking for a name with a strong historical or cultural significance, or simply a name that sounds strong and unique, there’s sure to be a “GAR” name that fits the bill.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best “GAR” names for boys and their meanings, so you can find the perfect name for your little one.

Whether you’re looking for something classic or modern, there’s bound to be a “GAR” name that will suit your son perfectly.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “GAR”

Gareth – “gentle” (English)

Garret – “spear strength” (English)

Garrison – “stronghold” (English)

Gary – “spear” (English)

Garner – “keeper of grain” (English)

Garfield – “field of spear” (English)

Garth – “enclosed yard” (English)

Garvin – “friend in battle” (English)

Garwood – “spear forest” (English)

Garvey – “rough peace” (Irish, English)

Garibaldi – “bold, spear” (Italian)

Garza – “heron” (Spanish)

Garcia – “young warrior” (Spanish)

Gardener – “gardener” (English)

Garan – “guardian” (English)

Garvin – “friend in battle” (Irish)

Garrick – “spear king” (English)

Garman – “spearman” (German)

Garon – “guardian” (Greek)

Garreth – “gentle” (English)

Garron – “guardian” (English)

Garvey – “rough peace” (Irish)

Garvin – “friend in battle” (Irish)

Garwan – “white hawk” (English)

Garwood – “spear forest” (English)

Garvey – “spear” (Irish)

Garth – “enclosed yard” (English)

Garon – “guardian” (Greek)

Garsan – “son of the spear” (Irish)

Garmon – “spearman” (Welsh)

Boy Names That Start with "GAR"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “GAR”

Garith – “brave spear” (English)

Garson – “son of Gar” (English)

Garlan – “land of spear” (English)

Garvino – “young friend” (Spanish)

Garaldo – “rule of the spear” (Spanish)

Garzo – “bold, daring” (Spanish)

Gardon – “keeper of the garden” (English)

Garlan – “garden of spear” (English)

Garolo – “spear warrior” (Spanish)

Garzo – “vigilant guardian” (Spanish)

Garian – “guardian of the land” (Greek)

Garwin – “friend with purpose” (English)

Garibo – “spear of joy” (Spanish)

Gareon – “graceful guardian” (Greek)

Garvano – “young warrior” (Spanish)

Garlen – “gentle lion” (English)

Garvid – “wise and strong” (English)

Garanto – “bold protector” (Spanish)

Gardios – “garden protector” (Greek)

Garricko – “spear king” (English)

Garion – “guardian of the sea” (Greek)

Garlin – “gracious leader” (English)

Garvato – “brave defender” (Spanish)

Garmos – “defender of the harvest” (Greek)

Garik – “mighty spear” (English)

Garvato – “courageous guardian” (Spanish)

Garthos – “guardian of the homeland” (Greek)

Garivo – “noble protector” (Spanish)

Garwind – “friend of the wind” (English)

Garion – “shield of protection” (Greek)

Unique “GAR” Names for Boys

Garlow – “graceful warrior” (English)

Garreon – “ruler of protection” (Spanish)

Gartheon – “divine guardian” (Greek)

Garvian – “brave soul” (English)

Garrizo – “swift defender” (Spanish)

Garionos – “warrior of the sea” (Greek)

Garvius – “noble strength” (English)

Garaldo – “brave ruler” (Spanish)

Gartos – “guardian of the earth” (Greek)

Garvico – “courageous conqueror” (English)

Garrizo – “vigilant guardian” (Spanish)

Garithos – “bold spearman” (Greek)

Garlinus – “graceful leader” (English)

Garaldo – “noble defender” (Spanish)

Garos – “defender of the people” (Greek)

Garmont – “mountain guardian” (English)

Garvanto – “valiant protector” (Spanish)

Gariel – “God’s warrior” (Greek)

Gardun – “guardian of the dunes” (English)

Garis – “shining spear” (Spanish)

Garinos – “wise protector” (Greek)

Garvion – “brave defender” (English)

Garrizo – “zealous guardian” (Spanish)

Garthos – “noble guardian” (Greek)

Garithas – “gentle spear” (English)

Garvanto – “victorious guardian” (Spanish)

Garivos – “strong protector” (Greek)

Garlon – “graceful lion” (English)

Garvino – “young warrior” (Spanish)

Gartheon – “guardian of the gods” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “GAR”

Garland – “land of spears” (English)

Garcia – “brave in battle” (Spanish)

Garian – “eternal guardian” (Greek)

Garethos – “wise spear” (Greek)

Garner – “keeper of grain” (English)

Garrick – “mighty ruler” (English)

Garvino – “timeless friend” (Spanish)

Garmond – “protector of peace” (English)

Garizo – “timeless defender” (Spanish)

Garion – “eternal protector” (Greek)

Garfield – “field of spears” (English)

Garro – “timeless hero” (Spanish)

Garion – “eternal warrior” (Greek)

Garrison – “timeless stronghold” (English)

Garzon – “eternal son” (Spanish)

Garvios – “timeless strength” (Greek)

Garsan – “eternal son of the spear” (English)

Garmo – “timeless protector” (Spanish)

Garwin – “eternal friend” (English)

Garvido – “beloved guardian” (Spanish)

Gartheos – “eternal leader” (Greek)

Garwell – “timeless well” (English)

Garlan – “eternal land” (Spanish)

Garvius – “timeless virtue” (Greek)

Garnet – “eternal gem” (English)

Garzon – “timeless son” (Spanish)

