220 Adorable Boy Names That Start with “ROX”

Are you searching for a unique and strong name for your baby boy? Look no further than names that start with “ROX.”

From traditional to modern, names beginning with these three letters offer a variety of options with different origins and meanings.

Whether you’re drawn to a classic name like “Roxford” or a more contemporary choice like “Roxen,” there are endless possibilities to consider.

In this article, we’ll explore a diverse selection of boy names that start with “ROX,” providing insight into their origins and cultural significance.

Whether you’re looking for a name that reflects strength, resilience, or simply appeals to your personal style, there’s sure to be a name on this list that resonates with you.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a distinctive and memorable name for your baby boy, read on to discover the charm and allure of boy names that start with “ROX.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “ROX”

Roxtin – “From the rocky settlement” (English)

Roxwell – “At the spring near the rocks” (English)

Roxton – “Rock town” (English)

Roxley – “Clearing in the rocks” (English)

Roxford – “River crossing near the rocks” (English)

Roxas – “Bright star” (Spanish)

Roxiano – “Graceful rock” (Spanish)

Roxaldo – “Noble rock” (Spanish)

Roxario – “Rosary of rocks” (Spanish)

Roxiano – “God is gracious rock” (Spanish)

Roxtis – “Steadfast rock” (Greek)

Roxios – “Bright rock” (Greek)

Roxandros – “Defender of the rocks” (Greek)

Roxophilos – “Lover of rocks” (Greek)

Roxiphanes – “Manifestation of the rocks” (Greek)

Roxlin – “Beautiful rocks” (English)

Roxar – “Ruler of the rocks” (English)

Roximus – “Greatest among rocks” (English)

Roxador – “Gift from the rocks” (English)

Roxifer – “Bringing light to the rocks” (English)

Roxez – “Rocks of peace” (Spanish)

Roxento – “Enduring rock” (Spanish)

Roxelio – “Fierce like a rock” (Spanish)

Roxiano – “Rocky journey” (Spanish)

Roxencio – “Rocky triumph” (Spanish)

Roxoros – “Mountain of rocks” (Greek)

Roxonikos – “Victorious rock” (Greek)

Roxellis – “Messenger of the rocks” (Greek)

Roxianthos – “Flower of the rocks” (Greek)

Roxopolemos – “Warrior of the rocks” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "ROX"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “ROX”

Roxen – “Energetic rock” (English)

Roxton – “Rocky town” (English)

Roxan – “Graceful rock” (English)

Roxlon – “Lion of the rocks” (English)

Roxius – “Courageous rock” (English)

Roxiano – “Gift from the rocks” (Spanish)

Roxador – “Adored rock” (Spanish)

Roxcelo – “Sky of rocks” (Spanish)

Roxiano – “Beloved rock” (Spanish)

Roxante – “Endearing rock” (Spanish)

Roxaris – “Strong like a rock” (Greek)

Roxios – “Passionate rock” (Greek)

Roxidus – “Industrious rock” (Greek)

Roxtheon – “Godly rock” (Greek)

Roxelis – “Bright light of the rocks” (Greek)

Roxten – “Tender rock” (English)

Roxon – “Wise rock” (English)

Roxlen – “Free-spirited rock” (English)

Roxwellis – “Wise protector of the rocks” (English)

Roxvince – “Conquering rock” (English)

Roxario – “Rock of joy” (Spanish)

Roxanteo – “Optimistic rock” (Spanish)

Roxiano – “Charming rock” (Spanish)

Roxezar – “Star of the rocks” (Spanish)

Roxario – “Strong defender of the rocks” (Spanish)

Roxithos – “Noble rock” (Greek)

Roxaris – “Adventurous rock” (Greek)

Roxianthos – “Eternal flower of the rocks” (Greek)

Roxelio – “Lion-hearted rock” (Greek)

Roxamos – “Musical rock” (Greek)

Unique “ROX” Names for Boys

Roxleno – “Majestic rock” (English)

Roxaro – “Resilient rock” (English)

Roxlynx – “Swift and agile like a rock” (English)

Roxavian – “Visionary rock” (English)

Roxynth – “Harmony of rocks” (English)

Roxaldo – “Wise ruler of rocks” (Spanish)

Roxario – “Gentle breeze of rocks” (Spanish)

Roxalio – “Noble and brave rock” (Spanish)

Roxanteo – “Full of grace like a rock” (Spanish)

Roxavio – “Life-giving rock” (Spanish)

Roxiros – “Determined rock” (Greek)

Roxylas – “Liberating rock” (Greek)

