220 Cute Boy Names That Start with “LIA”

When it comes to choosing a name for your baby boy, you might be looking for something unique and special.

If you’re drawn to names that start with “LIA,” you’re in luck! There are several beautiful and uncommon boy names that start with this unique combination of letters.

From traditional to modern, there are options to suit every taste. In this article, we’ll explore a variety of boy names that start with “LIA” and their meanings, origins, and popularity.

Whether you’re looking for a name that honors a specific heritage, has a strong, masculine sound, or simply stands out from the crowd, you’re sure to find inspiration in this list.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a distinctive and memorable name for your little one, read on to discover some of the most intriguing boy names that begin with “LIA.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “LIA”

Liam – “strong-willed warrior” (Irish/English)

Lian – “graceful willow” (Spanish)

Lias – “lion” (Greek)

Liasis – “lion-like” (Greek)

Liandro – “lion man” (Greek)

Liamar – “strong and famous” (English)

Lianos – “clear, bright” (Greek)

Liasos – “lion-like” (Greek)

Lianis – “son of the lion” (Greek)

Liamis – “strong-willed” (Greek)

Liano – “graceful one” (Italian/Spanish)

Lianos – “son of Dionysius” (Greek)

Lianus – “graceful” (Latin)

Liarchos – “ruler of the people” (Greek)

Liax – “lion-like” (Greek)

Liasis – “lion-like” (Greek)

Liav – “heart of a lion” (Hebrew)

Liazon – “lion-hearted” (Greek)

Liagos – “lion-like” (Greek)

Liahos – “lion-hearted” (Greek)

Lialios – “lion-like” (Greek)

Liagkos – “lion-like” (Greek)

Liantis – “son of the lion” (Greek)

Liastis – “lion-like” (Greek)

Liaus – “lion-like” (Greek)

Liavros – “lion-like” (Greek)

Liasis – “lion-like” (Greek)

Liamis – “strong-willed” (Greek)

Liathan – “lion-like” (Irish)

Liano – “smooth” (Italian/Spanish)

Boy Names That Start with "LIA"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “LIA”

Liad – “to sing” (Hebrew)

Lianthos – “flower” (Greek)

Liadis – “song of the people” (Greek)

Liasis – “free man” (Greek)

Liavel – “beloved” (English)

Liandros – “free man” (Greek)

Liakos – “from the people’s land” (Greek)

Lianthos – “flower” (Greek)

Liarnos – “free man” (Greek)

Liasis – “lion’s strength” (Greek)

Liasar – “graceful and strong” (English)

Liandis – “free man” (Greek)

Lialthos – “of the flower” (Greek)

Liaxos – “free man” (Greek)

Liandar – “free man” (Greek)

Liaios – “free man” (Greek)

Liakas – “from the people’s land” (Greek)

Liamaros – “beloved and strong” (English)

Liandus – “free man” (Greek)

Liantos – “of the people” (Greek)

Liavon – “lion-hearted” (Greek)

Liador – “gift of the people” (Greek)

Liaso – “free man” (Greek)

Liatham – “of the tribe” (Irish)

Liargo – “graceful lion” (Greek)

Liara – “song of the people” (Greek)

Liasio – “free man” (Greek)

Liazar – “shining lion” (Greek)

Liair – “free-spirited” (English)

Lianico – “graceful conqueror” (Spanish/Greek)

Unique “LIA” Names for Boys

Liasen – “son of the lion” (Greek)

Lianthius – “graceful flower” (Greek)

Liaven – “adventurous one” (English)

Liasius – “divinely strong” (Greek)

Liaro – “lion-hearted” (Spanish)

Lianosar – “son of the clear, bright one” (Greek)

Liaden – “noble and free” (English)

Liakios – “from the people’s land” (Greek)

Lianthor – “flower of the gods” (Greek)

Liavante – “lion-hearted” (Spanish)

Liasaro – “strong as a lion” (Spanish)

