220 Cute Boy Names That Start with “SP”

When it comes to choosing a name for a baby boy, parents often look for something unique and meaningful.

If you’re searching for a name that starts with “SP”, you’re in luck! There are several handsome and distinctive options to consider.

From traditional and timeless to modern and trendy, there’s a “SP” name out there for every family’s style and preference.

Whether you’re drawn to strong, powerful names or something more gentle and charming, this list has got you covered.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at a variety of boy names that start with “SP”.

Whether you’re looking for a name with historical significance, a trendy and modern feel, or something with a touch of whimsy, you’re sure to find the perfect “SP” name for your little one.

Let’s explore the world of boy names that start with “SP” and find the one that resonates with you.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “SP”

Spencer – “Steward” (English)

Spike – “Long, heavy nail” (English)

Spenser – “Dispenser of provisions” (English)

Spyro – “Spiral” (Greek)

Spiros – “Spirit” (Greek)

Sport – “Playful” (English)

Spero – “I hope” (Greek)

Sphinx – “Strangler” (Greek)

Speed – “Rapid motion” (English)

Spiritoso – “Spirited” (Italian)

Spiridon – “Spirit” (Greek)

Spurgeon – “Little twig” (English)

Spocrates – “Wisdom, knowledge” (Greek)

Sperry – “Spears strength” (English)

Speranza – “Hope” (Italian)

Spiro – “I breathe” (Greek)

Spino – “Thorn” (Italian)

Spurgeon – “Little sprout” (English)

Sparrow – “Small bird” (English)

Spurio – “False” (Italian)

Speedy – “Swift, fast” (English)

Spyridon – “Spiritual” (Greek)

Springer – “Jumping water” (English)

Spelio – “Cave dweller” (Greek)

Spur – “Pointed device on a horse rider’s heel” (English)

Spaso – “Savior” (Serbian)

Sperry – “Meadow with coarse grass” (English)

Spatolino – “Little spatula” (Italian)

Spurgeon – “Little branch” (English)

Sporus – “Seed” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "SP"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “SP”

Spade – “Ace of spades” (English)

Spark – “Igniting force” (English)

Sparx – “Bright, lively” (English)

Spadeo – “Sword” (Spanish)

Spurio – “Illegitimate child” (Spanish)

Spireas – “Spiral” (Greek)

Sphinxio – “Guardian” (Greek)

Spinnaker – “Sail type” (English)

Spargo – “To glisten” (Spanish)

Spirante – “Breathing” (Spanish)

Sprigg – “Vivacious” (English)

Sprint – “Quick run” (English)

Spurling – “Little branch” (English)

Spurz – “Swift” (English)

Spitamenes – “White horse” (Greek)

Spurto – “Swift” (Spanish)

Speir – “Inspiration” (Spanish)

Sporos – “Seed” (Greek)

Speranza – “Hope” (Spanish)

Spontan – “Spontaneous” (Spanish)

Spira – “Breath, spirit” (Spanish)

Splet – “Swift” (Old English)

Spira – “Spiral” (Spanish)

Splash – “Water splashing” (English)

Spurgeon – “Little explorer” (English)

Spartakos – “Spartan” (Greek)

Spumante – “Sparkling wine” (Spanish)

Speedwell – “Quick travel” (English)

Spindaro – “Spinner” (Spanish)

Spiker – “One who nails things down” (English)

Unique “SP” Names for Boys

Spindle – “Thread holder” (English)

Sparko – “Little spark” (Spanish)

Spilanthes – “Herb with medicinal properties” (Greek)

Spectro – “Spectacle, observer” (English)

Spinolos – “Spiny, thorny” (Greek)

Spurcio – “Unclean, impure” (Greek)

Spektor – “Specter, ghost” (English)

Splendro – “Splendid, shining” (Greek)

Sphinxos – “Mysterious” (Greek)

Spurioso – “False, deceitful” (Spanish)