Roxtheon – “Divinely inspired rock” (Greek)

Roxelios – “Sun-like rock” (Greek)

Roxeros – “Heroic rock” (Greek)

Roxavier – “Brave journey through rocks” (English)

Roxandus – “Defender of the rock” (English)

Roxster – “Rock star” (English)

Roxthor – “Thunderous rock” (English)

Roxvell – “Visionary leader of rocks” (English)

Roxario – “Courageous protector of rocks” (Spanish)

Roxiano – “Admirable rock” (Spanish)

Roxelmo – “Beloved rock” (Spanish)

Roxivo – “Vibrant rock” (Spanish)

Roxiano – “Guardian of the rocks” (Spanish)

Roxelis – “Adventurous light of rocks” (Greek)

Roxidius – “Indomitable rock” (Greek)

Roxtheon – “Majestic presence of rocks” (Greek)

Roxymos – “Musical soul of rocks” (Greek)

Roxenthus – “Enthusiastic rock” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “ROX”

Roxwin – “Blessed friend” (English)

Roxstan – “Stalwart stone” (English)

Roxhart – “Strong-hearted rock” (English)

Roxlinus – “Gentle leader of rocks” (English)

Roxvale – “Valiant rock” (English)

Roxiano – “Gracious gift of rocks” (Spanish)

Roxcelius – “Heavenly rock” (Spanish)

Roxolino – “Peaceful rock” (Spanish)

Roxanto – “Timeless defender of rocks” (Spanish)

Roxario – “Royal rock” (Spanish)

Roxandros – “Manly defender of rocks” (Greek)

Roxthys – “Time-honored rock” (Greek)

Roxelenos – “Bright and shining rock” (Greek)

Roxarion – “Noble son of rocks” (Greek)

Roxtheon – “Divinely protected rock” (Greek)

Roxlenius – “Graceful and noble rock” (English)

Roxbyrne – “Bold warrior of rocks” (English)

Roxcrown – “Regal leader of rocks” (English)

Roxdell – “Delightful rock” (English)

Roxshane – “God is gracious rock” (English)

Roxelio – “Bright and noble rock” (Spanish)

Roxario – “Radiant protector of rocks” (Spanish)

Roxentus – “Enduring and steadfast rock” (Spanish)

Roxetto – “Eternal rock” (Spanish)

Roxaldo – “Wise and noble rock” (Spanish)

Roxianthos – “Eternal blossom of rocks” (Greek)

Roxolysios – “Luminous rock” (Greek)

Roxthas – “Everlasting strength of rocks” (Greek)

Roxetios – “Timeless and enduring rock” (Greek)

Roxalon – “Time-honored leader of rocks” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “ROX”

Roxamir – “Prince of the morning” (Persian)

Roxenji – “Gentle and wise” (Japanese)

Roximba – “Lion of the rocks” (African)

Roxelio – “Sunshine of the rocks” (Italian)

Roxario – “Starlight protector” (Portuguese)

Roxuán – “Graceful and noble” (Asturian, Spanish)

Roxinov – “Innovative rock” (Russian)

Roxianu – “Brave soul” (Romanian)

Roxheng – “Harmony of rocks” (Chinese)

Roxmane – “Jewel of the rocks” (French)

Roxtari – “Guardian of the stars” (Albanian)

Roxito – “Little rock” (Spanish)

Roxarisu – “Brilliant rock” (Japanese)

Roxava – “Soulful rock” (Bulgarian)

Roxoro – “Golden rock” (Spanish)

Roxudin – “Lover of the rocks” (Arabic)

Roxellan – “Noble and gracious” (Irish)

Roxarinho – “Little king of rocks” (Portuguese)

Roxiano – “Spirit of the rocks” (Esperanto)

Roxelius – “Luminous rock” (Latin)

Roxishi – “Quiet and serene” (Japanese)

Roxanis – “Pleasant rock” (Czech)

Roxondo – “Harmony in the rocks” (Swahili)

Roxtiago – “Saint James of the rocks” (Galician, Spanish)

Roxorin – “Adventurous spirit” (Korean)

Roxelin – “Moonlit rock” (Swedish)

Roxushi – “Soothing rock” (Japanese)

Roxalis – “Joyful rock” (Dutch)

Roxanto – “Eternal protector” (Esperanto)

Roxanov – “New vision of rocks” (Russian)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “ROX”

Roxian – “Adventurous spirit” (English)

Roxlen – “Gentle and kind” (English)

Roxaris – “Harmony in diversity” (Greek)