Liaxius – “lion-like strength” (Greek)

Liancio – “graceful conqueror” (Spanish)

Liavonos – “lion-hearted” (Greek)

Lianthosar – “graceful flower of the people” (Greek)

Liaron – “song of the lion” (Greek)

Liakaros – “from the people’s land” (Greek)

Liantian – “son of the graceful flower” (Greek)

Liaxar – “lion-like” (Greek)

Lianvar – “noble and strong” (English)

Liadaro – “gift of song” (Greek)

Lianthar – “graceful and divine” (Greek)

Liandaro – “divinely free” (Greek)

Liandrosar – “son of the free man” (Greek)

Liaros – “lion-hearted” (Greek)

Liandias – “divine strength” (Greek)

Liandaros – “graceful gift of the people” (Greek)

Lianthosios – “divine flower” (Greek)

Liavaro – “beloved lion” (Spanish)

Liandant – “gift of grace” (Spanish)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “LIA”

Liashton – “from the town by the water” (English)

Liakon – “from the people’s land” (Greek)

Lianton – “graceful town” (English)

Liaxander – “defender of the people” (Greek)

Lianley – “meadow near the clear, bright water” (English)

Lianthony – “graceful one” (English)

Liaroson – “son of the lion-hearted” (Greek)

Liadoris – “gift of the people” (Greek)

Liavinson – “son of the beloved lion” (Spanish)

Lianthorin – “divine flower of the gods” (Greek)

Liaximus – “utmost strength” (Greek)

Liaventus – “lion-hearted” (Spanish)

Liandell – “noble and divine” (English)

Lianicus – “of the people” (Greek)

Lianaro – “gift of grace” (Spanish)

Liaximus – “utmost strength” (Greek)

Liandon – “from the valley of the lion” (English)

Liantarius – “divine conqueror” (Spanish/Greek)

Liarkos – “lion-like” (Greek)

Lianfred – “peaceful and free” (English)

Liaxalon – “lion’s strength” (Greek)

Liandaris – “son of the divine one” (Greek)

Liavaro – “beloved lion” (Spanish)

Lianthosius – “divine flower” (Greek)

Liaxarion – “lion-like” (Greek)

Liantas – “son of the graceful one” (Greek)

Liandralis – “noble and free” (English)

Liarion – “song of the lion” (Greek)

Lianthol – “graceful blossom” (English)

Liavenson – “son of the beloved one” (Spanish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “LIA”

Lianu – “light of the sun” (Hawaiian)

Lianis – “adventurous” (Spanish)

Liandor – “golden lion” (Portuguese)

Liakai – “oceanic” (Hawaiian)

Liavos – “life” (Greek)

Liadhán – “poetic” (Irish)

Liasar – “fire of the night” (Persian)

Lianjin – “golden” (Chinese)

Liahari – “moonlit” (Greek)

Liante – “shining star” (Spanish)

Liaziel – “angel of the night” (Hebrew)

Liagos – “mystical” (Greek)

Lianthos – “flower of the heavens” (Greek)

Liandro – “lion warrior” (Italian)

Liantai – “serenity” (Chinese)

Liaris – “elegant” (Greek)

Liavares – “songbird” (Spanish)

Liangyu – “bright jade” (Chinese)

Liakos – “from the people’s land” (Greek)

Liancé – “graceful” (French)

Lianyu – “lotus rain” (Chinese)

Liadis – “bold and courageous” (Greek)

Liavon – “sunrise” (Russian)

Liaharu – “spring sunlight” (Japanese)

Lianzhi – “wise and knowing” (Chinese)

Liavonos – “gift of the morning” (Greek)

Lianko – “gentle breeze” (Greek)

Liazar – “bright as the dawn” (Persian)

Lianzi – “wise child” (Chinese)

Liandu – “heavenly ruler” (Chinese)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “LIA”

Lian – “lotus flower” (Spanish)

Liadon – “gift of song” (Greek)