Garan – “eternal guardian” (Greek)

Garlando – “timeless ruler” (Spanish)

Gareon – “eternal strength” (Greek)

Garsio – “timeless protector” (Spanish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “GAR”

Garvan – “small rough one” (Irish)

Garib – “stranger” (Arabic)

Garoun – “mountain” (Armenian)

Gariko – “thunder” (Japanese)

Gariano – “sacred singer” (Italian)

Garinov – “young hawk” (Russian)

Garuda – “mythical bird” (Sanskrit)

Garibald – “bold with the spear” (German)

Garonel – “little warrior” (French)

Gariki – “courageous” (Georgian)

Garwen – “white fortress” (Welsh)

Garif – “mighty one” (Kazakh)

Garalas – “moonlight” (Lithuanian)

Garmad – “warrior” (Persian)

Garok – “swift” (Kurdish)

Garwaz – “strength” (Pashto)

Garionel – “lion-like warrior” (Italian)

Garmanov – “brave man” (Russian)

Garoldo – “noble ruler” (Spanish)

Garvun – “lightning” (Albanian)

Garrian – “gift of peace” (Basque)

Garuda – “golden eagle” (Indonesian)

Garzan – “elegant” (Kurdish)

Garphie – “brilliant” (Scottish)

Garadin – “courageous friend” (Arabic)

Gargalo – “throat” (Portuguese)

Garat – “desire” (Basque)

Garrikas – “guardian of the keys” (Lithuanian)

Garoush – “heroic” (Persian)

Garanat – “pomegranate” (Arabic)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “GAR”

Garlyn – “friend of the lake” (English)

Garis – “graceful” (Greek)

Garlow – “gentle breeze” (English)

Garro – “determined one” (Spanish)

Garvian – “peaceful soul” (English)

Garito – “little guardian” (Spanish)

Garion – “watchful protector” (Greek)

Garvis – “wise and strong” (English)

Garzo – “bold spirit” (Spanish)

Gardon – “protector of the garden” (English)

Gariso – “shining defender” (Spanish)

Garian – “guardian of tranquility” (Greek)

Garwin – “graceful friend” (English)

Garuna – “harmony” (Spanish)

Gartos – “guardian of time” (Greek)

Garlen – “gentle lion” (English)

Garvo – “brave spirit” (Spanish)

Gardis – “keeper of joy” (English)

Garanto – “courageous guardian” (Spanish)

Gartheon – “wise protector” (Greek)

Garan – “shelter” (English)

Garzo – “adventurous soul” (Spanish)

Garian – “eternal protector” (Greek)

Garlow – “serene flow” (English)

Garito – “little warrior” (Spanish)

Garion – “timeless essence” (Greek)

Garvin – “friend in peace” (English)

Garita – “watchtower” (Spanish)

Garson – “son of Gar” (English)

Garmos – “nurturing protector” (Greek)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “GAR”

Garret – “strong spear of God” (English)

Garrold – “ruler with God’s spear” (English)

Garbán – “little friend of God” (Spanish)

Garvey – “spear bearer of God” (English)

Garito – “devoted to God” (Spanish)

Garian – “God’s guardian” (Greek)

Garfield – “field of God’s spear” (English)

Garabo – “God’s blessing” (Spanish)

Garios – “follower of God” (Greek)

Garson – “son of God” (English)

Garabito – “little one of God” (Spanish)

Garthos – “servant of God” (Greek)

Garner – “God’s warrior” (English)

Garis – “God’s grace” (Greek)

Garbino – “blessed by God” (Spanish)

Garwell – “God’s well” (English)

Garanzo – “devotion to God” (Spanish)

Gartios – “God’s protector” (Greek)

Garwyn – “blessed friend of God” (English)

Garvito – “God’s strength” (Spanish)

Garianos – “God’s gift” (Greek)

Gardon – “God’s garden” (English)

Garino – “God is gracious” (Spanish)

Garzion – “dwelling with God” (Greek)

Gartheon – “God’s guardian” (English)

Garvín – “God’s servant” (Spanish)

Garpas – “God’s peace” (Greek)

Garaldo – “noble servant of God” (Spanish)

Garthon – “God’s grace” (Greek)

Garton – “God’s town” (English)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “GAR”

Gary Oldman

English actor, known for his versatile roles in films such as “The Dark Knight” and “Darkest Hour,” winning an Academy Award for the latter.

Garth Brooks

American country music icon, with a record-breaking career and numerous awards, known for hits like “Friends in Low Places.”

Garrett Hedlund

American actor and model, acclaimed for his performances in films like “Tron: Legacy” and “Mudbound.”

Gareth Bale

Welsh professional footballer, widely regarded for his skill and speed, has played for top clubs like Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur.

García Márquez

Gabriel García Márquez, Colombian novelist, and Nobel Prize winner, famous for magical realism in works like “One Hundred Years of Solitude.”

Garrett Morgan

African American inventor and entrepreneur, known for inventing the traffic signal and the gas mask.

Garrett A. Morgan

American engineer and inventor, renowned for his contributions to traffic safety, including the development of the gas mask.

Garrett Camp

Canadian entrepreneur, co-founder of Uber, and founder of Expa, a startup studio.

Garry Kasparov

Russian chess grandmaster, former World Chess Champion, and political activist, known for his famous matches against computers.

Garrett Wang

American actor, best known for his role as Ensign Harry Kim on “Star Trek: Voyager.”

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