Roxley – “Meadow of rocks” (English)

Roxen – “Peaceful rock” (Spanish)

Roxaro – “Eternal flame” (Spanish)

Roxel – “Bright and shining” (English)

Roxio – “Beloved rock” (Spanish)

Roxanis – “Free spirit” (Greek)

Roxley – “Joyful meadow” (English)

Roxaris – “Unity in diversity” (Greek)

Roxan – “Gentle and graceful” (Spanish)

Roxin – “Enduring strength” (Greek)

Roxaro – “Timeless flame” (Spanish)

Roxlen – “Noble and serene” (English)

Roxito – “Little rock” (Spanish)

Roxell – “Luminous and beautiful” (English)

Roxari – “Bringing joy” (Greek)

Roxalo – “Wise and free” (Spanish)

Roxwin – “Blessed and graceful” (English)

Roxent – “Enduring spirit” (English)

Roxara – “Noble and tender” (Spanish)

Roxian – “Adventurous and kind” (Greek)

Roxell – “Luminous and serene” (English)

Roxoro – “Golden spirit” (Spanish)

Roxlin – “Beautiful meadow” (English)

Roxano – “Graceful and enduring” (Spanish)

Roxath – “Timeless grace” (Greek)

Roxin – “Peaceful and strong” (Spanish)

Roxelis – “Bright and adventurous” (Greek)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “ROX”

Roxben – “Son of blessing” (English)

Roxanuel – “God’s gracious rock” (Spanish)

Roxfaith – “Faithful rock” (English)

Roxangel – “Angel of rocks” (Spanish)

Roxtheos – “Godly rock” (Greek)

Roxseraph – “Burning rock, fiery one” (English)

Roxelias – “God is my strength” (Greek)

Roxdivin – “Divine rock” (English)

Roxsanto – “Holy protector of rocks” (Spanish)

Roxagape – “God’s love in rock” (Greek)

Roxgospel – “Bearer of good news” (English)

Roxpius – “Pious rock” (Greek)

Roxbless – “Blessed rock” (English)

Roxjesus – “God is salvation in rocks” (Spanish)

Roxpray – “Prayerful rock” (English)

Roxorthodox – “Orthodox believer in rocks” (English)

Roxsanctus – “Holy rock” (Latin)

Roxgrace – “God’s grace in a rock” (English)

Roxmaranatha – “Our Lord, come!” (Aramaic)

Roxzeus – “Divine strength of rocks” (Greek)

Roxbethel – “House of God in rocks” (English)

Roxcruz – “Cross of rocks” (Spanish)

Roxsavior – “Savior in the rocks” (English)

Roxmanna – “God’s provision in rocks” (Hebrew)

Roxallel – “Praise to God in rocks” (English)

Roxmessiah – “Anointed one of rocks” (English)

Roxproph – “Prophet of rocks” (English)

Roxsacred – “Sacred rock” (English)

Roxapostol – “Apostle of rocks” (Spanish)

Roxrevel – “Revelation of God in rocks” (English)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “ROX”

Roxane Gay

An acclaimed American writer and cultural critic, known for her works addressing gender, race, and identity; a prominent voice in contemporary literature.

Roxburgh Grant

A distinguished Australian actor, recognized for his versatile performances on stage and screen, including roles in films like “Moulin Rouge!” and “Mission: Impossible II.”


A fictional character in the “Kingdom Hearts” video game series; a Keyblade wielder with a complex storyline and strong ties to the game’s narrative.

Roxy Music (Bryan Ferry)

An English singer, songwriter, and frontman of the influential rock band Roxy Music; known for his distinctive voice and contributions to the glam rock and new wave genres.

Roxrite (Omar Delgado)

A renowned Mexican-American breakdancer and member of the world-famous breakdance crew, Renegades; multiple-time winner of international breaking competitions.

Roxane Mesquida

A French actress and model, recognized for her roles in independent films and collaborations with prominent directors like Catherine Breillat.

Roxo the Magician (B.J. Novak)

An American actor, writer, and comedian; known for his work on the television series “The Office” and his role as the voice of Roxo the Magician in “The Venture Bros.”

Roxton Pond

A Canadian author known for his works in children’s literature, contributing to the imaginative world of young readers with engaging and adventurous stories.

Roxbury Russett

A historical figure, one of the earliest apple varieties in the United States, recognized for its unique flavor and role in the development of American orchards.

Roxroy Cato

A Jamaican hurdler and Olympian, competed in multiple international track and field events, showcasing his agility and speed on the global stage.

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