Liante – “graceful one” (Spanish)

Lialin – “moonlight” (English)

Liaris – “elegant” (Greek)

Liadis – “sonorous” (Greek)

Liasen – “from the clear, bright water” (English)

Lianto – “divine” (Greek)

Liavon – “morning light” (Spanish)

Lianko – “gentle” (Greek)

Liathan – “river” (Spanish)

Liazon – “harmony” (Greek)

Liasis – “free spirit” (Greek)

Liaro – “lion-hearted” (Spanish)

Liarnos – “adventurous” (Greek)

Liaxen – “bright and shining” (English)

Liany – “gift of grace” (English)

Liado – “joyful” (Spanish)

Liavonos – “gift of the morning” (Greek)

Liandell – “noble and free” (English)

Lianar – “serene” (Spanish)

Liantan – “from the graceful town” (English)

Lianthos – “heavenly blossom” (Greek)

Liathar – “grey” (Spanish)

Liaris – “graceful” (Greek)

Lianthor – “divine flower” (Greek)

Liazar – “bright as the dawn” (Spanish)

Liantal – “peaceful” (Spanish)

Liaven – “adventurous spirit” (English)

Lianda – “free-spirited” (English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “LIA”

Lianus – “devoted to God” (Spanish)

Liangel – “angel of the Lord” (English)

Liathaniel – “gift of God” (Hebrew)

Lianuel – “light of God” (Spanish)

Liasaph – “Gathered by God” (Hebrew)

Liadon – “praise of God” (Greek)

Lianziel – “God’s grace” (English)

Liathanos – “servant of God” (Greek)

Liasarion – “son of God’s gift” (Greek)

Lianphel – “lover of God” (Greek)

Liaronis – “song of God” (Greek)

Liarthos – “divine lion of God” (Greek)

Lianethiel – “pledged to God” (English)

Liantor – “gift of God” (Spanish)

Liavares – “prayerful” (Spanish)

Liagel – “messenger of God” (English)

Liasan – “God’s grace” (Spanish)

Liandel – “God is gracious” (Spanish)

Lianthoros – “flower of God” (Greek)

Liazario – “God’s helper” (Spanish)

Liaximos – “most high God” (Greek)

Liarthius – “devoted to the gods” (Greek)

Liaron – “song of God” (Greek)

Lianuel – “light of God” (Spanish)

Liaciel – “heavenly” (Spanish)

Liavos – “life from God” (Greek)

Liantar – “altar of God” (Spanish)

Liazaphon – “Gathered by God” (Greek)

Lianthosios – “divine flower of God” (Greek)

Liathanar – “gift of God” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “LIA”

Liam Neeson

Irish actor known for his roles in “Schindler’s List” and the “Taken” film series, with a commanding presence and distinctive voice.

Liam Hemsworth

Australian actor recognized for his roles in “The Hunger Games” series and “Independence Day: Resurgence,” combining charm with action.

Liam Payne

English singer and former member of the boy band One Direction, known for his powerful vocals and solo hits like “Strip That Down.”

Liam Gallagher

English musician, lead singer of the iconic rock band Oasis, celebrated for his distinctive voice and outspoken personality.

Liam Aiken

American actor known for his roles in films like “A Series of Unfortunate Events” and “Good Boy!” showcasing versatility and talent.

Liam McIntyre

Australian actor recognized for portraying the lead role of Spartacus in the TV series “Spartacus: Vengeance” and “Spartacus: War of the Damned.”

Liam Garrigan

English actor known for his performances in various TV series and films, including his role as King Arthur in “Once Upon a Time.”

Liam O’Brien

American voice actor and director, contributing to numerous animated series and video games, recognized for his versatility and range.

Liam Fox

British politician serving as a Member of Parliament, known for his roles in government and advocacy for conservative policies.

Liam Treadwell

English jockey who gained fame for winning the Grand National in 2009, showcasing skill and determination in horse racing.

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