Spelios – “Cave dweller” (Greek)

Spindleo – “Thread maker” (Spanish)

Splendente – “Bright, shining” (Spanish)

Spurrell – “Little sparrow” (English)

Spirale – “Spiral” (Spanish)

Sphairaios – “Sparkling” (Greek)

Spilios – “Stain, spot” (Greek)

Speckle – “Marked with spots” (English)

Sponteo – “Spontaneous” (Spanish)

Spirituoso – “Spiritual” (Spanish)

Spaciano – “Space, openness” (Spanish)

Spelunco – “Cave, cavern” (Spanish)

Spinti – “To push, propel” (Spanish)

Spes – “Hope” (Latin)

Spilaris – “Graceful, elegant” (Greek)

Sprezza – “Stylish, elegant” (Spanish)

Speiros – “Feeder, provider” (Greek)

Splendeo – “Shining, brilliant” (Spanish)

Spryte – “Spirit” (English)

Sporeas – “Seed, offspring” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “SP”

Spalding – “Little bald one” (English)

Spero – “Hopeful” (Greek)

Spyridon – “Spiritual” (Greek)

Sparrowe – “Small bird” (English)

Spinoza – “Thorny” (Spanish)

Spektor – “Observer, watcher” (English)

Spurgeon – “Little sprout” (English)

Spiros – “Spirit” (Greek)

Sparta – “City in Greece” (Greek)

Speedwell – “Quick travel” (English)

Sphinxios – “Mysterious” (Greek)

Spirante – “Breathing” (Greek)

Sperry – “Meadow with coarse grass” (English)

Spirus – “Breeze” (Greek)

Spurzio – “Swift” (Greek)

Spicer – “Grocer, seller of spices” (English)

Spinoso – “Full of thorns” (Greek)

Spartan – “From Sparta” (Greek)

Speranza – “Hope” (Greek)

Spurio – “False” (Greek)

Spectrum – “Range of colors” (English)

Spindler – “Maker of spindles” (English)

Spiridon – “Spirited” (Greek)

Sprague – “Vigorous” (English)

Speedy – “Swift, fast” (English)

Spinelli – “Little thorn” (Greek)

Spumoni – “Italian ice cream” (Greek)

Spiegel – “Mirror” (Greek)

Spellman – “Spellbound” (English)

Sportivo – “Sporty, athletic” (Spanish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “SP”

Spiaggia – “Beach” (Italian)

Spandan – “Heartbeat” (Sanskrit)

Spasoje – “Savior” (Serbian)

Sporus – “Seed” (Latin)

Spiridon – “Spiritual” (Russian)

Spiegelman – “Mirror man” (Yiddish)

Spurius – “Illegitimate child” (Latin)

Spelmann – “Storyteller” (Old English)

Spetses – “Island in Greece” (Greek)

Spontanio – “Spontaneous” (Esperanto)

Spasimir – “Peaceful glory” (Bulgarian)

Spruyt – “Little shoot” (Dutch)

Spiridione – “Little spirit” (Italian)

Spetses – “Island in Greece” (Greek)

Spraggon – “Energetic” (Old English)

Spomenko – “Remembrance” (Serbian)

Spasen – “Savior” (Bulgarian)

Spens – “Ravine” (Scottish)

Spahija – “Noble” (Albanian)

Sparve – “Sparrow” (Swedish)

Spender – “One who spends” (English)

Sporim – “Athletic” (Esperanto)

Spalato – “Split” (Italian)

Spiky – “Pointed” (English)

Spalatro – “Split” (Italian)

Sparagmos – “Tearing apart” (Greek)

Spasimir – “Peaceful glory” (Bulgarian)

Spatium – “Space” (Latin)

Spijker – “Nail” (Dutch)

Spraio – “Swagger” (Italian)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “SP”

Sparrow – “Small bird” (English)

Spence – “Dispenser of provisions” (English)

