230 Mysterious and Catchy Secret Room Names Ideas

If you’re looking for a way to keep your family entertained while you’re in the middle of cleaning, secret room names are the perfect solution! By giving each room a unique name, your family will be eager to figure out what each one is called.

Not only will this make cleaning more fun, but it can also be a great way to learn more about your family members. So get creative and come up with some fun secret room names!

The best secret room names are all about being creative. If you’re going to give your kid’s room a fun name, you might as well make it fun for the whole family to figure out.

The more creative you can be, the better. Keep in mind that secret room names can be used for both boys and girls. If you’re having a girl, you might choose a princess or fairy themed name. If your child is a boy, you might opt for something more masculine like Superman or Batman.

There are many unusual and secret room names around the world. So no matter where you live, you have the possibility of coming up with something unique!

If you’re stuck for ideas, try looking at your favorite book or a magazine you’ve read. Maybe even use your imagination to come up with a secret room name that’s completely original and creative.

Secret Room Names

Clue Closet

Hide And Seek

The Secret Lab

Whet Your Whims

Find Us


Escape Feat

Horror Night

Escape Zone


Escape This Place

Secret Stashes

Scary Game

Solve the Riddles


Amazing Escapes

3D Escape


Logic & Strategies

Constantly Escaping

Added Adventure

Chamber of Secrets

Logical Gang

The Horizon

Great Minds

House Of Riddles

Puzzling Plot

Fast Brains

Four Wall Feat

Rescued Now

Cool Secret Room Names


Very Scary

Game Over

Escape Club


Break the Code

Plot Of Puzzles

Exit This Way

Fast Break

Clues Finders

Ogre’s Cave

Beat It Room

Ninja Way

Only You

Sugar Rush Situation

Their Grave Mistake

Key Master

Dr. Lockwood

Escape or Die


Fleet Rooms

Escape Manor

Hinted Help

The Void Rooms

Tip-Top Minds

The Retro Room

Poisoned Rooms

In Captivity

Emergency Escape

Disappearing Act

Secret Hidden Room Ideas

Sherlock’s Palace

Ace Crackers

Riddle Room

Fearsome Feat

Room Ride

Three Doors

The Mystery Portal

Exit Efforts

Release Rooms

Room Of Doubt

House Of Hints

Mission X

Risky Decisions

Mind Games

Collateral Spaces

Get Out

Art of Escape

Zombie Attack!

Closer To Clues

Escape Tales

Bold Leaders

Be Trapped

Optimal Team


Escape Masters Inc

Mind Puzzlers

Escape Clubhouse

Glow Minds

Rescue Me

Scary Dungeon

What are some best secret room names?

Truth Finders

Bail’Em Out Rooms

Thirteenth Floor


Save The Princess

Puzzle Escape City


Trap Doors

The Hidden Clues

Clue Police

Lost Room Escape

Run for Your Life!


Exit Game

Bad Joke

Magic Word

Think Twice

Code Breakers

Final Exit

Until Dawn

Creative Secret Room Ideas


Perplexing Plot

Room Escapers

Escape Labs


Creative Minds

Escape from the Past

The Runaway

Artistic Escapes

Breakout Games

E for Escape

Hinted House

Invisible Wall

Vampire Castle

Minds Oldies

Crashed Room

A Medieval Adventure


Room Of Riddles

Get Out Alive

Secret Room Names

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How to Name a Secret Room

A secret room should have a unique name. It’s probably not the most practical thing to name a secret room after your own child, but it’s an interesting thought.

Obviously, you can’t use your child’s name because it would be too obvious.

Here are some ways to come up with catchy secret room names:

1.     Use your imagination

Pick a name from the book, a title or a character. Use your imagination and make up your own name!

It’s possible to come up with an interesting secret room name that has something to do with where you’re planning on hiding it!

Run Away

Escape Code

Escape and Live

Ah Monsters!

Free Minds


Puzzle Kings

The Clue Emporium

Key Finders

Gamers Palace

Mystery Doors

Pirates Treasure


Gold and Quills

Puzzles & Clues

2.     Naming your secret room can be a fun way to make it feel more personal

Come up with a name that has significance for you and your family . You might also want to make it a word that means something to you.

If you’re feeling especially creative, use a keyword or phrase that means something to you.

Solved Walls

Tea Locked

Puzzle Room

Mind Connections

Escape Love

Sound Crackers

Escape Hunt

Escape Outlet

Mental Trip!

Lock Finders

The House of Hints


Mission Improbable

The Heist

Double Delight

3.     Choose a secret room name that will make people curious

For example, I named my secret room “The Room of Mystery,” which is a play on the TV show Lost. It’s a name that makes people want to know what’s in the room, without giving away the surprise.

Adventure Game

The Dental Escape

Classroom Escapes

The Big Burp


Walls Of Riddles


Room Challenge

The Wild West

X-Treme Escapes

Homeward Bound

Hidden Corners

Key Quest

Escape from Reality

Final Day

4.     Avoid using cutesy names that will date quickly

If you’re going for a more serious, adult-orientated game, avoid using cutesy names that will date quickly. Avoid using the same name or names that are similar to anything in the game.

Clues HQ

Locked Up

Time to Escape

Lock and Key

Mystic Key

Perfect Plot

Room of Doom

Phone Booth

Hidden Clues

Unlock the Room


Hidden Puzzles

Secret Corners

Panic Room Mystery

The Crew Rooms

5.     Keep the name secret

The name of your secret room should be something that is not easily guessed by others. Be sure to keep it hidden from view.

This will add to the excitement when guests visit your home and stumble upon it accidentally.

Pinnacle Logic

Step by Step

Spider Web

Cunny Divas


Sharp Finders

Last Hour

Hide And Escape

Secret Chamber

Be Free

Escape Experts

The Space Mission

Ace Amusement

Hidden Exits

The Master Key


In conclusion, there are many fun and creative names for secret rooms. Whether you want to call it a “hideaway,” “man cave,” or “she shed,” be sure to make it your own and personalize it.

Add some special touches, like photos, artwork, or memorabilia, to really make it feel like your own private space. And most importantly, have fun with it!

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