190 Mysterious Escape Room Names and Suggestions

 An escape room is a new trend in the world of entertainment. These rooms are filled with clues and puzzles that players must solve in order to “escape” the room. Rooms can be themed after anything from prisons to medieval castles, and each one presents a different set of challenges.

 In escape rooms, players are locked in a room and have to find clues and solve puzzles in order to escape. These rooms can be named after anything, from movies to books to video games.

Some rooms are more creative than others, and some have downright absurd names, and there are now hundreds of them to choose from. If you’re looking for an exciting new challenge, then an escape room is definitely worth checking out.

 If you’re not sure where to start, then check out our list of the best escape rooms names.

Escape Room Names

The Locked Gates

Hangman’s Alley

Code Breakers

The Final Mystery

Dash for Freedom

Sherlock’s Palace

Glamorous Escapes

The Escape

The Old Graveyard

Escape Labs

The Puzzle Box

Secret Agent Room

Homeworld Nightlife

Key Master

Room Adventures

The Secret Door

Exit Efforts

Escape the Castle

Nightmares Alive

Art of Escape

Wicked Asylum

Bull City Escape

Survive This

Finding Freedom

Clue Finders, Inc.

Escape Day

Secret Chamber

Escape from Reality

Jungle Drop

Clue Fever

Lost Room Escape

Room Escapers

OddMinded Escapes

Be Trapped

Escape Club

Clever Escape Room Names

Hidden Clues

Dark Chambers

The Gene Cafe

The Space Mission

Beyond the Wall

Game Master

A Ghostly Escape

Ready to Bolt

Escape Code

Puzzles & Clues

The Big Burp

Hitting the Road

Fatal Error

Dr. Lockwood

Stay Alive

Constantly Escaping

The Black Box

Exit Game

Classroom Escapes

The Cursed Room

Lost Tomb

Room of Riddles

Amazing Escapes

The Room of One

The Puzzle Room

Abandon All Hope

Sons of Hogwarts

Mirror Maze

Break the Code

Ogre’s Cave

Behind Bars

Riddles for Cash!

Inscape Adventures

Escape or Die

Breakout Games

Creative Escape Room Names

Escape Botswana

Impossible Escapes

Dream Bath

Fear House

Homeward Bound

Break Free Feat

Lock and Key

Emergency Escape

The Trapped Sauna

Boxroom Inc

Escape Tales

X-Treme Escapes

Rest in Pieces

Terror Trapped

Legally Blonde

Mind-Rip Manor

The Deep Escape

Adventure Escape

Keyhole Secret

Buried In the Cave

The Secret Lab

Castle Break-Out

3D Escape

Heist Adventures

Mystery Mansion

Escape from Hell

Unblock Me

Time to Escape

Room Challenge

The Great Escape

The Master Key

The Haunted House

Escaper’s Edge

Slay or Stay

Pirates Cove

Good Escape Room Names

Mission Improbable

Locked In Escapades

Hills Escape Room

Beat the Clock

Skyward Escapes

Race To Escape

Escape Manor

No Way Out

Escape Hunt

Flash Bang Breakout

Ace Amusement

Key Quest

Gamers Palace

Ace Escape Room

Mind Maze

Escape Portraits

The Morgue

Sorcerer’s Secret

Savage Escape

The Secret Society

Leap and Escape

Flying the Coop

Legacy Evasion

Brainy Quest

Mission X

The Retro Room

Fight for Freedom

Escape Your Face

Abandoned Cabin

Wizard Room

The Heist

Cove Escape Room

Escape and Live

Chamber of Secrets

Final Exit

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What are some amazing escape room names?

Room To Train

Tea Locked

Secret Tunnel

Making Tracks

The Asylum

Escape Zone

On Our Way Out

Secret Mission

The Void Rooms

Escape Room Kings

Scape Escape

Escape Room Box

The Hidden Cave

Danger Zone

Zack’s Quest Escape

Get Out Mission

The Clue Room

Exile Escape Room

Secretive Dungeon

Daring Escapes

Unlock the Room

Code Ransom

The Gas Chambers

The Escape Artist

The Hidden Clues

Escape Clubhouse

Access & Egress

E-Scape Games

Fleeing Forces

Escape the Teahouse

Poisoned Rooms

Vault of Solitude

QC Mind Games

Fire Escape Games

Get Out Alive

Escape Room Names

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How to Name an Escape Room

 It’s a simple concept, really: You need to come up with a name that captures the essence of your business. You don’t want it to be too long or difficult to remember, but you also don’t want it to be overly simple or boring.

 The following are few things to keep in mind before choosing your escape room names:

1.     Keep it short and easy to spell

 Your name should be easy to spell and remember. It doesn’t matter how clever or creative, if your name is too long, then it’s going to be confusing for people to remember. It will also make it harder for you and your customers to find you online.

2.     Keep it simple: avoid overly complicated or obscure names

 You want your name to be easy for people to remember, but you don’t want it to be too simple. It should cling on to the essence of your business and not feel like something that’s going to be forgotten the next day.

3.     Be creative: come up with a name that stands out and is easy to remember

 Come up with a name that is easy to pronounce , especially if you’re going to use it in audio, video or print media. People tend to remember names that are easy to say and pronounce.

4.     Be Unique: Don’t use common escape room names that players will see everywhere

 Unique names are really important for any site that wants to stand out. The name is the first thing that a player sees and remembers when they arrive at your site.  If players don’t like the name of your site, they are probably not going to enjoy playing there.

5.     Avoiding common pitfalls when naming your escape room

 If you have a specific name in mind for your escape room, it’s best to stick with it. The name is a big part of the branding, and it’s best to keep it consistent across all social media platforms.

Also, by naming your room after the theme or story you’re trying to tell, it will be easier for guests to find your game on social media.


 In conclusion, escape room names can be creative, fun, and intriguing. They can also be mysterious and hint at the puzzles and clues that players will encounter in the room.

If you’re looking for a unique name for your escape room, consider using one of the ideas listed above. And be sure to have a great time escaping!

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