Spira – “Breath, spirit” (Greek)

Spectrum – “Range of colors” (English)

Spire – “Tall, slender structure” (English)

Sparta – “City in Greece” (Greek)

Sphinx – “Strangler” (Greek)

Spindle – “Thread holder” (English)

Spontaneo – “Spontaneous” (Spanish)

Speed – “Rapid motion” (English)

Speranza – “Hope” (Hebrew)

Spiegel – “Mirror” (Hebrew)

Spiro – “I breathe” (Greek)

Spirit – “Vital principle” (English)

Spurio – “False” (Hebrew)

Spurrell – “Little sparrow” (English)

Spurz – “Swift” (English)

Spumante – “Sparkling wine” (Hebrew)

Spurling – “Little branch” (English)

Spynx – “Mysterious” (English)

Spanto – “Startle” (Spanish)

Spilo – “To stain” (Greek)

Spirante – “Breathing” (Hebrew)

Spinto – “Pushed” (Hebrew)

Splash – “Water splashing” (English)

Splendo – “Shining, brilliant” (Hebrew)

Spinelli – “Little thorn” (Hebrew)

Spiral – “Curving outward” (English)

Spiaggia – “Beach” (Hebrew)

Spurioso – “False, deceitful” (Hebrew)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “SP”

Spiritus – “Spirit” (Greek)

Spurgeon – “Little preacher” (English)

Spes – “Hope” (Greek)

Spyrakis – “Watchful guardian” (Greek)

Spesiano – “Hopeful” (Greek)

Spyridion – “Spiritual” (Greek)

Spasiano – “Baptized” (Greek)

Spurgeon – “Spiritual explorer” (English)

Spesialis – “Special” (Latin)

Spoudaios – “Diligent, zealous” (Greek)

Sparcle – “Bright, shining” (English)

Spesiale – “Special” (Spanish)

Spirito – “Spirit” (Greek)

Spiros – “Spirit” (Greek)

Spasimo – “Savior” (Greek)

Spoudos – “Zeal, eagerness” (Greek)

Speiro – “Sow, plant” (Greek)

Spesifiko – “Specific” (Spanish)

Spiridon – “Spirited” (Greek)

Spesial – “Special” (Spanish)

Spoudaios – “Diligent, earnest” (Greek)

Sparzio – “Savior” (Spanish)

Spelio – “Cave, refuge” (Greek)

Spousa – “Bride, spouse” (Greek)

Spengos – “Pious, devout” (Greek)

Spuro – “To strive” (Latin)

Speranza – “Hope” (Greek)

Spoudazo – “To strive earnestly” (Greek)

Spesiale – “Special” (Greek)

Sphaira – “Sphere, divine” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “SP”

Spencer Tracy

Academy Award-winning actor known for his versatile performances in classic films such as “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” and “Captain Courageous.”

Spiro Agnew

Former Vice President of the United States under Richard Nixon, known for his resignation amidst charges of tax evasion and bribery.

Spike Lee

Acclaimed filmmaker, director, producer, and writer known for his powerful and socially relevant films like “Do the Right Thing” and “Malcolm X.”

Spinoza, Baruch

Renowned Dutch philosopher known for his rationalist views and contributions to metaphysics.

Spielberg, Steven Iconic American filmmaker celebrated for directing numerous blockbuster films, including “Jurassic Park” and “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.”

Spock, Benjamin

Fictional character from “Star Trek,” portrayed by Leonard Nimoy. Renowned for his logical and rational demeanor as the Vulcan science officer.


Legendary gladiator and slave who led a major uprising against the Roman Republic.

Spitzer, Eliot

Former Governor of New York known for his contributions to legal and financial reform.

Springsteen, Bruce

Iconic American singer-songwriter and musician, known for his heartfelt and socially conscious rock music.

Spemann, Hans

German embryologist and Nobel laureate recognized for his pioneering work in developmental biology, including the discovery of the organizer effect.

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